tagNonHumanIn Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 09

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 09


In Which an Elven Servant Suffers a Succubus to Live in Her Home

Chapter 9


"Master!" I chirp with surprise, jumping a little.

He rests a warm hand on my shoulder, "Didn't mean to startle you. Everything okay? You two aren't fighting again, are you?"

"Not at all!" Lucy exclaims, "We're getting along better than ever."

She pulls me in and kisses me directly on the lips, immediately shoving her tongue as far down my throat as it will reach. Coupled with an ass grab. She's not a bad kisser, she just isn't the one I want kissing me like this.

I struggle a little at first, but it's not really any use. She's taller, larger, and much stronger than she looks. We elves have our strengths, but among them is not, well, strength. This is why we have our humans to look after us.

And just as I start to calm down and accept her touch, which happens amazingly fast with her (which I'm forced to assume is a demonic power, and not me being a needy little elf), she is sharply yanked away from my lips by a pull by the horns.

"We've talked about this, Lucy. I don't appreciate you molesting my little elf without permission," master tells her, before releasing the horn.

"Aww, have I been bad again? Will I need to be punished?" she runs her tongue over her teeth.

"Fair enough. I came down to give you what you've been asking for, but if you really feel bad and won't feel better until you've been punished, I suppose it can wait till tomorrow. Or maybe the next day," master smirks and turns to leave.

"No! Wait! Please don't!" she shrieks, eyes going wide as saucers.

I don't know how she keeps forgetting that master's punishment is always to deny her of something.

He chuckles and walks back over to her, "Okay, okay. But you have to ask me nicely if you-"

"Please master, let me get down on my knees and suck your cock like a desperate slut, until you pour your hot cum straight down my throat," she says in a seemingly well rehearsed manner, leaning in and tugging a little at his shirt.

Master sighs and rolls his eyes little, "That's nice, but lewd begging doesn't really have any edge to it if the person saying it has absolutely no shame."

She give an annoyed snort, "Fine, how do you want me to ask, then?"

He just ponder for a moment, then gives a devious grin, "Here's an idea. You begging like a slut is no fun, but Lorelei doing it would be."

I'm glad to see you're not fooled by her crude attempts at- hold on, what?

"What?" I say, eyes widening.

"Don't worry, I won't order you to say anything perverse. But if Lucy can convince you to ask for her, she'll get her prize."

Hah, you are going without, slut.

"Lucy, now you may molest my elf," he says, very matter-of-factly.


If I didn't have such trust in master, I'd feel a bit thrown to the wolves here.

She grabs me and pins me to the wall with her hips, then takes ahold of my blouse, ripping it open in one swift motion. I furrow my brow a little as I see buttons hit the floor. If she's trying to convince me of anything, this isn't a good start. Somehow I don't think she's going to mend the buttons afterwards.

"Be careful with her, Lucy," master says, "I shall be quite cross with you if you cause Lorelei any harm."

Her only response is to give him a seductive smile as she pounces my chest.

Again, a little hard to stay mad at her, especially once she's playing with my nipples. I bite my lip and stifle a whimper. Master will get his show, but if she thinks I'm easily swayed by a little attention, she's going to be waiting awhile.

Admittedly, she is good at what she's doing. My nipples perk up immediately under her tongue and I clench my fists trying to keep my composure. For a moment I forget myself, and imagine it's master doing this. My heart pounds and my pussy starts to drench itself.

And now her aggression just increases. Lips and tongue on my breasts, up my collarbone, all over my neck, and back down again as she sinks to her knees, nails scratching down my back.

I can't help but tremble and whimper a little as she pulls my skirt down to the floor. I don't know whether to curse or thank my chastity belt.

Her eyes shimmer up at me as she drags her tongue along the front of the shield protecting my pussy, "Someone is awful wet under here," she taunts me, like I don't know.

"Oh, master, can little Lorelei come out and play?" she asks, drumming her fingernails against the belt.

"Not today, Lucy. You'll have to make due with the tools you're given," he tells her, authoritatively.

He steps over to the cabinet and proceeds to make himself a drink. I can see the outline of his erection under his pants, and my pulse and my pussy go wild again. It's like chumming the water with sharks around, and Lucy just gets more intense.

She grabs me by the hips and spins me around, pulling my ass out and exposing me. I yelp a little as I feel her teeth sink into my soft rear. Fingers rake over my flesh and I feel fingers probe between my ass cheeks. My whole body tightens.

"Not there, Lucy," master commands.

I can't see it, but I can tell she's pouting.

"Aww, c'mon. I can't have the front, I can't have the back, what can I have?" she complains.

"You'll just have to make due. Both are mine to make use of, so no entrance there unless I explicitly allow it," he punctuates his sentence with the clinks of ice into a glass.

She gets annoyed, and only redoubles her effort, moving all over my mostly exposed body. She tries everything she can. I'm not sure how long it goes on, but I find myself a trembling mess. My skin is damp from sweat and from her mouth, not to mention flushed and red. My nipples are like diamonds and so is my clit, in its little soaking prison. My lips are swollen from kissing and my hair is a disheveled mess. The entire room smells like my pussy. And yet still...

"Have you had enough yet?" she whispers into my ear, "I can do this all day, little elf, but you seem a little overstimulated. We can stop this any time, you just need to ask our master to let me suck his cock. Get down and ask him to let me drain his balls and drink his cum, and then I won't need to tease you."

I just pant and shake my head.

"Oh, is that so?" she says, tweaking one of my nipples, "And I thought you cared about our master. What kind of elf wants to deny her master pleasure? Cause that's what you're doing, cockblocking your own master. Not a very good elf, I think, that's the kind that would do that."

My eyes fly wide. I hadn't considered that. And now she's got me, I can't keep master from receiving-

"Oh, Lucy, don't worry about that," master interjects, "Once you give up, I'll just let Lorelei do it, instead."

The look on her face belongs in a frame. I hold back a laugh.

The molestation recommences, but it's less focused, more desperate. No less arousing, unfortunately. But I stay resolute. With a carrot like that dangled, how can I not be?

The minutes go by, and she just seems more and more frustrated. Maybe more than me. She's almost as sweaty as I am, by now.

And then the moment comes, and I can see defeat in her eyes. She hangs her head and looks around. Then to master. Then back to me. And then, something amazing happens.

Her head perks back up and she looks at where she first came into the room. She walks towards the hamper and picks up a shirt, carefully folding it, just the way I showed her, and placing it on the table. Then a pair of pants. Then a towel. She goes through the whole hamper.

I'm baffled. Then floored. Then amused. Did not expect that.

She places the folded clothes back and puts them at my feet, gazing at me expectantly. I cover my mouth and fail to suppress a laugh. Well played, demon.

I walk tiredly to master and sink to my knees, looking him in the eyes, "Master, may Lucy... may she suck your cock for you... and may she swallow your cum. Please."

He grins and leans forward, tilting my chin up and kissing me softly, "Of course, Lorelei. Since you asked so nicely."

You know, as much I was resisting it for dignity's sake, and as much as I was hoping she'd give up so I could get her prize, I'm actually kind of giddy with anticipation now that I'm about to see master cum. Of course, I'm still a ball of taught, horny nerves, so that might have something to do with it.

I'd rather it was me doing it, obviously, but that's no excuse not to make it as pleasurable as possible for him. I ask him if he'd be more comfortable in the living room, to which he concedes, and I eagerly lead him by the hand to his favorite chair. A bit like a child urging their parents to the tree on christmas morning. Except, you know, far more lewd, with less wrapped boxes, and more demon blowjobs.

I kneel down and start unbuckling his belt and pants, pulling them down a bit to free his already erect cock. I smile and breathe in, taking in his scent for just a moment.

"Oh! Master, did you want her to be naked, too?" I say, getting to my feet, as for the first time, I realize that she's actually wearing clothes, for once.

Well, 'clothes' might be a strong way of putting it. But her nipples and labia are not visible, and concealed by cloth, so I guess it counts.

He chuckles at my enthusiasm, "I guess I would, Lorelei."

I promptly get up, tossing off the remains of my damaged blouse, before moving to her and unfastening her top. Those improbably-sized dirty pillows of hers jiggle in my face, and I have to put up with her smug expression as she watches me. Amazing that she can go so quickly from her act of submission with the laundry, to being kind of a bitch again. Whatever, I'm far too horny to care, right now.

I kneel down and slide what would barely qualify as panties down to her ankles. As she steps out of them, she moves, almost certainly deliberately, so that her pussy comes right up to my face. I know she thinks it's some sort of power move, but her scent and heat are pleasant to me, nonetheless. I'm still against her having master, just on principle, but with her sopping pussy right there, I can't help but wonder what it would be like to see master thrust into it. I shiver a little at the thought.

She pats my head, probably meant to be condescending, and pushes past me. She stalks over towards master, gracefully sinking down in front of him, and coiling her fingers around his cock. My heart skips a beat as she grabs him. A little pang of jealousy shoots through me, but it's drowned out by arousal.

I scamper to my feet and go to join them. She isn't exactly waiting for me, and I almost miss the instant she takes him into her mouth. The groan he makes is like music to me, and I'm turned on by it more than any amount of groping that Lucy could have done to me.

She goes slow at first. I can see her tongue sliding down along the base of his cock as she takes a little bit more at a time. One of her hands grasps the base, while the other cradles his balls.

Her hair spills all around her face as she moves up and down, and so I step over and gather it in my hands, pulling it back out of the way. She continues without acknowledging me. Master watches her intently, his hands sliding over her cheeks, neck, and shoulders as she forces more moans out of him.

She starts to move faster, taking more of him into her mouth. She must surely be at the point that an average woman would start to have trouble, now. Struggling to hold her locks in place, I take the hair pin from off of my own head and use it to tie back all her loose hair, leaving mine to fall free.

I stand there, just admiring master for a moment as he receives this, but then realize how idle I'm being. I lightly walk over to him, and stand behind his chair. My slender fingers reach down and lightly wipe the sweat forming on his forehead, then gently begin to rub his shoulders for him.

He leans back into my fingers and moans. Obviously, he's responding to her, not anything I'm doing. But a girl can pretend.

She's all the way down now. I watch her ease the last of master's beautiful cock into her mouth, her lips pressing to skin at the base. From where I stand, I can even see the bulging of her throat. And she makes it look so easy. Maybe demons don't have a gag reflex?

I have to admit, it makes me a little jealous. And I don't mean because there's a hellspawn deepthroating my master when I should be the one pleasuring him. Though, yeah, that too. I mean because of what she's capable of. Elves are petite, and while it's no secret that that's what many human men like about us, it does come with its drawbacks. Namely, little bodies mean little mouths and little throats. Some of the more unfortunate elves out there have to come to terms with their inability to properly perform fellatio on humans at all. The more petite girls and boys with more endowed masters find themselves unable to take their master's cock any further than past the head. I can only imagine how heartbreaking it must be.

I don't think I'll have that problem. He hasn't permitted me to try yet, of course, but I think I'm capable of accommodating him. What I'm certain I can't do, is take him all the way to the hilt like she's doing. My anatomy just isn't sufficient the way a human woman's would be, or in this case, a woman roughly in the size and shape of one.

She doesn't quite move up and down like I'd have expected, but starts to slide her head back and forth, with the full length of his cock lodged deep in her throat, no doubt rubbing his length over every hot, wet inch of her mouth and throat. It seems effective, because I can see master's hips start to push up against her, and his chest rises and falls even faster.

Leaning on the back of the chair, I press my breasts against the back of his neck. Not nearly as nice of a pillow as hers, I'm sure, clear from the way they jiggle about, but I do my best. My fingers slide down over his chest, and I feel his chest hair between them, and the pounding of his heart beneath them.

Though I thought there was nothing she could add to this, her long tongue slides out from her mouth and over his balls, and she manages to lick them will taking his entire length. Dear earth mother. It's hard not to feel a little inadequate.

Throughout the whole thing, her shimmering eyes just stare seductively up at him, even when he seems to overwhelmed to notice. No smug glances at me to show how proud she is that she beat me to it, nothing. She just gazes hungrily at him like I'm not even here.

His hips buck up and his whole body seems to rise at her attentions, seemingly overwhelmed. It must feel so good for him. My own pulse races as I watch him, lost in seeing him in such pleasure. My fingers gently run through his hair as I can sense him getting closer and closer.

It isn't until now that it truly occurs to me that this may be his first time. He wasn't clear about his experience. Does that include oral sex? If so, this must be even more intense than I had considered. I wrap my arms around has much of him as I can reach, just holding him as she performs her duties on him.

She starts to get rougher with him, and her head starts to slide up and down, pushing his cock into her throat again and again. He responds in kind, his hips bucking up into her mouth, one hand tightly grabbing one of her horns to steady himself as he fucks her throat.

If I could cum from just watching something, this would be it.

His breath gets ragged and fast and he reaches a hand up to me, and mumbles my name. I grasp his hand tightly and he pulls me close, the other hand still white-knuckling her horn. As I come in close, he presses his lips tightly to mine in a passionate kiss. His lungs erupt into a deep moan with our lips joined, and I know that he's cumming. His lips tremble against mine and his body goes taught, fingers squeezing my hand almost painfully tight as his hips pump sharply into Lucy's mouth. She gives her own satisfied moan as he empties his balls down her throat. His lips finally release from mine and he slouches down into his chair, catching his breath.

It all only lasts a few seconds, but feels much, much longer. I'm left there, still clutching master's hand as all three of us relax in the afterglow. Lucy rests her head against his stomach, licking her lips like a cat, then grins up at me. I can't even tell if she's trying to show appreciation or trying to lord it over me that she got his cock and I didn't. Right now, I'm too happy to care. I've never felt closer to master than right now.

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by GrantLeeStone06/04/18

Hot and romantic!

Nicely done. Is there a way for humans to get elves pregnant? Even a magical way? What if that magical way involved making a deal with a demon, maybe even a succubus? What if Master is in LOVE with Loreleimore...

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by Anonymous05/16/18

About bloody time....

That guy has a will of DIAMOND. Between a pretty elf and a lusty succubus-FINALLY something.

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by TalonDC05/16/18

Very nice

I'm really enjoying this series. Well done.

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