tagNonHumanIn Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 11

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 11


In Which an Elven Servant Suffers a Succubus to Live in Her Home

Chapter 11


"What? What's that look all about?" Lucy asks, with a well-crafted sort of obliviousness that almost makes me think she really doesn't know what the problem is.

"This is a strip-club, Lucy," sometimes, the emphasis of the obvious is my only recourse.


"You are not finding master a girlfriend here," and sometimes my foot must be put down.

"Oh, it's not like I want to fish for random strippers, there's a specific girl in there. I can practically smell her," she gestures to the establishment.

"Plenty of smells coming from there, none of them do I want near master," I cross my arms.

"Look, you wanted my help-"

"I categorically did not-"

"Let's just go, you'll thank me later," she grabs my wrist and practically drags me towards the den of degeneracy. She may look like an elf right now, but she's still noticeably stronger than one.

Master was surprisingly easy to sway. I thought it was going to take a lot of argumentation to convince him that there was any need to let Lucy out of the house, but he relented quite quickly. I know it wasn't anything Lucy said, because he sees right through her, and she's never convinced him of anything. And I know it wasn't anything I said, because, frankly, I didn't try that hard. If I was master, I would have probably said no.

But he didn't, and here we are. The only thing I can imagine is that he felt we were bonding, and he wanted to foster that. So maybe it is my fault. In any case, it's not without conditions. She must stay in the form of an elf, and not reveal her true nature. Additional wards were put in place to restrtict many of her innate magical abilities. And she was essentially put on a leash to me, unable to travel a set distance from me, and under the influence of my command. Which does beg the question as to why I keep letting her talk me into things, but that's a deeper mystery than I have time to get into, here.

"Hrmm... where is she?" Lucy asks to herself, as she scans the room.

I'm still mortified by the look we were given by the man who we paid the cover to. Like he was imagining all the filthy reasons that two little elves could be wanting into a seedy strip club. But now I have a whole new level of horror as I examine the room. I've never been in one of these, but they can't all possibly be this bad, can they?

It's not that I have anything against nude dancing, itself. There are entire elven dancing arts dedicated to enticing and entertaining human men, often for the purpose of preparing them for sex with human women. But this... this has none of the class, artistry, or respect that goes into that.

Humans may be objectively superior, but... it's a sliding scale. They aren't all like master, and no where else has it been made more clear to me. The way these men leer at these women, the way they pay for the opportunity to debase themselves by being public lechers. I won't even get into the way they treat the strippers, and certainly won't repeat anything they say. If these girls were elves or monstergirls, it might be one thing, but most of them are human. I'm deeply troubled by seeing higher beings spoken to like this, even if it is by members of their own species.

"Lucy... Lucy can we just go? This is quite possibly the most upsetting experience of my life..." I plead, having lost much of the strength to stand up to her.

"Lorelei, there she is! C'mon!" she completely ignores my plea and drags me off again, as a new girl comes out on stage.

Admittedly, she is beautiful, and stands out amongst her peers. Fair, flawless skin, no tattoos or piercings. Her breasts are clearly natural, and generous. And she moves with grace, far less vulgar than the rest. Perhaps Lucy is onto something. Maybe I was too hasty to discount her talents.

Our girl finishes her dance and retreats off stage, leaving us no closer. But before I have time to think about our next move, Lucy pulls me away again.

"Excuse me sir, we'd like to go back and meet that girl," Lucy tells the towering bouncer standing between us and backstage.

"What?" he asks, a little incredulous as he looks down at us.

"The one that was just on stage," she says, though I don't think that's what he was asking.


"That's her! We want to have a quick chat with her, that's all," she says, acting as if she's going to just walk past him.

"People in hell want ice water," I almost giggle at that, actually.

"A common misconception, but I'll let it slide if you just-"

He pushes her back.

I can see her getting agitated. She pulls me away (again).

"Lorelei, I need to you to release some of the wards on me," she begs.

"Sorry, we elves have sharp hearing, so something crazy just drowned you out - say again?"

"Don't be like that! I just need you to release my ability to charm. With that, he'll let us by, no problem," yep, still sounds crazy.

"Out of the question."

"Come on, it's the only way we'll get back there. I saw the way you looked at her. Don't tell me you don't want to see her creamy skin sliding against our master's, as he takes her in his arms and-"

"Finefinefine!" fuck, when did she get so good at manipulating me, "But it's going back on right after!"


It only takes a second, and I already regret it. But true to her word, it works like a charm (heh). A few quick words, a gentle touch to his arm, and some cute giggling, and he's ready to give us whatever we want. It's actually quite scary that she has this kind of power.

The other girls ignore us, but the one we want immediately takes notice. Not sure if that's Lucy's 'charm' at work again. Does it even work on women?

She finds us utterly adorable, and is delighted that two little elves came to see her. Though surprised the bouncer let us back here. I omit any details about that. She doesn't really need to know, at least not now.

"I'm just doing this for a little while. It's not the best job, but I can't beat the money, and it's easy to work with my schedule while I go to nursing school," she tells us.

Even I know that's a cliche, but it's not necessarily untrue. I try my best to take over the talking. Lucy did her part, this is my responsibility.

I get straight to the point. Her eyes light up at the word 'master', and I'm filled with a little hope. I describe him, and her interest seems sincere.

Lucy starts to 'help' me, with all the class and diplomacy of... well of a succubus that dragged me to a strip join "...so we really just need someone to meet our master who can properly fuc-

"Date!" I interrupt her as fast as I can, "Date him. We're looking for a wholesome girl who might make a good match for our dear master. What do you think?"

"Well, ordinarily, this would come off as weird and creepy, someone trying to pick me up at work, for a man who isn't here. But you two are just so cute and friendly. I can't help but be interested," she reaches over and ruffles my hair, "And I do happen to be single. I broke up with my daddy a few months ago, and I've been wanting to find a new one."



This one was a bust.

"So you didn't think that maybe, just possibly, you should have led with this one? And not the strip club?" I ask, what I think is a very relevant question.

"I don't see the big difference, really," Lucy says, shrugging.

"Between a strip club and a library? You don't see where one might be a more reputable place for meeting women, than the other?" I look at her, exasperated.

But I'm only given another shrug.

"Are... are you fucking with me?"

"Language, missy. What would master think if he knew his elf spoke like that?" she walks through the front door, and I follow after her, "Probably bring you over his knee and make your ass bright red. But then, you'd like that, wouldn't you? 'Oh master, I've been so naughty, please punish me!'"

"Shhh!" someone hushes us from a nearby reading table.

Speaking of things turning bright red. We're off to a great start.

"That's...!" I quickly lower my voice before I can be shushed again, "That's not true at all. I don't desire to be punished, and I certainly wouldn't seek out such a thing. Stop putting words in my mouth."

"No one else is putting anything in your mouth, figured I'd give it a shot," she says, a bit too loudly again.

"Shhh!" from another person.

She giggles at my obviously perturbed expression, "Lorelei, you walked right into that one, what am I supposed to do?"

I rubbed the bridge of my nose, "Just find the woman we're looking for, okay?"

"She's around here somewhere," Lucy starts looking through aisle after aisle, with me in tow.

This is a much needed change of scenery. The smell of books always makes me think of my old mistress, though, as time goes on, it is starting to remind me of master, as well.

"Isn't this nicer? No smell of cigarettes, vomit, and shame. We might even find someone respectable here," I tell her, trying to make peace.

"Lorelei likes libraries. Let me conceal my shock," she says, dismissively.

"As a matter of fact, I do. Civilized, respectful people, huge collections of recorded knowledge..."

"...Hobos coming in to bathe themselves in the bathroom sinks..."

"If there's a silver lining, you'll find that dark could, won't you?" I point out her pessimism.

"There she is!" Lucy grabs me by the shoulder and points through a gap in one of the aisles to a woman sitting at a desk, "It's her, the, uh, bookmaster, or whatever."

"You mean the librarian?"

"Yeah, whatever, nerd. That's our girl," Lucy seems legitimately excited.

I almost giggle. She looks like something out of the setup for a porn movie. The bespectacled woman with her hair tied back all messy, in an attempt to make her look uptight and bookish. Then she takes off her glasses and shakes out her hair to reveal that she's a total knockout. Then she uses her power as librarian to extort sexual favors out of a little elf girl who has returned her books late.

"You're thinking about that video with the librarian and the elf, aren't you?" Lucy says, smirking at me.

"No!" I say, a little too quickly, "And I told you to stay off my computer."

"'Oh, please Miss Librarian, don't take my library card! I enjoy reading ever so much! I didn't mean to return my books so late! I'll do anything to pay the fine! Anything!'" she puts on a whole show, exaggerated mannerisms and everything.


"Oh shhh yourself!" Lucy snaps at the library patron, who gives her a mean look.

"C'mon, let's meet her already!" she says, grabbing my wrist and dragging me over.

Thankfully, I don't think the librarian was close enough to hear any of that.

"Hi there, cutie!" Lucy announces as we come up to the desk, leaning over it, "We're looking for some pus-"

She's interrupted by a quick knock on the head by a heavy book, "Shh! This is a library, ladies, people are trying to read."

Quick to discipline an unruly elf. I'm interested already.

"I apologize for my friend, Miss Librarian," I bow my head a little, "She's not from around here, and her manners are atrocious. We just wanted to talk to you for a moment, if we could."

She smiles, "It's okay, just keep it down. I'm here to help, is there something I can help you girls find?"

"Actually, I think we found it, already," Lucy leans forward over the desk, exposing more of her cleavage than I thought the dress I gave her allowed.

"She's, um, right. We actually wanted to speak with you, specifically," trying to keep her from fucking this up. It's like Lucy has some form of sex-based autism.

"Oh?" the librarian asks, clearly confused, as she closes the book she has in front of her.

"It's a little forward, I know, but we're looking for women who are interested in dating," I explain.

She blushes a bit, "Oh. I see. Um, well, I'm very flattered. Truly I am, but I don't really swing that-"

"For our master!" I blurt out, lowering my voice when I realized how loud that was, "For our master that we serve. He's very handsome and intelligent, and we want to find women that would like to meet him."

"And he's a motherfucking sorcerer, " Lucy interjects, being her usual helpful self. This earns her a quick jab in the ribs from my elbow.

"He does have a magic affinity, as my companion has pointed out, but that's not really the important part. He does love books, though," and I should have asked him to put a silencing spell on Lucy.

"Okay. This is... still a little weird. He sent you to talk to me?" she asks.

"Not exactly," I clear my throat, "He doesn't actually know we're here. But he's single and we felt he should be meeting single women... I'm sorry, I didn't even ask if you're available."

"Unfortunately yes," she smiles, and I think this might be going somewhere, "It's just me and my catgirl at home. It's actually very sweet that you're doing this for him. So tell me abou-"

"We have to go now!" Lucy very rudely interrupts her, grabbing me by the wrist and dragging me off.

"What are you doing?!" I demand as she puts distance between me and what was turning out to be an excellent prospect.

"No fucking cats." she declares, in the most humorless tone I've ever heard from her.

"What? Why? I love cats. And she said catgirl, not just cat, so-"

"No cats. No catgirls. No catboys. No girls that like to dress like cats. No," she reiterates while I try to work myself free.

"What's wrong with them? Are you allergic or somethings?"

"Demons don't have allergies."

"Then what's the problem?" I've honestly never seen her like this.

"They're awful, wicked creatures with piercing eyes that can see through your soul," she says, completely straight-faced,"No. Fucking. Cats."

"Says the demon from hell," I pause, "Are... are you afraid of cats?"

She stops cold and turns to me, "I am not -afraid- of cats. I just don't like them. No one should."

"You are. You really are. What's the deal with them? I've never seen you shaken like this," I'm actually sort of concerned.

"It doesn't matter. This one's not happening. If you can veto a girl over your stupid daddy hangup, then I call a 'no cats' rule," she finally lets go, but starts walking again. Not that she'll get far without me.

Then it hits me, "Is this... people say that cats keep away evil spirits. And the Egyptians said they were guardians of the underworld. Is that what this is? I thought it was all just folklore."

"Shut up," she says, surprisingly sedate, "No fucking cats. We'll find someone else."

"Putting aside why we were talking to her to start with, you don't see maybe how that wasn't the best way to open a conversation?" I inquire while we walk.

"Seems like a relevant question to me, considering her background," Lucy says, shrugging in a way that almost makes me believe she isn't full of it.

"How is 'so, do you do anal?' relevant to her background?!" I demand.

"She was catholic. Made sense at the time. You know how they're uptight about regular sex."

"She was a nun, Lucy," I say, again, needing to point out the obvious.

"So she was very catholic. And you don't know that for sure," Lucy argues.

"She was wearing a habit. Outside of a church."

"So? I've worn them before, am I a nun?" she reveals, because of course she has.

"What made you think you were going to talk her into dating master, anyways?" I ask, once again.

"You never know until you ask, she could have been receptive, what makes her so unlikely to desire a man's attention?"

"The celibacy thing has a lot to do with it," I say.

"Sure. Cause he doesn't know any girls who are currently chaste which hungrily fantasize about riding his cock at night while they dry hump a pillow and watch videos of human men fucking elf girls on her computer," she says. And she's a bitch, if I haven't mentioned that lately.

"Not the same thing, and I asked you to stay off of my computer," I reply, knowing how useful it is as the words leave my mouth, "They make a vow of chastity to sex altogether, so it stands to argue that-"

"I realize that elves are weird pagans or something, but you can't possibly be this naive about an institution like the church. She wouldn't be the first nun a succubus convinced to suck cocks for her. I mean hell, four of the popes in the last two centuries have been infernal collaborators. Active cannibals, too," she throws out with surprising nonchalance, as we pass a family of four.

I glower at her a little for her lack of discretion, "Please, there's no way that's..." I pause, "Really?"


"Which ones?"

"None of the ones you'd expect," still have no idea when she's fucking with me.

"This is getting away from the point, Lucy. You can just open with asking someone if they do anal. Even if she wasn't a nun, that wouldn't have been okay. There's just no tact to it," I tell her, already realizing it's like explaining manners to a dwarf.

"Don't you think it's important? You want our master to have an uptight woman who denies him full access to her body?" she starts with that manipulative demon crap again.

"No! That's not what I mean. Of course I want him to have a woman who's sexually open to him-"

"So if she doesn't do anal, then it stands to argue that we're wasting our time with her. Better to know to start with. It's really the most efficient method. Cut right to the chase," she argues, like a salesman.

"She could still be open to doing anal, but object to being asked such a crass question right at the start. How the hell do you ever convince any woman to do anything, when you scare them all off like this?" I demand.

"Oh I scare them off? It's my fault is it?" she stops and turns to me, "What about foot girl?"

I narrow my eyes, "What -about- foot girl?"

"Seemed like she fit all your impossible criteria for being an acceptable match, but you rejected her for that one little-"

"There is nothing little about that. I will not have some woman trying to coerce master into some disgusting activity involving feet. It's unhygienic and degenerate!" oh, she's pissing me off, now.

"Unlike summoning demons and letting elves jerk you off? That's all above-board?"

My jaw sets in, "I don't think I care for what you're implying, Lucy."

"He's a sorcerer who communes with evil spirits and engages in sex acts with non-human creatures. These are facts, Lorelei," she points a finger at me.

"He took full control of you without giving into your whims, thank you, and there's nothing wrong with human men having sex with elves. We've always been loyal servants of manki-" I realize what she's doing, "Stop changing the subject! You've actually, quite literally scared girls off. Remember the girl at the university? I think the campus police are still looking for us."

"Pfft, kids today think everything is rape, she was overreacting. You know how these snowflakes are."

"She was walking out of a young republicans meeting, I don't think your assessment is accurate. And you were very much bordering on sexual assault," my energy is just gone.

She just walks ahead and gives an ambivalent shrug.

"Let's just go home. We've done enough for today," I give in. I'm tired.

"Sounds good to me. I hope our master's home. I'm hungry, if you get me," she says, laying on the smug extra thick.

The rest of our walk is quiet, and I take the opportunity to pull out my phone and start texting her cat pictures.

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by Anomandaris207/03/18

Fucking brilliant.

I freaking loved this chapter. Great mix of character development via dialogue and backdoor comment from the POV character. I'm loving this series.

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Succubus with a cell phone?

Enjoying the series, and the last line struck me funny at first. Then it didn’t.

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by fafhrd0905/18/18

Typo Foubnd

"If there's a silver lining, you'll find that dark could, won't you?" I point out her pessimism.

I assume that should be "dark cloud"?

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