tagNonHumanIn Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 34

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 34


In Which an Elven Servant Suffers a Succubus to Live in Her Home

Chapter 34

All told, it takes Master two whole days to fully recover from the, um, ritual. He spends most of it sleeping, but I make certain that he eats enough and stays hydrated the entire time. It frightens me to see him weakened so, at first. But once it becomes clear that he's going to be fine, and just needs some rest to recuperate, I find that I'm quite enjoying myself in watching over him and taking care of his every little need. Lucy may be able to make him cum harder than I ever could, and Clara may be able to be his partner, and give him human children, but no one can truly look after him like I can. I take the opportunity to feel closer to Master in a way that only an elf and her human can be.

Which includes guarding him from Lucy. Despite being soundly fucked into near unconsciousness, she seems hornier than ever, on top of seeming more focused on Master. I guess it makes sense, given that they're directly bound, now. I have to repeatedly tell her that Master cannot take care of her 'needs' yet, because he's still recovering. I think she's partly just badgering me so that she has an excuse to remind me that, in her words, her "pussy put him in a coma." This is neither an accurate representation of what happened, nor of Master's current condition, but explaining that to her is like talking to a wall.

Clara is much more understanding of the situation, which comes with not being a whore of Satan. Though, I guess now that Lucy is severed from hell, she's just a whore of Master. I'm going to have to revise all my idioms. Clara comes back several times to check on him, but thankfully leaves most of the obsessing over his condition to me.

Master himself, when he's awake, insists that he's fine, just tired. I'm not sure he has a clear memory of how much semen he pumped into the collective bodies of the assembled party, save myself and Piper, so I do have to remind him that it was many times what a normal human male should be expected to produce in such a short time frame. Infernal magic may have made him a wild beast for a short while, but he's still human, and the demands of such strenuous activity still took their toll. He doesn't really argue, he's far too tired for it.

It takes no shortage of time for Lucy to realize that, when Master removed all the wards keeping her from doing things like touching herself, he did not put them back in place. Master had explained, at some point when we were setting up for the ritual, that his control over her will be easier, and that the wards won't really be necessary, that he can merely restrict some aspects of her free will with simple orders, as opposed to putting specific spells on her. If that is the case, he hasn't done so, yet. This is a very roundabout way of saying that Lucy has been masturbating furiously, at all hours, in the most inappropriate places, and in situations where I swear she wants me to catch her. The whole house smells like pussy. Which would normally be an okay thing, if it were Master fucking women all over the house, but that it's just Lucy being self-indulgent makes it less appealing.

It also doesn't seem to diminish her libido. I'd hoped that her being able to satisfy herself would result in less 'incidents' (i.e. defending myself from fewer arbitrary sexual assaults), and that she'd just finger herself and fall asleep, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I swear she's more active than ever. I don't know if this is a side effect of her being bound to Master, or if I just don't understand demon biology.

"Lor-e-lei..." Lucy says, in a sing-song fashion, which is at odds with how she slams her hand to Master's door, and menacingly leans over me, as I exit his room.

"Yes, the door is locked, Lucy. No, I'm not opening it. No, I'm not telling you where the key is," I sigh at her, preempting another interrogation.

"But you were just in there, you must have the key on you," she leans in, pushing her tits towards my face.

"I will neither confirm, nor deny that," I state, defiantly.

"There's no pockets on that dress, sweetie," she observes, "Where could you be hiding it? There's a few possibilities that I can think of. Why don't we check?"

"Lucy, I really have things to-" I begin to walk away, but am met with a hand against my chest, which forcefully shoves me back against the door.

"Yes, you do have some things to do," she runs her tongue over her teeth.

I try to push her back, but I tend to forget that she's much stronger than she looks. That hasn't changed since the binding. Some things have. She doesn't seem nearly as afraid of cats or the catgirls as she did before. She even patted one of them on the head as they were leaving, the other night. Though, admittedly, she was still figuratively inhebriated. She did essentially confirm that an excess of sexual activity can put her in a tipsy sort of state. I didn't really get a straight answer about it, but that's what I could glean.

Master said that some of her behaviors could change, since she's no longer doing hell's bidding, but I haven't noticed much beyond little quirks like that cat thing. She's still some combination of lazy and horny most of the time, and seems most interested in satisfying her own urges. Apparently, if she was doing hell's bidding beforehand, she was either really bad at it, or it coincided with her own desires, which mostly revolve around fucking things.

"How many times a day do we need to do this?" I ask Lucy. I wasn't just trying to evade her, I really have stuff to do.

"When you stop being a little tease and then sneaking away," she accuses me, pushing her breasts even closer than they need to be.

"Exactly how am I being a tease?!" I demand to know.

"Walking around the house with that little elf pussy, acting like you don't know exactly what I want, don't play coy," she manages to make my doing chores into something lewd, unsurprising.

"I'm fully clothed, and you always want that, so unless your argument is that I'm teasing you by being an elf and not offering myself to you, I don't see how that counts," I cross my arms. Well, as best as I can, with her still pinning me to the door.

She lifts her eyebrows and widens her eyes, as though something I said is completely obvious, "That's the gist of it. Elves are lewd. No exceptions."

"We are not...!" I begin, but then take a deep breath, "I have many non-sexual duties, and I'm behind on them.

"Not lewd?" she smirks, "That why you came all over my tail the other night?"

My eyes turn into saucers. I did not realize that she noticed. It makes sense that she'd be aware, normally, but I figured she was far to preoccupied with Master treating her pussy like it owed him money. I guess not.

"T-that's not...!" I stammer, "What does that have to do with anything?!"

"It has everything to do with you being a naughty, slutty little elf, who's pretending she doesn't want me to play with her lewd little pussy. Holding out on me like that shouldn't be allowed," she leans in and whispers into my ear, "You know you want me to make you cum again and again, so stop denying it."

Our 'conversation' is interrupted by a hard pinch to one of each of our ears. I let out a little yelp, but Lucy doesn't. Most don't really understand the sensitivity of elf ears.

"Girls? Is there a problem?" Clara asks, as she easily pulls us apart by the ears.

She's gentle enough, all things considered, but I wish she'd chosen another body part to manhandle. Lucy doesn't fight her, she's learned by now not to take Clara lightly.

"Lucy's trying to bully me into sex acts, Miss Clara!" I blurt out, all at once.

"She wants it, and she's pretending she doesn't," Lucy states, "Lying is a sin, you know!"

"Mhm," Clara looks us both over, and finally releases our ears, "You know your Master is trying to sleep in the next room."

"She cornered me!" I defend myself.

"Oh, he's slept enough! Now he's just being stingy with that cock," Lucy continues to complain. Clara does not look overly amused by all this.

"First things first," Clara says, turning her attention to Lucy, "Did Lorelei really cum during the ritual?"

I'm a little taken aback. I did not realize she heard that.

"Oh, yeah. Drenched my leg. Humping my thigh like a horny rabbit. It was obscene," Lucy states, very confidently.

"That's not true!" I declare, reacting to her massive exaggeration.

"So you didn't cum without permission?" Clara cocks an eyebrow.

"Well, no. I did," I look down, then back up to her, "But she's making it into something that it's not! It was an accident! And I ruined it, like a proper elf, I didn't hump her leg, like she says. I was going to tell Master as soon as he was feeling better."

She assesses me for a moment, then nods, "Lorelei, I believe you."

I sigh with relief, "Thank you."

"Now, drop your panties," she commands.

I blush a little, "I'm, um, not wearing any."

"Fully clothed, huh?" Lucy snickers at me.

"I'm usually wearing the belt, I don't have that many," I snap back at her, "And shut up!"

"Very well. Bend over and grab your ankles, Lorelei," Clara instructs me.

I swallow hard and lean over, easily reaching my ankles with my hands, while maintaining my balance perfectly. Lucy doesn't say anything, thankfully, I'm well aware that elves are very adept at exposing their rear ends. If that's what our humans want, that's what our humans want.

Clara lifts the hem of my dress and flips it over my back, "Spread your legs wider," she commands, which of course, I do.

The first slap comes almost immediately after I set my feet in place. Her palm comes up from below, and lands directly between my legs. I gasp sharply, but control myself. Master -is- sleeping on the other side of the door, as she pointed out.

There's no real pause, and the second comes immediately. I whimper in response, but don't let anything else out. Clara can be more harsh with her punishment. She doesn't have quite the strong, tempered response that Master does. She seems more intent on making it hurt than putting me in my place. She is, fortunately, not as strong as Master, however. Which is good, because this position might put my excellent elven balance at risk.

The third, and thankfully, final slap comes down, and I almost stumble a little, but keep myself steady, at the cost of letting out a tiny yelp. Nothing that would risk waking Master, though.

"You may stand, Lorelei," Clara says, and I sigh in relief that my now sore (and let's face it, wet) pussy is done taking it's punishment.

Clara leans in and kisses me on the lips, "You are forgiven, Lorelei. Just keep better control. I'll let your Master know it's been dealt with."

"Thank you," I nod meekly.

"As for the other thing," Clara says, "He still needs his rest. So Lorelei, you'll have to take care of Lucy's needs for now."

"I'll..." I'm sure I didn't hear that correctly, "Come again, Miss Clara?"

"She's genuinely his demon, now, not some plaything he's borrowed from hell," Clara explains, "So we need to take proper care of her. She needs regular sexual attention and gratification to be healthy. Since we can't allow her access to her Master, right now, you'll have to take over. Think of it as another household duty."

"Just take her somewhere that she won't disturb him," Clara takes out a key and opens the door to Master's room, pausing and turning back before she enters, "Oh, and Lorelei, remember, no more cumming without permission."

I can feel Lucy smile behind me as the door closes. I can also feel her tail coil around my leg.

An order is an order, so of course I comply. The struggle immediately changes from 'defend against Lucy's advances' to 'keep those advances at bay until we can get somewhere far enough away that we won't disturb Master'. Harder than it sounds. I don't know if Miss Clara realizes that giving Lucy permission to do anything emboldens all of her worst behavior. Which is all of her behavior, in general.

There's something peculiar about having to lead someone away so that they can have their way with you. A weird shift in the power balance. If this was Master or Miss Clara, they'd either take me right there, or they'd decide where it would happen. And I probably wouldn't give it a second thought. Taking sexual advantage of your elf is a basic human right, after all. Perhaps it's just different because Lucy, as a different nonhuman being, is inherently beneath me, as an elf. I'm not sure if Master and Miss Clara really think about the hierarchy of the lesser species, the same way I don't really think about the hierarchy of all the species beneath elves. And Lucy certainly doesn't respect the natural order of things. Which is ironically part of her nature.

I finally get her to my room, after a series of gropings and brief insertions along the way. I would have preferred to get her farther, as my room is still rather close to Master's. It allows me to stay close at hand, should Master need me. It also allows me to rather clearly hear when he's fucking Miss Clara, but that's just a fringe benefit. But since I'm not really going to get Lucy much farther than this, I'll have to make due.

When we get past the door, she lifts me up off my feet and forcefully throws me onto the bed. I look up to see her already pounced after me, crawling over me on all fours.

"Wait, wait, Lucy, I-" I don't actually know what I'm trying to get her to wait for, just trying to stall the sudden aggression, I suppose.

It doesn't work, as her lips lock with mine, and her tongue invades my mouth. Her hands - and tail - are very busy. I don't really struggle, not that it would do any good. This is, after all, what I brought her here for. I can't help but feel anxious about my ability to hold out against her onslaught, without cumming. Clara said to take care of her needs, but I'm not sure she quite realized how sisyphean of a task that is.

Lucy grabs my leg and spreads it wide from the other, giving her access to press her own pussy against mine, and immediately starts to grind herself on me. She also quite promptly shoves her tail up my ass, without even a word, which I feel like is some sort of social faux pas, but I don't have a tail, so I'm not sure. It forces a gasp out of me, but if I can take Master's human cock there, then her tail is no real problem. It is very wiggly, however.

"Just relax and give in, Lorelei, you might even enjoy yourself," Lucy says, running her tongue up the side of my throat, "Be the slutty little elf we both know you are."

I don't respond. Not verbally, anyways. No need to encourage her anymore than I'm sure my whimpers and moans are already doing. Her pussy is very hot against mine, and her gyrations are... intense. I find my hips grinding back, moving essentially on their own. Of course.

Then she goes for the ears. Which is cheating, by the way. She wraps her lips around the point and slowly starts sucking it into her mouth, roughly grinding her tongue against the inner surface. I find my hands kneading the comforter like a kitten, trying to stay in control of myself.

"Just think about Master," she whispers in a sultry tone, "Imagine him finally having you. Holding your little body down and forcing himself inside of you. That. Big. Human. Cock. Stuffing it's way into your little elf pussy. All the way in. Think about it. He's -fucking- you. Are you a little elf slut, now? Are you -his- little elf slut? His bitch. His fucking whore. A little elf cunt for him to cum into."

Not. Fucking. Fair. Lucy.

"Oh, did I strike a chord?" Lucy asks, her hand groping my left breast, "I can smell your needy little hole, you know. Getting wetter and wetter, the more I talk about Master -fucking- you."

"Yes, yes, yes, Lucy," I grumble at her, "We both know I want Master, that's not some new development. What's your point?"

"No point, Lorelei," she whispers, running her tongue along my ear, "I just want to make you a quivering mess, that's all. I enjoy making you all hot and bothered. Especially knowing how a proper little elf like yourself would -never- cum without permission. Except for all those times that you did."

"Is that what you want, to force me to cum?" I whine, as she aggressively rubs her pussy against mine, making my clit throb with each thrust.

"Not at all!" she laughs, "I love watching you try to resist. Almost as much as I enjoy you finally admitting what a slut you are for human cock. You already said how much you want that big, human cock of his. I think you should just come out and say what you really are. Say it, Lorelei. 'I'm an elf slut for human cock'. Go ahead."

I turn away from her as best as I can, which isn't easy when she's sucking on my ear. I tell my hips to pull away each times she grinds against me, but instead, they grind back.

She sucks harder, practically deepthroating my ear. Which is as lewd as it sounds. Part of me considers giving in. Telling her what she wants to hear, saying what a filthy slut I want to be for Master, in lurid detail. It's not a good idea. Lowering myself like that would only cause Lucy to find even more depraved ways to tease me. But it is tempting, if only for a moment.

"Why don't you just cum, Lorelei?" she whispers, in a husky tone, before rapidly sliding down the length of my body, "It can be our little secret. I won't tell Master. Or Clara. Unless you want me to. I saw how you squirmed when she spanked your pussy."

I tense my hips to keep them still. I can feel her hot breath on my pussy when she talks. Being detached from hell has made her, if anything, more of an awful teasing bitch.

"Is that it? You want to say no to me, and force me to wrench it out of you, so that you can confess to Master. Tell him what a disobedient, naughty little elf you've been, and ask that he punish you as harshly as he can?"

"I don't know what you're-" the breath goes out of my lungs as her tongue, which is unnecessarily long, by the way, invades me, and forces every muscle in my body to tense.

My eyes clamp shut, but I can still feel her eyes watching me, studying my every move, "Enough Lucy!" I whine, squirming around, which only makes it worse, "She said to take care of your needs. If you want that," I gasp, "Just let me do that!"

She stops, suddenly, which makes me even more tense, "Say that again...?"

"You heard me," I whine, as I catch my breath.

"No, no, I want you to say it. Make sure I understand that's what you really mean," she chuckles a little, "In plain English. Make it real clear."

"You know what I meant!" I insist.

"Say it, Lorelei. Say what you want to do. Or I'll continue. And I'll make you cum, whether you like it or not. You know I can't," she flicks her tongue over my clit, in between sentences, "Say exactly what you want us to do. Ask me nicely to let me permit it."

I take a deep breath. She's got me here, "Please, Lucy. May I please lick your pussy for you."

"But... to what end?" she giggles.

My jaw sets in, "So that I can make you cum..."

"Hm... where exactly will I be cumming?"

"You know where...!" I clench my teeth, "...So that you can cum on my face..."

"Oh! Why didn't you just say so, Lorelei? I'd love that!" she exclaims cheerfully, and bounds upward, positioning herself to kneel above my face, in an instant.

"I had no idea you were such a pussy-loving dyke. 'Please let me like your pussy and cum on my face', you say. It all make sense, now. All that talk about Master, just a charade. Don't worry, little Lorelei. I'll make sure to tell Master that what you really want is just to lick pussy all the time. I'm sure he'll understand, and won't make you suffer through pleasuring his cock anymore," she says, looking down smugly at me.

"You-!" I begin, but she promptly presses herself down on me, muffling my lips with her pussy. Which is substantially wet, but that's nothing new.

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