tagSci-Fi & FantasyIn with the Old

In with the Old


With the slight raising of a blunt hand, a gesture perfected by minor functionaries given too much power over their own small dominion, the little tour group came to a muddled halt before a formidable steel door bearing a bold warning sign stating in no uncertain letters:


Atmospheric Hormonal Hazard

Respiratory Protection Required

Vanessa, looked with no small amount of trepidation at the warning placard none of which showed on her face of course. That would not be in keeping with the Doctrine of Thought Discipline. Praise the Null. She repeated the litany that had been branded into her mind so long and so persistently that now it was an indispensable part of her thought processes and an odd source of comfort in times of distress. Brenda, in her officious capacity as guide, with just the right amount of added patronizing and "oh, here let me help you with that", proceeded to place the protective masks on the faces of the small group. She fussed interminably over her charges until at long last satisfied, but just barely, that all was well she keyed the door and let them inside.

The steel door swung slowly open. One of the tour, Vanessa thought her name might be Mandy, let out a muffled, but still audible gasp, naturally all present turned to glare their disapproval at such an unseemly emotional display from a student of The Doctrine. Mandy burned with embarrassment under the collective gaze, but still help up as well as she could. After a short and appropriately dispassionate apology, the tour continued.

"As you can see.." and here the muffled voice of Brenda was lost to Vanessa because the smaller woman had turned away to begin leading them down the corridor once more. Her thin voice, now gratefully muffled, would have been intelligible to persons in front of her, but of these there were none. If this lack in communication distressed her followers nobody chose to make mention of it. In truth Vanessa did not need to hear her words. The histories they taught in the schools explained it all. Long ago the Earth was ruled by the brutal Mals, known as "men" in those times, until the coming of the Reproductive Revolution followed quickly by the Second Age of Reason. The Mals, being unnecessary, began to die out. They were kept now primarily for the sake of curiosity and instruction. The corridor down which Vanessa was walking was lined with their cages.

They were naked and some of them were filthy despite their regular cleaning. Their hair was long and tangled. Most of them sat hunched against the back wall and glared mutely at the passing group. Vanessa considered them with proper disdain until they had traversed almost the entire hallway and came upon something different. Brenda had halted abruptly before one of the cages, causing those who were following her and not paying particular attention to engage in some abrupt gyrations lest they collide with her well-padded backside.

A young Mal had come to the bars to stare at the group. This in itself was strange as yet another warning sign quite explicitly stated that the bars were supposed to be electrified. Vanessa took the opportunity to examine him at close range. His thick hair was long and fell in waves around his face and although tangled it had a healthy sheen to it. He was taller than she and she watched with something more than a clinical interest the play of his well developed muscles as he moved. Vanessa saw that the face behind the hair was of good structure and had an undefinable softness about it. She looked into his eyes and found his brown staring intently into her own blue. Although his eyes were so dark that the pupils were lost, they radiated a hypnotic intensity and spoke so many promises that Vanessa was forced at last to turn away before they immobilized her. She dropped her gaze and discovered that the young Mal was in a state of full arousal. His member, now fully erect, stood at attention between two of the bars. She gazed in a combination of fascination and disgust. The shaft was ribbed hairless and with a blue tracery of veins visible. The tip was a darker purple stretching the skin with its fullness. It moved with a slight cadence which kept time with the beating of his heart. Vanessa turned aside to see the rest of the small tour, with the exception of Brenda, mesmerized by the creature. Her round face was pinched in wrath. A storm about to break. "What is this?" her shrill accusing tone broke through the mental haze like a bullet. "A class of the Undisciplined?" That accusation, like a swift arrow, found its mark. Muted murmurs of apologetic disagreement emerged tentatively from the group. "Praise the Null I have never seen such a sight."

"I would be remiss not to report this to Counseling Services." A look of collective dread, poorly disguised, passed over the faces of her charges. The storm cleared just a little. "Humph, well, we shall overlook this incident, but praise the Null there shall be no more." "Praise the Null" came the expected response in unison. Stiffly, almost at attention they continued down the hallway. Vanessa did not look aside, but she could feel his unwavering gaze upon her as she moved. Drinking in the sight of her as if it was his last. The fear of punishment had made her break out in a slight sweat. A bead of moisture making its lazy way down the bridge of her nose made it itch terribly. Without thinking she pried the edge of her mask up and scratched. Holding her breath had not helped as she had hoped it would. A world of smells assaulted her. There were the usual odors of caged animals, but within that there was something different. Something instinctual that touched her deep deep inside and awakened hungers of which she had been oblivious just moments ago. She shuddered and without knowing why, she stole a glance back down the hall. It wasn't the frank intensity of his stare which disturbed her so. It was the undeniable strength of her own response that frightened her.

Sleep was a long time in coming and a restless guest. Vanessa tossed and turned with abandon in her small bed. It seemed she could not get enough of the feel of the sheets against her skin. Her hands, as if obeying a different master, would be found cupping the fullness of her breasts and squeezing her erect nipples or when from the Sea of Dreams chance would cast her briefly onto the shores of consciousness she would find them stroking her thighs. Dancing ever closer to the center, where a nameless ache was building.

When not awakened by the teasing explorations of her traitorous hands she dreamed. Naked she stood in the hall of the Mals. The cages were all eerily empty and silent, and the corridor was, she was alarmed to see, shrinking rapidly behind her. With mounting fear she turned towards the nearer door. Her way was blocked. A pinkish cylinder waist high and slightly pulsing lay between her and the sought after escape. A quick glance behind showed that the corridor had shortened alarmingly. Desperate to avoid being crushed she mounted the fleshy obstruction. It was soft. It was smooth. It was warm, and it reacted to her touch. She could feel it begin to swell and stiffen beneath her. The feel of it against her sent an unexpected quiver of delight along her skin. As she struggled for the far door she spread herself across it as if to encompass it all. Vanessa's body began vibrating in time with the deep throbbing coming from beneath her. She brushed her lips against it reveling in the pure sensation. She stretched out her hands and legs across it luxuriating in the silkiness of it. The bass rhythm of the pulses increased. She felt herself merging with the vibrations. Building. Striving towards...

Tangled in sheets, sweating and breathing heavily she awoke. She arose confused and still reeling from the barrage of powerful but unfamiliar feelings surging through her. She squinted into the mirror under the harsh light above the sink. A stranger's eyes returned her gaze. Her own eyes had never held such hungers. She splashed some chill water upon her face and returned to bed. She slept. She dreamt.

Clothed this time she stood in a dim and narrow hallway. The midnight blue walls of the corridor undulated lazily like heavy cloth in a sluggish wind. The hall was full of strange whispers which hinted at meaning but revealed none. Tentatively she moved along the corridor, careful to avoid touching the moving walls. She was successful at first but then the corridor narrowed such that even moving sideways she could not avoid them. She felt them touch her, and where they did her clothes dissolved doing no harm to the fair skin beneath.

The walls felt like fine satin and the skin that they reveled tingled at the contact. Tighter and tighter the passage became until she was sliding between the two walls unable to see ahead. The sensation of the walls rubbing against her nipples had awakened them. They stood pointed and erect basking in the unusual stimulation.

Abruptly the passage ended and Vanessa could go no further. She turned back only to find that way blocked as well. The walls closed in and wrapped her in a velvety envelope. Vainly she struggled against her silken prison but she could not escape. A scream of panic built inside her but just as she was about to give it vent she felt the soft touch of lips upon her mouth. They covered her own and pressed against them. She tried to pull away but she was trapped as surely as a fly in a web and could not. Tiring at last from her futile struggles she surrendered herself to the sensation. A tongue gently explored along her lips and then moved inside to caress her own. Just as she was adjusting to the strangeness of that she felt another mouth enfold the fingers of her outstretched right hand and begin licking her fingertips. In quick succession she felt other mouths upon her. The two which fastened upon her nipples would have made her cry out if she could have. She felt a mouth on her taut belly and one on each of her legs. The one exploring the small of her back had moved into the cleft of her buttocks. Then something warm and wet and sinuous probed her knee and then began coiling around her left leg. An impossibly long tongue wound its way slowly up her shapely thigh as if savoring the taste of every inch. The touch brought a warm ache and wetness to her vagina that she had never experienced. She tried once more to moan but could not. Closer it came. Ever Closer. Her hips began making involuntary thrusting motions. Desperate now to consummate the promise of that tongue. She felt it lick delicately at her pubic hair fanning the now raging flame of her desire. She thrust...and woke.

As if in a waking dream, she arose and dressed. It was a small matter to steal the passkey from the slumbering Brenda and soon she stood before the cage of the young Mal. He was asleep on a bed of straw against the far wall. The dark waves of his hair partially conceal him, flowing about his head and chest. She wiped the sweat from her hands on her thighs. She warily watched the slow rise and fall of his chest and hesitated. Every rule that she had been taught and all of her societal training told her to turn around and stop this madness, but against them now spoke the power of the dream. And the power of the dream was irresistible. She pressed the key to the lock. The door swung quietly inward. He did not awaken. Nervously she stepped in, hesitated, looked around, and crept closer. Closer still until she could hear his soft breathing. The manly smell of him was in her nostrils now and there would be no turning back. She reached out a hand to stroke his muscular arm. His eyes flew open and instantly it seemed he was on his feet approaching. Fear! She backed hurriedly away but the straw beneath her feet betrayed her. An instantaneous moment of falling. A sharp pain, and then nothing.

There was a pain in her head. She was lying naked on the straw and someone was touching her. Groggily she tried to get on her feet, but dizziness forbade and so she crawled for the door. Strong hands seized her hips in a grip of iron. She opened her mouth and drew breath to scream for help, but that scream never came. She choked on it when something deliciously warm and wet slid across her clitoris and sent a bolt of pleasure like a thunderclap into her brain. Only a throaty inarticulate grunt emerged from the place where a scream had begun. All at once the sensations and the unquenched desires of her dreams came flooding back in a heated rush. There was nothing she could do to fight against that primal impulse and so she knelt there in the straw on all fours with her fists clenched in concentration and spread her legs wider to receive a joy that she had never known. Time slowed to a crawl as lick after lick sent wave upon wave of sensuous exultation up her abdomen. To quell the unsteady quivering of her arms and legs she rolled upon her back and spread herself for the Mal. She grabbed handfuls of his long hair and pressed his face to her vagina insuring that this time she would see the promise of ecstasy fulfilled. He licked vigorously but inexpertly until she felt as though she was riding a storm. Her muscles twitched, and tensed, and strained towards her goal, brought closer with each pass of that magical tongue. With a death grip on the hair of the Mal she urged him to greater speed. The tingling between her legs was nearly unbearable. Lick! Lick! She growled at the Mal. And he did until at last, she came. It was like an explosion of white light in her brain and this time she did scream as the flood of ecstasy embraced and consumed her like no feeling she had ever had before.

After what seemed an eternity she took the effort to unclench her fingers and free the Mal. Never in the most vigorous exercise had she felt such exhaustion. Gentle but curious the Mal caressed her. She pulled his head down to her breasts by one of the handy lengths of hair and after he began sucking she discovered that she was not quite so exhausted after all. Embers still burned still in that fire so recently past explosion. She ran her fingers through his soft hair as he sucked her nipple delightfully erect . She guided his mouth to the other one so that an equal fire burned upon her chest and then recalling the dream she brought his mouth to her own and pressed her lips hungrily against his. His reluctance lasted only seconds and then gave way to animal intensity. He encircled her in his muscular arms and pressed his body against her. She gasped at the pain mixed with the pleasure when she felt him pierce her. Filling her with his throbbing member.

She felt him tighten his grasp until she could scarcely breathe and then she felt the muscles of his legs and buttocks flex instinctively as his slim hips thrust forward. In and out. In and out in a delirious, delicious rhythm. His penis seemed to grow ever larger with his increasing ardor. A feeling of pleasure more diffuse than before suffused her. The passion inside her readily responded and her own hips moved in answer to his thrusting, impaling herself on that fleshy stake. Deeper and deeper inside she took him. The pounding of their hearts, the panting of their breath and the now frantic thrusting of his hips left nothing else in all the world. She dug her hands into his back and held on. Slowly this time, almost by surprise the warmth overwhelmed her and she closed her eyes and basked in the glorious rapture. Coming back to herself barely in time to feel him tense one final time and let out his breath in one long rough exhalation. She could feel the throbbing continue inside her for many moments and then gradually subside. Afterwards, exhausted beyond words they lay together in the straw until sleep claimed them.

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