Incest Planet Ch. 01


Then it hit Missy like a ton of bricks, she thought to herself, "The only way to see if something like an arch was too high was to clean the inside of the shoe."

Missy bolted into the office and with love unzipped Mistress's boots. Missy had to create a 3-D image of each of Mistress's feet, using her tongue. It will take some time to map out her feet. Mistress will need a towel before she was done.

The twins decided they will be fifteen minutes early for everything for the rest of their lives. The strapping was not that bad, but it did give a bright shine to their asses. It was the edge play they endured for six hours that was cruel.

There were eight settings on the stimulators, eight was a super orgasm. The setting was always raised when talking to a customer. Every time they would set it to the max they would turn the stimulator off just before they orgasmed. It was up and down for six hours. When it ended, they were an out of breath, disheveled mess. They could walk.

When Goddess arrived, the twins were stunned by her beauty. The latex conformed to every curve. The twins said, "Good morning, Goddess."

"Good morning, you two. I see you brought your mother and aunt with you. Bunch up their dresses so I can see their pussies, then pick out three pairs of shoes that would work well with them. You pick for your aunt and you, your mother."

When the twins got back they saw the remnants of the chastity belts and panties strewn on the floor. The Goddess also sliced the dresses on the top of their pelvis and dropped that on the floor as well.

"Don't you ever hide anything from me again!" With that, the twin's skirts were torn into scraps.

"Ass high and spread them wide."

By now a large crowd had gathered to watch the discipline. Goddess did not even bother with their asses, she went straight for their cunts with a crop, sometimes even doing some exploration. The twins were publicly humiliated, degraded, and rivers of cum flowed down both legs, and unto the floor.

"Now let's see what you picked out for your mother and aunt."

Now a large semi-circle formed around the group. For one reason or another, two of the three pairs of shoes for each were not suitable, the remaining pair was purchased.

Goddess took the twins out of earshot of their mother and aunt. "You two just failed at your first test of how well you know your subs; you should have gone three for three.

"You see girls, you need to know how to reward your mother and aunt if you want to be a dominant. Not just in a regular way either. You need to have 'Surprise rewards', to do something they like to do, just the two of them. Like a play or symphony with a high-end dinner and drinks during intermission. Give them your credit card and tell them to have an enjoyable time."

"You girls need to find out what their wants are and how you can incorporate them into everyday life. Yes, being a dominant is a bitch. You must think for two, and they are counting on you to see to their safety and well-being."

"Goddess, do you think Mistress can get all four of us jobs here? She knows all our skill sets and we can serve our mother and aunt better. We can have lunch together, and they can save up for whatever they want to do that we don't know about?"

"I will ask her, I am having lunch with her."

When Goddess got back to Mistress's office there was a towering pile of boxes of shoes in the center of the room. Mistress was passed out with her skirt bunched up, and four fingers still stuck in her twat, cum dripping down to her wrist.

"She passed out after her eighth orgasm."

A pair of black leather thigh highs with five-inch heels sat on her desk. Goddess saw half the shoes were gone from the closet.

"Missy, you took too many pairs of shoes out of her closet."

"I beg your pardon Goddess, I don't think you would want to wear shoes that were uncomfortable. They aren't, and as these are going to charity someone may find out they fit them. I suggest getting customized shoes for Mistress. They would have the mold of her feet and would customize any fashion Mistress would want. A perfect fit."

"And the ones on her desk?"

"Those are her favorite, they have the strongest scent. I realize that they are shoes she would get sweaty in at the club, but logic would dictate, she would not wear uncomfortable shoes she may train a slave in. She would wear one of her favorites."

Goddess could not see a flaw in Missy's thinking. Missy did a very intensive mapping of Mistress's feet, one she approved of.

"Well Missy, I was going out to lunch with your Mistress. It does not look she will be ready anytime soon. Do you want to head out for an early lunch with me?"

"Yes Goddess, thank you Goddess. Do I have permission to stand?"

"For the time being, get a nice collar out of Mistress's drawer."

Missy put on her leather collar; it was her favorite because Mistress gave it to her.

It was a beautiful day out, so they decided to eat lunch outside. Missy ordered a half of sandwich and a cup of soup, Goddess got a large 'Mandurian Orange' salad.

"Missy you eat like a bird. We will need to get more muscle on your bones."

"Yes, Goddess."

There was an interesting dynamic going on between Goddess and the three girls. With each day they worked with Goddess the more they thought and yearned to be like Goddess. They did not feel compelled at all.

It was time for a new test for the sisters. The answer was simplicity itself. Goddess thought the sisters were doomed to fail. Goddess was going to give the sisters one week to find the answer. The problem: the sisters did not know how to treat or work with their subs.

The answer: Missy would help the sisters but would never presume to volunteer her opinion to them, she must be asked. Goddess thought, "If Missy is not asked for help, she could not assign blame to her."

The test was a double test. The sisters had to be so in tune with their sub that they do not just pass the test, but they had to have the resources in place to know there was a test.

On day six and seven, one sister started having lunch with Missy. It was far less than what Goddess had hoped for, but it was a start. Goddess had enough of her prissy slut of a cunt sister. On Monday she will be transferred to Mr. Leo's office and his exhaustive collection of heavy bondage devices.

Mr. Leo informed Miss Kimmy, "My Great-Great Granddaughter will be coming in for training starting Monday. Melody said she is a rebellious prissy cunt, as your niece four times removed. You should not hold back on your fun. She should be a good money maker for us."

Missy Kimmy will love live streaming her torment, it was a given she would rebel. Miss Kimmy will have her large parabolic microphones to hear the slightest whimper. Her top of the line video cameras will capture the bitch's slightest wince, subtlest tremble and the first drop of dew from the bitch's cunt. Miss Kimmy loved fresh meat.

She will find out what the needs of a sub were, as she will be a sub's sub, all hope of being a dominant again was gone. She was not even worth putting her up on the slave block, at best she would be an add-on to some other deal.

Missy and the sister were told that the sister would not be the mistress of Missy; they needed to help each other, so they were equals. Missy had Mistress Dom and Goddess to guide her. Missy will make the sister a good dominant. With the demotion of the cunt, it made the mother unpaired. It was a situation that would need to be addressed, but not before training was finished.

Missy and Goldie, the sister, enjoyed the time they spent with each other; they were counterbalances for the other. They started to go to concerts together. Here was the girl who spent time waiting for an interview behind a potted plant, was now going to concerts with an outgoing young lady.

Mistress Dom kept a close eye on her pet. She was excelling at work, customers could not help but heap praises on her. She was no longer a squeaky mouse, she was happy. Her excitement was contagious, it was a joy for her to come to work each day; she knew she would help many people during the day.

A month later Mr. Leo called Melody, "Thanks for sending us that cunt, Melody. That bitch of a sister is such a whore. Our online streaming memberships doubled, and we can't keep the DVDs on the shelf. She's a total pain slut; I think she converts all the pain into pleasure. Miss Kimmy exits every session panting like a dog in heat."

Mistress Dom asked Missy, "Why don't you ask Goldie, her Mom, and her aunt to come to dinner at the mansion. We can see if they would like to move to the mansion and rent out their houses, so they still had a place to live if things don't work out."

Later that night, Missy rolled down her window at the gatehouse and said, "Missy and friends to have dinner with Mistress Dom."

"Yes Miss, you are expected. Mistress wishes you to view the gardens before dinner."

This time there was no profanity. The gardens were a sight to behold; each garden held new surprises for the group. They were so beautiful, they arrived at the mansion later than expected, much to the consternation of Mistress. Mistress was not in the habit of waiting for anything but tea.

The chef worked his wonders yet again. Everyone agreed to the plan and Mistress volunteered to interview each applicant. The group decided on having a six month trial period before they interviewed for applicants.

Consolidating everyone made a lot of sense. Missy moved her room so she could be next to Goldie. Goldie's Mom moved there so she could establish a link with Mistress.

Mistress was not used to all the activity. With Missy's friends, the tone that was set that first night just hung like a cloud over the whole house. Missy instituted a game night once a week for the entire household; she did this, so the help could feel more a part of the family.

Many of the people were wary of playing so juvenile as 'Game Nights'. Missy picked 'Pictionary' for the first game; it was not long before all those fears were allayed. Mistress surprised all with her talent for drawing.

It was amazing how much you learn about people from playing just a simple board game. Goldie, her Mom, and Aunt were adopted by the family and the help felt more comfortable in their own skin around the family.

Erin was so relieved about the extra help Missy now had. Missy felt so guilty about the Pam situation that it was hard for Erin to keep her friend from going over the edge. Erin took her concerns about Missy straight to Goddess. "Erin, I promise to watch her with care, and I will take swift action if I deem she is heading in that direction."

"I fear, that when Missy sees Pam, Em, and Sue-Lin continuing to move forward in their lives, she may feel she is treading water in her own life. I could have left with them, but I don't bail on my friends; Mistress got me a good job, a place to stay and eat and I am even studying for a promotion. I guess that means I am moving ahead with my life also. Is there anything we can do for Missy?"

Goddess called all the employees of the shoe department to come in fifteen minutes early. "Missy, you are the first recipient of our 'Employee of the Month'; it is a well-deserved honor."

The Supervisor of Sales remarked, Goddess, "You could backdate that award several months and they would all say 'Missy', it is long overdue. She is a joy to work with and the customers love her. She is bringing them in droves. Speaking for the sales staff, our paychecks are bigger because of her. Bravo, Missy. Goddess, never let her go, you will never find another like her."

Missy felt embarrassed, she just wanted to please her Mistress's and Goldie and Erin; all others from the outside made her feel very uncomfortable. The plaque was right behind the sales desk, everyone couldn't miss it.

All of Missy's regulars were powerful women. They wanted to congratulate Missy on her achievement, but they all knew how Missy would feel about it. Instead, they invented reasons to come to see Missy, A Fundraiser here, a Gala there, it didn't matter what the reason was. 'Independence Day' was always a challenge for Missy, anyone can make a red, white and blue ensemble. Missy often leaned toward an 'Untarnished Lady Liberty' look or something with more pizazz. It depended on the client, Missy would not let the client walk out of the mall before she had the best outfit possible.

To that end, Goddess made a huge investment in the software. Missy could input sizes of just about anything the client might wear. Missy could also make notes to help her in the future about what did and didn't work for her. It was available to every clothing store in the mall. Some area malls paid to have limited access to that list; Missy's notes were not included. A sketchpad and colored chalks were never far away from Missy as she needed to show her client her vision for her.

Goddess had a talk with Missy, "Missy, Mistress and I agree you are more than a sub to us, you are family. We want to give you more independence, spread your wings a little bit."

It was hard for Missy, she would submit ideas to Goldie, but Goldie had the final say.

Missy tended to talk to herself when making big decisions, "Come on Missy, Goddess, and Mistress want you to spread your wings. You can't have Goldie make all the decisions for you in your life. You need to discover something you would like to do or learn to do. Come on, DAMN YOU! It can't be that hard. Let's see, what do I like? Well, I do like a nice slow cooked Prime Rib with all the trimmings. YUM! THAT'S IT! I will ask chef if he will teach me how to cook."

Missy went down to talk to the chef. "Chef, Goddess wants me to be a bit more independent, spread my wings as it were. I thought long and hard about it and I concluded I like a good meal. Do you think you could teach me how to cook?"

"Yes Miss, how does Saturday breakfast sound? Do you think I can get a full menu from you on Friday night? We will need to know what to buy at the market. What a surprise that awaits them."

"Talk about being thrown into the deep end of the pool, of course, chef, do you have anything I can get ideas from?"

"I think we have a few cookbooks kicking around somewhere. I think Mistress bought a few before I was hired; it was not her forte."

Chef suggested to Missy to think of one or two main ingredients in the dish. "If you want to use an egg, do you want to make an omelet or a quiche?"

Missy covertly took the books up to her room to study; they were just general cookbooks. Maybe chef could help her put some zip into the meals. She scoured the recipe sites and viewed cooking skills videos for hours on end.

When Missy tried to bring her laptop into the kitchen the chef yelled at her, "Get that dirty thing out of my kitchen. If you want to know how to cook you must have your undivided attention to what you are doing, or you will chop off your hand. You also need to wash your hands and cutting board after everything you do. We don't want to serve Mistress contaminated food do we?"

On Friday night, chef was surprised by the menu Missy made. He changed to a few of the meals to make them harder meals to make. He talked about all the taste groups and how they should all be incorporated into one meal. He talked about food substitutions and food companions.

"Get some sleep, I will see you at sunrise. We have much to buy at the market."

At Market Missy was overwhelmed, chef had her smell several spices; it was a heady experience. Each fruit or vegetable had such a wonderful fresh smell. Back in the kitchen, it was organized chaos. Chef explained that each person was a chef in their own right, but they all had their own specialties.

As the prep was continuing, Missy was getting befuddled. Each chef came over to give her ticks and tricks to use. The organization was the key. If you were organized everything would be ready for you and it would be simple to add the ingredient at the right time.

Chef had Missy taste a dish. "Is there too much salt? Not enough? Would black pepper help? What about aromatics like garlic, ginger, onions or celery?"

Missy realized this was a test. There was something wrong with the dish, but Missy just didn't know what. She checked the options she was offered and what kind of dish it was. It was easy to tell if it was too salty or not. She was not sure about the aromatics. With triumph she blurted out, "It needs black pepper." She ground some more in and gave it another taste. "Wow, that is much better."

Everyone was surprised when they came down to breakfast. Missy made name tags for each setting: all the best china and crystal was going to be used. There was a menu at each table setting. Glasses of orange juice and fruit cup were already on the table along with real silverware.

Everyone's eyes were wide opened as Missy laid the first plate in front of Mistress. "Bon Appetit Mistress."

Missy served everyone with a personal touch; she sat down after all were served. Others cleaned up one course, as Missy got the next one. Missy was not skillful enough to make every dish, but she helped with most of them.

Chef felt such pride for Missy as the rave reviews flowed in. Not everything was great; Missy bit into one dish to find it was over seasoned in some way; note to self: taste everything before serving.

Chef just smiled at her, he knew she just learned a valuable lesson. It was the chef who tainted Missy's food.

Missy had a whole new appreciation for the kitchen staff. Even making a simple pot of tea was a science unto itself, even the water temperature varied with the tea you were making. Missy could not believe how well breakfast went. This cooking thing was hard work, but it could be very rewarding. She couldn't wait to see what else was in store for her.

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