Indian Couples Exchange Partners


"That would be fine," he said.

She got up and walked into the kitchen. After a while Mohit followed her and saw that she was perched on the ledge and standing on her toes trying to get the container that was kept on a top shelf.

"Should I help you?" he asked.

"Oh no! Its okay." She said as her fingers brushed against the container. He looked up Sameera's shapely legs up to her panties visible under the small skirt. Sameera knew that he could see up her skirt and there was nothing she could do about it.

She finally caught hold of the container and started getting down from the blocks that she was standing on. As she descended , Mohit fixed his eyes on the gap between her legs and her panty covered pussy. Sameera knew that he could see and was consequently red in the face blushing furiously. She gasped out loud when she felt Mohit's hands on her legs.

"I'll just steady you as you come down," Mohit said as his hands slid up her calves.

Sameera was trembling and as she stepped down Mohit's hands continued to slide up her legs. Mohit's hands had moved over her calves to the back of her knees and then up to her thighs. One more step and his hands moved under her skirt and covered her panty covered ass.

"Please don't!" Sameera weakly protested.

She felt Mohit's slide his hand over her pussy mound and she trembled slightly. She realized that her panties were getting wet just as she heard Mohit speak.

"Your panties are very wet we should probably take them off so they don't get stained," he offered.

Mohit peeled her panties off her ass cheeks revealing her beautiful ass. He then pulled them from between her thighs where her legs were pressed together and down to her ankles. Mohit had her lift up one foot at a time so that he could remove her panties from her ankles. He slid his hands back up to her ass and massaged it gently complimenting her on the beauty of her legs and ass. Mohit slowly turned Sameera around so that she faced him. He guided her down pushing her skirt up and exposing her shapely pussy.

"Don't" she whined. As she was about to take the panty back from him to put it on, the door bell rang. It was the boy from the neighborhood grocer who had come to deliver. She kept quiet and as Mohit watched, instead of taking them back she went to the door to deal with him. After a while she came back.

"God. I almost came in my trousers. It was a big turn on for me because I knew you were talking to that guy without panties." He said.

"I knew that. That's why I did not pull them up." she smiled. "Happy?"

"Definitely. Had that guy known that you were without panties he too would have discharged by now," he said as he resumed the massage. His hands fell to her ankle and moved slowly up the bare leg. Neither of them was watching the movie anymore. Sameera now had her eyes closed and his eyes were locked onto the 'V' where her legs met.

"You know Rehan is a lucky guy," Mohit whispered.

"Why?" She asked still keeping her eyes closed. Since she was not watching his fingers caressing her lower thighs it somehow made it alright.

"You have a nice body."

She laughed. "Come on!"

"I can't feel any fat," he said as he gently squeezed the underside of her thigh.

"You aren't touching my ass," she giggled. The alcohol was loosening up her inhibitions.

"Is that an invitation?" he asked feeling his hard-on pressing up against her leg.

"No," she giggled again. "We have to be good."

"I'm not sharing a room with you. I have a feeling that you knew about this" Ria whispered to Rehan as the girl called a couple of nearby motels to see if they had rooms.

"Don't be silly. How the hell was I to know especially since this programme is so recent. We might not have much of a choice," he whispered. The girl frowned and hung up the phone. "There are no more rooms till the climb starts."

"Why don't we just go back?" she said.

"We can of course but this time we had planned an outing together. Moreover, the kids are being taken care of. Think it over." He said.

"OK, let's take it," she said hesitantly "I just hope they will understand."

Ria checked in as Rehan got the overnight bags from the car. They had packed smaller bags just for the one night stay. The room was on the third floor so as they rode up the elevator Ria said, "Maybe we shouldn't tell them. I'm sure Mohit will get all worked up and even Sameera might not be too happy."

"They both will be pissed if they find out because they will think we actually did something and were trying to hide it," Rehan added.

The door opened and they headed into the room trying to act unexcited. They managed to keep it cool until they saw the king size bed. "I thought she said we would have separate beds?" Ria asked as she stood frozen in the doorway.

"She really didn't say that. Why on earth would they put different beds in the same room?" Rehan said as he pushed the door open and walked inside. "If you want I'll call down and ask for a roll out bed."

"Do it please," she said putting down her bag on the small dresser.

Rehan called the desk but they did not have any portable beds. "Nope," he said looking at Ria. "We can make a wall of pillows," he said looking at the three or four extra pillows on the bed. "That way you won't be able to touch me, no matter how much you try." He laughed which broke the tension.

"Very funny. As if I would try to touch you!." Ria replied smacking him on his arm and closed the room door. She watched as it closed and locked. Here she was in a hotel room with no other option but to sleep on the same bed with another man besides her husband.

"We better call them and tell them we have stopped. You will have to do the talking since I am not too good a liar. Mohit will know from my voice that I'm lying."

Rehan opened his mobile phone and called.

Mohit's fingers were only an inch from the junction of Sameera's thighs when the phone rang. Both of them jumped like they had been caught. "OH GOD!" She said as she pushed off the sofa and ran into the kitchen to get the phone.

She saw Rehan's cell phone number on the Caller ID. "Hi, have you stopped?"

"Yes, we have checked into a hotel right now," Rehan said looking over at Ria who was now lying back on the large bed. Her hand was covering her eyes. "We just wanted to let you know we've stopped and are staying at the Express here in Parwanoo."

"Good! we have been worrying about you," Sameera said looking through the door at Mohit's hard-on pushing up his slacks.

"So, having fun?" Rehan asked. She had said they might go out somewhere for a meal.

"Yes, we decided to watch a movie," she said nervously.

"Oh?" He said. There was a questioning tone in his voice.

"Yes, it's just a movie and not an X rated one," she said suddenly feeling guilty that she had allowed Mohit to massage her legs and pull off her panty.

"Does Mohit want to talk to Ria?" Rehan asked. Ria opened her eyes and moved up onto her elbows which pushed her plentiful breasts outward.

"Do you want to say anything to Ria?" Sameera asked Mohit.

"Na, just tell her to watch out for Rehan," he laughed.

"He said for her to watch out for you," Sameera repeated. "Good night! I have been missing you and I love you," she whispered.

"Me too," Rehan replied.

"He didn't want to talk to me?" Ria appeared surprised.

"He just said for you to watch out for me," Rehan grinned. "They are watching a movie."

"Alone?" She sat up.

"Obviously! Do you think they would invite the neighbours?"

"I guess we have no choice do we?" she smiled. She looked at the clock which read 9:30PM. "I need to take a shower." She stood and grabbed her bag.

"If you want company let me know," he laughed.

She slipped off her sandals and drew the curtain of the dressing place that was adjoining the bathroom. She opened her bag and realized that in her excitement she had packed just a thin nightie for the overnight stay thinking she would be alone. She also had forgotten to put in an extra pair of panties and the ones she was wearing were damp at the moment. Thankfully she had one in her purse but that was a brief thong. She quickly removed her T shirt, jeans, bra and panties and stood looking at her body in the big mirror on the back of the door. She knew her breasts were bigger than Sameera's and her ass smaller. She rubbed her hands over her pubic mound to fluff up the hairs. She discovered her clitoris sticking outward ready for some action. "Hmm. I am not ready but my pussy seemingly is," she giggled nervously. Even at the receptionist they had entered their names as Mr and Mrs.

The warm water woke up her nerve endings and her soapy fingers touching her nakedness raised her sexual need even more. Just the thought of Rehan lying on the bed in the other room was enough to have her fantasize about getting fucked by him tonight. Although she could not do it she did it now in her mind. "OH REHAN," she moaned.

Rehan sat back in his tee shirt and jeans trying to imagine what Ria looked like under the hot shower. He had felt her breasts that day when the poker was in progress and knew they sat on top of her mounds pointing upward. He squeezed his hard-on until he heard the shower turn off.

Ria finished the shower and sprayed some perfume on private parts of her body. She heard a knock on her door and looked at her wristwatch . She walked to the door naked and cracked open the door. "Whats it?."

"I can't wait any longer," he said smiling. He tried to peek around the door but she held it firmly.

"I'm naked," she whispered. "I just got out of the shower." She felt him push harder on the door but she pushed her weight against it. "Give me a minute." She closed the door and quickly put on the nightgown. Her hard nipples pushed out the thin silk covering. He knocked again and she giggled while opening it. "Can't you wait?"

"I'm standing out here with a hard-on," he chuckled.

The door slowly opened and when he walked in she closed it behind him. She stood proudly showing him her black silky curves. He could catch glimpse of very sheer thong and he found it quite exciting.

"Oh my God," he gasped. He reached for her but she shifted quickly to the right and moved to the double bed. Rehan moved onto the bed next to her.

"Uh excuse me but this is my bed. Yours is over there," she said pointing over his body at the sofa cum bed.

"Ummm," he moaned while grabbing her arm and pulling it to his lips. .

"Well, Ok it you are going to do that then you can stay," she giggled. His lips traveled slowly up her bicep to her bare shoulder. As he pulled down on the thin spaghetti strap she pulled it back up. "We have all night. I want to just hold and kiss for a while." Being married for more than ten years had almost eliminated long hot french kissing sessions.

The TV was on but neither knew what the show was about as their lips met and their tongues explored and tasted. After two minutes they broke and took a deep breath before going at it again for two more minutes. "I miss kissing like that," she whispered. Her mouth was about an inch from his as she licked across his bottom lip and then across the top one. Her thigh pressed into his crotch and felt his excitement. "Do you think our spouses are doing the same thing at home?" She whispered. "I know Mohit has a thing for Sameera. By the way, would be doing all this had we been staying in separate rooms?"

"I don't know. So far as Sameera is concerned Sameera would never cheat on me," he said feeling pings of jealousy.

She pushed him back. "What do you think? I'm a slut since I'm in bed with you right now."

"I didn't say that," he said as he touched her arm. "There is a difference between cheating and well you know what. A woman can get fucked by someone else and still not cheat and vice verca. However knowing Sameera I feel that she would not let another man between her legs easily."

"Maybe they are just fooling around like we have done so far?" Ria suggested. "If she sees how big Mohit is she might not be able to say no."

"He's real big?"

"Uh huh," she grinned as her fingers moved to his large lump. "Maybe three inches more than you."

"That's okay with me. If she enjoys it, that is. I wonder if we should call them." Rehan said

"Let them be! You... you just want to know if Mohit is fucking Sameera. If he is, then you too wouldn't want to miss the opportunity of fucking me. That's why you are so keen on phoning them Am I right?," she giggled as she held her arms across her breasts so he could not see the dark shadows of her nipples through the nightgown.

"No, that's not the case. Actually I see it differently. If someone were to fuck my wife and she were to enjoy it, it would be selfish of me not to fuck his wife. After all, his wife too should enjoy it. In fact I would go so far as to fuck his wife and give her full enjoyment even if he does not do the same to my wife." Rehan smiled.

"I see. Very considerate of you. Don't you wear pajamas?"

"Not normally," he answered as he saw her body shape under the bed covers. He moved to the other side of the bed and slipped underneath. She had not put any pillows between them. "No pillows?"

"I think I can trust you," she replied.

"I hope so," he thought. "I can't believe I'm finally sleeping with you," he laughed.

"If you are getting too excited, I'll sleep on the floor," she said.

"Aw come on." He said as she moved her hand over and gently struck his bare bicep. The touch of his skin caused chills up and down her spine. She jerked her hand back to her side.

Sameera moved back into the lounge and sat down next to Mohit. "Do you have any idea about what this movie is about?"

"Surely the movie or the storyline is not all that important. May I continue your massage?" He said as he dropped his hand onto her leg.

"I think that is dangerous," she said pushing his hand away. "You were getting pretty close before to an area you should not be touching."

Mohit's bulge still was hard. "Yes, but look what it caused." He glanced down at his raised pants.

Sameera had been looking already. "We can't cheat on our spouses. I don't want to ruin our marriages and our friendship."

"How far can we go without it being technically cheating?" He whispered as his fingers once again crept up onto her leg.

"Maybe we can just hug without using our hands?" She said feeling the heat buildup again between her thighs. "Friends hug."

Sameera and Mohit turned to face each other and put their arms around each others back. She pushed her head onto his shoulder and her breasts against his hard chest. Mohit's hands moved up and down her back stopping to touch her bra connection.

"What are you doing back there?" she asked.

"Nothing just exploring," he replied.

"No touching with hands remember?" She pushed hard into him until he fell onto his back. Before she could object she was lying directly on top of him. She felt the large lump under her lower stomach. "MOHIT!"

"We're just hugging," he whispered as he gently pressed his lips to her neck. His hands on her hips pushed her downward a few inches until the tip of his hard prick was pushing into her pussy area.

"Oh God," Sameera moaned. The hard tip was actually in contact with her raised clit. Her legs opened a few more inches until his whole cock was resting between her pussy lips. "We shouldn't be doing this."

"We are not using our hands," he whispered as his hips pushed upward. His mouth nibbled on her soft nape.

"Ohhh," she moaned again. "Stop," she said but didn't make any move to pull away. His hips lowered and then pushed back up. Her legs opened wider as he kept doing it.

Sameera lost track of reasoning as he dry humped her pussy. His lips had moved to her earlobe and were sucking on it. "Friends kiss." He whispered hoping she would go for it. She did. Her head moved away and she looked into his eyes with passion as she dropped her soft lips onto his. When his tongue licked across her closed lips her thin tongue moved outward and met it. For the first time in their married life they were french kissing a person other than their spouse.

"Since you have been so brazen as to pull of my panty, why don't you take one more step and show me?"

"I never refused you." He replied.

"You are really a pest. You want me to take it out? And that too when men don't think twice about taking it out and standing next to compete strangers by the roadside." she said.

" It would seem kind of improper if I were to take out my cock in front of my wife's friend and my friend's wife. And I took the initiative in taking off your panties. You did not take them off and give them to me." He said.

"But I did take off my bra yesterday." She protested.

"That was part of a game. You had no choice really!"

"Okay." She said as her hand gingerly reached out and unzipping his fly took out his cock. His cock was almost fully erect.

"My God! Its, well, quite big. Can I touch it?"

"Don't! It bites." He said seriously.

"Really?" she said in mock surprise.

"It won't bite if you bite it first."

"You are just naughty." Sameera said getting up.

Mohit too got up and hugged her with his lips on her lips and his erect cock was brushing against the little bush of pubic hair that she had left on her mound.

"No, Mohit. This way ...." She could not complete her sentence when due to Mohit's manouevres, they fell down in such a position that she fell on Mohit. Since his cock was placed just at the entrance of her very wet pussy, the sheer force of the fall forced it fully inside her considerably wet pussy. Sameera was too surprised to even react and just felt Mohit's cock entering the tight but slippery walls of her pussy stopping only when it was fully inside. Since she was the one who had fallen she couldn't even blame him

"Ouch." She said not expecting that Mohit's big cock would have entered her pussy. It was a different feeling entirely but she pulled herself together and got up holding the base as it came out with a plop. She gave his cock a light stinging slap. "This is what happens when we are not careful. Remember, if cocks are not careful they get devoured by pussies. This was just an insertion. If we are not careful, you'll soon be fucking me and that wouldn't be right."

"You read Literotica?" Mohit asked.

"Yes!" Sameera replied.

"Well, there is a story...Ayesha something. I think Ayesha's adventure. I read that. Quite nice it is but that gave me the impression that your pussy would be hairless."

"Don't read too much into stories. Keeping it in shape is more difficult than just shaving it off." Sameera said.

"I can't get to sleep," Rehan whispered as he peeked over at Ria's face looking up at the ceiling.

"Me too," she replied. "Knowing you are in bed with me wearing only your underwear is keeping me awake," she said honestly.

"You want me to take that off?" he asked tongue in cheek.

"Very funny!" she snapped good humoredly.

"Knowing your beautiful body is under that nightie inches from me is driving me nuts. Have you ever wondered how it would be having sex with another man? "Well yes........but to arouse myself or to masturbate but that doesn't mean I would actually do it."

"What would you do with another man?" He asked wondering if she would do anything.

She was quiet for a while. "That's a silly question. What would a woman do with another man?"

"Sorry. Anyway, this is your chance," he whispered.

"Now? Oh no........I couldn't. If I touch you we won't be able to stop."

"I won't move. I promise. You said you wanted to find out what another man's body was like, that you can. I did not say I would fuck you."

Ria gulped as she tried to build up enough nerve. "I........uh...don't have to touch everything." They both knew where she was possibly eliminating.

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