tagIncest/TabooIndian Incest: All Are Involved Ch. 21

Indian Incest: All Are Involved Ch. 21


Dear Readers,

I am so sorry for leaving you hanging for the next part of this series. I hope you can still enjoy it. I'm trying my level best to wrap it up. But it's not going to be easy. I need your suggestions in the comments. What do you think? How should it end? Please let me know. . .




I was stunned by what mother had just confessed to me. She was raped by her father and she enjoyed it too. I was in disbelief yet I told her to continue.

MOM: Well then, I was happy that I was going to be a mother. But my dad knew that it was an inconvenience. Yet he did not dare to ask for an abortion. He started to refrain from me and as my pregnancy advanced, I was getting hornier. One night at dinner I decided to confront him head on. I said: look dad, I know that it all began with a mistake from your part and I know that you feel guilty for forcing me; yet, I have come to terms with it. I have accepted you as my husband for my body and soul and I don't think that I'll be able to bear your ignoring any longer. Look at this child that you've put in me. I want to be his mother and I want you to be his father.

MOM: He gave me a look of a very troubled man and then began to sob. I held him in my arms and he began to weep like a child. After some time he got up and lifted me in his arms. He took me to his bed room and there on my mother's bed, I made love to him. It is perhaps the happiest memory of my life. I gave birth to a baby boy that fall, that was you my Son Sahil. For the first year of your life I lived happily with my dad as my husband. Then your father came along.

MOM: He was the eldest son of the family that had moved in the house next to ours. He saw me and fell in love with me. He wanted to marry me. Both I and my father were shocked of this proposal because the people around us knew of the baby and they believed that you were a child of some boyfriend of mine who made me pregnant and ran away. He said that he did not care and he accepts the child.

MOM: My father and I readily accepted the proposal as I would get a chance at real life and you would have an identity. Plus, since I was only moving to the next door, I could still be with daddy whenever we wanted.

MOM: We got married at your first birthday. Life got on great and then your sister was born next year. I still don't know who her father really is because I got into bed with both men regularly.

MOM: One day, your dad was out of town and I felt horny. So, I sneaked into my dad's room and began to suck his cock, but he yanked me away and told me to go back to my husband. I was really pissed and cried all night in my bed. Over the next few days I tried to confront dad but he refused to talk. I was really worried and thinking about what could've gone wrong when it all suddenly ended.

MOM: I came home from the market one day and found that dad was waiting for me. He gave a letter and said: please open it when I leave I cannot say it to your face. He left without saying anything else. I ran to my room and hurriedly opened the letter. It said: Dear daughter! I know I've hurt you with my behavior lately. I cannot ask for forgiveness for what I did to you. I deprived you from your innocence and the love of a father when you were already suffering the loss of your mother. I hope Lord Shiva Shankar forgives me. I have found friends at the local Hindu party. I believe that they are doing gods' work. They have taken it upon themselves to free our mother land from sinners. They make people to follow the word from the gods. They punish them who are diverted from the right path. I believe that they are the righteous and true Hindus. But living with them, I have realized that how much wrong I've done. I must seek a way to free myself from the wrath of Shiva. If they knew, what I have done, they would stone me and you to death. But I've learnt a ritual that will free me from my sins. But after it's done, you will never see me again. By the time you have finished reading this letter, I would have taken my life in a ritual to salvage my soul. Perhaps I will meet you in another life. . . .

MOM: The last words of the letter were daggers into my heart. I ran with all my might to my home. But I was too late. As soon as I opened the main hallway door, I saw his body. He was lying in the puddle of his own blood. His penis was chopped and lying in the feet of the Statue of Lord Shiva. I fainted at the sight. I was woken up by passerby people who had seen me fall in the door.

MOM: After his cremation, I was approached by a woman. She was of the local Hindu Party. She congratulated me that my father was a martyr who had given himself into the arm of the gods and goddesses to salvage his soul from the devil. She told me that I should join them and be a part of their party. I said I would be happy to oblige. I said that because I wanted to understand the reason behind the demise of my father. I wanted to join their ranks in the hope that I'll get some closure. But as I got deeper in their company, I forgot why was there and soon became a part of them. I don't know if they use magic or it was some of my own psychological disorder that I had completely forgotten what I suffered because of them.

MOM: Sahil beta! Today your fucking has broken a trance off me and I feel free again. I'm proud of the fact that you stood up to your sister's family troubles and provided her with a child. I also wish you'd let me be a part of your family.

I was happy and immensely relieved by the revelations. Beside me BIL was standing grinning from ear to ear. He had also been listening to MOM's story and I could sense that how happy he was. I kissed MOM and told her that everything would be alright and apologized for my behavior. But she put her lips on mine and cut me during my apology. She then asked that if I would make love to her like a good lover. I gently picked her up and make her lie on the bed. I immediately got down on her and in a few minutes, licked her hairy twat to her first orgasm of the night. When I was down there, I felt BIL's breath on my asshole. I immediately positioned myself higher for his benefit. He licked and lubed my asshole for a minute then he shoved his cock into my asshole. MOM was a little surprised by this but when I resumed the cunnilingus, she was also drifted to the island of lust. By the time BIL shot in me, I had already made MOM to climax three more times. Her knees were shaking and she was moaning like crazy.

BIL had realized that I had a hard on too so he got down and opened my legs and brought my cock back out thought them. He began sucking me and I began to lick MOM's asshole. I took my cock out of BIL's mouth and then placed my lips on my mothers'. I entered her in the missionary position and fucked her for a good fifteen minutes before I was done with her.

Meanwhile BIL was trying to wake up dad who was still passed out. I lied down besides MOM and asked her what she would like to be done to daddy.

MOM: Well, I never loved him since our marriage was more of a commitment than of love. If he co-operates, all is good. Otherwise your decision is mine. Yet don't kill the bastard, he is rather good in bed.

All three of us laughed at this and then it was decided that we would imprison dad here unless he co-operated, he would be tied here. Dad was now beginning to gain consciousness. We thought that it would be best if MOM talked to him. Because he still thought that MOM was a victim too. So I and BIL left the room and went outside.

BIL and I discussed the turn of events and planned a happy life together. I was really beginning to enjoy BIL's company. It was not only about the obligatory sex anymore. We connected at a deeper level and I was happy to be in a relationship with him.

Soon MOM came out, she was still naked and still walking a little lopsided due to the effect of the drug. It was a sexy sight to see her like that. I held her steady and she told us that she had told everything to dad; she thought he would be okay.

MOM: The poor bastard is still very much in love with me. He says he is okay if I was okay. I think he is not lying.

BIL: That is great news mata ji (mother).

Me: Sure as hell it is. I think we should get back home and not keep the other ladies worried any longer.

Mother's clothes were torn so she wrapped herself in a bed sheet and we got dad dressed and left for the house.

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