Indian Wife and Maid's Husband


"Please, please. don't do this to me!"
Anita pleaded, more than a little desperate as Bhasu made her lie down and positioned himself at her opening, "I gave you what you wanted. Now why trouble me? Just let me go, please."

"You are wrong, you did not understand the anguish of a man who has his wife fucked. You wanted to defend him. Now I happen to see your little white pussy being screwed by the same person you were busy defending. If he has so much regard for you, how does he get hard?" The man said and at the same time signaled to Bhasu with his gun to start fucking. Just as Bhasu’s cock was placed at the opening of her pussy, the man signaled Bhasu again to start. “ If you delay, you will get fucked, not by a cock but by the bullet.” Bhasu folded her legs and caught hold of her hips. With his cock poised at the pussy lips, he gave a powerful thrust and the slick lips of the pussy opened on their own to accommodate the intruding cock in their grip.

She desperately tried to push him away from her but she felt quite helpless! This was quite unlike the previous two encounters but was not really bad. Now even the presence of the other two was not unnerving.

Bhasu grabbed her small wrists in his large hands and pressed them painfully on the floor as he slowly began to thrust in and out of her now painfully stretched pussy, causing her to gasp in pain mixed with pleasure. Anita got over the initial shock and lay still. Feeling the cock slamming in and out of her pussy. As Bhasu continued to fuck her, and her juices helped to lubricate his shaft, she found the pain gradually fading away and being replaced by unwanted pleasure.

She looked at Lakshmi, her pussy spread on the floor and the man pounding into her. Her eyes met Lakshmi’s and Lakshmi could distinctly see her husband fucking the Mem Sahib. However the sight surprisingly did not hurt Lakshmi. If anything it turned her on. Somehow it made her closer to the Mem Sahib whom she had always admired. Her Mem Sahib was being fucked by the same cock that fucked her. They were now on an even keel.

What made it even stranger to Anita herself was how her pussy was starting to adjust to Bhasu’s cock and she found her body was betraying her. As his hot rod banged continuously against her cervix, Anita began to feel her fear start to literally melt a way and a new feeling began to enthrall her. A loud moan of pleasure issued forth from deep within her throat and almost against her will, she began to thrust back as a flush gradually began to creep up her fair cheeks of the face as well all over the body.

What was she doing? Here she was,being deflowered by Bhasu in the presence of his wife and a stranger who wasn't only foul but violent, and she was starting to enjoy it! And this was such a crazy situation where the coordinator was someone else. God, what was she feeling?

"OHHHH! You please get off me!" Anita shrieked, thinking suddenly of Amit’s return and pushing as hard as her frame could against Bhasu. All poor Anita got for her efforts was a harsh laugh from the man who continued with his own fucking and even harder thrusts from Bhasu. It was as if they were locked in an unusual dance. The sight of his wife getting fucked was also giving Bhasu excitement which helped him to carry on the powerful strokes in the hot pussy of the lady he found so irresistible all thanks to a person who hated him.

It was at the critical moment of discharge that Anita heard the key in the door turn and Amit entered. He saw his nude wife being fucked by a person whose face was not very clear but from the way his wife’s hips were moving to meet all the thrusts she was enjoying it. Not realizing that she was screaming in a long and violent orgasm, her legs parted even further against her own violation and then closed around Bhasu’s buttocks, holding him in her, not wanting to let this feeling go, even if it was from her maid’s husband. A few more violent thrusts in her and judging from his grunts she knew Bhasu was about ready to come himself and when he bellowed out his own yell she kissed his chest unknowingly and out of sheer reflexive action, as he came violently in her white pussy.

The sight confused, enraged and aroused Amit all at the same time.It was a big turn on to see his wife in the throes of passion but with the husband of the maid? However, the pleasure was real, palpable.

The man had long since discharged and was the only one with his clothes on. Lakshmi had not climaxed because the man had come far too soon. However she too was standing there naked her breasts heaving and traces of cum all over her legs and pussy hair. Before Amit could react he felt the muzzle of the gun at his neck.

“Hi! Enjoyed seeing the wife getting fucked? Actually she would not have got fucked but she refused to believe me so I had no option but to explain to her that this man is a fucker. But I have nothing against you. Strip and screw this female whose husband has screwed your wife. And this is not a request but an order.” The man said addressing Lakshmi and Anita. “ And you two, get over here and suck his cock till it is hard as nails. He will then fuck this swine’s wife while we will watch.”

The pleasure waves of the orgasm that had engulfed Anita were gradually subsiding. As she gained control of her self she immediately snuggled upto her husband, Bhasu’s cum dribbling down her legs. Somehow the man’s instructions to Amit sounded like sweet music to Anita as well. She too wanted to see Amit fuck Lakshmi. And the only way this could be possible was when Amit would be forced to do it. Otherwise Amit was too much of a gentleman to do any such thing.

“What happened, love?” Amit asked.

“Later, later! Keep the dialogues and weeps for later. Strip him NOW.” The man said menacingly.

Amit was till trying to come to terms with the fact that except for this stranger almost everyone in the room was naked and something akin to an orgy was in place. He was divested of his clothes by his wife and Lakshmi. As his underwear was peeled off, he too could feel an erotic sensation. As they watched his cock slowly sprung to an erection, Amit felt embarrassed but his body paid no need.

“Suck him. Alternatively both of you.” Anita first took her husband’s erect cock in her mouth and then released it. She literally handed it over to Lakshmi and watched wide eyed as the maid opened her mouth and for the first time sucked at the master’s cock. Anita’s feelings were as mixed as that of Amit: erotic and ambiguous.

“Now that you are free from screwing your Mem Sahib, pay attention and watch as Sahib screws your wife.” The man addressed Bhasu. What was strange was that despite the threat of pain even Bhasu’s cock was back to erection.

“You, a wimp or what? Make her lie down and screw her the way her husband was fucking your wife. Kiss her. I want to see your tongue in her mouth. Your fingers should be pulling her buttocks apart. Want me to do it to your wife as a demonstration? And if you are feeling too bothered the swine can lick your wife’s nipples. Had I known that this visit would be such a goldmine I would have brought someone to keep watch while I would feast myself.” The man taunted Amit.

“Do it, love. Do it passionately.” Anita also implored.

Amit hugged Lakshmi while Bhasu immediately opened his mouth and started sucking Anita’s already well sucked nipples. Amit also licked Lakshmi’s nipples which became erect and soon Amit’s hand was groping between her legs all the while as Anita watched.

“Just stop. You, sir lie down and she will sit on his cock.” The man said.

They all complied as if he was a director in an erotic play. Amit lay down and the other two i.e. Bhasu and Anita helped her aim her pussy at the tip of his cock. Lakshmi stroked the shaft marvelling at the softness of the skin encasing the hardness that she desired. Anita stroked her neck as Lakshmi got up and kept her bare feet one in each of his armpits. He did not miss a chance to tinkle with her rough anklets as against the delicate ones of his wife. Gradually she started sitting down, sank till the head now against her labia all the pressure on her leg muscles. Her lips spread by his girth, they rested on the head of the cock, open as if to kiss it and then she lowered herself , inch by inch, taking up and down movements to ease him into her pussy. His foreskin rolled back to reveal the glistening shaft which Lakshmi could see by peering down. Their pubic hair were all matted into one now.It was so effortless, as if the scene had been choreographed many times before. Almost there and the feeling of being so full and stretched in the presence of Anita and Bhasu was making Lakshmi a little uneasy.....

Anita and even Bhasu continued to kiss and stroke Lakshmi and she started to rock to and fro on the rigid member inside her. The look on Amit's face of pure pleasure as she rode him encouraged Lakshmi and she got into a rhythm that suited both of them. One would get the impression that she was riding a wild stallion as he bucked up at her and now she felt comfortable that she could handle him. A surge of pride went through her as she realised what her body was capable of and she bent and hugged Amit close to her as her first orgasm of the day coursed through her body. She felt her pussy stirring ever more. She prayed for it to stop. But was then caught up in the moment. "Oh yes." She cried as her climax hit. She wished she could have those words back but it was too late. She came all over the cock that she was slamming against. This orgasm was really intense. Amit looked at her in total satisfaction. Feeling her pussy spasm around his shaft, his balls tightened and he quickened his pace. He was going to fill Lakshmi’s hole with cum for the first time in his life and soon he discharged with a shudder totally spent by the recent sexual adventure. As he opened his eyes, he saw Anita by his side kissing him on the lips.

Later that night as they lay in bed, totally exhausted, Amit asked her as to how she got involved in this. Anita explained everything to her husband as she snuggled upto him.

“I just hope you are not hurt, love. That is my first concern.” Amit said in a concerned voice.

“No, I am not hurt, thankfully though I could have been. It seems crazy; really crazy. And that Bhasu, he just carried on and on cumming inside me.” Anita said.

“Yeah, I could see that you were responding quite well. I hope you are on pills.” Amit said with a twinkle in his eye.

“Come on, now. Don’t pull my leg.” Anita protested. “ You know that once an orgasm starts approaching, it is difficult to hold one back, especially for a girl And yes, I am on pills, so don’t worry about that.”

“Well, there is an explanation as to why Bhasu kept on cumming inside you as you said. People who have sexy wives like I do, have sex regularly and so their discharge is not tremendous. People who don’t have to make do whenever they manage to get a sexy female and so all the cum that has accumulated is discharged. However one thing I don’t understand. The man with the gun. He was more interested in seeing Bhasu have sex with you than on doing it himself.” Amit said.

“Yeah! That struck me as strange as well.” Anita replied.

“Did he ask you to suck him?” Amit asked again.


“For how long?”

“Barely one minute.”

“And did he fuck you?”

“No. But as he said he had sex with Lakshmi because he was more interested in humiliating Bhasu.” Anita reasoned.

“But by insisting that Bhasu fuck you, I don’t think he humiliated Bhasu very much. And this Bhasu,I forgot to tell you.Two days ago he had come to my office. I knew that he was Lakshmi’s husband.He told me rather begged me he had learnt driving recently and that since he was unemployed I should keep him as a driver and that it would be easier for Mem Sahib to go around if you had a driver.I even gave him an advance of Rs.1000/-” Amit said.

“Don’t use words like ‘fuck you’ and all that. Coming to your question that is one side of the story. He also had sex with Lakshmi and also made you do it. That could only be to, well, humiliate Bhasu.” Anita explained.

“Anyway what is over, is over. Why bother? By the way will you feel odd seeing Bhasu now? Should I withdraw that offer of driver that I had given him?” Amit asked.

“Frankly I don’t know. But we should get over it. Because in that case even Lakshmi also will feel odd and we all will feel uncomfortable due to something in which we had no role to play.” Anita said hugging Amit.

“Well, here are the thousand rupees.” Bhasu said counting ten crisp one hundred rupee notes.

“Since everything went off without a hitch won’t you give me something more?” the man said.

“Well, the plan was mine so why should I give you anything more than what had been agreed? You got to fuck my wife. I also arranged things in a way that Anita Mem sahib also sucked your cock. Is that not enough?” Bhasu asked.

“But, but you could have let me also fuck Anita Mem sahib.” The man protested weakly.

“Don’t be a fool. You are not in the same class. It is only I who is in the same class as her husband. Now that he has seen me fucking her, if ever he sees me doing that again, it will not shock him.” Bhasu replied.

“Are you sure they did not suspect you or us?It did not seem very natural for me to ask you to fuck Mem Sahib whereas actually I should have been doing it? And where did you get the acid from?” the man asked.

“First of all I don’t think they suspected us. Even if they did what difference does it make. They can’t prove it. All I wanted was to show Mem Sahib’s husband that I fucked her. And no matter whether whether she likes it or not, her sexy body loves the way I fuck her. See how passionately she was defending me! God, she is real sexy! And they feel that I am innocent. How would it benefit if you fucked her? You are not known to them. If they ever saw you lurking around, you would be arrested before you would have been able to get your cock out of your pants.And lastly that was no acid but simple tap water just as the gun was fake but since it worked so well I am sure that this tap water can get me many more juicy breasts and tight pussies.” Bhasu laughed, imagining future encounters.

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