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Indian Wife Seduction Decision


After a busy day, Amit and I were lying in bed. Both of us were topless. Amit was wearing his boxer shorts and I was in my panty. He was reading a magazine whereas I was knitting something; perhaps a sweater. Suddenly I noticed that from the sides of his eyes he was trying to catch a glimpse of my bare breasts. I got the hint and snuggled upto him.

"Tell me, love. Any new fantasies?" I asked him as my hand slid inside his shorts.

"Well, I did have a thought cross my mind, but I'm not sure how you'd feel about this one." We both lay there silent for a moment, but Amit's cock started to stiffen in my hand.

"Are you going to tell me?" I asked. "Just go ahead and say it."

"Well, okay. But you'll probably think I'm crazy." He sounded a trifle hesitant.

"Just tell me. What is it?" I said with a twinkle in my eye. "Do you want me to fulfil it?."

"That's upto you. Okay. Well, you know how much it would turn me on to watch you with another man. That is my ultimate fantasy."

"Well, so it is mine and well, what gives us pleasure is okay with me and just to set your mind at rest let me tell you that I'm not against it," I said.

"But I'm thinking of someone in particular. I'd like to watch Anil fuck you. Just a fantasy."

I sat up a bit and I noticed that Amit withdrew his hands from my breasts.

"Anil? No harm in fantasies, is there?" I said so that he may not feel bad. After all, it requires quite a bit of understanding between spouses to be able to say such a thing especially so far as the wife is concerned.

"None at all.," Amit said.

"But you must elaborate. I mean the situation where he fucks me should be such that things flow on their own. It should not be contrived." I said.

"Of course not. As you said its just a wild fantasy. Anil is a nice guy and well…."

"Come on. I am not at all offended. So what if he is your boss. If I had a female boss or even a subordinate, I would be imagining you in bed with her far more than what you would imagine me to be with anyone else. And you know I am speaking the truth."

However I kept thinking as to why Amit had thought of such a fantasy. By and by, I came to know that Anil, though not a bad guy was interested in females. He would not harm anyone if he did not receive any sexual favour but he would certainly help out those from whom he received it. The very idea did not seem too good: getting fucked just to accelerate husband's promotion prospects. Had Anil really been one of the obnoxious rapist types I would have certainly dismissed the idea but there was also a certain vulnerability attached to his persona. I decided that if the time came I would certainly like to experiment things out. The problem was his wife: she was far too nosey and dominating. Amit did not play up to her perhaps as much as she wanted her husband's subordinates to and perhaps that is why Amit felt that he would miss out on the promotion.

Days, weeks, months passed. Lots happened. And Amit was promoted.

In December, Amit's office held its annual holiday party. The top brass rented out a popular local disco for our exclusive use, including a live band.

I fretted about what to wear. The standards at the party were likely to be high. I stood in front of the bedroom mirror. I had decided that the saree would be black but I was wondering whether to wear a bra or not. My breasts were certainly large enough to require one under normal circumstances, but they (breasts) didn't really need support, and they were rather round, a fact which couldn't be fully appreciated when I wore a bra. And I really didn't mind the attention I was likely get from the men at the party, provided that it remained discreet. No vulgarity but I for one certainly enjoyed looking sensuous. And the added bonus was that my husband also enjoyed it. No bra, I decided. I had done what few wives do and I was feeling quite smug and confident.

The party was nice and it was there that I met Shivani, my old and a very good friend. As soon as we were alone, she said to me.

"That's a wonderful outfit, Anjali. And Anjali if I am not mistaken, you are braless. That's real bold. Believe me you are looking absolutely ravishing. And congrats! I believe Amit has been elevated."

She looked at my face and saw me turn red. It wasn't like me to get embarrassed. "You are hiding something from me!" she exclaimed.

"No I am not!" I said.

"Yes you are, Anjali! I thought we were best friends," Shivani said with a pout.

I sighed. "All right I am! But you have to promise me you'll never, ever tell anyone."

"Oh course not. Come on, tell me!" Shivani said, her voice almost shaking with excitement.

"Actually it's a long story. My in-laws ( Amit's parents) are quite liberal." I said.

"Come on, don't tell that that is the reason for this change. And what does Amit's elevation has to do with this?" Shivani said.

I laughed. " Of course not. But listen to the whole thing. My mother in law actually saw me nude before she gave the go ahead for marriage."

"That is crazy. You actually appeared nude before her in the drawing room?" Shivani was aghast.

" No, nothing all that dramatic. In fact I did not even know. Amit took me to Goa. We went to the farthest corner of the beach. I had worn a bikini at Amit's insistence but you know how bikinis are in India. Lousy! He then talked me into taking the top off. That was not much of a problem. But once in water he dared me to take the panty off too saying that it is quite rare for someone to be nude in water in India. He was right, so I very reluctantly took off the panty too."

"God! You are bold! And lucky" Shivani said.

"Yes, I don't know how I could be so daring but there is more. You know I am fond of anklets and since I was naked I was standing at least waist deep in water. My tits could be seen but I didn't want the fishermen/women to know that I was completely naked. There were some local women selling anklets. Ethnic ones. Of course I could not see them too closely but Amit called me from the beach and told them to stay on. He knew that I was naked still he wanted me to come out. What the hell, I thought! He wants them to see me nude!So I came out. God! It was perhaps the first time that they were seeing an Indian girl absolutely naked. And for your information I had shaped my pussy just a couple of days prior to that, so the pussy lips were quite clearly visible. Even foreigners don't strip completely. Anyway I acted nonchalant as if being nude was the most natural thing and started trying the anklets when presto his parents just appeared. You won't believe Shivani I felt so embarrassed. Imagine, my bare breasts, pussy everything in a public place and they could see it all."

"That's all very well but why such a queer demand." Shivani seemed perplexed.

"Actually they did this so that after marriage I could be fully relaxed in their presence. It all had started when my mother in law had gone to the US to meet an old friend. That lady's daughter in law happened to be a former Playmate. My mother in law was so surprised that almost everyone had seen not one but dozens of nude photographs of that girl and there was no hullaboo about that. That changed her mind. So the message that they gave me was that I could be topless, nude, in shorts… anyway I felt like because at the back of mind I knew that they had seen me nude."

"Hey, that's interesting and quite strange. I mean if they saw you nude did you too see them that way?" Shivani seemed genuinely interested.

"No, yaar. My mother-in-law is quite clear in her concept. She says that only females and preferably those with a good body should undress. After all the idea is not just to strip but to enjoy the undressing." I said.

"Don't mind if I say so but did your father-in-law not get an erection on seeing a pretty girl like you nude." Shivani said.

"Strange that you should say so. I have an internet friend and this is a subject that fascinates him too. Yes, I guess seeing me nude would be pleasing him. His own sexual life would have improved but naturally he has not made a pass at me. Why should he? In fact it is Anju's husband who did that."

"What happened?"

"To put it briefly my in-laws showed the same liberalism in choosing a son in law. You know Anju; Amit's sis. Her husband Rajesh. Now this guy Rajesh too has seen me topless I think and frankly when my in laws are cool, so am I. But the problem with this guy is that he is not able to keep his cock in check."

"Why, what happened? You seem to have got married into a family where all sort of bizarre things keep taking place."

"Wednesday evening Amit's parents had to go out; even Amit was out of town for a couple of days and Rajesh was back. He and Anju were sitting in the family room watching a movie. I wasn't much interested, but Anju had made popcorn, which I just couldn't resist nibbling. I sat in a chair to one side, trying not to watch them cuddle. I was wearing a short, loose skirt. Whenever I crossed my legs Rajesh looked over to see the dress ride up on my tanned thigh. What a jerk. But Anju was oblivious. She leaned against his shoulder and put her hand in his lap. That did it for me. Popcorn or no, I decided to go up to my room.

A little while later the drone of the TV set stopped. I waited quietly until I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. The footsteps moved into Anju's room, and the door closed, muffling their sounds. The hell with it, I thought. Why do I care anyway? I should just go to bed. I took off my dress and pulled on a skimpy ribbed tank-top that left my midriff bare. I thought about pulling on a pair of shorts, but she didn't. Wearing the top and my powder blue thong, I left my room and went down the hall to the bathroom. There I brushed my teeth and washed my face. With that done I was ready for bed. The door was still open when the door pushed inward all the way and Rajesh walked in.

He was bottomless in the sense that he had a T shirt on and his cock stuck straight out, huge and sopping wet. He stopped short when he saw me, unsure, about to apologize.

The silence in the bathroom seemed enormous. I had to turn to face him and leaned back against the sink, my palms resting on the edge. My nipples became hard and pushed out against the sheer top.

Rajesh's face lit up with his stupid, cocky grin. He closed the door behind him and walked up to me, until he was only inches in front of me. His cock nearly spanned the distance between us. He smelled of sex and perspiration.

I became quite frightened, but stayed exactly where I was. You could say that I had become a statue somewhat like the games children play. Rajesh leaned forward to kiss me but I turned my head away. That wasn't what I wanted. It would be … like betraying Amit and Anju somehow.

He was taller than I'd realized, towering a head above me. All I could see was Rajesh; he filled the whole space between me and everything else. He reached for the bottom of my tank top and pulled it up slowly. The fabric snagged for a moment on my puffy, dome-shaped nipples, then came free, exposing my breasts; not perhaps for the first time but the first time where only he and I were together. I drew in my breath with a gasp. Rajesh's own breathing was ragged. He moved his head down towards my chest and kissed one breast. My legs suddenly felt weak, as if they couldn't possibly hold me up; I leaned back heavily against the counter.

Rajesh stuck his tongue out and licked around one aureole, again and again, fascinated with its smoothness. He flicked the nipple lightly with each pass. I felt blood pounding through my body, flushing my chest, throbbing so hard in my pussy that it hurt. Then he sucked the whole breast into his mouth. His tongue kept caressing the nipple while his hands began exploring lower on the body, moving across my hip and around to one smooth buttock. As it is I am so sensitive; every touch, every lick sent sparks flying through my body.

Rajesh was pressed against me now, his cock resting on my stomach. I could feel his heartbeat through it. The tip leaked fluid that left a sticky spot on my skin. I reached down between them, my body shaking, unable to keep my hand away from his cock. It jerked when my fingers made contact with the shaft. More fluid pulsed from its tip. I wrapped one hand around it, feeling the pliancy, the unnatural warmth. It was still wet with Anju's juices and wonderfully slippery. I ran my hand along its length and was rewarded by a guttural moan from Rajesh.

His hands kept moving across my body, tracing the underside of one breast, playing with the waistband of my thong. I rolled the foreskin back and rubbed the tip of his cock with my thumb then stroked its full length again.

"God," Shivani said, breathing raggedly. "You did that …"

"Yes. I squeezed hard when my hand reached the crown."

"I think about you when I'm fucking your husband's sister especially when I think how much attention you pay to shaping this lovely pussy of yours," he had said. I remained quiet and rubbed him faster. My other hand roamed across his chest, playing with the sparse hairs, scraping his nipples with my long fingernails. Rajesh was past being able to speak. His movements turned frantic. He stuck his hand underneath my waistband, cupping my mound, working his fingers through the soft pubic hair.

"Yes!" escaped my lips, before I could stop myself.

Rajesh responded eagerly, moving his hand along my outer lips. His touches made liquid sounds as he smeared the moisture around the folds of my pussy. I could feel my lips puffing up, begging to be stroked, penetrated. …

My clit had hardened, poked out from inside the hood, and Rajesh's finger had found it. I rocked forward, driving my hips harder into his hand. My breasts pressed flat against his chest as Rajesh circled the clit with one finger. It was too much; the feeling was too intense; it just had to stop or I'd have to scream. And then it did stop. Rajesh had taken his hand out of my panties and stepped back. I groaned with disappointment. He looked at me for a second, nostrils flaring, then he took hold of the sides of my panties and started to pull them down. I made a small, frightened whimper and grabbed at the waistband, keeping them more or less where they were. We stared at one another, taking deep breaths, sweat dripping down our chests. Then Rajesh took my shoulders in his hands and lifted me roughly onto the counter. He put his hands on my thighs, pushed them apart and stepped between them. He put his mouth against mine. His lips felt as liquid as my pussy. I tried to turn away again, but couldn't quite do it. His tongue probed, moved between my lips. His arms went around my shoulders, pulling me closer. And his cock made contact with the front of my panties. The fabric was wet, slippery, almost transparent. His cock head stretched the thin cloth and outlined the twin ridges of my pussy lips and the dark slit between. He perhaps knew that his position as Amit's brother in law made it difficult for me to draw attention and he was taking full advantage of that. I could sense that all he wanted at that moment was to fuck me.

He pushed forward with his hips. The cloth pulled taut and his cock head moved a little way inside me. I gasped and wriggled against him, frustrated, wanting more of his cock. Rajesh thrust harder, straining the fabric, threatening to tear it open. The tip was inside now, half an inch deep; but that was as far as it would go.

I moaned, pulling my lips away from his. "I want …"

But I didn't know how to finish the request. All the nerves seemed to be firing at once. Everything I felt, everything I saw, everything that mattered, was centered in that small damp space between my legs.

Rajesh stepped back again. That infuriating smirk was on his face again. "I know what you want," he said. The idiot.

He reached down and took the drenched strip of fabric that covered my pussy and pulled it to one side. My pubic hair sparkled with moisture above completely exposed pussy lips. Had I really thought that keeping the panties on would protect me? It appeared that I had been desperately mistaken.

Rajesh ran his hands along my body, stroking my breasts, dipping a finger into my sweat-filled belly button. One hand moved behind me to steady my butt. The other hand positioned the tip of his cock at the entrance to my pussy. He pushed it forward until the head separated the folds slightly. My eyes squeezed shut. I grabbed Rajesh's shoulders and dug my fingernails into his flesh. A guttural scream started in my throat. Rajesh was saying something, but I couldn't make sense of it.

"Oh, baby, that's it. You're so tight. Just relax. Let me …"

He was so big! How could he go any deeper? He couldn't. He needed to stop. …

Then there was another voice that didn't belong.

"Rajesh, aren't you out of the shower yet? Rajesh? Rajesh!"

My eyes snapped open. Anju stood in the doorway, naked and rigid with fury. "Rajesh, you asshole! Anjali, get the fuck out of here!"

Rajesh let go of her and turned around. The smirk vanished from his face. I recovered my composure long enough to pull my top back over my breasts. I jumped down off the counter and ran past both of them into my room. All I could think about was curling into a little ball on my bed and turning up the stereo so loud that it drove every thought straight out of my head. What the hell had I been doing? I'd almost been fucked by this dimwit who was my husband's sister's husband. I was as big a moron as he was. How would I ever be able to look Anju in the eye again?

"That's all very well. A very erotic tale but….. there is something more and what connection does this near seduction by this guy Rajesh has to do with other things?"

"Yes, there is a connection. I decided that if at all I had almost got fucked by this guy then surely I could plan something which would be cerebral; not a weak woman getting carried away by a bullying relative."

"That sounds interesting. You in command of the situation! Tell me more."

I don't know ... you know my husband works as Engineer for an important construction firm and Anil is the owner of the company."

"Wait a minute," Shivani said. "My hubby works there too. I know Anil, he is a wealthy and reasonably attractive man though somewhat henpecked."

"And it is that henpecked boss that I seduced!" I replied smugly.

"My God, what are you trying to tell me?" she asked.

"Just what you heard. And after that he took his own decision so far as Amit's elevation was concerned without involving his nosey wife."

"Tell me more." Shivani pleaded.

"I will but some other time."

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