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Inexperienced Husband


We were both 23 when my husband and I got together. I had been with other men before and he had been with a few women.

He said he really didn't do much with them just missionary. I thought this is gonna be fun. I had gotten a tongue ring a few month's earlier and I was ready to use it on someone. He was perfect.

It started one night when we went out and enjoyed ourselves at a park. We went to watch the star's and just be alone. I leaned over and kissed him and he kissed me back with deep intension's when he felt my tongue ring. I started to have little orgasms just kissing him and I felt myself getting wet.

So without hesitation I unzipped his pant's and I saw the best looking cock I had ever seen in my life. When I touched it he got harder and harder; I could only imagine how he was going to feel when I suck it.

I always carried a blanket in my car in case I got stuck and needed to stay warm so I grabbed the blanket and put it on the hood of the car. I asked him to lean against the hood so that I could show him the joy's of life. I first teased his hard cock with the tip of my tongue and then with the tongue ring. He started to shake so I stopped to make sure he was ok. All I heard was don't stop, don't stop! So on that note I deep throated and he started to moan very loud. And then I sucked on the tip while tickling it with my tongue.

"I need to stop before you cum" I said. So now it's my turn. I pulled my dress over my head and got on the hood of the car. He spread my leg's wide and licked my swollen clit. I stuck my finger inside myself and surprised him. He then stuck his finger inside next to mine and we both fingered me as he licked and sucked my clit. I took my finger out and he did as well and then licked my juicy opening. I told him to lick my ass and stick a finger in it. He was a bit surprised, but he did it. I loved feeling his tongue and finger inside my ass.

I had him stop so I could get something out of my purse. I showed him my vibrator. His mouth just dropped open. I told him I wanted him to vibrate my wet pussy while he licked me.

I got back on the hood and had him keep standing. I told him I wanted to feel him deep inside of me.

He stuck his long hard cock into my wet and juicy pussy. The only thing I could think of (and still do when we make love) is how good he feels. For someone who has never had any experience's he followed direction's really good. I put my leg's on his shoulder's and told him to lay on me so that my knee's touch my ear's. He did that with much pleasure and power. Then I wanted to try something a little different with him. I told him to stick a finger or two inside of me next to his cock while he was going in and out.

That felt good for a while, but I prefer his cock. I then turned and got on my hand's and knee's. He slid inside of me again and I asked him to finger my ass while he pushed hard inside me. I've got his hard cock going in and out of my wet pussy with orgasm after orgasm, and now I have his finger in my ass and the orgasm's are more intense.

I could feel him starting to throb and so I get on my back again with my leg's on his shoulder's. He starts to go faster and harder as I massage his sack. He screams my name and goes very deep. As he screamed I screamed. That was the best I have ever had. He laid back on the car and I got off and started to suck his sack and lick his now softening cock. But it didn't get soft after that.

We laid the blanket on the ground and I got of top of him this time. But the ground hurt his back so we sat up facing each other as our hip's thrust back and forth to each other with some more intense orgasms for me. After a few minute's of that I decided it was time to get on my hand's and knee's again. I told him to fuck me like I'm his little whore. He pounded me harder and harder with each thrust. He came so deep inside of me after a long while.

My husband is the best lover I have ever had, now I just need to see if I can try this with another woman also. I still teach my husband new thing's and we've been married for almost 3 years now.

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