tagBDSMInherited Passions Ch. 05

Inherited Passions Ch. 05


As Julie awoke, she slowly opened her eyes to happily find she was indeed at home and in her own bedroom. She wondered if all the satisfying moments she had just experienced were for real or another one of her dreams. She was flat on her back, totally nude, and as she turned to look at the time, figured out that for sure they were for real. Her entire body ached with every move, especially her arms and shoulders. Her breasts ached too from the slight movement, and looked to see that indeed there were very red, except around her nipples. Her behind hurt too, and recalled receiving the worst butt thrashing it had ever gotten.

It was 8:30! She had never slept that late before, even on a Sunday. Carefully she eased herself out of bed and to the bathroom. Sitting down on the toilet wasn't comfortable like it normally was, but the pain was very manageable. After she pee'ed, she washed her somewhat sore bottom like she usually had to ever morning, but it seemed she had excreted a lot more juice than usual last night. She decided not to put on panties. A robe would be fine while getting morning coffee. Putting it on, she cinched it tight. With her first few steps towards the kitchen, she stopped. Her breasts were delightfully feeling each brush of the cloth over them with each step. She smiled, then positioned the belt right under her breasts and tied it very tight. Satisfied she'll enjoy the stimulus much more now, she continued on to the kitchen.

Mother was already sitting at the kitchen table hugging her cup of coffee and watching the news on the small portable TV on the countertop. The unusual thing was she was completely naked. The many red streaks and welts on her back where clearly visible as she only sat on the front half of the seat. Julie understood why she would be drinking coffee with her mother sitting in the nude for the very first time. After exchanging good mornings, she walked to place her hand gently on her mothers shoulder.

"I can understand why your not wearing your rode this morning. Does your back still hurt a lot?"

"Of course it does, silly." mother smiled as she turned towards her daughter. "And it will be for several more delightful days.... And by then, I just may be ready for another 30 or 40 lashes. And why are you wearing a robe? I don't think there's any reason why we need to be bashful around each other any more." she ended with a bigger smile and a wink.

Julie smiled back as she turned to get a coffee cup and fill it from the freshly brewed pot while envisioning her mother again suspended, straining in her bonds as she applied each lash.. The thought of being able to apply maybe twice as many lashes as before was not only intriguing to her, but arousing too. While setting the cup on the table, asked how long mother had been up as she removed her robe..

"Oh, about an hour I guess. I went through a lot yesterday, but not nearly for as long as you did. Duration can take a lot more out of person than intensity. I should know!" she winked. "Now come over here. I want to get a close look to how your breast marks are doing."

Julie thought how pleasant it was not to feel any type of shame or modesty as she approached her nude mother while she herself was nude. This was far different from having their usual morning coffee. She then knelt down so her breasts would be more at mothers eye level. Reaching out with both hands, mother very gently ran her fingers over the entire circumference of her daughters breasts. Julie's reaction was more than what she had expected. That strange passion that she had gone through last night in the shower suddenly surfaced again. Uncontrollably, she was slowly pulling her shoulders back to accentuate her breasts as she closed her eyes. A sudden surge of juices in her vagina became very evident to her.

"They'll still be quite sore today yet, but much better by tomorrow." mother casually stated as she removed her fingers. "For gym on Tuesday they should be pretty well cleared up. If not, I'll give you a note saying your having a very heavy period and need to be excused. Now stand up and let me look at your butt."

Julie quickly returned to her feet, glad to be able to exit from her growing state of mixed and confusing emotions. Arms at her sides, she turned around. This gave her a few seconds to try and clam down when she felt both of her mothers hands come in contact with her behind. As they softly passed several times over the firm and splendidly formed mounds from her waist to her thighs, Julie fought it hard to repress her sensations. But as they came in contact with the many reddened and sore areas the Crop had inflicted, control of the waves of pleasure that began rippling through her entire body became impossible to control. Was this good or bad? She just didn't know! She stepped away quickly and sat down in one continuous motion. As she tried to keep her breathing rate down to normal, she felt her pussy becoming a flood zone.

"Do you think they'll be gone by Tuesday too?" was all Julie could come up with in order to try and take her mind off of her present state of arousal. With slightly shaking hands, she brought her coffee cup to her lips trying to hide her blushing.

"Yes, I think so. But then again, having your butt being a little red from sitting on those hard classroom chairs does usually leave it slightly red anyways. So if there are any left, they shouldn't show."

Mother knew what her daughter must be going through right now, and wanted so badly to comfort her. She saw it in Julie's eyes and actions last night in the shower, and even more so this morning. It was difficult, especially as her own mother who cared so much for her, not to intervene. But she did not want to influence her daughters decision one way or the other directly. It was clear that her daughter had developed some of the same feelings towards her that she had developed towards her daughter.

This would have to be of Julie's own free will and desire to become sexually involved with her mother. She would not, could not, live with the guilt of somehow forcing her daughter to make love with another woman, much less her own mother. No, this desire would have to come from her own daughters heart. For now she would continue to ignore Julie's moments of conflict, and just try to be a good mother in any other way, as well as good slave. Whatever happens, she would willingly accept whatever path her daughter choose. Remain straight or become a bi-sexual, that was to be solely her choice.

Still uneasy about what she was experiencing inside, Julie saw the stainless steel circle on the table. Still seeking some diversion, she asked if that was part of mothers bondage gear.

"Yes it is, as a matter of fact. It's from when I discovered my true inner self, finding out that being a good slave was what I truly enjoyed the most." Then looking straight at Julie, asked "Do you know what it is?" as she opened and closed the ring several times in front of her.

Julie was pretty sure, but leaned back in her chair and in a questioning mode answered "Is that a collar for a slave?" Anticipating her mothers response, her mind went wild with delightful thoughts hoping that mother would place that elegant collar around her neck. She kind of figured that was why mother had brought it out. If her mother had really wanted to wear it, why didn't she put it on yesterday when she asked to be tortured? She grew anxious as mother had turned her attention back to the collar, but remained silent.

"Do you want to wear it mother?" she asked politely while wanting it more for herself. "I'll help you put it on if you like. Or if not, I'd like to wear it."

Mothers eye's raised to meet hers with a saddened smile. "If you want we can pick out a leather collar for you to wear. And I guess I could get another leather one for me too. But this one....." mother said as she drew it ceremoniously through her fingers, "This one is VERY special. It was locked on me by my first Mistress. And although Mistress did abstain me from my vows when she removed it, it just wouldn't feel right if any other Mistress would ever lock it on me again."

Mother ended her statement there, and left Julie almost begin to feel what that particular collar must mean a great deal to her.

"She must have been very special to you!"

Mother took a deep breath as she slid her empty coffee cup towards Julie. "You see Julie, I was a sworn and collared slave once, and although I was released from my vow's of slavery just before I married your father, this collar was a symbol of the union between my Mistress and her slave. I still feel the bond we had, even today."

Seeing Julie staring at her with a bewildered expression, mother smiled and said "My darling Julie. If you pour us another cup of coffee, I have a lot more to tell you. With our new relationship, I think it would be best if you knew a lot more about my past."

Without saying a word, Julie got up. Even with the slight pain she experienced as her sore bare butt peeled itself off the vinyl chair seat, her mind was focused on wanting to hear what mother was about to tell her. More and more questions about mother's bondage gear and experience were accumulating in her head since yesterday. Now it seemed she was going to get a lot of answers. She anxiously returned with the full cups thinking how ironic that the two of them would be discussing slavery as they both sat in the nude and drinking coffee.

"Well, like I told you yesterday, I too enjoyed my self-bondage when I was your age. But I wasn't caught at it like I caught you, so it always was my own little secret. Then I happened to meet your father one night. Ohhh, he was simply so dashing in his army officers uniform. So young and so gentlemanly. Of course I couldn't turn him down when he asked me out to dinner, so he took me to the Officer's Club to impress me. We had a fine dinner, then went up to sit at the bar to talk for a few drinks afterwards.

When he got distracted talking with some other officers for a few minutes, I happened to notice the charm bracelet on the woman's wrist sitting next to me. On it were two separate charms of handcuffs besides two charms of paddles. These had already gotten my attention when I saw another that was apparently that of a nude woman with her arms behind her back.

I couldn't take my eye's off them until her arm moved . I followed it as it reached into a side pocket of her vest and withdrew a small card. She then used both her hands to cup one of my hands and slipped the card onto my palm. I then looked up to see her smiling, along with the woman officer she was with. I looked around to see if anyone else was looking, then quickly glanced at it before sliding it under the wide belt I was wearing. All it had on it, in small letters, was "Fantasies Fulfilled" and a telephone number. When I looked back at them, they were paying no more attention to me. I figured I better do the same, and made to mention of it.

Two days after, with my heart pounding and lust to be tied tight by another person and left for hours on end, I called the number. A woman answered and simply said "Yes?" I asked if she was the one who had given me her card. She asked me exactly where and when, so I told her. She then said "If you recognize my charms, then you realize the satisfaction I can bring. Is that why you are calling?" I answered "Yes." "Are you free tomorrow evening?" I answered "Yes."

Then with absolute authority, stated exactly where, when, and what to be wearing when I met her. No more! No less! She then stated that if I was a minute early or a minute too late, don't ever call again, then hung up. I couldn't hold back the exhilaration I was feeling, going immediately to set out my clothes. A wrap around black skirt, white blouse left unbuttoned below the level of my breasts, and the tallest pair of high heels I had no matter what color they were. I was to be wearing nothing but those three items. Not even jewelry, but I was to tape my Drivers License to the small of my back along with a twenty dollar bill.

Time passed too slowly, and I barely slept. I can't remember what I did or who I talked to a work the next day. After work, I was dressed two hours early. I left the apartment an hour early. I circled the block until I got a parking spot almost at the front door of the small restaurant. I sat in the car for half an hour watching my wrist watch I had put on the dashboard. I had set the time exactly to match the network time off the computer. At 7:59 I got out of the car and walked in the front door.

It was a small Italian restaurant, and at this time on a weeknight, few others where there. The woman from the Officers Club was sitting at the bar near the door and held out her wrist with the charm bracelet towards me, wiggling it slightly. She motioned for me to sit down beside her, then told me to order a drink and be quiet. When the woman bartender set the Bloody Mary in front of me, she looked at the woman who had given me the instructions. Giving her one nod of her head, the bartender seemed to bow slightly as she returned the nod and walked away.

I observed, but did not speak. Neither did she. We sat for almost 15 minutes doing absolutely nothing. I was confused and getting scared. I didn't even touch my drink. I hadn't been told I could, but I was ready to gulp down the whole thing if she had said I could! Then she suddenly got off the stool, told me to pick up our drinks, and follow her. We went to a back table near the rest rooms and sat down. I set the drinks down and sat down too, although I didn't know if I should.

"Good girl. Now you may take one swallow if you like, then you will follow me."

By now I was really getting scared, but obeyed as she led me into the women's rest room. It was empty, and the bartender came in almost immediately after us. The bartender placed her hands behind her back as she went to stand next to the woman and stared at me as my instructor simply said "Strip!"

Standing in the middle of the bathroom floor, I was caught completely off guard. After two seconds, while I was trying to figure out what to do or say, she spoke again in a much more demanding voice.

"Strip now or go home. And don't every try to contact me again! I didn't come here to waste my time playing games. Either you want a fantasy fulfilled or don't! If not, leave now."

"For some reason my brain finally clicked on, and quickly as I could, opened my skirt and threw it on the sink, followed immediately by my blouse. Landing on top of my skirt, I stepped out of my high heels. I stood upright and motionless with my hands unconsciously covering my already wet hairy pussy. I only then realized that I was now standing naked in front of two women I didn't even know, but not feeling embarrassed. I remained silent. I had no idea of what to expect next, but wished one or both of them would pull some rope out of their pockets, or somewhere, and tie me up into a very uncomfortable position."

At that point mother got a great big smile as she half chuckled to herself out loud. Julie, so intrigued in what she was hearing, took a few seconds to understand the humor, but when it became apparent, smiled along with her.

"Well, then I was told to hold my arms straight up above my head as high as I could and keep them there. That done, I was told to spread my legs two feet apart, and remain like that. Then the questions starting coming. One after another. Was I a cop. A private detective. A reporter. Was I married. Did I have kids. Social diseases. Medical condition. Was I looking to get paid money. Where did I work. What were my usual hours. They kept coming and coming. My arms were starting to get stressed, but I kept them up as high as I could."

"And when she finally stopped, thinking I might be able to let my arms down, she told me not to move as she began to slowly walk around me. She looked me over very carefully from head to toe, but never touched me except for taking the Drivers License and money off my back. Arriving back by the bartender, who remained silent and expressionless the entire time, was given the twenty dollars while she held onto the license. After tucking the money into a pocket, the bartender bowed her head to the woman again saying 'Thank you Mistress'."

"I remember how my eyes opened wide only to see the woman come to stand directly in front of me."

"What fantasy are you looking to fulfill? Bondage, pain, or both as a slave?"

"Oh my God I thought to myself. This is for real! My brain spun around a few million times, then exposed my most innermost feelings to her. Somehow I knew that I wished this woman to fulfill my dreams; become my Mistress. Taking a deep breath while forcing my body again into as stretched and rigid position as I could get it, spoke as sincerely as I could."

"To be honest, at first I came to you for only bondage, but I know that I do desire pain a lot of times also. If being a slave is wanting both of those, then I would have to say that I desire to be a slave."

"I knew she was watching my eyes the entire time, then slowly walked around me one more time before stopping right in front of me again."

"Being a slave also requires absolute obedience to a Mistress. I would be your Mistress. I require absolute obedience. Are you prepared to accept any command I give you, or haven't you never thought about what that would mean.?"

"I have always fantasized obeying and accepting any command, being bondage or punishment, and would like to add that to me these are not a fantasy. They are very much a need I have.... Mistress."

"I recall the smile that appeared on her face, then after taking a glance at the bartender, looked me straight in the eye."

"Keeping your arms exactly as they are now, you will kneel down placing your knees exactly where your feet are now. You will remain completely motionless for thirty minutes. The bartender will lock the door on her way out so you will not be disturbed. After the thirty minutes are up, she will unlock the door and tell you the time is up. While she inserts some paper strips in your shoes, you will dress as quickly as you can and return to my table. There will be no temporary lowering of your arms or raising of your knees. Understand."

"Perhaps she did or didn't know just how wonderfully thrilled I was as I told her I understood and to call her Mistress again. It just felt so natural. As she turned and walked towards the door I heard her say 'Slave Lisa. 30 minutes!'. She exited while we both heard the bartender say 'Yes Mistress. I understand Mistress.' I knelt down on the cold tiles with my knees spread very wide as the bartender then left. I closed my eyes and smiled to myself."

"It really didn't seen all that long before the door was quietly opened just enough for Lisa to view me. After seeing that I was still in the required position, and sweating from the stress in my arms and pain in my knees, came all the way in. She told me to get dressed and return promptly to Mistress. As I dressed, she was peeling off the backs of 2 paper strips and sticking them inside my shoes. She was finished before I had my blouse buttoned and left. My arms ached, so I wasn't as speedy as I usually was." "

"I picked up my shoes after my skirt was fastened. Inside, from the heel to the toe, was a very rough type of grinding paper, almost like a fine gravel. I knew I was already leaking while I was kneeling because I could smell it, but when my fingers touched the gravel, I felt another fresh flow start to exit. I quickly put them on, straightened my hair a little, and walked to the side of the table. This time I didn't sit, but remained standing and silent. I knew then that having sore feet from wearing high heels was going to have a totally new meaning. "

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