tagLoving WivesInside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 02

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 02


Little Recap

While less spoken Pawan Malhotra was always keeping eyes over Sarla, I was in a state of having continuous erection for Rekha from months.

In the movie hall lit by silver screen, desperate Pawan at last pulled Sarla from my arms while Rekha slipped on the seat emptied by Sarla....

Our dreams proposed..... desires!


Aroma of a new woman filled the air around me, and my heart for some time bumped differently as I sat with her with out a word. Four of us remained like that for quite a time not really looking anywhere.

I slowly put my arm at the back of her seat and gradually brought it around her neck. Rekha lightly trembled as I took her hand and moved me more towards her. I kissed her hand and holding it quietly slipped our hands on her thigh. She again jiggled as I kissed her hair and my lips went to her golden earrings, my breath gradually floating over her cheek and then slipped over her thick lips.

I kissed them once very lightly and then ceaselessly in brief pauses. It would have been around ten or more minutes when I moved my tongue over and over her lips and made them wet with my salvia and then slowly drew my tongue inside her lips. She raised her eyes. Our tongues met and tasted each other, and then I pulled her down for a lingering kiss. She too kissed me ; initially with indecision and then melting her tongue inside my mouth.

It went long before I broke our kiss and turned slightly, expecting a jealous look from my wife. What I saw convinced me that I wasn't in trouble. They were playing, paying absolutely no attention to us.

However my stare made them conscious and they broke the kiss. Sarla turned eyes at me. She pushed his hand away there from her breasts and blurrily looked at me with out any smile. That also made Rekha conscious of them.

I didn't let her look there longer and softly pulled my lady to me again, sliding my hand behind her shoulders turned her face to me and again kissed her in series like a train. I had been seeing her breasts every night in dreams, and now for the first time I was so near to them. I softly floated my hand over her sari in that area and then attempted to confine one in my hand and also squeezed it lightly, as I received a kiss from her. This made her to jerk and bend forward and moan.

I was conscious as Pawan briefly threw us a nosy look over Sarla's shoulder, and leaned over her saying some thing in her ear which caused her a look at us for few seconds.

My nose was roving in Rekha's hairs and she still had strange sneaks moving up and down her body.

"Why you are so attractive? " I whispered. I was staring down at her large breasts confined in black blouse still under the thin fiber of her sari.

Rekha blushed and looked at the objects I was staring at.

"Can I see your breasts? - I've been always thinking." I murmured again.

She didn't speak and laid her again over my shoulder.

I could barely breath as I knelt and gently kissed her dense hair. I could feel her shaking, as my hands moved up over her breasts and I removed her sari from them and put it over her lap. The sweet confined charms in blouse that had kept me so wet floated before me; a ripple passed though my weapon . They were larger than my wife's. I slowly touched them and she closed her eyes. The bra however became too hard and protective for me to feel sensibly below it.

I was conscious for my right. Sarla's head was over Pawan's shoulder and in between she was looking at me. Her face was flushed red, from the light reflecting from screen. For some moments our eyes met and she smiled.

Pawan seemed to have not removed his hand for a second from her breasts beneath her sari. She was letting him play not only for him.

It was only I who knew that Sarla's breasts though were small but were very firm and sensitive to the touch. She usually wore soft and almost transparent bras. I suspected that he was playing somewhere around her nipples.

He whispered some thing in her ear. Some moments following that, she sat and leaned ahead to let him untie her hairs from long and thick tail, which always went to her hips. He did it kissing her back from neck to blouse. It might have taken him some solid minutes before he made her long hair to fall all over her shoulders like a cascade of thick black silk, and then he slowly moved them to her front to cover his hand that were over her breasts. Seeing my eyes there, Rekha curiously looked at them, before I again drew her to my shoulder.

Her thighs under red georgette sari looked more mature in that silver light. I floatingly slipped my fingers beneath the sari's front folds of and slowly moving there felt some thing like the edge of the panty. She placed her hand over mine and pushed it but after a brief stay at her thighs my fingers again traveled the same path north.

It was then as a deafening song had ended, we heard frenzied gulping sounds from our right. Rekha stopped my hand when she saw they were kissing like mad and her husband's lips almost entering woman's mouth in fanatic contiguous of hairs spread all around her face.

I whispered in my lady's ear, "I think ...He is going to eat her." She turned to me and I gave her a brief kiss but her eyes were at them. Suddenly I got a flash of jealousy in her.

We could see that while continuing to kiss Sarla like that, Pawan brought his palm over Sarla's hand and took that on his bulge and vigorously pressed. This was much for Rekha and she was uneasy by the sight. I coughed and looked at them "Oh! Look some time at screen ...movie is not that bad!" He looked at me and shyly disengaged his lips from the woman.


Soft whisperings and muted exclamations went on until interval came abruptly with loud lights. We were not prepared and were caught unaware. Some venders came inside the hall and one of them with puzzled look saw ladies quickly switching places. He walked towards our side.

All of us looked a little embarrassed. Sarla's hairs were open, flowing all over her shoulder and her mouth and lips were red. Rekha was avoiding looking at her husband or me in the eye. I suggested that we have some thing and as the boy came near us, I ordered him four coffees. I sweepingly touched her firm breast when the boy with a peculiar look in his eyes turned and walked. Her blouse at front seemed quite used.

For some time in lighted hall we listened deafening music being played from projection room.

Looking around, I whispered in my wife's ear "Make sure no one known sits here." She thoroughly looked around in the hall almost counting the persons; there was no one we knew. She said, " It is enough, we should see the movie now." Both Rekha and Pawan looked at her and shyly smiled and we all began vaguely looking at empty screen.

The boy brought coffee in large mugs. The four of us chugged down with it. Sarla seemed liking the coffee but Pawan and Rekha were quieter, had their mind elsewhere and were avoiding eyes from each other. I was very temptingly eyeing great bulges of her black blouse under flimsy cover of her red sari. Again the lights went off and every thing was again melodiously lit by the silver screen.

After the boy with torchlight had taken back the cups and returned change, I holding her arm whispered to my wife to switch places but she jerked my hand and kept looking at screen. My cock was swelling every minute for the new woman to whom I was desperately looking in spells but she too won't look at me.

We continued vaguely at the screen for quite a time and then sensing it had ended, I opened my fly and held Sarla's hand over my stretched and sticky underwear. When she glanced me from sides of her eyes, I pulled her close to me and put mine lips on her's. She hesitated and then slowly brought her other hand to my chest and kissed me passionately.

I bent and kissed for a long while, and then I took my hand to her left breast. Her two upper hooks of blouse were open, and her left nipple had slightly protruded through her bra into blouse. She closed her eyes and her hands were still grasping the edge of my hard.

I sensed Pawan and Rekha had curious eyes at us. He said something to Rekha but she didn't reply. I was getting a different pleasure from Sarla's breasts and as I took her protruding nipple beneath minutely stretched blouse clothe by it in my fingers and seriously made it a plaything, she moaned freely in my mouth bending ahead and putting her hand over mine on playing her breast. Although my hand over there was well under cover of her hairs but I had little care of that.

I would have never left her had Pawan leaning across her wife not pulled Sarla's hand from my lap and dragged her towards him. This sudden foray disengaged our lips unbalancing her, and she was shoved towards Rekha. He had not left her hand and continued to pull her as she gigglingly moved from her seat towards him staggering through his wife. This time he led her to the seat on the other side of him like I had done with Rekha earlier. Rekha at her own quietly slipped to the empty seat besides me.

This unexpected prize took me aback. Rekha's natural odor crammed my entire body and my staff was suddenly & vigorously encouraged. It was like a frenzy that crept in me after getting for some thing when I had given every hope! She was exactly as I had left her before interval. I was already hot and abruptly put my lips over her hairs and slipped to her lips to burst my rage over them.

He however waited as Sarla took time to arrange her, and with assumed signal, Pawan kissed her over her head and his fingers vigorously returned to her breasts, although this time she was on the other side of him. He was overwrought; she almost once cried and jumped from her seat probably by some restless squeeze of her breasts. That invited Rekha's eyes for quiet a time.

Sarla had to take that of her own. I turned my lips at Rekha and kept on wandering around her cheeks, and occasionally striking them over her lips, and then little by little painting them wet with my salvia by my tongue as I had done earlier. Gradually, her mouth opened and I felt her tongue against my lips. I accepted it eagerly, until our tongues swirled in each other's mouth. We remained locked oblivious to surrounding and my hand again began slowly wandering over her thighs.

She seemed now willing. As the minutes rolled on, we were only kissing and kissing. Probably we had conscious mind that we didn't have much time.

I whispered, " Rekha! There is not much time left now....please do not stop me for little .. .....I will arrange every thing later.."

She raised her head from my shoulder and looked at me not understanding much. I softly pulled her back where she was .

I alluring looked over the folds of her sari that covered her thighs joins. I had discovered that the folds were too many in a row to let me feel any thing sensibly below them. I knew petticoats have a cut below the tie knot. With a kind of cautious steadiness I very slowly pulled her sari only from the side of her waist out of her petticoat just above the knot of tie cord, and then traced the cut in side of her petticoat. From my shoulders she was keeping a trace of my hands, although she garbled but didn't stopped me. My hand remained there till she was comfortable with encroachment.

Gradually I moved my fingers and let my hand slide down through the slit avoiding touching her bare, felt her panty. Adjusting my position, I could slide my hand for quite a time over it around her elastic waistband.

Then my fingers moved over the panty, gently to the edge and siding under it ; it was then her tinny erect private hair brushed my hand. Here, I let my roving hand wander from side to side, gradually crept the upper fringe of hairs and then I treaded way until I reached the top of the precious deep line of her love pot. The pungent odor of leaking female genital began to spread in air-conditioned hall. I passed my middle finger in the grove, just tipping the slippery grown and used clitoris.

Rekha said nothing; my other hand, which was over her bosom felt the breast rise in disorder. My hand inside her panty bore slightly increased strain as she leaned her head ahead.

"Seeesieee. ...nooohhh please...seeeeesee..sssseeee..!" Rekha removing her lips from mine moaned unrepressed when my fingers were tipping there.

Pawan and Sarla broke out of their spell and turned. He whispered some thing in my wife's ear kissing her earlobes. She tried to look in me but I pretended unaware!

Rekha put her hand firmly over my arm and pulled it out from her cloths. Coated by her fluids I drew my hand and rested with her's on my thighs. Later with a sense of time, I pulled her hand over my hard and thick eight-inch staff confined in that hurting underwear. She hesitated and closed her eyes and then slowly felt steel by her fingertips through the taunt cloth slithered out of pre-cum. Her fingers played over cloth.

I lightly kissed her few times and spoke dream like, " You have specially soft hands! " I hold her hand and brought it to my mouth and began kissing it in frenzy.

With other hand I slowly uncovered my cock from the edge of my underwear and huge hard and wet dick popped out.

She was so absorbed that she didn't notice. I then proceeded to stroke her inner thighs again. When she reached down to stop my advances I grasped her soft hand and guided it to my manhood. She pulled her hand and stared at me in surprise as made contact with sticky member. Suddenly the realization of what was in front of her broke down the curtain of reluctance. In that silver light I could see by the look in her face that she was truly entranced by this very big part of me.

Her face was red and her eyes gradually opened as she continued to feel there by her fist up and down. Her fingers traced up and down the sides.

Suddenly I felt Pawan was now standing bowing him down in dark and holding hand of my wife was moving towards far end seats in the row. Sensing this Rekha abruptly removed her hand from my lap and joined me towards them. He settled in the corner seat and pulled Sarla on his lap positioning her hips on his lap.

Few moments later he desperately removed her sari from her bosoms and began unhooking blouse. There were preciously eight hooks he opened and unlocked her breasts. They were at least six seats away from us but Sarla quickly covered his hand that was over her breasts by her sari as he made her to lean leaned back along with him pushing back of seat as much as he could do. They were now almost half laid on the seat but it was not so clear from here.

Rekha was intermittently looking at her right, when I again pulled her towards me and placed her hand on my staff. She took few seconds to readjust her before she tried to touch it, but it was wet. She held a corner of her sari and wiped it delicately and moved fingers over it, then faintly spoke," It is very big! "

"Oh! Touch it and see how much bigger you could make it," I encouraged her.

"We shouldn't be doing this. Please close it," she replied as she continued to stare at organ now also smelling furiously. There was no conviction in her voice.

"You have made it so hard from so many days, now please at least play with it for some time. " I flattered.

"We really should not do it ..." she panted. Her eyes were still glued to prick.

I reached my hand down besides her and stroked it making the head swell. The member was now leaking a streak of spiteful fluid.

" Can it be bigger than this?. " She asked surprised.

"Sure," I moaned as her hands moving up and down.

".... What about them,?" she motioned to her right.

"They are busy... if you keep quiet," I told her, trying to be convincing.

"Just hold it and see how big it gets by your touches..." I continued to persuade her.

"We really shouldn't...." she hesitated as if in a dream. Her willpower was weakening as she gazed at the impressive hard.

For a long time she continued to stare at the flaying dick trying to convince her that she wanted to do.

I saw her resolve as she leaned against cushioned arm of seat and I slipped her hand to my painfully swollen sack. She with the instinct of tenderness felt and touched it, lightly caressing which resulted a strong jerk from the cock. She then tentatively slid her hand slowly up the shaft and grasped it just below the huge head. Her hand holding the staff looked quite adult and used. She slowly pulled the foreskin up and covered the head and then began to slowly stroke it. I rolled my shirt up so as to leave as much as possible my belly naked.

"How big does it get? Why your balls are so big... don't they pain? I am afraid to touch them!" she whispered looking there.

"No..they don't pain by touching.....Just keep doing that ..please..," I replied whistle like.

I didn't think that it could get any more harder but as she started to manipulate, it did grow. This time she didn't resist when making my way I again slipped my hand in the slit of her petticoat and moved my fingers over and inside her panty. I could touch her hairy snatch and pussy. It was all wet there and a little move of my finger made her to severely moan.

They were away from us and surely her sighs didn't reach them.

She kissed me again as I started to move my forefinger very softly around her vagina lips.

She put her head on my shoulders with a look of fascination on her face. She continued to softly grip my fat. I started to run other hand through her hair over and over gently pushing and encouraging her to move her face near the enormous head shining in that light of movie.. She shook being touched.

I was excited about the prospect of her luscious lips around my staff.


...some thing more in Ch. 3

Little feedback I desire besides your ever green pleasures!

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