tagBDSMInspected by Master

Inspected by Master


You've just finished inspecting me, as I stand before you, naked save for my skirt and blouse, and trembling inside. My knees are going weak from being so nervous. You've instructed me not to speak .. wondering if you know how utterly difficult that is for me, especially when I am nervous. My eyes look downward, as always when you are inspecting me.

After my failure to obey your instruction, you've reached in and twisted and pinched my nipple. It stands erect and red, visible through the sheer white blouse. You like knowing that you can bring about such physical responses in me. You crave them, knowing that a touch from you or a look can make me instantly wet.

As you circle around me, your hand slips inside my blouse again, cupping the other breast from underneath. Now you're behind me, my hands dutifully clasped behind me as I remain silent and still. Your mouth grazes the side of my neck as you whisper, "My pet, you know that you are to be ready for your Master at all times. You know that you are to follow Master's commands without hesitation or objection. You know this. So why, My pet, do you challenge My commands? Why do you make Me wait ... knowing full well that you come here to My place of business, to serve Me? Why then do you hesitate?"

With that, your fingers clasp the nipple hard. I gasp from the sudden pain and you tighten your grip even more on my sensitive breast. "I must remind you, pet, that you have consequences of not following My rules."

A twist. A bruising twist. A small cry escapes my lips. "Shhhh, pet."

Your other hand firmly clasps my thigh. Upward strokes until your hand brushes my pussy lips. Still you twist and pull my aching nipple. "I will reward you for remembering how Master likes His pussy. You have prepared it as I like it. And you have responded with the wetness that I expect from you. On this, you have done well. Let Me see if you are indeed responding as I wanted you to."

Your fingers part my lips. "Open those legs for Me."

"Take your hand, pet, and bring it to your pussy. Place it atop Mine."

As I do, you give my nipple a final, brutal tug. Your hand assaults my pussy -- shoving three of your fingers inside me. Your hand begins to rape my pussy. But your voice is intoxicatingly sweet in my ear as you do. "See how wet you are, cunt? I knew you would be. I knew that your body would be prepared for your Master."

You withdraw your hand so quickly that I cry out.

"On your knees, pet. Do it."

Obediently I drop to my knees. You stand behind me and roughly tear the skirt from me. The zipper breaks under your strong grip. "Look at you. No underwear. Just like I want My slut to dress. Always ready for Me. Take off that blouse."

I remove the blouse, still trembling. "Take that hand and play with your pussy for Me." I look pleadingly at you for the briefest second before I comply. You know I am shy about masturbating in front of you. "That's it. Rub it nice. Touch it. Inside that hole. Like I did it to you. Three fingers, cunt."

You watch me, closely, fully dressed and standing above me. I am naked, kneeling, and masturbating on the floor. "Lie on your back."

"Spread those legs for Master." You take a water bottle that you had sitting on the counter. You lick the top and kneel down beside me. "This is your fucktoy now. I want you to fuck that cunt with it and then drink it. All. Right now."

"And, make it good. I want to see that cum dripping from your pussy."

And so you watch me. Lying on my back. Legs spread wide as I slide that water bottle in and out. You hear it squish in the wetness of my pussy. "Just look at you, slut. A fucking water bottle makes you wet. Do you even deserve to have My cock in you? You play with that pussy, using your fingers and a bottle to get you off? If you want My cock tonight, pet, you will have to beg Me for it. I want to hear you begging for My cock, telling me how much you want it, how much you want to please Me."

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