Instructions from Anne Ch. 03


Rule #7 The Key Holder may choose to have one or more lovers with or without the user's permission. This symbolizes the Key Holders absolute domination and control of the user and the user's penis. The Key Holder's body being full of another man's seed symbolizes that the user's penis is not necessary for the wife's sexual fulfillment; and the cleaning of her lover's seed symbolizes the user's role to her and demonstrates the absolute need to put the erotic pleasure of the Key Holder as the highest priority in a submissive husband and dominant wife relationship. Lori agrees is a physical act. The user will perform any preparation or follow-up services required.

Rule #8 The Key Holder will allow the user to ejaculate or have intercourse at the users discretion providing the user completes certain tasks or assignments. The length of time between these tasks is solely at the user's discretion. All tasks must be completed sequentially; the Key Holder will select the priority and make any changes or additions. The user is required to work with Key Holder or others to create new tasks on an ongoing basis. All "Seed" must be disposed of as indicated in Rule #3. Once the user declares his intention to have intercourse he must complete the task within 24 hours. If after declaring his intentions, the user does not complete and satisfy the requirements to the Key Holders satisfaction; the User understands that he will forgo ALL orgasms until the task is completed and perform another task. The User also understands that the Key Holder will increase the "normal" amount of time in chastity until he is afforded another opportunity to complete the task. If the users tasks require the need for removal of his chastity belt and the Key Holder is not available the Key Holder will present the key to the user.

Rule #10 The Key Holder may add additional Rules at any time. New rules will be discussed and clarified with the User. The user may not alter this document in anyway.



I kept saying OMG, WTF, OMG, as I read this. This can't be real, this is certainly not fun and games, however I was strangely aroused. I finished reading and asked Lori if she was serious as because some of the rules and concepts were pretty "out there." She looked at me quizzically, cocked her head and said, "Yes, I am absolutely serious, we both agreed that we should follow the book and in your words, not mine, "Copy exact", for predictable and good results. The only idea I am not convinced with is the cuckolding, that seems uncalled for and I can't understand how that would strengthen or marriage and I debated long and hard whether to include that in the contract or not, however, I thought that we should leave it in as neither you nor I know where this will lead us. I do like all of the other rules."

I told her that I was glad to hear that, that I was not ok with sharing her. I told her that I was doing this for her and I want to keep her and not lose her. I asked her why I had to be placed in chastity, wasn't my devotion on being sub to her enough? She laughed out loud at that one and said, "Time to open one of your presents," with that being said she grabbed the smaller of the two bags and pulled out a small box. She continued, "You have heard me say this many times over the last 6 weeks; Once you control the male orgasm you control the male, remember silly. As the purpose of the contract alludes to this will be an extremely helpful tool for me to change your behavior and get you to accept the changes that are in store for you. You didn't read it to well, did you?"

I said that of course I read it and that you are going to put me in a chastity belt and then decide when I will be able to have sex with you. She chuckled again and said, "Yes, silly, of course you will be on a weekly schedule for release, however if you read it closely you will find that you can have intercourse with me anytime you want all you have to do is a task, so ultimately you control your own density. If and when you chose not to do a task you will be let out once a week and then you can cum, however to have sex me with me you need to perform your task."

I said let me read that again and re-scanned the document, sure enough, what she said was true, this did not sound so bad. I looked at her and said, " ok, I am assuming that the box holds my new device." With a grin she started to open the package, I could tell that it was previously opened as she had no issues in removing the device. She took the device out of the box and placed it on the table on top of the contract.

It was an evil looking contraption. It looked like it was all metal and looked like it was made from stainless steel There were two pieces to it: a ring and an enclosure of metal bars that mimicked the shape of a curved penis. The sleeve was about 2.5" long and the ring about 2" in diameter. The 2 pieces slid together and a metal pin from the ring slid into a receptacle on the tube, where a lock could be installed preventing removal. I had no idea how it worked or how I would fit into the thing as it looked way to small.

Lori took the device and held up next my penis, which was rock hard. Lori commented, "It is funny throughout this whole conversation you have remained rock hard. Why do you think that is?" I blushed and told her it was because I have not cum in a while and you have kept me aroused. She laughed, stroked my cock and replied, "Maybe, however I think you like this idea, I think you want to try it, Do you?"

I replied, "Yes!"

After I said yes, Lori jumped up and down and clapped her hands. She came up to me kissed me, told me she loved me and bent over to take my cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked, just like before, I was in heaven, I think I could like this life I said to myself as I closed my eyes to enjoy this. She sucked and sucked and event tried to deep throat me, something she rarely did before. She failed and came up coughing and said, "I need to get better at that." With that she released my left hand turned around and got a pen. I signed the agreement and initialed each rule to prove my consent. Immediately after signing Lori took my hand and resecured it to the chair and said, "Let the games begin."

I asked her if she was going to continue the blowjob and she said teasingly, "Maybe later, however we need to get you into your cage." That being said, she turned around and headed to the freezer and came back with a bag of frozen peas. "What are those for, please just finish me off," I asked? She replied, "I will honey, you earned it, however I really want to see how this cage looks on you, I have had it for over a week and am so horny I just can't stand it. To answer your question, the peas will shrink your erection allowing me to put it on." She quickly put the bag to my crotch and I screamed with pain, the bag was so cold I thought I would get frostbite. "Hush" she said, "It will be over soon." Sure enough within a minute or so my erection fell and my once proud cock started retreating to the confines of my groin where it was much warmer, however it was still cold as hell and it hurt. After another minute or so she removed the peas and exclaimed, "Oh my, what happened, you look just like a little boy, it's so small!" I think I almost died of embarrassment, although I could not see me cock as my neck would bend that far, I knew she was right as I felt that way when I first saw my member after I shaved. She took some more of the lotion and slathered it around my cock and balls till I was coated with it. She grabbed the device, removed the lock and slid the 2 pieces apart.

She looked at the directions and grabbed the ring piece and tried to get both my balls through it, I screamed as it hurt like hell and she stopped. She looked at the directions again and then slid one ball through the ring, quickly followed by the 2nd one. Next she pushed my penis back into my groin, aligned the ring to where the head would be and released it. It sprang out through the ring and she slowly and carefully pulled my penis through the ring until the ring was pressing tight against my groin. She grabbed some more lotion and coated the inside of the tube with it. By this time my cock had started to grow again and she could not get the tube on as my cock was too big. She got up and put the pea bag on it and again, within a minute it shrunk back down. She awkwardly put the tube on and struggled to get all of my cock into the device, after a minute or so she succeeded and I heard the lock snap shut.

She stood up and admired her handiwork, I still could not see the entire device and was curious to see how it looked attached. It felt extremely constricting and I was surprised by the weight of it, however it was not at all uncomfortable and I did not experience any pinching but then again I could not move around much as I was still tied tight.

Lori said she was feeling horny and wanted some sex and asked me if I wanted to be released. I shouted out, "YES!" She smiled and extremely evil grin and said, Ok, sweetie, however, just like last night, this is all about me and I want at least two good orgasms using only your head and I have just the tool to help you do you want to see?" I nodded my head yes as much as could as it was tied fairly tight. I told Lori that I would comply and when finished could I get some relief as I really needed to cum.

She laughed and said, "Maybe, it all depends on how you react to your present and your performance in satisfying me. However, I am extremely happy that you signed the contract and agreed to try a female- led marriage lifestyle; I think an orgasm is warranted." I smiled broadly and asked her what she bought that would help me please her orally as I could not think of a sex-aid for my mouth to help with that.

She said, "Who said anything about using your mouth and tongue let me show you," with that being said she turned around reached into the bigger bag, reached in and pulled out a strange type of harness that I had never seen before. At first I thought it was a strap-on dildo and immediately started to protest that I did not want anything in my butt and re attempted to get out of the ties that bound me.

Lori immediately turned around still holding the harness in hand and grabbed and twisted my balls yelling at me to shut up and saying over and over, "Will you ever learn! Will you ever learn! This is not a strap-on harness, as of now I have no interest in doing that to you, however if you keep this up I will change my mind fairly quickly. Remember I now have your consent to do this, just calm down and let me show it to you. As we are new to this, I will forget about your little outburst, however in the future an outburst of any kind will result in extended time in chastity or other types of punishment. I know I can hold out longer then you!"

I was amazed at the tone she used and was frightened again, I knew that this submissive thing was going to be hard, however I never realized that I could be penetrated in the ass, however, looking at the butt plugs on the table, I figured that this was in the cards. What else had I overlooked, I wondered? I decided to just shut up and talk to Lori about this later. Surely my input and limits would be considered. I told Lori that I was sorry and was still getting used to this. She smiled and said, "I Know, just be good, it will be easier on you."

"As I was saying," she continued, holding out the harness, "this is mouth gag, silly, not a strap on harness." I just shook my head up and down as far as the rope would let me, still not believing it. The harness was made of black leather and had two dildos, one that was about 3", skinny and a smaller one that was much thicker, about 1" long, it looked like a small apple. Both of the dildos looked like realistic cocks and the larger dildo was complete with veins and a set of balls. The dildos were both connected to opposite sides of the belt and attached at the base to each other with the strap running through both of them. At the base of both dildos were some sort of valve and one of the valves had a hand ball pump attached along with a black tube. Additionally there were straps and buckles that would lock it on.

She told me that both of the dildo's were inflatable and that the larger one could go up to 8" in length and 4" in diameter while the smaller one would grow to about 2.5" long and up to 3" in diameter. She took the pump and inflated the longer of the dildos. It took a few pumps and then I saw the dildo begin to grow in both length and width. She pumped the ball a few more time till it reached its full length and girth. She took the head in her mouth and started to suck it while looking at me mischievously. She said, "Yum, I can't wait to feel this big bad boy in me, now open up, I knew better than to say anything and submissively opened my mouth, thinking that I was about to have a penis in my mouth. Lori smiled and said, "I know what you are thinking, I can see it all over you face, this is not a real penis, think of it as a tool to help you better perform at your task by keeping the dildo in, ok? I kept my mouth open and grunted an understanding. A moment later I felt the head of the small, apple shaped dildo enter my mouth. I could feel the head of it on my tongue and started to turn my head away, instinctively. Lori grabbed my head and pushed the gag all the way in until my lips were resting on the back of the artificial ball sac of the bigger dildo. She took one of the three straps and ran it around my head, cinching it tight and then buckled up a chin strap and a head strap. After she was done she took the hand pump, attached it to the valve and gave it three pumps. Immediately, the dildo became larger as it expanded. She looked at me and asked if I was full, I shook my head yes and she gave it one more quick squeeze, while chuckling. She then undid the pump from the valve grabbed the large dildo stretching out from my mouth. As she moved her hand my head followed, it was so tightly attached. She asked me if I could breathe and I shook my head yes. She then asked me to try to spit or push liquid out spit from my mouth to ensure that I would not gag, which I was able to do. She said good, let's get started and she started to unbind me.

The ropes came off quickly and I was impressed at her skills, she certainly did her research and clearly practiced. In about 1 minute I was completely free. I rubbed my wrists for a bit and reached up to grab the dildo sticking out from mouth, it was heavy and long and was flopping around every time I moved my head. After I grabbed that I reached down, looked and felt the cage. Wow what a device, my penis was trapped and it was clear that I could not get out with the removing the lock. Since I am an engineer, I marveled at its simplicity, closely spaced bands of steel wire connected by 4 rails, curved downward with the end of the rails forming a "X" at the head, securing the device and allowing me an opening to pee. Just the sight of it made me tingle. Lori did a good job on selecting this device, she clearly did her research on this as well. I made a mental note to talk to her about this, as she clearly has spent a lot of time planning things out. I am definitely in for more than I bargained for and perhaps underestimated her resolve and desire about this.

Lori left me alone for a minute and told me to stretch and left the room. I thought about the events of the morning and about how easy I was swayed to agree. What was it about being submissive to Lori that turned me on? I certainly liked the kinky sex aspect and enjoyed being tied, however this situation is new and my sexual ability has been essentially restrained and replaced. My cock is locked and mouth gagged. I am certain that I will be bound in some way limiting the use of hands. All I will have left is a 8" dildo sticking out of mouth. This is going to be interesting I thought.

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