tagBDSMInstructions From Mistress

Instructions From Mistress

byMistress Drusilla©

You will meet me at the usual hotel. You will wear a g-string under your clothes, keeping your cock and balls snugly trapped while the string buries itself in your ass crack. I will be waiting in the spa bath next to the pool on the top floor.

You will join me in the spa, run your hands over my body, then pull down my bikini top and lick and suck my tits for as long as I desire. If we hear someone coming, you must not stop what you are doing until I say so, even if your instinct is to pull away in fear of being caught. You are not in charge. You have no authority and no free will. My hard nipples are your only priority.

You will be required to go underwater and pleasure me with your tongue. You are allowed to come up for air when necessary but must keep going until I climax at least twice (be certain that I will take my time!). If anyone comes past, you will stay underwater continuing to lick my clit and cunt, your tongue flicking back and forth and delving inside to taste my sweet juices as you get me off.

After you have provided me with an acceptable number of orgasms, we will move to the changing room for a quick cool shower. You will gently dry me off, pausing to kneel in front of my smooth mound to provide me with another deep tongue-fuck.

You will then stand at the vanity basin and bend over, your hands on the bench to brace yourself. You will watch in the mirror as I apply lube to your ass and penetrate you with my big fat strap-on, fucking you deeply, just like the times I have watched myself being fucked by you. I will not be gentle. You may cry out but I will not show mercy. You will take it and I know you will like it, although that is a bonus as far as I am concerned. Your pleasure is secondary to mine, as well you know.

You will not be permitted to touch yourself or cum. I will reach through your legs to squeeze your balls and stroke your hard shaft, teasing you to the brink but not letting you over the edge, no matter how much you beg.

When I have had my fun screwing your worthless ass like the male slut you know you are, you will go and sit in the shower, as I once did when I was a pet. I will watch you from the bench opposite, touching myself, but my body will be off-limits to you.

You will watch as I fondle my pert tits and rub my wet pussy while you follow my commands to pinch your own nipples hard, squeeze your balls and pull your throbbing cock. You will still not be permitted to explode, no matter how much you want to. That is not your decision to make. I will enjoy seeing the frustration on your face as you jerk yourself with no relief allowed.

I will further treat you like the cheap whore you are, by squatting over you and providing you with a golden shower. You will show gratitude and thank me for my generosity. I will then turn on the water in the shower to rinse you off because you are a dirty sex-toy.

However, I will give you a special treat for being a good submissive slut: I will stand against the shower wall and you will have the honour of being permitted to spray your Mistress with the golden nectar from your hose. You will then slowly and sensually wash my body as a good slave should.

Finally, you will be allowed to fuck me against the shower wall, servicing my cunt deeply with your hard and always willing cock. You will slide in and out, faster and harder with each thrust, but you must not explode until I finally give permission for you to fill me with your hot cum. After your load has pulsated deep inside me, you will kneel and clean me with your tongue, swallowing the mixture of our juices.

You will then dress and leave, as I will have no further use for you at that time. You will of course remain on call, ready at a moment's notice to come to me whenever and wherever you are directed to go.

What a good male slut I have trained!

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