tagLoving WivesIntern Turns Up The Heat Ch. 02

Intern Turns Up The Heat Ch. 02


Sorry Part 2 has taken so long, life happens. Please read Intern turns up the Heat for background on this story. I hope to write part 3 soon, let me know if you have an idea of where the story should good.


As Jay entered his Manhattan apartment, he felt his heart rate begin to pick up. He knew that for the first time in his marriage he was an adulterer. Worst yet, it was one of the most intense sexual experiences of his life and he loved every moment of it. Though he had worked out at his gym, as well as scrubbed himself three times in the shower, he was certain that his wife Pauline would be able to smell the evidence of fucking his sexy intern Monica.

He paused momentarily at the front door and took a deep breath trying to calm his nerves. He tried to remember his free throw routine before he had to execute shooting pressure shots in his previous basketball career. He closed his eyes and focused on his breathing, he hoped he could play his usual cool self.

When he opened his eyes, he was in control of his anxiety and took the plunge yelling out, "Hey honey, I'm home!"

Immediately, he heard his wife's footsteps coming towards him. He set down his bag and prepared for her entrance. Pauline entered the foyer dressed in a casual sundress and bare foot. With a great big smile and open arms, she welcomed her man home.

The two locked into a loving embraced, followed by a passionate kiss. As Pauline pulled back she said, "Hey baby, TGIF! So glad you are home. I missed you and I have got a great surprise for you! Go change into something comfortable, dinner will be ready soon!"

Jay smiled back at his lovely wife. He couldn't help but think but consider what did he do to deserve such a great woman. Why would he risk everything just a few short hours ago in his office? Hoping not to give away his guilt, Jay quickly gathered his belonging and headed to their bedroom.

Once he reached their bedroom, Jay quickly retreated to his personal bathroom that adjoined his walk in closet. Bracing himself against his countertop, he stared at himself in his mirror. He knew that had made a major mistake, but also realized that even though Pauline loved him deeply, she would not take kindly to his actions. He had to protect her from his affair at all cost.

He splashed some water on his face and began to undress. Once he was naked, he grabbed a pair of Nike basketball shorts and loose fit tank top. He wanted to be comfortable, as he made his way to have dinner with his wife.

Jay strolled towards the dining room and was happy to smell the delicious cooking of his wife. As he made his way into the dining room, he was surprised to see that the table was only set for two and that candles had been lit, giving the room a romantic glow.

As he took in the atmosphere, Pauline came bounding through the door carrying a tray displaying a couple of sizzling steaks. Glancing at the table, Jay saw that she had set out a meal fit for a king. Steak, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and a healthy green salad, Jay's favorite meal. Looking up at his wife, all he could manage was a broad smile, which she gladly returned.

Jay asked, "Where are the kids?"

"My mother decided to spend the weekend in the city and wanted her grandkids to spend the night with her. You have me all to yourself, Big Boy!"

"Wow, how did I get so lucky?"

Setting down the tray on the table, Pauline sauntered over to Jay and again laid a juicy passionate kiss onto his lips. She even slipped him a little tongue to entice him.

"This evening is for being such a great husband and father. You provide so well for our family, I wanted to show you a bit of my appreciation," stated Pauline. Pulling away from Jay she continued, "Let's eat before everything gets cold. Save some room for desert."

Each of them took a seat facing each other and began to pass around the various dishes to fill their plates. Jay opened a vintage bottle of red wine and the happy couple enjoyed a great meal together. During the meal, Pauline filled Jay in on the various activities that the kids were involved in. They laughed about some of the obvious frustrations of parenthood and small children. As they finished eating this great meal and finishing off the bottle of wine, they both leaned back in the chair fully satisfied.

"I hope you saved some room for desert baby," Pauline said.

"I don't know. I am pretty full."

"Ah, come on, I worked hard on dessert."

"Ok. Ok. I know you did, count me in!"

"Yippee, let me set up. Meet me out on the deck in five minutes!"

Jay didn't think much of eating out on their deck. Outside of their family room they had a great balcony area that overlooked Central Park. Being that it was nice warm evening, Jay was looking forward to some fresh air. He began to guess that Pauline must have baked one of her delicious chocolate cake probably serving it was some gourmet ice cream. His mouth began to water at the thought.

He stood up after the allotted five minutes and made his way towards the deck through the family room, he did not see Pauline. As he made his way through the sliding glass doors, he turned to his right he stopped dead in his tracks.

Before him his gorgeous wife was seated in one of their lounge chairs in a pair of ultra low rise red bikini panties and 5" black patent leather stilettos. That was it! In her right hand was a spray can of whip cream.

"Hope you like your desert," Pauline said in a seductive tone.

Jay was stuck dead in his tracks. He knew their apartment was near the top floor and offered great coverage from anyone below them, but there were a few building around them that were slightly taller which meant there were a handful of apartments where you could see right onto their deck. The idea of their exhibitionism was very enticing.

Pauline upped the ante, when she squirted some whipped cream on her perky nipples. Smiling at Jay, she gently gripped her tits and slowly licked the cream off of each nipple.

"Would you like some," she asked.

Still in a trance, Jay felt his cock immediately begin to chub up in his loose fitting shorts. In no time, his thick cock was forming a formidable tent. Pauline confident in the effect she was having on her husband caused Jay to get out of his trance when she asked, "Is that chocolate bar all for me?!!"

Jay quickly strode over next to the lounge chair that his lovely wife was sitting in. The beauty of her gorgeous face and sculpted body cause him to stop in his tracks again. As their eyes met, Pauline smiled at Jay. He knew then that he would have to ravage his wife right here and right now.

As he began to move in, Pauline beat him to the punch, reaching up and grabbing his slab of meat in his shorts. She slowly began to stroke it. Jay let out an audible moan and his wife began to work her magic on his cock.

"Babe, I am not totally full from dinner, can I please have some chocolate," she asked while batting her eyes at Jay.

With him towering above her as he stood and she was seated, Pauline swung around until she was lined up in front of Jay with both of her legs situated on either side of his. She slowly reached up and grabbed the waistband of his shorts and began to tug them down. As the shorts moved down, they got stuck around bulbous crown of Jay's cock, so she reached into his shorts and grabbed hold of his massive weapon. As she freed him from his shorts they fell free until they pooled at his feet.

Jay loved looking down to see his submissive wife staring intently at his drooling cock. He watched as Pauline stuck her tongue out and gently licked up the precum oozing out of head of his dick. The intensity of moment caused Jay to moan audibly. As her tongue made contact with is cock, Jay felt as if he was hit with an electric prod.

"Oh shit, babe, you have me so hot, please don't tease me," begged Jay.

"Calm down, sweetie this is my dessert and I plan on savoring it!"

With her plan to truly savor this meat, Pauline grabbed his cock at the base, while she slowly began to lick all over the head. She loved the taste of her husband's excitement as he began to ooze even more. Her lust began to grow the more she tasted. Opening her mouth as wide as possible, she slowly began to insert Jay's cock into her mouth. When she felt the ridge of his cock slide past her lips, she was determined to swallow it whole tonight!

"Oh shit, suck that cock, babe," Jay exclaimed as he threw his head back in ecstasy.

"Mmmmmphf, mmmphf," Pauline moaned with his thick ass black cock in her mouth.

She began to suck more and more meat into her mouth, with each plunge taking about 4" to 5" of black pole into her mouth as it banged against the back of her mouth. Still gripping the base with her hand and controlling everything, she began to really pick up speed.

The head kept banging against the back of her throat. A frustrated Pauline knew that she needed to slow down the pace and relax her throat muscles if she was going to swallow the whole thing. She took a short break and removed Jay's cock and began licking the shaft from the base to the tip.

"Damn, Pauline, you really got me hot! Please suck it some more," Jay pleaded as he closed his eyes.

Pauline resumed sucking on Jay's monster. This time she slowly and carefully began to feed Jay's missile into her throat taking almost 7" on her first plunge into her throat. As she slowly began to pull back, she felt Jay place his massive right hand on the top of her head.

Grabbing onto Jay's hips, Pauline plunge down again, swallowing an extra inch this time taking in 8". The pressure in her throat caused her eyes to water, but she was undeterred. Add to the pressure in her throat, she felt the pressure on her head by her husband. Taking a deep breath through her nose, she tried to surge forward again. Feeling her moving forward, Jay tightened his grip on her head, as well as shoved his hips forward. These actions caused he cock to surge forward and pop the rest of his cock to pop into his wife's throat. Opening his eyes, Jay looked down and saw his wife's nose buried in his pubic hair and tears running down her face. Triumph!

Slowly Jay eased his hips back, pulling about 3" of cock out in the process, this allowed Pauline to take a deep breath through her nose. Pausing briefly, Jay then slammed forward again planting his full cock back in his wife's throat.

"Take all of my cock, girl!"

Jay began to steadily fuck his wife's throat. She dutifully relaxed and let him use her mouth as a warm sheath for his black cock!

The only sounds emanating from the twosome was the wet squelching sounds of Pauline's lips smacking against the base of Jay's cock. Jay became possessed and worked his cock in and out at an intense pace. He forgot that he was pounding the woman he loved and was only concerned with the powerful pleasure he was feeling.

It was when he felt Pauline pushing hard against his thighs did he realize that he was not giving her a chance to catch her breath, he quickly pulled all the way out.

Wheezing and coughing, Pauline fell back into the lounge chair.

"I'm sorry baby, are you all right," Jay asked.

"Fuck, Jay, what the hell got into you, I was choking!"

"I am so sorry, you need some water or something, what I can I get you?"

Catching her breath, Pauline said hint of playfulness, "I'm fine. But if you want to do something to help, I have something in mind"

"Sure anything," Jay said enthusiastically.

Pauline reached down and pulled her red bikini panties to the side, grabbed the can of whipped cream and squirted a big dollop right on top of her landing strip of pubic hair.

Getting the hint immediately, Jay dove face first into his wife's pussy. Starting first by sucking down the whipped cream before heading slightly south and taking a long lick of his wife's drenched pussy lips.

Her scent and taste were overwhelming. Jay begins to lap at her essence with more urgency. As her flower opened up to his advances, he squeezes more of his thick tongue inside of her.

"Oh yeah, Jay. Eat my pussy. Ughhhh," Pauline exclaimed, as she felt the beginnings of an orgasm. The excitement of swallowing Jay's cock, plus being outside on their deck had her body on fire.

Jay suddenly trapped her clit between his lips and suck on it like she had on the head of his cock and this sent her over the top.


Her skin began to tingle, her body began to convulse and her pussy began to squirt all over her husband's face. Her body was on fire, as her powerful orgasm racked through her body.

Jay for his part just rode her out her orgasm, keeping his face buried in her pussy and tried to suck down as much pussy juice as he could handle.

As Pauline came down from her orgasm, she closed her eyes and allowed her body to go limp in the lounge chair. She was totally satisfied from this sexual experience and briefly passed out.

Seeing he wife laid out on the lounge chair with her panties stretched from her glistening pussy intensified Jay's need to be inside of her. Sensing his opportunity, Jay climbed into the lounge chair and in between his Pauline's sprawled out legs.

Kneeling on his knees, Jay whipped off his t-shirt leaving him totally naked. He took his rock hard cock into his hands and lined up the head with Pauline's wide-open swollen pussy. Pressing forward he popped the head of his cock into his wife's essence.

Feeling her pussy being stretched open, Pauline's eye snapped open!

"Oh shit! Fuck Jay. It's so fucking huge," Pauline screamed, as Jay sank the first half of his cock inside of her. She immediately wrapped her legs around his torso and squeezed.

"Get all of the that cock in me. Don't fuckin' play around! Fuck me Jay!!!"

With her urging, Jay pull back slightly, then forcefully thrust his hips forward, jamming his full length deep into his wife. He felt his balls nestle up against her asshole, truly balls deep.

"Oh Yes," Pauline screamed.

"I am deep in the pussy, is this what you wanted?"

"You have no idea! My pussy needed this, now fuck me hard! Claim this pussy," Pauline moaned.

With that plea Jay began to saw in and out of his wife, at first taking long deep strokes. Jay enjoyed pulling out at least 7" before sliding back in. As his thrust became more urgent, the sounds of their bodies slapping together grew louder. Their lunges caused both of them to work up a nice sweat, causing their bodies to glean in the moonlight.

Neither spoke much as they grunted and groaned through an urgent missionary style fuck. They easily fell into a rhythm that displayed their experience together. Their fuck was athletic and fierce bordering on violent. But they were in sync and working to push each other's buttons.

Jay could feel his balls tighten and begin to feel the signs of blowing a huge load, but he had a couple things in mind that he wanted to do before that eventuality.

Pulling all the way out of his wife's luscious warmth, Jay jumped up on his knees and then off of the lounger. Pauline was shocked by the sudden emptiness and even more shocked my Jay quickly scrambling to his feet. As she was attempting to say something, Jay quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. Wobbling on her 5" stilettos, Jay lifted his wife up on his shoulders and walked her over to the railing of their patio. He quickly set her down on her feet and turned her around so that she was facing the railing. Standing behind her, Jay pushed her head down causing Pauline to quickly reach out and grab the railing. Gripping her hips, Jay gave and insistent tug on your stretched out panties and ripped them from her body. Jay stared at her bodacious ass and knew it was time to make it bounce!

"Oh yeah, Jay fuck me into submission. Pound it until I can't walk," Pauline shouted.

Jay gripped his slimy cock and placed the head right at the entrance of her pussy. Once situated he move to gripping her hips with both hands.

"Come on, stop playing around." As the last sound left Pauline's lips, Jay slammed home all 10" into her cunt. Knocking the wind out of her.

His large strong hands gripped tightly on her hips, Jay began to slowly glide in and out of Pauline's cunt. Focusing his eyes on his target, he was turned on by the gentle ripple of his wife's round ass each time he bottomed out. The movement of her juicy cheeks mesmerized him.

"Damn it, give it to me, Jay!!!!"

The formalities were now over and Jay quickly went to pounding her pussy. Each stroke was hard and forceful. Not Pauline's ass was popping and jiggling as each stroke caused a wave of movement.


"There you go, Jay. Pound my pussy. Oh baby, don't stop! HARDER, HARDER, HARDER," Pauline panted.


"Take this dick. Ugh, Whose pussy is this?"


"Yours, Jay. Yours, Jay! Claim it! Claim it! Bust a nut deep inside of me, PLEAAASSSSSEEEE!!!!!"

Pauline's pleading had a direct on Jay's nuts. He could feel his cum boiling in his balls. He knew he could not last much longer.

He kept pounding away at his wife's luscious pussy, but he wanted one more thing. His demented mind was churning and he had one more task for tonight.

"OH FUCK, HERE I GO AGAINNNNNNN," Pauline groaned, as another fierce orgasm ripped through her body. Her pussy clutching in orgasm created a great sensation on Jay's cock. He needed to move quickly.

He pulled out of his wife's pussy and quickly grabbed the base of his cock with his right hand and with his left hand spun Pauline around and shoved her to her knees. With his cock aimed at her beautiful face, Jay left himself go. The first blast of cum from his humongous cock shot out directly between Pauline's eyes.

"FUUUCCCCKKKK," Jay roared.

Shocked by the blast, Pauline opened her mouth and was treated to two quick volleys into her mouth. Each so voluminous, that she had to swallow quickly before choking. As she was swallowing the load in her mouth, Jay kept cumming, spraying her face and tits full of his man batter! Ultimately, Jay squeezed the last few shots out on his wife's face.

By the time he finished and looked down, Jay saw that Pauline's face was drench in his cum with globs oozing down her cheeks and onto her gorgeous tits. He had cum so much that her eyes were almost glued shut. He smiled to himself with pride for the job he had done in painting her face.

Pauline spoke, "Damn, Jay. I wish I knew that's what you wanted, I would have rather swallowed that load."

"My bad baby, I was just so worked up and it was a spur of the moment decision."

"It's ok, I just wanted you to enjoy yourself and give you a special treat tonight. Hope you enjoyed yourself. Can you get me something to clean up with?"

Jay grabbed his shirt, wiped up Pauline's face and helped her to her feet. They walked hand and hand into the bedroom to retire for the night.

Unfortunately, what they did not know was that from the Penthouse apartment across the street, high school senior Ken Althouse had filmed their whole episode with his high-powered camera. His sinister mind was now turning on how he could capitalize on what he had!

To be continued...

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