tagNon-EroticInternational Relations Ch. 04

International Relations Ch. 04


The annual school awards presentation this year was being held in a function room of a nice hotel in Birmingham, traditionally while the whole school attended the awards, as the function was always towards the end of the school year the sixth form usually organised a social to immediately follow the awards. Previous years this had been at local Rugby clubs or anywhere we could hire cheaply, but this year because the school had already paid for the function room we took advantage and decided to stay on at the hotel once the teachers and younger kids all went home.

It did mean though that the party was some way away from our home town so we were left with a choice of either leaving the party early and catching the last train back, staying later and paying a huge amount for taxi's or the other option was to book into the hotel and get rooms so we could party until the early hours.

With there being around 75 people in the sixth form and another 10 special guests in the form of our American exchange students, I took it upon myself to organise the accommodation and transport, while a few others arranged the party.

In the end there were about 35 people who wanted to stay at the hotel and I also managed to arrange a deal with a coach company to take the other 50 or so back for a good price and do a multi-point drop off so there was less hassle at the Sutton end.

The Awards function started at 7'o clock in the Britannia Suite of the former Birmingham Hilton Hotel, the function room set up with a large raised stage area which would double up as dance floor later in the evening. Several hundred chairs arranged in rows stretching away from the stage into a second room capable of closed off from the main function room by a set of sound proofed sliding doors.

The Hotel itself was quite grand, built in the late 1920's it had high ceilings with ornately carved marble pillars running from floor to ceiling where they blended into an intricately carved pattern on the wooden roof which swirled across from the edges of the room towards four huge chandeliers that hung down casting a warm bathing glow from approximately six hundred light bulbs reflecting from thousands of crystals high above the floor.

The white marble pillars stood out in sharp contrast to the deep luxurious red of the walls and deep thick plush carpet to match.

Around the walls were a series of little booths with tables, high backed and curved for privacy so the occupants could eat or drink in almost mini private rooms only accessible from small outward facing entry points. These booths varied in size from being an intimate two seat and table booth to a grander party booth with room for eight to ten with a low drinks table.

For the awards none of these were used and the six hundred hard plastic moulded chairs were going to be our burden for as long as the awards dragged on.

The only comfort in this sea of plastic was to be found in the first two rows which were intended for the senior teaching staff, some invited guest speakers and the award winners. Needless to say I was consigned to the cheap seats and the further from the front the better.

As instructed all attendees had to be "appropriately dressed" which meant both suit and tie for the gents or dresses for the young Ladies at the function.

I managed to avoid the white suit I had worn on many a previous occasion instead opting for a more unobtrusive approach and chose a dark navy suit with white short sleeve shirt and a bright electric blue tie.

As I was running a little late getting to the hotel, I quickly checked in at reception and asked if my overnight bag could be delivered to my room. The receptionist checked her list and promptly called for one of the luggage assistants to take my bag to the Orange room and handed me a small key fob. None the wiser to my accommodation for the evening I trundled off to the Britannia suite just as the crowds took their seats and the school headmaster stood up to introduce the first guest speaker.

As I scan the seated crowd looking for you and hoping to find you with a spare seat, I sense someone behind me and the smell of perfume drifts over me. Somehow I know it's you and remain facing forwards, no longer interested in scanning the crowd but anticipating a touch or a kiss.

I'm not disappointed, your hand contacts the back of my thigh and a fingertip is drawn upwards scratching your nail up underneath my jacket and you give my ass a quick playful squeeze.

Smiling I turn to look at you as you step back to ensure I get a clear unrestricted view of you. My face completely fails to hide the joy form the vision in front of me. You are wearing the little black dress I bought you earlier in the day and it fits you perfectly. I can't help but stare as I drag me eyes from your toes upwards. A simple pair of black shoes with a thin 2" heel raising your height a fraction and creating a definition of your calves which are beautifully covered by a pair of sheer stockings with a pattern line running vertically up your leg. The stockings disappearing beneath the tight hem of your black dress that stretched to an inch above your knees, a side split on your right hand side allowing movement and hinting at confirmation of stockings and not tights being worn. The dress smoothly clinging to your thighs and rising up over your hips, leaving little room or requirement for imagination as to the toned shape of your body beneath.

The materiel of the dress blended now with a satin smooth finish up past your ribcage and covering your breasts.

The front of the dress is low cut with a square finish with two think black straps going up over your shoulders, crossing behind your back and linking back to the almost backless dress just above the small of your back. The body and bust of the dress fitted exquisitely and the built in support of the dress design pushing your breast together up a little creating a fantastic cleavage.

I was in heaven just looking at you as you gave a slow twirl to make sure I could see you from every angle.

When you finished your spin you stepped forward taking my unresisting hand and confidently led me towards the seats where one of our friends had thoughtfully saved us both a seat.

The next hour and a half was agony!

While I was sitting almost right at the back of the hall and on the end of the row with you next to me I couldn't shift the raging hard on contained within my trousers. Every time I managed to get a little relief or comfort from it's subsidence you would draw my attention back to either you stunning legs and the stocking top visible as you deliberately crossed your legs or your breast as adjusted yourself while making sure I didn't miss a single movement. Even when I tried to ignore your visual stimulation, your proximity meant a wandering hand placed at the side of my thigh or over the back of my hand started the blood rushing uncontrollably once again.

Entirely aware of the effect you were having on me you continue to keep me in my excited state not letting on that you too were worked up and longing to be able to do something about it.

The awards eventually drew to a close, although I couldn't recall a single recipient or even a reason for the awards my mind so addled at this stage and desperate to move about and let the blood flow back to a different area.

One final speech from the head master, something about responsibility and personal values and then the cacophony of voices that had been suppressed for almost two hours mingled with movement filled the hall. The final word from the head for the sixth form to remain seated for one minute while the rest of the school headed out of the hall and on to the awaiting coaches to return them back to the home town.

The Head, aware of our extended party singled out a couple of individuals and went about warning them about this still being linked to the school so not to do anything to damage the schools good reputation. What really surprised us was he then announced as the hall was still booked under his name for the next half an hour the bar tab would be picked up by him. He then walked away had a brief discussion with the bar manager and quietly departed the hall to head back with the rest of the students.

While the hotel staff went to work on transforming the Britannia Suite back into a nightclub type environment, we took advantage of the open bar and the party started to kick off.

The next hour was mainly spent drinking and making the most of the free bar but when the tab closed the crowd that were staying at the hotel took advantage of the lull to go and check out their rooms and freshen up for the party.

Your host family had insisted you shared a room with Alex so you both went off to room 327 to see where you were supposed to be staying.

I was in the Orange room, which didn't give me much of a clue as to where to go. After a brief discussion with the concierge I was told that the rooms at the end of the floors were all colour coded rainbow style from Red on the top floor down to Violet on the first floor. That meant I was on the sixth floor so headed over to the lifts and still with a pint of beer in hand pressed the button to take me up.

Out of the lift a small sign mounted on the wall in front indicated the Orange room and the Osprey suite were to the left with rooms 601 thru 644 to the right.

Walking left I went past a couple of maid and service rooms before turning a corner and being faced with two large imposing single oak doors.

The Orange room was on the right.

My key fitted into a lock at the side of the door and there was a soft click followed by the door gently swinging inwards. Once inside the door I realised it wasn't a standard single room but a little more plush and way out of my anticipated price range. From the doorway there was a short wide entrance room which incorporated a large walk-in-wardrobe and an elegant bar area with a curved wooden counter, onto of which were a number of branded spirits and a selection of drinking glasses. Under the counter was a small glass fronted fridge containing mixers and bottled beers and lagers.

Moving past the entrance hall the room opened out into a luxurious bedroom, the centrepiece being a four poster bed with sheer curtains on three sides tied back to enable entry to the very plush looking king sized bed.

The rest of the room was just as opulent, two large leather sofas and a low coffee table, thick soft carpet underfoot, large heavy drapes framing a floor to ceiling glass double door – which on inspection opened out onto a private balcony with great views over the City centre and the lights of the busy town nightlife. The balcony had a couple of comfy chairs and a glass wall about four feet high enclosing the area and providing considerable relief from the wind whistling around.

Back in the main room there were two more doors leading off the bedroom, the first being a spacious bathroom with double sinks, walk-in shower with the biggest shower head I had ever seen and a toilet.

The second door intrigued me as I couldn't think what may be missing from this fantastic hotel room, as the door opened I smiled and desperately started trying to work out how I could best put to use the sauna and hot tub before me. The only other feature in the room being another large glass door presumably leading back onto the balcony I had seen earlier.

With the hot tub and sauna turned on I headed back towards the door to return to the party. I hadn't noticed before but on the bar top was an envelope marked with my name.

Quickly I opened it up and found a short note from the management directly to me. In essence the letter explained I had been given a complimentary upgrade as a result of the number of rooms booked for the party. The room bar was complimentary and should there be any other requests to contact the concierge who would accommodate my needs.

Happy days, I was going to make the most of this.

Back in the foyer I had a quick word with the concierge and returned to the Britannia suite which was now dimly lit, with tables and chairs replacing the previous seated area and the dance floor being bathed in multi-colour swirling lights and the occasional blast of dry ice to cloud the floor.

Music was already thumping out and although the room contained only maybe sixty people it had a great atmosphere and people were getting into the swing of the party.

I made a conscious decision not to drink too much and over the next few hours had only a couple of pints. We did a lot of dancing together and in groups and around 10pm when I was having a break from dancing you told me of your plan to distract Alex so we could have a little time together, still unaware of my intentions to make your idea of a little time into all night if I had the chance.

Alex liked one of the other students and in an attempt to impress him had been drinking heavily and dancing near but not with him, between us we hatched a plan to get them together and while you went off to talk to Dave – the object of Alex's affection I offered Alex another drink and also had a little chat. It's amazing what telling a girl already half smitten that the boy she likes is just shy to say the same thing to her will do when there is the inhibition limiter of a few Bacardi and cokes thrown into the mix. You had had a similar discussion with Dave and the result was within five minutes the two of them quietly slipped into one of the little side booths leaving you without a slightly cautious chaperone hanging around.

As the next half hour ticked by we went back to dancing a little and enjoying the party, until I noticed that one of the booths seemed to be empty and dragged you in for a quick kiss. Out of sight of the noisy party we were all over each other lips smashing together like we hadn't seen each other in weeks, tongues forcing into each other's mouths, the taste of vodka and coke still on your lips. Unfortunately many others at the party were also starting to get the same idea and every thirty seconds we were getting interrupted by an annoying ooops this one's occupied, normally followed by "don't do anything I wouldn't do" or "put him down you don't know where he's been" or some other comment which seemed to be equally funny to the speaker.

After about the sixth interruption, we realise we aren't going to get any privacy and I suggest we go for a walk.

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