tagInterracial LoveInterracial Relations Ch. 01

Interracial Relations Ch. 01


Where I am from you rarely saw those of white and black races mix. As a teen my attraction to white boys only went as far as their physical appearance. There was no interest to be with one intimately, however. I have gotten older, though, and my tastes in men have changed. My views on mixed relationships become more open and acceptable. Especially when I met my boss, Avery McKennly.

I began working for Brockman, Harrison, and McKennly Advertising five years ago as a secretary. Because Avery was the youngest of the three partners, at the age of 34, I spent more time with him than the others. Their time was mostly spent playing golf, leaving Avery to do most of the work. We had a great relationship. Serious most of the time but would occasionally flirt when no one noticed. Every day I spent with him increased my attraction. I couldn't really explain to you what it was that turned me on about him. He wasn't the typical man I would be drawn to. His professional mannerism and outgoing personality always seemed to make me wet. However, that wasn't the only reason. It took three long years before I even noticed that he felt the same way about me. I began to notice the long stares at my 36C breast and typical black woman backside. I always tried to wear professional outfit that gave a hint to my petite shape. He definitely wanted me and I was determined to let him know I wanted him too.

The day my dream came true was after a long, but typical day at work. At least it was for me. All day Avery was in a meeting with his partners discussing a new, but very important client. He had asked for me to stay overtime to help him prepare for his presentations the next day. I was more than happy to oblige. I ordered Chinese food for the occasion.

Throughout the day I anticipated our after hours session. Hoping that I would finally get my chance. Usually I would go home dripping wet and in the need of satisfying myself. I would be far beyond the need of a cold shower. In fact, throughout the day, I found myself massaging my swollen clit under my desk as I watched him go from one office to another. The more I watch the clock, the slower time became and the more excited I got.

It took thirty-five minutes after five for the office to be free of any witnesses. Just enough time for me to calm down just a little, gather my paperwork, and warm our casual meal. I locked the office doors, checked the terminals, turned off the lights, and walked to his partially opened door. There he was typing away at his computer and occasionally rubbing his baldhead or his golden brown goatee. I quietly placed the food tray on his antique Oakwood desk filled with papers and folders. The entire time he did not look my way. I sat down in front of his office mess and crossed my legs showing half of my thighs, then waited patiently. He looked gorgeous sitting there in his beige shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. Occasionally, licking his lips as he continued to stare and work his computer.

It seemed like hours before he spoke. Still not looking my way he handed me a folder, "First thing, Bre, I need you to go through this file and help me sort out the information. We will need to place the important information on top."

I placed my paperwork on the floor beside my chair and reached for the folder with extreme disappointment. It was business as usual. I began to casually look through the folder until I decided to take matters into my own hands. "Avery? Uh, let's have a bit before the food gets cold. Chinese food should only be nuked once. After that it's just not the same." I smiled as I reached for the Teriyaki Chicken and fork.

Avery took a deep breath and slowly turned in his black leather chair giving me direct eye contact for the first time. From this view I could see his frustration. "I am sorry, Bre. With all this planning for the new client and all, I have been very uneasy."

"Well, take a break and relax," I handed him a box of Fried Rice, "Here. Eat this. I heard food can make you feel better when your stressed.." I placed the folder back on his desk along with my box of food. He smiled. With the box in hand he leaned back, "You're the best, Bre. I know I don't tell you that like I should, but it's true."

I rose from my seat and walked behind him, "Thanks, Avery. I could say the same about you." I took it upon myself to begin massaging his broad shoulders and neck. How firm and strong they felt next to my hands.

"Mmmmmmmmm. That feels so good."

As I continued I could not help but notice the picture covering his computer screen. There was a beautiful black woman laying on the edge of a pool nude and spreading her wet pussy lips apart. It excited me immediately. I could feel my juices dripping down my legs. "Well, I see that you were already trying to relax. Nice picture there."

Avery jumped placing his box back upon the food tray and turned around to his computer. He almost knocked me off balance as he went to minimize the photo. Although I could not see his expression I could tell he was embarrassed.

I tapped him on the shoulder and slowly turned him around to face me. His eyes avoided me. "Avery, no need to be embarrassed. I'm not." Holding his round chin in my hand and lifted his head to meet my eyes, "I just wish that it was me you admired so much."

He looked at me with shock, but I could see a smile develop. Without another word said he held the back of my head. Bringing me closer he simply kissed me upon my lips softly. That alone made me almost explode. I could feel his hands under my shirt moving slowly to my hard and erect nipples. Exposing my breast as his hands reached their destination. His kiss became more passionate. He twisted, twirled, and gently pinched both nipples between his fingers.

I couldn't help but moan with absolute pleasure. I have been waiting for this moment for so long. It was actually happening. Avery began to softly suck and lick my nipples. His hand moved up my thigh and against my soaked thong. He moaned louder than me as if in approval of my pleasure.

In the heat of it all I had managed to move myself against the desk. Trying to grab and move anything in my way. He lifted me on the desk quickly without stopping his action upon my breast. I could fee him move my thong aside and thrust two fingers inside me slowly. You could hear the wetness of my pussy with each deep stroke he made. As he finally freed my breast from his mouth I could see him lean back to watch what he was doing. I began to move my hips towards his fingers harder.

I closed my eyes. Feeling his breath against my thigh and his hands remove my thong. With both hands holding my thighs apart he flicked his tongue against my clit. The shock of it almost sent me in complete turmoil. I grabbed his head and pulled him closer. He held my clit in his mouth. Sucking it, biting it, and flicking it all at the same time. All with an extreme aggression and hunger. I began fucking his face harder and faster. Moaning louder.

"Yes, Avery! Just like that!" I screamed.

His fingers entered me with force. Both of our movements were in the exact perfect motion. Perfect speed. I could feel his eyes upon me. I could feel him watching my expressions and my pleasure.

The act of it all was almost more than I could handle. He knew I was about to cum. Just as fast everything started he stopped. Leaving me tremble and the need of immediate release. I opened my eyes to see him standing there. With his thick 9-½ inch cock in hand I watched him tightly yet slowly stroke it. He wasn't looking at me. His eyes glanced of my body. It was as if he was admiring a work of art. Then, as his eyes fell upon mine he took hold of my widely spread legs and inserted himself. He was bigger than I have ever had and I love it. With each slow and deep thrust I held it tightly with every pelvic muscle I could possibly have.

"That's it. Right there, baby. Hold it good and tight." He closed his eyes and began to fuck me faster.

I could feel him throbbing inside me. I moved my hips into him harder. Shaking my ass as fast as I possibly could. He began to rub my clit with his thumb and moving himself to each side of my inner walls. The friction between us became an uncontrollable suction. With each hard and fast stroke we made the sound of it all was like a plunger unclogging a kitchen sink.

"Oh, Avery! Fuck me more!"

"You want this cock, baby?" He said ramming into me harder.

"Oh, God, yes!" In almost unison our pace picked up speed. He fucked me so hard and so deep that I could feel him in my chest. Grabbing my legs he placed them on his shoulders. Then without mercy he grabbed my ass in the palm of his hands and fucked me more.

"Take this shit! Give me that sweet black pussy!"

I held his dick tighter and fucked him back with same exact force. In one quick moment I was being brought to tears. I could feel my body tremble and relax at the same time. I was cumming uncontrollably and so was Avery as he grab my ass tighter. Holding me there.

What seemed like hours, he dropped my legs slowly and laid upon my chest. Both of us were breathing heavy and out of breath. All I could grab enough strength for was to put my arms around him and hold him close. It was better than my dreams. It was well worth the wait.

"Mmmmmmmmm. That was amazing." He looked up at me and moved himself to give me a deep, passionate kiss. " I am so crazy about you, Bre. Always have been. Just never liked the idea of mixing business with pleasure."

"Well, now that we have crossed that line. Where do we go from here?" I said enjoy the feel of my hands upon his head.

"I don't know. We will worry about it tomorrow. For now let's get dressed, finish our cold dinner, and get back to work." He released himself from my arms, "We are not through by a long shot, though." He smiled.

I just smiled back and in moments we returned to work as usual. Anticipating what tomorrow will bring.

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