tagGroup SexInterview Ch. 04

Interview Ch. 04


How could I possibly think of Katherine when Jessica was waiting for me in her room? Sure, she flirted with me a little and she is cute – petite, short blonde hair, small tits, and a tight little ass – but on some level, I think she'd just as soon sleep with Jessica. While Katherine flirts with me, I try to picture Jessica and Katherine together. Jessica has never expressed an interest in women, but she's so sexual that I don't think there's anything she wouldn't do.

The first day of the conference is fine. I'm a little sore from Jessica riding my dick for hours and then waking up in the morning to find her sucking on it again. Jessica and I are only in a couple of sessions together, but I pass her in the hallway occasionally. I'm sure no one suspects what we do together.

We go to dinner with a few of my former co-workers who Jessica has never met. As always, she's completely charming. She's wearing a suit and a halter sweater that makes her tits look amazing. Fortunately, her suit jacket is slightly concealing. My ex-colleagues are going to make an early evening of it, and as we wait for a taxi to take us all back to our hotel, we run into Katherine and a couple of her guy co-workers. Katherine convinces us to come out for a drink with the three of them, so we say "goodnight" to the others and head off with Katherine and her friends, looking for a comfortable spot for a few nightcaps. We come across a strip club. Katherine who is a little too enthusiastic about most things is very excited about going in, so we all agree.

Jessica sits next to me at a table opposite one of the dancer's stations. I feel her hand on my thigh and then my cock to see if I'm excited by the dancer, but I whisper to her, "I'm more excited by you."

What started out being just a few drinks ends up with everyone getting pretty tipsy. When the dancers come by to collect their tips, I open my wallet for Jessica to tip the girls. Jessica is feeling great, laughing, getting more into the situation, and flirting with the girls. The club is a little warm and Jessica takes off her jacket, revealing her perfectly shaped, round, large tits for all to see.

Katherine, to the joy of her coworkers, has invited a couple of the dancers to sit with us. Both dancers want to know if Jessica's tits are real, and Jessica offers both of them a feel to see for themselves. They squeeze Jessica's tits at the same time as Jessica giggles and then covers up. Katherine asks to touch them to and Jessica reluctantly agrees. I have to admit to myself, the two of them look lovely together.

Katherine is flirting with the dancer who is sitting next to her and coming on to her pretty strong. The other dancer has offered the two other guys lap dances and they've taken her up on the offer. Jessica sits transfixed by the stripper and how she uses her body, straddling her subject, caressing him with her tits, holding on to his neck and shoulders, rubbing her pussy against his crotch, pivoting and facing the other way, standing and bending over to give him a good peek from an inch away, straddling and grinding against his thigh, and leaning back against his chest and stretching her long body. After she gives them both a lap dance, she asks me and I politely decline. Instead, Jessica asks for a lesson. She wants the stripper to coach her while she gives me a lap dance.

Katherine, who has been huddled in one corner of the table with her new dancer friend is now all attention as Jessica straddles me, listening to her coach and moving her body across mine. I'm thinking to myself that I've been fucking this women morning and night for more than six months, I fucked her in the coatroom last night, returned to her room and fucked her three more times, and still I want to fuck her now more than ever before.

Jessica is an A+ student, putting her whole body into the dance, caressing my face with her tits, lifting her skirt to straddle my thigh and give me a peek at her string thong underneath, swirling her hair around to engulf my head completely so it is almost like a curtain closing on our little world. I can feel her breath on my cheek, I'm so aroused that I can almost imagine the scent of her pussy in my nostrils, my cock is bulging at my trousers, and then the song ends. Jessica giggles while the rest of the table applauds. One of the other guys asks if he can be next and Jessica shakes her head and blushes a little, "You'll just have to watch."

The next song starts as Jessica remains straddling me. She asks her coach, "Do you ever reward an especially wonderful tipper?" Everyone laughs until Jessica leans back a little, unzips my fly and pulls out my cock. She's holding it in her hand and stroking it for all to see. After what feels like an eternity, she slides closer to me and slips my cock inside of her. Katherine, her coworkers, and the two dancers are amazed and don't say a single word as Jessica gives me a real lap dance. My hands are caressing her thighs; I'm tilting my head back to kiss her lips, brushing her hair back to see her face. Jessica slows down for a moment and then addresses the rest of the table, "I don't think anyone would mind if I took this off." With that, she takes off her halter sweater. I reach up to squeeze her tits still encased in her light pink lace bra as she reaches behind herself to unsnap it. She slides it off her shoulders and I take it off and drape it over her vacant chair. I take my hands away from her tits so all can admire them.

She's continuing to grind against my cock, keeping my cock inside of her, and rubbing against my pelvic bone. My hands are around her waist and my lips alternate from nipple to nipple. I reach a point when I can't take it anymore, slip my hands under her ass, and begin lifting her up and down on my prick. She pushes me back into my chair; pivots on me like the stripper giving a lap dance, and leans back against my chest with my cock still inside of her. My hand reaches around to expose her clit from under her thong and I start to rub her button. Jessica's legs are spread and her back is arched, pushing her big tits up in the air. Three fingers of my right hand are rubbing her pussy as my left hand keeps her left leg in the air. Jessica's arm reaches behind her, behind me, and holds the back of my neck as she cums in my lap facing everyone else at the rest of the table. She turns slightly to purr in my ear and beg me for my juice, and a moment later, my cock explodes in her pussy.

Jessica sits up in my lap, and Katherine's stripper says to me, "She really fucked you!" I'm still speechless and can only smile as Jessica laughs while she puts on her bra and top. Jessica says to everyone else, "We should probably go," but the guys are now really aroused and want to stay longer. Katherine agrees to share a taxi back to the hotel with us, leaving her new dancer friend confused.

In the taxi back to the hotel, I sit in the middle of Katherine and Jessica. Katherine puts her hand on my thigh and tongue in my ear. I don't respond, but I don't want to be rude and push her away. It's clear that Jessica's performance has made her completely horny and she is also a little drunk. Jessica just smiles at me. She's way too well mannered to make a scene – well, not that kind of a scene, at least – and she turns to look out of the taxi window.

There's an awkward moment as we enter the hotel lobby waiting for the elevators to bring us to our rooms. Finally, Jessica asks, "Why don't you both come to my room." Katherine is ecstatic, but I'm a little perplexed. We get to Jessica's room and she undresses completely. Katherine falls into her arms, licking and sucking her tits. Jessica pushes Katherine to her knees, takes a handful of her hair and backs up to the couch as Katherine crawls on all fours. Jessica sits on the couch and spreads her legs. I sit on the couch next to Jessica as Katherine starts to lick Jessica's pussy. Katherine whispers, "I can taste his cum in you."

"Good bitch," says Jessica, "If you keep on being a good bitch you can have some more of his cum."

Katherine looks at me and says, "Fuck me from behind."

Jessica just says, "No, he only fucks me. Do you understand?"

Katherine looks disappointed but agrees. I undress and take my seat next to Jessica; turning to face her while Katherine eats her pussy. I kiss her lips as she cums. When she's finished cumming, she orders Katherine, "Suck his cock."

Katherine obeys, but she's nowhere near as talented a cocksucker as Jessica. Jessica tells me to stand up, and I also obey. She puts my cock in her mouth, leans forward on the couch, and shows Katherine how it's done. When she takes a short break from sucking it, she tells Katherine, "Lick his balls and asshole."

Katherine kneels down behind me and between my spread legs and does as she is told. When she is ready, Jessica walks to the bed, lies down on her back, spreads her legs, and says to me, "Come here, baby." I walk to her, kneel down on the mattress between her welcoming thighs, lean forward and start to fuck her. I fuck her slowly and deeply. I fuck her as if Katherine isn't even in the room, because to me, she isn't. I have everything I want with Jessica.

Jessica slips out from underneath me, goes to her suitcase, and brings back her vibrator. She pats the bed and calls Katherine to us. Katherine lies on her back. Jessica kneels down, straddling her face. Parting Katherine's thighs, she turns the vibrator on and works it around her clit. Katherine doesn't have to be told to lick Jessica's pussy; her face is firmly between her thighs as Jessica grinds against her. Jessica tells me, "Now, fuck me...hard!" I kneel down behind Jessica and fuck her as furiously as I've ever fucked her before. While I do this, Katherine is sucking Jessica's clit, and Jessica is pumping her big vibe in and out of Katherine's pussy. Jessica and Katherine cum together. I'm kneeling over them watching them both shake and quiver as I continue to ram my cock in and out f Jessica's pussy. I'm close to cumming. Jessica tells me to straddle Katherine's torso, my knees close to her tiny tits. Jessica straddles Katherine immediately behind me. She reaches in front of me and grabs hold of my cock and starts stroking it. She's looking over my shoulder and aiming my cock for Katherine's open mouth. I start to cum as Jessica jerks me off all over Katherine's face and mouth. Her face is completely creamed. Jessica uses my half-hard cock to scoop my cum from Katherine's cheeks and chin and feed it to her. Katherine accepts it all

When Katherine comes back from washing her face in the bathroom, she finds me in bed with my arm around Jessica, who's resting on my shoulder. Jessica just says to her, "Get dressed and leave, please," and she dresses and leaves the room.

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