tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIntruder Ch. 10

Intruder Ch. 10


Hi everyone. Sorry to have kept you all waiting for chapter 10, but university students don't have much time for side-projects. Since it's been a while, you should probably reread chapter 9 before reading chapter 10.

As always, I will read all comments and suggestions, and take all the constructive ones into account for any future chapters.



Once again, I woke up before dawn thanks to my pregnancy-skewed biological clock; but it was a pleasant transition into the waking world cuddled in my rapist's powerful embrace, and at least the medication was keeping my otherwise horrible morning sickness at bay. His cock was still inside me from the previous night, and I wouldn't be surprised if he'd had me in my sleep. I wouldn't mind if he had. I was his, I felt like I was his. I wanted to belong to him and to carry his child. In spite of the fact that he was a rapist and in spite of how he had come into my life, in that moment I wanted nothing more than to be his woman.

Eventually, though, I had to get up for work. I carefully extricated myself from his embrace and gently withdrew his cock from me. His cum came dripping out of my snatch, proof that he had had some pleasure with my body after I had gone back to sleep. I smiled a little, pleased that he'd enjoyed himself and had also had the courtesy not to wake me up for multiple quickies. Leaving him asleep in the bed, I departed for the bathroom.

I turned on the shower and stepped into the cubicle, closing my eyes and letting the cool water flow down my skin. I caressed my belly thoughtfully as I showered; there was a small but definite bump visible, and I wondered when the baby was going to start kicking. David would probably know. I smiled contentedly as I washed my skin; being full of life felt wonderful, and I hoped my intruder would stick around to share it with me.

The shower curtain was swept aside, startling me as I tried instinctively to cover my modesty. My baby's father had no such reservations and stepped into the cubicle with me as naked as the day he was born.

"How is the mother of my child today?" he asked with a smile.

"Get out, you pervert!" I retorted indignantly.

"Why? Are you afraid I'll take advantage of you?" he asked rhetorically, taking a tender grasp of my pregnant belly.

"I suppose it's a little late to worry about that."

We washed together and made small talk whilst admiring each others' bodies. It was immensely comforting, even arousing, to be in the presence of the man who'd impregnated me; there was no other man I could ever be comfortable being naked in front of. Although, perhaps that was because I'd grown used to the fact that my modesty wasn't something he worried about. Once the scrubbing was done, however, my rapist inevitably began to crave what all men wanted.

"How about a quick shower romp?" he suggested with an atypical lack of subtlety, reaching a hand down to my groin.

"Men and their urges," I said with a roll of my eyes.

"Utterly insatiable," he replied.

He rubbed my pussy with practiced skill, causing my eyes to roll back as the pleasure wafted up from my crotch, and made my thighs spread reflexively. With the water still flowing down our bodies, I reached out and took a hold of his muscular arms and body, holding on for support as he pleasured my pussy. His enormous hard-on poked at my groin like a cyclopean serpent, dribbling precum from the opening, eager to gain entrance. I wrapped my arms around my rapist's neck and spread my thighs wider to allow him inside; and he entered me once again. A sharp moan left my mouth as he filled me and began to thrust.

Mindful of my belly and the lack of space, my rapist's strokes were restrained in their force, slipping and sliding into my passageway. The sensuality of the encounter was incredible; he was so powerful and yet so gentle in using me to satisfy his urges. I savoured the touch of his skin rubbing gently against mine just as I knew he revelled in the feeling of my wet pussy engulfing his thrusting manhood. His strokes grew more insistent as our mutual pleasure built; he expertly rubbed his pubic bone against my clit with each thrust, causing an orgasm to bloom in my groin and the base of my belly until I squealed breathlessly in climax.

Having brought me to my peak, my rapist's strokes increased in speed once again, creating a watery slapping sound as the shower water ran down our skin and over our connected groins. He tightened his grasp on me, drawing me in closer to his body as he fucked me, and I tightened my embrace of his muscular torso, immersing myself in his masculine presence as his own climax neared.

I could feel his approaching orgasm in the urgency of his thrusting and I could hear it in his laboured breathing. I held on tight as his thrusts increased to an alpha male frenzy in spite of the tight quarters in which we were mating. Then he let out a powerful grunt and thrust home. I let my head roll back as I felt his cock twitch inside me before spurting his potent seed into my already pregnant snatch, and that familiar chill of sensuous pleasure slithered up my spine as he inseminated me once again. It was amazing how much he had in reserve in those massive balls of his; I almost felt guilty hogging it all for my own pussy...almost.

He held me in his powerful arms for a good few minutes before I gently reminded him that I had a job to get to. Slowly, he pulled out, letting his seed drip out of me, and we finished washing together before going to get dressed. I put on casual pants and a t-shirt, knowing I could change into scrubs once I got to the hospital. My intruder made breakfast for both of us and we made small talk as we ate, before I had to go.

"I'll be around." He said, as he cleared our plates.

"What, in the apartment all day?" I asked.

"No, I mean in the hospital," he clarified. That struck a discordant mental note for me.

"And, why do you need to come to the hospital with me?" I asked suspiciously.

"To keep an eye on you, of course."

"Well, I'm touched that you're so concerned about my wellbeing all of a sudden," I replied with a slightly hostile note of sarcasm, "but I've been doing just fine these past few months without you prowling around in the shadows watching me."

"Fine with whom, I wonder." My intruder said rather darkly.

"What or who are you talking about?" I demanded, starting to get annoyed.

"Your work colleagues Dean Kaczynski and Dr David Hatfield, that's who." he growled.

"What about them?" I demanded.

"I saw the way Kaczynski was looking at you yesterday evening." he replied, his tone tinged with masculine jealousy.

"You mean after you raped me?"

"I also couldn't help noticing how friendly you were with 'David'."

"Ok, firstly, Dean is a conceited pervert, so you needn't get so jealous about him," I retorted, starting to lose my temper, "secondly, David has been my best friend and my only source of emotional support in the months you were gone; and thirdly, who the fuck do you think you are accusing me of being unfaithful to you after raping me and then leaving me with a pregnant belly to go screw women on the other side of the country?"

"I wasn't accusing you of doing any such thing." He defended himself.

"But you were implying it," I snapped, pressing my attack, "feel free to stick around the apartment if you want, but I don't want you following me around like I'm your bitch on a leash. You can't tell me who I can and can't be friends with, and you can't micromanage my life, you fucking hypocritical rapist!"

My rapist said nothing in response; he just stood there seething with anger. I should have been terrified that he might explode and hurt me, but I felt too angry and indignant to back down. Even so, I decided it was probably better to leave the argument at that, so I got my coat and went to the front door.

"Oh, one more thing," I called from the front hall, "at least I know David's name!" with that parting shot, I abruptly left the apartment.


I was bristling with indignation as I walked down the corridor to the elevator. Who did he think he was, telling me he was going to follow me around my place of work? It was one thing for him to be concerned about my safety, but it was unnecessarily intrusive of him to let me know that I would be under surveillance just in case I had conversations with men other than him. Were we in America or Saudi Arabia?!

As my pregnancy-induced mood swing dissipated, I had to stifle a laugh at the idea that his surveillance of me was 'intrusive'. The man was a rapist, the vilest kind of intruder imaginable, and yet I was more angry about being snooped on by my quasi-boyfriend than the fact that he'd impregnated me against my will. But worry also began to hold in my mind; had I been a little too strident in snapping at him?

Of course not, I decided resolutely. Just because he'd usurped my right to give or withhold sexual consent, it didn't mean he could control every aspect of my life. Even so, the worry continued to nag me from the back of my mind. Had I overdone it when I'd argued with him? How angry had he been when I'd left the apartment? Would he try to punish me later for talking back to him?

This time, the emotional corollary to these questions was genuine fear. Statistically speaking, everyone had met at least one woman who'd been in an abusive relationship at some point in her life. For all the progress made by women in the past hundred years, fragile male egos coupled with masculine brute strength were still a dangerous combination. My rapist had ample reserves of the latter; I could do nothing about the former except hope that I hadn't tested it beyond its limits.

As I summoned the elevator, a familiar tap on the shoulder instantly brightened my day.

"How are you today, sweetheart?" asked David with a pearly-white smile, his diamond ear stud twinkling in the light.

"I'm alright." I assured him, semi-truthfully.

"You don't sound totally alright to me." He pressed with a concerned look.

"Really, David," I answered evasively, "I'm fine."

"To tell you the truth," David admitted, "I just overheard you arguing with someone on my way past your apartment."

"You heard that?" I asked, surprised.

"I was going to knock on your door and walk you to the elevator when I heard you shouting at someone," David explained, "I also heard my name mentioned."

A ping announced the arrival of the elevator, and the two of us stepped inside, heading for the ground floor.

"Baby-daddy found time to come back and see me and got jealous of the fact that I'm friends with other guys, including you."

I hadn't told anyone, not even David, the truth about how I had ended up pregnant. Instead I had crafted the story that 'baby-daddy' had been on a business trip in the city and had seduced me into a one night stand before flying home, leaving me with pleasant memories and an expanding stomach. It was at least partially true.

"He wouldn't be the handsome young man I saw you walking home with last night, would he?" David asked.

"The very one," I confirmed, "it's unbelievable; he leaves me here to go and do his work, and when he comes back he tries to dictate to me who I can and can't see!" That version wasn't totally accurate, of course, but it conveyed my feelings well enough.

"I think he just missed you." David offered.

"I hope so." I replied.

As the elevator descended, I felt a wet trickle start to seep out of my pussy and into my underwear. It was my intruder's cum from our most recent coupling, and it was a rather unsettling reminder of who had most of the power in our relationship.


The morning in the hospital was uneventful, just the usual medical errands that needed running, not even a heart attack to liven things up. That was a horrible thing to think, but all day I was rather preoccupied with my earlier argument with my nameless intruder.

A big part of the problem was that he wouldn't tell me who he really was. He was keeping me at arm's length with fake names whilst ensuring I stayed under his control. A bit of mystery could be hot and romantic, but an actual first name was far too basic to skip over. It was a bit too late for him to worry that I might turn him in; and even if I did, he had enough skills and resources to just disappear if he wanted to whether I reported him or not. After what he'd put me through, at the very least he owed me a little trust. In fact, he especially owed me some trust as I had little logical reason to trust him. I was a woman, and he was a rapist. From my position, he wasn't so much an alpha male as an alpha predator to be avoided all costs by his female prey. Of course, I had long since become sexually subordinate to him, but in return for having his baby, the least he could do was treat me like an independent human-being.

I spent all morning in this half-resentful, half-worried state of mind before taking a break for lunch. I ate lunch with David as usual, who never failed to cheer me up. He was funny and kind, and full of useful information about what do to as my belly got bigger. It did occur to me that my intruder was probably watching us from the shadows, so I made an extra show of enjoying David's company. He was a damned good friend to me, and my rapist had no right to stop me from having friends.

Eventually, I had to return to work, and I went down to yet another ward in the vast hospital to do the rounds there. All the rooms had two beds separated by a curtain for a partition; soon enough, my rapist revealed himself from behind one of them.

The nagging sense of paranoia in my mind, coupled with memories of previous ambushes, softened the shock at seeing him emerge from behind a curtain and clamp a hand over my mouth as I was changing a sleeping patient's IV drip. I struggled indignantly, not at all in the mood for surprise sex, but instead of getting down to business he pulled me behind the curtain and closed it again, pinning me against the empty bed on the other side.

"I just want to talk to you." My rapist whispered, removing his hand from my mouth but keeping a firm hold of my hips and waist.

"That's a new development," I hissed sarcastically, "here I was thinking you needed to relieve your urges."

"I'm serious, Leah," he replied, "I don't like that we fought earlier, and I wanted to see how you're doing."

"Well aside from being attacked by a rapist, I'm doing just fine, thanks." I answered, "I also had a very nice conversation about you with David, who is, and will remain, my best friend, whether you like it or not. But you probably already knew that, didn't you?"

I was still angry about my quasi-boyfriend's intrusion into my private life, and was deliberately barbing him, a fact he clearly noticed.

"As long as he's just a friend, I don't mind." was his surprisingly calm response.

Since he claimed to be so calm about, and because I was still annoyed with him, I decided on the spur of the moment to test him.

"Well, he would be my number 2." I mentioned with a casual, saccharine voice.

"Your what?" my rapist asked, his voice and face hardening suddenly.

"If you were to leave me alone again, or piss me off again like you did this morning, David would be my number 2 option."

That really got his blood boiling; he gripped my hips possessively and forced his groin in between my legs, his beautiful green eyes seething with masculine jealousy. His sudden, aggressive change sent a spike of fear through my heart. It probably wasn't wise for a woman to antagonise a man who was twice as strong as her.

"No one is going to lay their hands on you, except for me." He growled.

My heart was racing with fear at this point. Perversely, his aggressive, possessive behaviour was also making me seriously wet. He was still a prime example of an alpha male, and his basest urges were on full display. Even so, would he hurt the mother of his child in the heat of his anger? I seriously hoped not, but I quietly slipped my hand into my pocket and nervously gripped my taser just in case.

"If you're going to 'punish' me again, you'd better hurry up," I said defiantly, fearful of his boiling potential for violence and the knowledge that I was playing a very dangerous power-game with him, "someone will be around soon, wondering why I'm taking so long to swap out an IV drip." With my heart pounding in my chest, I leaned in close and whispered in his ear, "and being caught red-handed raping a healthcare worker can't be good for your freedom."

I gazed into his eyes, terrified by the seething anger I saw in them, and uneasily awaiting his response to my gutsy ultimatum. At long last, his grip relaxed and the tense standoff ended.

"Get out." He ordered, letting me go. A huge wave of relief washed over me and I decided to do as he said rather than push my luck any further.


As I finished my round of the ward, I couldn't help feeling somewhat proud of myself for standing up to my rapist. Even though he retained most of the power in our relationship -- assuming that was the right word to use -- I'd managed to goad him by pretending to be interested in other guys, and still get him to back off from fucking me. I might have to pay for it tonight, but it felt good to face him down.

That being said, I hadn't done it purely to spite him. In all the time I'd been with him, I had genuinely fallen for him, which made the fact that he wouldn't tell me his name that much harder to bear. I wanted him to stick around and be a father to our baby; maybe if I poked and prodded him in the right places, he would stay. But my smugness at having bested him was also tinged with a little fear. As with our argument that morning, I hoped I hadn't overdone it by implying I was interested in David.

"Someone looks happy today." said another male colleague of mine by way of greeting.

Dean joined me to help with the last few rooms in the ward, making small talk along the way. In spite of his reputation as a pervert and a womaniser, I found myself genuinely enjoying his company. He seemed particularly friendly to me today, dropping a few flirtatious remarks here and there; I even found myself flirting back, the better to annoy my rapist/lover if he happened to be watching.

"There's one last patient at the end of the hallway," said Dean, pointing to the furthest door, "then we're done with this ward."

I nodded and went straight to the end door, preparing to check the last patient only to find there was nobody in the room. I turned around to see Dean enter the room after me, locking the door behind him.

"There's no one else in the ward," he assured me, straightening his messy hair out, "so we have some time to ourselves."

"Time for what?" I asked Dean, feeling confused and uneasy about this turn of events.

"You're smoking hot, Leah," Dean said, walking towards me as I inched away, "and I've had my eye on you for a while. Now, I want to do something about it."

"Dean, I'm flattered," I replied with a nervous smile, "but I don't feel that way about you."

"Then why were you flirting with me earlier?" he asked, unconsciously flexing his muscles as he approached me. The glint in Dean's eye was different this time, and it set my feminine, survival instincts abuzz, warning me to escape.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Dean." I answered evasively.

"Of course you do, Leah," replied Dean, finally getting me up against one of the beds, "I've been dropping hints for weeks now, and so have you; and I'm not content to stand around and watch you strut by me every day with those sexy legs of yours without getting a taste of what's between them."

"Dean, that's enough," I protested, trying to manoeuvre out from behind him, "we should get back to work before somebody notices we're gone."

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