tagCelebrities & Fan FictionIoan Gruffudd Ch. 05

Ioan Gruffudd Ch. 05


Three months had come and gone since that night, and I could still remember every detail. Nothing in my life had been so erotic. I'd thought often on the plane ride back to the states how I should have been horrified or ashamed, but all those memories did were make me wet and whimpering.

I had snuck out like a thief with a torn dress and a suitcase in hand. I left a kiss on his cheek and nothing more. No forwarding address or phone number.

America was much as I remembered it. The second I reached the public access area of the airport there were cameras. Could I tell them which relative was NM Lee? Did I even know? Why was I in LA? Was I there to broker a deal for NM?

I waved them off and kept my head down.

I moved into a hotel out of laziness and hammered out a script with a very good screenwriter. He too thought I was NM's relative, never guessed the truth. The few producers who did know had signed confidentiality contracts and would never tell.

So I lived alone on room service and kept to myself. I watched try out tapes. The only person we'd had in mind before the script was finalized had been Ioan and now he was almost set. Matthew McConnaughey had signed on and now we were casting mostly unknowns.

I had input on casting and production, but not much. I couldn't very well be interacting with the cast as a producer than have them see NM listed as one, now could I?

So three months had gone smoothly until the lead producer Cal called me in my suite one morning.

"Nicky, we have a problem."


"We're going to lose Ioan if you don't come meet him."

"My God, why?"

"I didn't know you knew him. He thinks NM can help him find Nicky. I'm guessing even he doesn't know who you really are."

"And it's supposed to stay that way."

"He's going to walk. He's the biggest star, the press releases have plugged him, we cannot lose him. You have to do something."

"Absolutely not."

"I am not kidding. He's going to walk and if he does, we pull the plug. You'll never get another film in this town again."

"Are you threatening me? I could make life very uncomfortable for you, Cal. That is if you're threatening me."

"I'm not threatening you, it's the truth. Look, come down here and bullshit him. Tell him NM is not available. Whatever he wants to see you for just tell him what he wants to hear. We gotta schmooze the talent."

"Cal," I sighed, "I am the talent."

"Yeah, you're also a producer. So buck up and get your ass down here."


"My office."

"Two hours."



"Fine!" He hung up.

I frowned at the phone and studied the mirror. A few pounds lighter, tanner, my hair was marginally longer and lighter. I looked good, but did it really matter?

Hell yes. A woman's looks were her weapons.

I showered quickly and made sure I was still smooth and free of hair. I lathered on light moisturizer and scented myself softly. I put rollers in my hair and dressed in a sexy low cut red wrap shirt and a matching skirt that showed off my athletic legs.

I added ankle breaker pumps and subtle makeup to make my lips poutier, my eyes bigger and bluer, my skin glowing and dewy. My eyebrows were perfectly arched and dark gold, my eyelashes impossibly long and uncluttered. My lips were sinful seduction red and my hair fell down in soft, voluminous waves of golden-blonde sun-warmed strands.

There wasn't a man alive who would be unaffected.

My car was waiting for me in front and I peeled off in my classic Mustang. The studio was across town and it was almost a forty five minute drive by the time I arrived. Security waved me in and I parked by Cal's office.

I made sure to step out using legs and posture and two actors in costume almost tripped over themselves. Bolstered with confidence I swept in.

Cal's secretary Marta was looking haggard. "They're inside, go on ahead."

"Who all?"

"Gruffudd and Cal."

I nodded and swept in. Both were at the conference table, Cal was facing me and chatting away nervously, Ioan was seated with his back to me. I noticed right away his hair was longer and curlier than I remembered.

"Here she is."

Ioan whipped around and I saw surprise flash before a mixture of emotions. Male interest, possession, fury, and agony all at once. I'd never seen that look on a human before, just on statues in Florence.

"Cal, may we have a moment alone?"

He looked nervously at Ioan who was still staring at me.


He slowly rose and I watched him until he was behind me and the door shut. I walked over to the blinds and closed them. Ioan just watched me.

"I was looking for NM."

I sat down with a deep breath. "Nicky Meghan Lee, pleased to meet you."

He almost gaped, and I saw a tick at his left eye.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I really wanted you for this role and I thought what...we had might have gotten in the way. I do hope you'll be professional enough to overlook this."

Nothing, just that grim look.

I sat back and crossed my legs, well aware of the effect they had.

I waited until he finally spoke. "Was it all some kind of joke?"

Some of the ice melted. "God, no. If you'll remember, it was a mistake at first. I tried to back out. When I told you I couldn't handle anything, I meant it. I meant this."

"Then why do it anyways?"

I set my jaw. "You were there, I'm sure you remember."

Something dark passed through his eyes. "You could have at least said goodbye."

"Ioan, you threatened to walk off the set of a film guaranteed to make millions to track me down. Is that really what you wanted to talk about, that last night?"

"Not quite."

"Then spit it out. We both have very busy days ahead of us."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Tell you what?"

"You didn't just duck out on me, you ducked out on your friends. Danny was the one who woke me the next morning, he'd come to check up on you. He also said you'd tearfully confessed you were in love with me."

The way he said it made it seem dark, perverted.

Folding my arms I forced a smile. "A foolish notion, I assure you, brought on by too much sex and not enough sleep."

"Don't lie to me, Nicky, I don't like it when you lie."

I cocked my head. "It was only one time I jumped when you said so, never again. And that was just mindless fucking. Do not confuse it with real life."

His eyes were mocking as they trailed down my body. Okay, I had dressed to defeat, but had it been to impress? With his eyes he implied so. He himself looked tired, his skin not quite adjusted to California sun, his eyes not adjusted to the time zone. His shirt was open at the collar, his jacket unbuttoned, his stubble thick for one day.

Had I thought him hard edged before? He was an entirely different species now.

"You would still like it. No one else can give you what I do."

"No, they can't."

He looked shocked so I raised an eyebrow in condescension.

"What? You thought I'd lie? I doubt I could find a man in history as good as you, but that doesn't make a difference. I have other things I have to pay attention to in my life and no time for any silliness."

He stood and I instinctively shrank back. He smiled down at me. "Silliness? Really, you call it silliness?"

He came closer and I held my ground, still afraid of what was to come. His fingers trailed on the dark tabletop, looking pale and thick. I remembered just what they could do to me and damn if I wasn't wet already.

"Yes, I do."

He stopped next to my chair. "I told you once that you hide from yourself."


"Now I can't tell if it's me or you you're hiding from." He crouched down next to my chair and brought his face level to mine. "So tell me."

I shivered and tried to put the ice in my stare. "Are you going to do the film or not?"

"I will on one condition."

I sighed. "And that is?"

"While we're filming, at least three nights a week, you'll fuck me."

I slapped him and he just took it, bringing his face slowly back to mine and cradling the red finger marks with his hand as if it were a sensual treat.

"I am not a whore!"

"I never said you were. If I could buy your services I would, but I will use any leverage I can to have you again."


He stood and looked down at me. "Because no one gives it like you."

His hands were coming up to his belt now, hanging loose and framing his crotch. I had to look and blushed scarlet. His erection was huge.

"You sick bastard." He was enjoying this far too much.

"Is that a yes?"

"I could sue you for sexual harassment."

"And lose the movie? I think not. Tonight, my place."

I stood and brushed past him, glad my heels gave me two or three inches over him. I unlocked the door and locked back with the most triumph I could master. "We don't start filming for another month."

He folded his arms and gave me a cocky grin. "I'll be nice and save it up then. I promise you...you won't regret this."

I slammed the door shut and scared Cal and Marta. They waited for my answer with wide eyes and flinching hope.

"He'll do it."

I stormed out dreading what was to come.

That anticipation just built and built over the month until filming began. We shot some of the sex scenes first and Ioan was too dominating. The director had to tell him to back off, the actress he was working with was giggling and nervous. Her first love scene and Ioan had that massive erection poking her at every turn.

I knew that giggle very well.

The first night I was given an address and nothing more. It took me three hours to get ready. I'd left the set early to decide what to wear and he gave me a knowing look, that was when I knew the blonde actress on the bed was me in his mind and that rough passion was what he was saving.

I went for contentious. Comfortable t-shirt with the Minnesota logo on it, broken in comfy jeans, and worn sneakers. The makeup was absolute minimalist and my hair was in a ponytail. I washed it and that was my only concession.

The house was smaller than I'd expected and reminded me of Chicago. Almost a bungalow it was in neutral colors with barn red trim. Unusual to say the least.

The door was answered by a tall slim blonde woman. His ex wife, I recognized.

"Um, hello."

"Hello," she said evenly.

"Nicky! Nicky!"

I looked behind her to see Rhys who came barreling out the door and into my hug.

"Hey kiddo!" I ruffled his hair. "How do you like America?"

"Everyone here talks funny like you!"

"Here you're the weird talker."

"Mom, can Nicky come with us to the restaurant?"

She looked speechless, so I stepped in. "Sorry kiddo, your dad and I are working on his new movie together. We have work to do tonight."

"Aw, heck. Dad's taking me to the zoo after work tomorrow, maybe you can come."

"We'll see."

The ex folded her arms. "You, uh, you work together?"


"Hmm, I know how that goes. I'm Alice Evans."

"Nicky Lee. I've seen your body of work, quite impressive. I thought you gave 'The End of Life' much needed warmth, playing Anna as a stutterer. I know that wasn't written."

She gave me a smile. "What have you worked on?"

"Mom-my, I'm hungry."

"Not much. I won't hold you up."

"Thanks, I'll let Ioan know you're here. Come on, Rhys."

"I wanna stay outside!"

"Can you watch him?"

"Sure thing."


I turned to Rhys who was spinning and making airplane sounds.

"So done anything cool lately?"

"Naw. Dad took me for a hotdog at this place shaped like one but it wasn't as good as the one you gave me."

"Celery salt, kiddo. We make 'em like that in Chicago."

"Where's Chicago?"

"About fifteen hundred miles thataway." I pointed and he laughed.

"Come on, Rhys. Ioan, Nicky." Alice came out with a smile.

Rhys waved and I waved back before turning with grim resentment.

Ioan's hair was freshly washed, still damp and curling. He wore a navy blue t-shirt over worn jeans. We actually matched.

"Golden Gophers?"

"College team."

"Ahh. Come on in."

I don't know what I was expecting. An X rack, maybe two Dallas cowboy cheerleaders and a German Sheppard. I just couldn't go that far.

Instead I found a comfy looking couch and plush armchair, coffee table and entertainment center. There was a dining room beyond the living and a den to my left. He led me into the den.

In there it was wood paneled, the couch was black leather so was the chair. The fireplace was gas and going, the lacquer coffee table sported two balloon glasses and a bottle of a decent Spanish red.

"Have a seat."

"Okie dokie." I dropped my purse on the floor and sank down on the couch.

There was something distant and unreal about this. I'd grown up around whores and I knew how impersonal it was. I just wasn't sure if I wanted that or the resurrection of my love.

Perhaps that was it; if he made me love him, didn't he win the ultimate power game? If it went on long enough, he would. But that didn't mean I'd have to give in and surrender so easily.

He poured the wine and passed me a glass before settling next to me.

"So what now?"

He smiled. "It's been a long day."

"So I'm off the hook?"

"Hardly. But I thought it would only be fair to let you call the shots."

He was testing me. He'd see how far I went tonight so he'd know what limits to push tomorrow. I took a sip of the wine and laughed. "In that case as long as your tongue is limber I can get out of here in under ten minutes."

"Oh, we can do anything you want, but you did promise to fuck me."

"I think that would be fucking you."

"Not over, my dear."

"What exactly are you trying to prove?"

He sank back into the cushions in what was extreme grace. "It doesn't matter, does it? Whenever you want me, dearest."

"Asshole," I cursed. I slammed the glass down and took his, doing the same. "You have a bedroom somewhere?" I'd been too easily provoked and knew it the moment the words left my mouth, but it was too late to turn back.

"Three, actually." He looked amused. Smug bastard.

"What's the closest?"

"First one on the right upstairs."


"Nicky, I do believe your foreplay has slipped."

"Move it." I didn't have to make this fun. For anyone. I wondered briefly if he had to have an orgasm for my obligation to be fulfilled.

He led me up to the master bedroom. It held a king size bed and dresser, two doors. One was a walk in closet the other a private bath. I closed the door and peeled off my shirt.

"Get naked."

He smiled but it didn't reach his eyes. He did undress though, as quickly as I until we were naked and standing. I sat on the bed and patted it. He sat.

I reached for him and pushed him until he was on his back before I straddled him. I shouldn't have looked in his eyes but I did as my hand met his cock. It was partially swollen and a few quick turns of the wrist made it grow harder and harder.

He kept his gaze on mine as his pupils dilated and god help me, I was aroused by his submission. Enough so that I felt confident moving my pelvis towards his.


"No? I thought this is what you wanted, Ioan."

"Damn it, you're not ready. Don't punish yourself to prove a point."

"I thought I was in control."

He leaned up on his elbows and raised an eyebrow. "Than act like it."

I rolled off onto my back and tugged him over. "Suck my nipples." Dominatrix I wasn't but I thought I could put on a good enough show.

This began a game where he misinterpreted my every command. I said suck he licked; I said harder he went faster. It turned me on, the various stimulation but it was frustrating. Damn it, he'd gotten around my own ego.

"Do as I say."

"Make me."

He thought I was chicken but I moved fast. I dug my right hand into his hair and yanked back, the other hit a nerve bundle in his chest. He froze in pain and I rolled him to his back. Had I a whip it would have been better but he was much stronger; surprise and pain were all I had on my side. As he gasped his eyes grew dark in anger.

"Now suck my clit."

I straddled his face and settled my pussy down. He could have done any number of things but he sucked as told. From then on he did as I asked and I found myself climbing higher and higher towards my goal. I came like a speeding train, shaking and moaning. He kept up the ministrations through it all.

Fuck. He had won, yet again.

I rolled off for a moment to catch my breath and he turned.

"What next?"

I looked down at his cock, half erect. Might as well enjoy it now that I'd lost. "Stroke it for me. Touch yourself."

A dark look, as if he might challenge but then his hands moved down. I would have sold my soul for the strength not to look, but I had to. He was huge and his hands were so pale against the red of his cock. He moved two hands in time, stroking until precum slipped out and then he used his thumb to lube the head with it.

I stared dry mouthed and felt my womb contract in time to his strokes. I could see his balls tighten and I knew he was close. He looked at me and I brushed his hands aside, taking his cock in hand and stroking it.

"Don't stop. Cum."

"Y-y-you s-said you'd-d f-f-fuck m-me."

"I will," I promised. God damn, I was lost, powerless in the face of my desire. My own personal Night of the Iguana.

He gave a shout as he came and I pinched the top of his penis hard, shutting off the cum and letting him shiver and gasp in orgasm. At long last he came down with a frown.

"What the fuck was that?" His voice was heavy and thick and held the barest hint of a tremble.

"Welcome to multiple orgasms for men one-oh-one."


I pulled my hand away and he was still hard.

"Grab the headboard."

"Explain yourself, woman."

"Do I have to hurt you again?"

"You're welcome to try. Woman."

Oh, now he was just being bitchy. Tuning him out, I rolled off the bed and stood, looking for my clothes. "Then I'll leave."

"Damn it!"

"Grab the headboard!"

He grabbed it and I came back slowly. His cock had wilted slightly and I licked it back to hardness, all the while he grasped the wooden slats so tight I thought they'd break.

When he was hard enough I lowered myself down. "You'll have to come when you need to, It's too dangerous to hold back twice."

He grunted as I began to move, focused solely on my orgasm. It was there, starved for nearly four months and so delighted to have the monster cock back my body couldn't wait. I raced there and when I came, he groaned and came with me. The spray of come was incredible inside me and triggered another orgasm, heart stopping.

Unceremoniously I rolled off just as it ended and went into the bathroom for a towel. I cleaned up and came back in, tossed the towel to him.

"You leave a lot to be desired."

"I'm not the fucking welcome wagon. I'm your fucking whore. Want more? Tough shit."

"So angry." He gave a knowing smile and I itched to slap his face.

"I don't like being used." I jerked my pants on when I couldn't find my panties and searched for my bra.

"You think I'm using you? God, are you naive or what?"

I threw his pants at his head. "Thanks to you I have to reveal a very important secret and sleep with a man I don't want to three times a week for months. The least you could do is be a gracious winner."

He'd caught the pants deftly and just watched me with those dark eyes. It was a level gaze and made me feel like I was being childish but I just didn't know how. "It's not a game, Nicky. What can I do to make you see that?"

"Leave me the hell alone?"

He shook his head. "Tonight was spectacularly bad, and it was still great. Remember when it was fucking fantastic? What's so wrong about that?"

"I don't like where your head is. Snap out of it."

He smiled.

"Thursday, wear something sexy. I mean it. I want good underwear."

I just snarled and stormed out. Whatever he was playing at, I did not want a part of it.

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