She lay on the sofa under the blanket. The carpet collapsed under my bare feet as I walked across it. With each step, I removed what little clothing I still wore. By the time I climbed on the sofa with her, I was as naked as she was.

I climbed over her and spooned behind her. Her hips pressed against mine. My breasts warmed against her back. My face nuzzled against her neck.

"What are you doing, Kristen," she said breathlessly. My hands caressed her hips and teased her thighs.

I whispered, "You've been alone long enough You can keep watching, but you're not watching by yourself." I kissed her ear and lightly bit her ear lobe. I looked to where she was looking.

Across the room, Vicky was on her knees and stroking Thomas's long, dark penis. Kissing it. Loving it. Stroking it.

Iris had seen this plenty of times. Weeks ago, she'd gone from good friend to giddy voyeur.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

She was a friend I'd met through a college class. She's still a "college kid". I'm a mom going back to pick up a class. She came over to work on a project and was introduced to our world. Thomas, me, Vicky, and our five kids.

It didn't take long for her to ask how we came to be together. I told her how we were drawn together, and before long realized that we wanted all the same things... love and family... together. So, we did.

Vicky and I were pregnant within weeks of each other. In the next few years, I had three more babies with Thomas and became the stay at home mom while Vicky & Thomas supported us all.

From time to time, the grandparents took the kids for the weekend and gave us time to be adults. We're pretty sure that's how our youngest came to be.

That's when we started inviting Iris. She'd come over for dinner and then go home. Then, she'd stay the night. One night, we thought that Iris had fallen asleep on the sofa, so we were bold and indulged right there in front of her. We were wrong. She saw the whole thing and didn't mind one bit. She'd always liked black men, and seeing one with (as she liked to refer to me and Vicky) his two wives was heaven.

She watched me with Thomas.

She watched Vicky with Thomas.

She watched me with Vicky.

She watch all three of us in our erotic glory.

Tonight, we wanted her to do more than just watch.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

She turned to me. Excited. Confused.

I kissed her softly as I caressed her belly. My hand came up to feel her ample breasts. Hard nipples made her squeal a little as I squeezed. I reached over to place my mouth on them. Hot. Hard. So wonderful to feel in my mouth.

I pulled back, and smiled. I looked in her eyes. I kissed her passionately and rolled her on her back. My thigh pressed between her legs as I straddled her thigh. Her hot, wet sex was open and willing. She could feel mine just the same on her thigh.

But that wasn't the plan.

"Kristen, you don't have to do this. I want you to enjoy Thomas."

I smiled. "I appreciate that, but we want you to enjoy Thomas too."

She looked to where Thomas and Vicky were moments ago. They were gone. Now they stood beside us on the sofa. Thomas's penis hung down within arms reach. I pulled him closer and took her hand on him. "Squeeze," I said.

She did, and he moaned that sexy moan that makes you want to do whatever it takes to make a man moan some more. His tip oozed into a drop, but she took it with her palm and spread it down along his shaft. Her breathing became more labored. I looked at Vicky. She smiled the same smile I did. Iris was excited and wanted our man.

Vicky crawled up and parted Iris's thighs. She kissed up to her sex and parted her lips with her fingers. Vicky smiled. It was the same smile I'd seen a thousand times with me. Then, she extended her tongue.

Iris's eyes bulged. She moaned. She was almost tempted to let go of Thomas's erection. I whispered, "Don't let go of Thomas. Squeeze him." She looked at me with confusion. She was feeling so many things that she wasn't sure which way was up. I kissed her.

"Vicky gets to make you feel good for a few moments. Then, I get a turn. Finally, Thomas gets the real honor. You OK with that?" I smiled. I kissed her again. She smiled and nodded.

Thomas moved around so that his penis hung above us. I knew what to do. I reach up, wrapped my hand around him and pulled him to my mouth. He was hot and so hard in that way an excited man gets. Sucking on the head, I stroked him length to keep him that way. I pulled him from my mouth and pointed him to Iris.

Iris smiled and opened happily. She took my cues and stroked him as well. Occasionally, she'd stop and moan when Vicky hit just the right spot, but she'd get back to it soon.

After five minutes, Vicky and I changed places. She helped Iris fellate Thomas while I went down on Iris.

If ever I saw a woman in more need of sex, I can't remember. She was so ready. She flowing. Her clitoris was practically waving from the top of her sex! I took my place and licked it, and then I drew breath and pulled it between my lips. Her thighs went tight against my ears. Her hand held my head tightly. I felt her pulsing and pulsing and pulsing.

It was quicker than I excepted, but I knew it was time.

Thomas stepped around between Iris's legs and rested his erection on her lips. Her hot, wet, swollen, spent lips. After a moment, I pulled him up and placed his tip between them, and he slid forward.

The display of simultaneous shock, joy, and lust on Iris's face was breathtaking.

Her legs wrapped around him and her settled into his rhythm. It was a rhythm that Vicky and I knew all to well... and enjoyed every time. Iris seemed like the type that would appreciate it as well - Which is why we invited her.

Vicky and I spooned and watched. We always loved watching Thomas. We kissed. We caressed. We watched him bring our friend to new heights.

After a while, we knew it was coming to a close.

Thomas testicles were in a tight package close to his torso. He was taking shorter, stronger strokes. He was ready to cum.

Iris read the signs too. She looked at us with a face said, "Is he going to pull out?"

We shook our heads. "No."

She smiled as if to say, "Thank God!"

Thomas raced. Quick thrusts. Short thrusts. He was sprinting until... AUUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGG!!! He growled like a bear - long, loud, fierce - and strained like he was stunned and couldn't move.

Vicky and I got up to get pillows, towels, and blankets.

When we returned, Iris's legs were on his shoulders, he was still inside her, but we could tell they were both ready to stop.

We placed the pillows on the floor under Iris's bottom and placed towels over them. Thomas lowered her and pulled out.

She was wet and open. She looked like a woman that just had sex with a fantastic lover -- which she had. Slowly, little bits of Thomas seed appeared, but we spent more than a few moments pushing it back in as best we could.

The three of us cuddled as Thomas got something to drink and to shower.

"Why the pillows," she asked.

"To give his semen a chance to pool around your cervix. Better chance to get pregnant." said Vicky.

"But I'm on the pill," replied Iris.

I said, "We know, but we also wanted to make sure that if there was a chance you'd get pregnant that we gave that to you."

"You'd be OK if I had Thomas's baby?"

I laughed, "Iris, if we weren't, you never would have seen him naked."

Soon, we all got up, cleaned up, and went to bed. Thomas and Vicky slept on our room. I spent with Iris in the guest room. We spent a long time talking about Thomas, Vicky, and kids. Eventually, I drifted to sleep.

As I did, I could swear I heard Iris say, "I would honestly be very happy if I ended up pregnant with Thomas's baby. And I'd be happier if I knew that you and Vicky were pregnant at the same time.




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Great Story

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