tagInterracial LoveThe Adventures of Hazel Ch. 01

The Adventures of Hazel Ch. 01


Long Time No See

It was a train journey that changed my life.

Not a special journey, I was just coming back from a work-trip. I was having a beer when I noticed a young woman pass me in the aisle for maybe the fourth time. She was staring at me and beautiful young women generally didn't bother to stare at me. I'm heading for forty and nothing special to look at. My wife only had an interest in seeing me in her rear-view mirror but at least her new man only wanted her and not half of my money. More fool him!

This girl was a stunner. A pixie face and brown hair to just above her shoulders, bright blue eyes and a fit perfectly-proportioned 5' 2'' or so body all wrapped up in a classy work-outfit. Given that she was working she was probably a little older than she looked, early twenties rather than a teenager. She smiled and it's bullshit to say that it lit up my world, but it lit up my world.

"Is it you, Andrew?" It might have been the voice tone or the subtle accent but I knew her immediately. Her brother had been a good friend of mine at school and Hazel had been first a rug-rat and then an annoying little girl who always wanted to be involved in everything we were doing. Then her brother bought himself a motor-bike and the last time I'd seen her had been at his funeral, just before I went off to college.

Which made her, at a quick calculation, about 23 or 24. I guessed looking so much younger had been a pain for her up to now. Well, from here on in she'd be much happier about it. She sat down and we talked through the last hour of the journey. We talked about her brother some and then caught up on events. I worked in the financial sector and was about to be single. She taught drama at a secondary school not twenty miles from where I lived. She was married, no kids.

Today she'd been shopping in the city where I'd been on business. She had a big bag with her and I'd been a married man so I knew what that meant. "Clothes?" I enquired.

Her eyes widened and the most delicious grin spread across her face. If you look up 'serious mischief' on Wikipedia there should be a picture of her at that moment. I think that's when I fell in love. I was to see that wide-eyed look many times in the future and it always meant trouble, usually of the most pleasurable kind!

Meanwhile, she opened her bag and started showing me the contents. I don't know what I'd expected but not these - cheap-looking garish little tops in stretch fabrics, skirts that looked like belts and some lingerie. There were also some jewellery boxes but they looked pretty trashy too.

She saw my shocked face and giggled like a schoolgirl. "Can't buy these where I'll be recognised! I bought them for tonight."

"Your husband likes these clothes," I asked, wondering what kind of guy this husband was.

There was that giggle again. "He's away tonight - these are for something special." She thought a moment and her eyes widened, "Andrew, would you like to come and have a drink tonight."

Not a hard decision - my empty house wasn't too inviting. I could tell she was up to something and I was intrigued.


She lived in a tiny terraced house in the middle of town. She poured me a drink, found some nibbles and then we got to work setting up a light and background curtains in her little office. Once she unpacked her webcam I saw where this was going. She went to change and in the meantime I hauled an easy chair into the corner outside the camera's range and settled back for what promised to be an interesting evening.

When she came back Hazel was very different from the classy school teacher I had last seen. A fluorescent lime-green spandex top so tight that it was pretty clear she wore nothing under it. A short plaid skirt which just barely hid her panties, bright white stockings and, just to top it off, a black leather choker with 'Slut' picked out in silver letters. Not the classic school-mistress!

"Fucking hell", I said and shifted in my seat. I probably didn't need Hazel seeing this boner. Her giggle told me I was too late.

"Andrew, help me with this," she said, holding out what was clearly a mask for the top half of her face.

"School teachers have to be careful if they want to do this and stay a school teacher," she laughed as I helped tie her mask on. "This thing's a bugger to tie on myself and I think I like having an assistant! Now here's a good chat-room - there are usually some cams on here."

It wasn't quite the dark web but I'd never heard of that particular 'Hotwife' chat-room and I wondered how Hazel had. Either she or her husband knew their way round some sleazy parts of the internet. I'd learned that Hazel's husband was an actor, i.e. usually unemployed, who was away on a rare gig playing a lawyer in a TV show. He'd be back tomorrow because, as usual, he got shot in the first five minutes of Episode One. He also hated computers, so that solved that mystery

"Does your husband normally help you?" I asked.

"FUCK NO, he'd flip if he knew I did this. Steve and his family are so conservative and buttoned-up it's unreal, that's why he's always cast as a lawyer or businessman or..." she hesitated and glanced at me.

"...financial services worker", I completed her sentance.

"No offense", she giggled. "I know you are a lot more fun - if a woman showed Steve this gear on a train he'd have got straight off it - probably not waiting to reach the station! Err," the eyes widened again, "if you want to, you know, 'enjoy' the show fully I won't mind. All the other boys will." I wasn't sure I was quite ready for that and thanked her while keeping my cock in my pants.

Hazel logged on, apparently as 'needsadaddy' (ahem) and signalled that she had a cam. Private Messages started appearing almost immediately and she typed a channel number in return to each. When her channel had about 30 names in it she whispered, "It's show time," and switched on her cam. Four little boxes appeared on her screen and it wasn't too surprising that they were showing pricks and hands and little else. The main box on the screen began scrolling typed messages. No need for details but the good men of 'Hotwife Central' pretty much all wanted Hazel to get her tits out. I couldn't blame them.

She rubbed her titties through her top and teased her audience a bit, standing to show off her short skirt and twirling to give a flash of tiny white panties. The audience still wanted to see her titties. After five minutes she gave them what they wanted. Hazel had a nice pair of 32Bs with prominent nipples which signalled proudly that she was enjoying the attention. The crowd approved and told her so. That lasted 10 seconds and then they all wanted to see her pussy.

She glanced across at me and looked at my crotch. I shrugged and started taking off my trousers. When in Rome... "Hmmn, that's a beautiful hard cock," she breathed. On her screen four hands moved a little faster up and down four hard cocks. But I knew she had been looking at mine when she said it. I was glad I'd decided to stop by.

Standing up, Hazel twirled to make her skirt rise and then quickly unclipped it. She rubbed hard at the front of her panties before shoving one hand down inside. Her audience approved and they liked it even more when Hazel used her free hand to wave a pair of scissors at the screen. They'd mostly seen her act before and they knew what was coming. One snip and a pair of cheap white panties were consigned to the waste bin. The audience all praised the star of the show, a beautiful neatly-trimmed pussy. Well, all except 'Ty16inches' who wanted to see her ass.

"Its decision time", said Hazel and opened her bag. "Do we want this" - a pink vibrator about six inches long - "or this" - a black dildo eleven inches long and a good two thick - "or maybe this for a change" - a shiny metal butt plug. The audience divided on that point almost equally while good old 'Ty16inches' wanted to see her use the black dildo in her butt. Hazel giggled, "Or we might have a special treat," and she suddenly moved towards me with her eyes widening and a giggle.

I had never had any desire to be a 'porn-star' but when Hazel grabbed my erect dick and pulled me towards the camera I didn't have much choice. The audience went wild - but disapproved of my "little cock". These guys had been watching too much porn - I'd always been happy with my cock and the four guys on cam certainly weren't doing any better.

I think the audience were just jealous - after all only one guy was getting his cock sucked by Hazel! My wife was never much into oral but Hazel was very enthusiastic, cupping my hairy balls as she slobbered warm saliva over my shaft. The audience loved it - but not as much as me. Hazel pointed as one and then another cock on screen shot their loads. She waved a kiss just before the two boxes disappeared. Then another box appeared and Hazel giggled. I'll admit this one did have me beat - 'Ty16inches' was false advertising but not by as much as you might expect. Ty was also clearly an African-American.

It might have been her new Black admirer but Hazel decided to up the ante. "Sucking's nice but should I swallow his cum or let him fuck me." Messages were flashing up every second and the screen was going wild. "You can't decide," Hazel scolded, "so I'll have to fuck him and then swallow his cum." A condom was expertly applied and I soon felt her grasp my cock and point it at her cunt. I slid home easily into her well-lubricated hole and we turned a little to let her audience see my cock moving in and out of her. I hate condoms but that pussy still felt great. I didn't care about the show any more and began pounding away as hard as I could, rewarded by gasps and moans from my co-star. It'd been a while, that's my excuse. Anyway, pretty soon I grunted and filled the condom.

I exhaled hard and then nibbled Hazel's neck. She giggled before sitting back in her chair. She took off my condom and then stuck out her tongue while pointing at her pussy. She didn't have to tell me twice. Fuck the camera, I was going in. I lapped at her wet cunt like the cat that got the cream. I crooked my finger and teased her clit - which earned noises of approval. Meanwhile, Hazel showed the cam my used condom before tipping back her head, opening her mouth and pouring its contents into her mouth. As she read the messages of approval on screen she tossed the condom in the waste bin and grabbed the back of my head, pushing my tongue deeper into her.

Which pretty much closed the show. TYs littered the screen and people were logging off. Pretty soon the messages slowed to a halt and there was just us - and the cam of a certain big black cock. "Enjoy the show Ty?" asked Hazel.

"U a fine slut but U wasted on that little white dick," Ty typed in response.

"Play nice, Ty," scolded Hazel.

"Shit, girl, fine white piece like U needs to cum to the States make some real money. Stop wasting time on here. I'll be management."

"Hm, managing what?" asked Hazel.

"Yr tight white money-maker. We hook u up with the big porn sites - interracial ones will love u. Sucking & fucking, then a blow-bang & bukkake before do DPs & gangbangs. End with gangsta creampie gangbang with nasty-looking niggas unloading in you. That gets name out and we make serious coin on hardcore webcams & one-on-ones. U not ugly under that damn mask?"

"No, I don't think so. When you say 'one-on-ones'..."

The typing resumed, "I drive u to clients & collect the money & then u rock their wrld. Head and fucking first, later u do anal & bareback. Get some real money real fast that way. Niggas gonna be lined up for a piece of u".

Those eyes were wide again and that smile was huge. She glanced at me and giggled. I knew the signs by now - Hazel was having fun and Hazel was getting horny. "What about my man here - can he come too?"

Ty was unimpressed, "Fuck, don't need more cracka cucks here. U be fine with me. U be getting lots of prime meat."

I went off to have a piss and by the time I got back Ty had gone. "Read the last message," Hazel said as she tidied up her gear.

"PM me tomorrow - tell Tiny Tim that I'll treat u rite, send you home with cash in yr pocket & my baby in yr belly. What mo can a ho want."

"Seems I got a job offer from a pimp," Hazel giggled, "I think you're Tiny Tim."

"Very funny, guy's probably a bloody accountant."

"An accountant with a big black dick who wants to be a ghetto pimp. I could be his first ho and get him started until he puts me aside so he can be my baby-daddy." The eyes were wide and the grin was broad. Ty had got her all worked up.

I just said, "Think about it."

She sort of clicked out of slut-mode, "Hmmn, it probably wouldn't be a good idea. It's lucky he's in America or I'd want to invite him over." She paused and then grinned again,

"But I'll think of being his ho tonight while you're fucking me."

So I got a job offer too - and I didn't turn mine down.

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Great original storyline

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