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Irish Goddess


Rare morning light streamed through my window at the quaint bed and breakfast that I was staying at in Ireland. Originally I'm from the States, but my grandfather came over from Ireland with my grandmother about 55 years earlier. For some reason, I just was born with the desire to return to the land of my ancestors. My father had the same desire, and as his son, I was bound to pick up on some of his traits, besides just the physical ones.

I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather that so seldom graces the Emerald Isle and take a walk in the countryside. The air was fresh and crisp, and there was only a slight breeze blowing from the south. The colors seemed almost surreal in their brilliance. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the wind picked up and the sky darkened. I was far out in the middle of a rock-covered field, with no shelter in sight and there was defiantly a hint of rain clouds on the horizon.

Sure enough, drops of rain started to plop onto my dark hair, matting it down in a matter of minutes. I ran toward the direction I came, hoping to get to the closest shelter I knew of. However, soon all that I could see in front of me was sheets of gray. I wandered about for a good 30 minutes, but I could be wrong about the time considering that my watch broke. All I knew was that my clothes were so soaked that they stuck to my 6 foot frame, weighing heavy on my broad shoulders.

At first I though I was seeing things, but out of the rain came a tall female figure, just as soaked as I was. As she drew nearer, I could see all the curves that her drenched dress could no longer hide. High, firm breasts, a slender waist, and hips that cried out to be grabbed. Without speaking, she took my hand and lead me throw the downpour. To enthralled, I followed mildly, curious as to what this gorgeous creature could want with me.

We arrived at a cave that seemed to glow from inside. I know that in my walk I hadn't seen a cave, so I guess I was more lost than I thought. Once inside and out of the rain I was able to get a better look at my silent savior. My heart nearly stopped. Blue-gray looked into my own blue eyes, open and inviting me to look deeper into them, threatening to drown me in their depths. Her hair started to dry by the fire that caused the cave to seem to glow from the outside, showing me that it was a thick lustrous brown. Her dress was white and nearly see-though from the rain, showing rose colored nipples hard from the cold. The hem stopped short of her knee, showing off toned calves and hinting at smooth thighs. Her feet were bare and she was shivering. Only my own chill kept me from embarrassing myself further.

Upon seeing this, I quickly stripped off my sweater and offered it to her, despite the fact that it would hide certain features that I was finding quite pleasant to look at. The sweater dripped onto the cave floor and was quite obviously not going to offer too much warmth to the woman in front of me. She started to laugh a little, hiding her smirk behind her face. I chuckled a little too, saying sheepishly, "I guess this wouldn't really work would it?"

"No, but I know something that will keep both of us warm." And with that, she stripped off her dress and flung it away. Seeing her completely naked shut down all sense of morality I might have instilled in me by my parents. I struggled out of my soaked pants and boots as she seductively walked over to a recess in the floor that I swear wasn't there when we first came in. In the recess were mounds of clovers, filling the room with the smell of fresh cut grass and a hint of something else. Blankets covered the clovers, making a nice little nest for the two of us, but I wasn't really concerned about that kind of comfort, I would lay on the stone floor with her.

She was already lying down in our "bed" when I finally got out of all my clothes. I paused for a half a second to take in her nude form once more. Noticing the lack of hair where her legs came together made me even harder, if that was possible. As I crawled over, she leaned in toward me, kissing me full on the lips almost aggressively. Passionately I returned the kiss, lips parted and tongues entwined. I reached toward her, arms encircling her waist, pulling her toward me. Her breasts rubbed up against my chest, her nipples sending sparks of passion throughout my body. Her hands roamed all over my body, rubbing my back lightly with her nails. They traveled lower and lower, until she grasped my throbbing cock, barely able to encircle the entire thing at the base. Up and down she stroked it with the touch of velvet, moaning all the while. I stopped kissing her to pay attention to her tits that were so inviting and firm. I gently nipped at her rock hard nipples, eliciting more gasps and moans. One of my hands snaked down to her bald pussy lips, spread them and discovered that she was dripping wet in anticipation. I found her clit and began to apply some pressure, rubbing it in circles. Soon I let my thumb replace my finger on her clit and I inserted one, two fingers into her snatch. All the while she pumped my cock with an experienced touch.

"I need you in me now," she demanded lustfully. With that she straddled me without waiting for a response. My throbbing cock slid into her tight pussy with a little difficulty, she was really tight. She sat atop me for a few moments, getting used to my width. While she just sat there, her pussy contracted around my cock, milking it and causing me to gasp out with pleasure. Then she started to move, rising up then impaling herself back down onto me. Her tits bounced with every thrust and my hands went up to fondle them. I closed my eyes, just letting myself get lost in the pleasure I was experiencing.

Suddenly, there seemed to be more sensations than just this mysterious woman bouncing on my dick. It was almost as though someone was massaging my balls and licking my shaft as the woman on top of me went up and down. I opened my eyes and saw another woman, identical to the one riding me, on her knees licking her twins juices from cock, occasionally flicking her tongue to hit the other's clit. Since the twin's ass was close to me, I took one of my hands from her twin's breast and slipped my fingers into her soaked snatch. Both girls were moaning out of control, getting closer and closer to a climax.

Then a third girl that seemed to come from nowhere came over to my face and started to kiss me. She too was identical to the other women. The third girl stopped kissing me and straddled my face, lowering her sweet smelling pussy to my mouth. I licked all around, savoring each drop of her juices and pretty soon she was joining the other girls in moaning and thrashing about wildly. Myself, well, I was having problems lasting. I really need to cum, but I didn't want any of this to end. All at once the three women arched their backs and let out a series of moans and screams that would've disturbed the sleep of people in England. A few seconds later, while the girls were still in the midst of their orgasms, I climaxed, thrusting myself deep into the pussy of the first girl.

The women all untangled themselves from each other and me panting and glowing. The second two girls cleaned my cum from the original girl, their tongues dipping in and out of her pussy. Once they were done, I saw something I still have trouble believing the second two girls merged with the first one, becoming just one person again. I blinked and she laughed at my confusion. She crawled over to my spent dick, cleaning it of her juices.

"Who are you," I managed to moan out while she continued with her ministrations, making me hard once again.

"I am the Goddess of this Isle," she murmured, her tongue barely leaving my cock. I started to thrust my dick down her throat as she greedily sucked it, licking the underside of it with each stroke.

"But I'm confused," I tried to continue, hard as it was with most of my blood at a different head then the one atop my shoulders. "Who were the women that looked like you?" "They were me, part of me," she replied, pausing for a moment. "Goddesses come in three. We do everything in threes. I am one, yet separate when I want."

"Why are you wasting your time on me," I asked when she went back to her licking and sucking. "Not that I'm complaining."

Deciding that I was hard enough, she once again inserted my cock into her tight box. Bouncing back up and down, panting and moaning for all she was worth, she still managed to get out, "I need seed from all the males that are 100% Irish. It keeps me young, so I won't fade away or lose my powers. You came back to your homeland, I needed yours." With that, she blurred a little and her two other parts separated from her.

With one voice, the three parts of the Irish Goddess spoke, "We do everything in threes."

I really enjoyed my trip to Ireland. I'm thinking of going again, very soon.

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