tagIncest/TabooIs that Who I Think it is?

Is that Who I Think it is?


Melonie's life is just not going the way she wanted it to go. A few of months ago she moved out of her parents home and in with her high school best friend who lives an hour away from their hometown. Melonie's bff, Carolyn, convinced her that she could get her a job at the lawyer's office that Carolyn works at, but so far nothing has happened.

Melonie has worked a few days a week through a temp agency doing single day jobs and making a little money, but it is barely enough to pay for her gas, much less food or rent. Carolyn has not collected rent from her the first two months because Melonie hasn't been working and because Carolyn has been unable to get her the job she had promised.

Danny, one of her friends from her hometown, called her last night to chat and see how she was doing. Melonie told him about her struggles to get by. He told her she should move back in with her parents and hang out with him and the guys.

"What have you and the guys been up to lately?" she asks him.

"Well, ummm last night we went to this new joint on the south side for a little bit."

Melonie asks, "What is the new joint like?"

There is silence on the line for a second before Danny tells her about this new rave club that has a secret back room where guys can pay to have fun with a woman. He explains that the women lays on a bench and has this large, white box surrounding the top half of her body so that you cannot see who she is and she cannot see you, but she is naked from the waist down. Her legs are suspended into the air and tied with rope behind the knees.

"Doesn't sound like much fun to me." Melonie replies before laughing.

"Yeah, probably not." Danny says, "But you would like the rave club. The DJ plays some great dance music."

She begins to think about the back room and wonders if it would pay well. "How much do you have to pay for the back room?"

Danny says, "It is $50 for fifteen minutes, but you can buy another fifteen minutes if you are enjoying yourself with the woman. The man said you can do whatever you want with the girl, but no back door action."

"Interesting." she replies.

Danny says, "What is that supposed to mean?"

Melonie laughs, "Oh, nothing. Just interesting."

After the phone conversation, Melonie thinks about the back room and ponders the possibility of working there. She enjoys sex more than most of her friends, but has a hard time getting off while having intercourse and most of her male companions don't want to spend the time giving her oral. She figures that this will give her an opportunity to make some quick money doing it once or twice.

In the morning, she calls the club and asks to speak to whoever is in charge of hiring women for the club. She is redirected to a lady named Beth. Beth sets up an interview with Melonie for that night so that they can meet and Melonie can learn about the job and what it entails.

Melonie shows up at the club around 9pm and tells the bouncer that she has a meeting with Beth. Beth explains the job in the back room and tells her that the girls work in two hour shifts. The girls work on commission only and make 50% of what is collected for during their shift. Melonie tells Beth that she is definitely interested.

Beth says, "Well, we had two girls call off that were supposed to work the ten to twelve shift. You can start tonight if you would like."

"Really? That would be great." Melonie replies.

An hour later, Melonie is sitting on a cushioned bench with a box over the top half of her body. She can extend her elbows out to her side without touching the box and reach above her head without touching the top of the box. The bottom of the box has a semi-circle cut out of it to accomodate her body. A cloth hangs down from the box and lays on ther body so that the person outside the box cannot see who is inside the box. Melonie is happy to see that the top of the box is painted with beach scenery.

She feels her legs being spread and each leg bound to a pole on each side of the bench. There is another girl on each side of her as well. Beth told her that a bouncer is in the room at all times to make sure that nothing bad happens to any of the three girls.

A few minutes later Beth hears male voices inside the room. She listens intently while resting her arms on her stomach just below her waist. She hears the bouncer tell the guys to pick the girl of their choice and have fun until their time is up. She can hear the three guys talking, trying to decide which woman they want.

She hears a voice that sounds familiar say, "I want this pretty thing in the middle. Her pussy looks fine as hell."

She tenses up a second, positive that the voice she heard was her younger brother, Michael. Her initial reaction is to want to run, but she couldn't run even if she wanted to because her legs are bound. She definitely doesn't want him to know that she is doing this job because he will think she is a slut, but at the same time, she doesn't want to have sex with her brother either.

Micheal runs his hands up and down the naked legs, feeling the soft skin and anticipating the joys of her beautiful pussy which he will soon be pounding. He leans down and kisses the inner thighs, causing Melonie to release a soft moan. A few seconds later he runs his tongue along her inner thighs.

Melonie cannot believe the tender touching that she is experiencing. She expected the men to rush in the room, slide their dick inside her and pump away for a few minutes until they explode and then move on. That is what she was hoping as well because then she would not be as sexually excited. That way this would feel like a job and not a sexually charged experience.

She feels the tongue dip between her spread labia, causing her to moan once more. This time the moan was a little louder. She starts thrusting her hips as she feels the tongue dipping in and out of her vagina. She tries to fight her desires, knowing who's tongue is inside her, but she cannot fight back the pleasure of his tongue. It has been over a month since she has had any sexual contact, other than by herself. She covers her mouth with her hand, trying to muffle her moans as the tongue slides up to her clit. She looks up at the painted box and imagines she is far away on some deserted island. She can hear the two girls next to her beginning to moan louder. She can tell by their moans that they are getting fucked. She wishes she was simply getting fucked.

Her body is sexually charged and she can feel her juices running down her ass crack as his tongue dances around her hole and swollen clit. She can feel her hips grinding against his face. She is so horny that she has forgotten this is very likely her brother. Just as she is starting to get close to a climax, she hears the bouncer say they have one minute left. She feels the tongue move away from her clit. She wants to scream and tell him not to stop. If this were happening in her bedroom, she would grab him by the head and push his face back between her legs.

She starts squeezing her nipples, hoping to give herself enough pleasure to have an orgasm. As much as she enjoys the sensations on her nipples, the pleasure is not enough to push her over the edge. She feels a warm sensation begin to slide between her legs and starts to freak out, realizing that a dick is entering her.

"I want fifteen more minutes." she hears the familiar voice say.

"We are all done." she hears another voice in the distance comment. "See you out in the club."

The familiar voice says, "I am going to fuck the shit out of this glory hole for fifteen minutes."

She know for sure that the voice is her brother. It is all that she can do to fight back her desire to scream "No." Instead, she says nothing. She can feel tears start to run down her face as the dick begins to slowly slide in and out of her pussy. He has pushed her to the brink of an orgasm, but the intercourse will not push her over the edge. Here she is, sexually frustrated, on the brink of an orgasm and being fucked by her brother all for fifty dollars.

She didn't think that she would feel demoralized by doing this job because she told herself that she would only do it once, just enough to make a quick couple of hundred dollars. Never did she even ponder the thought that she would be taking it from her brother of all people.

Two warm hands grab her ass and squeeze hard as the dick pounds deep inside her. She feels the hands lift her ass off the bench and suspend her into the air. She closes her eyes and imagines she is in a different place at a different time.

Michael notices that the girl is not moaning like she was before or grinding against him. He had hoped to give her oral to the point that she was on the edge and then have intercourse with her and feel her convulsing muscles milk him until he shoots his wad in the condom. Noticing that her body is not responding the way he had hoped, he reaches down and starts flicking two fingers back and forth over her clit.

The moment his fingers touch her clit, her hips jump and slam against his groins. He smiles, finally getting the reaction he desired. He continues to thrust his hips hard against her body as his fingers massage her clit. Her hips begin to move in rhythm with his body, grinding hard against him. He starts hearing moans from inside the box. If her were not in such an excited state, he may recognize the voice, but he is too busy trying to get off to pay that much attention to recognize the voice doing the moaning.

Melonie is going half crazy inside the box, clutching each of her breasts with her hands and pinching her erect nipples as hard as she can. The sensations of the fingers rubbing back and forth over her clit are just what she needs. She can feel her body building toward an orgasm as the dick thrusts harder and faster inside her.

She hears the bouncer announce that he has one minute left. The second set of minutes has flown by like nothing. She prays to that he helps her get off before time runs out. Her hips are grinding violently against the body as the fingers push her over the edge. She lets out a loud moan that echoes inside the box as her body convulses. Her inner walls grip the dick tightly, milking it until his semen starts shooting into the condom.

He thrusts a few last times deep inside of her as his orgasm washes over him and he pulls out. "Oh God, that was fucking awesome!" she hears David say as the bouncer announces that his time is up. Melonie feels a wet wash cloth wash her juices off her skin before the next customer begins.

For the next hour and a half she feels men pump away at her vagina. Her mind becomes numb to it all. She thrusts her hips just enough to help them get off, but does not really enjoy it at all. She wishes she could get off by intercourse, but it just doesn't do it for her for some reason.

When her shift is up, she feels her legs become free. She tries to walk but her legs feel like rubber as she slowly makes her way into the locker room. She looks at the two other girls who are taking a hot shower. She decides to join them. The hot water feels good and makes her think that she is washing all the guilt away as well.

Beth approaches them as they are drying off and hands each of them an envelope full of money. Melonie opens her envelope and begins counting the money. She cannot believe that she made $200 dollars in that short of an amount of time. She told herself that she would only do this once, but it is good money and she needs money.

Beth asks her how it went. Melonie tells her that it went well. Beth then says, "Do you want to do it again?"

Melonie replies, "My body is not used to that much action so I need to give my vagina a few days to recover, but I would like to do it at least once more in a few days."

Beth says, "Well, we are open tomorrow and Sunday then close on Monday. Would you like to pick up a shift or two on Tuesday?"

"A shift or two?" Melonie repeats back to Beth.

"Yes." Beth answers matter of factly. "During the week we open at five to attract the work croud. We stay open until 3am. You could work an early and then a late shift if you would like."

"Could I work the 7 to 9 shift and then the 11 to 1 shift?" she asks.

"Yes, I will put you down in the books for those two shifts on Tuesday."

Melonie figures that since her brother came in tonight at 9 she should be fine working the shift before and after the time he comes in. She puts the cash in her jeans pocket and heads to her parents to sleep for the night.

She opens the front door of the house and heads upstairs to her old bedroom. She rushes down the hallway, hoping not to have any interaction with her brother who's bedroom is the first door up the stairs. Just as she is about to enter her bedroom, she sees the bathroom door open. Melonie darts into her room as best she can and quickly shuts her door.

A few seconds later she hears a knock on the door. She doesn't answer the knock but then she hears another knock on the door. "Come in" she says after climbing under the covers of her bed.

Her brother sits down next to her on the bed. He can tell that something is bothering her because she has always been warm and friendly with him. "I didn't know you were back in town", he says.

"Yeah, umm, I just got back into town" she says, lying.

Melonie can feel her feet burning up under the covers so she slides her right foot out from under the covers and removes her sock. The air makes her foot feel much better. She does the same thing with her left foot without even thinking anything about it. Her brother looks down and sees the light blue toenail polish on her toenails. He does a double take and looks at her foot a second time.

When she sees him look at her foot she quickly pulls her foot back under the cover. She curses herself and realizes that he may have recognized her toenail polish from earlier in the night. She curls up in her bed and says, "I am tired. Let's talk in the morning."

He grabs the blanket and starts to pull it back to get a second look at her foot. She quickly pulls her foot away from him and says, "What the hell are you doing? Quit being such a perv."

"Whatever!" her brother responds as he stands up and starts leaving the bedroom. Just before exiting the room he turns around, "Are you sure you just made it back into town?"

"Yeah, why do you ask?" she quips back.

He doesn't answer and simply leaves the room. As he is lying in bed he thinks back to earlier in the night and swears that his sister is wearing the same nail polish as the girl he enjoyed in the back of the rave club. He can feel his dick starting to get hard as he thinks about his doing his sister. He pulls his dick out of his pants and starts stroking it.

She does her best to avoid her brother the next couple of days by visiting her friends in town. Tuesday afternoon she returns to her parents house to change clothes and take a shower before going back to the rave club.

She has changed her toe nail polish from blue to black and wears nothing but a black short dress to the club. Making sure that she is not recognized by anyone in the club, she takes the back road and pulls into the worker entrance in the back of the club. She is excited about making twice the money tonight, knowing that she will have enough to make rent and have gas money for a few weeks. The thing she is worried about is whether or not she will be able to walk after four hours of sex in one night.

At five til 7 the men are escorted out of the back room so that the women can change shifts anonymously. Unbeknownst to Melonie, her brother has followed her car to the club, trailing far enough behind her that she would not recognize his vehicle. When he saw her pull into the club parking lot his suspicions are confirmed. He parks around front and enters the club then heads straight for the back room. He tells the bouncer that he wants to make sure he gets to pick the woman he wants. The bouncer tells him that the first man in line gets the first choice and that he can have the second choice.

He is unhappy with the scenario, but hopes that things will work out for him. When the door opens up he quickly looks at the three women to decipher which one is his sister. He hears the man in front of him point to the woman on the far left and say, "I want that one."

Her brother looks over to the woman on the far left and is certain that it is his sister. He says, "I want the woman on the far left." He looks at the bouncer and says, "I will pay twice or three times as much to have that woman."

"What is your problem man?" says the man who was first in line.

The bouncer tells him that the rules are the rules and the first man has made his choice. Melonie's brother walks up to the man and says, "Hey, I will pay you $100 to choose one of the two other women."

The man replies, "Get out of here man. You are wasting my time with this girl. Go fuck another woman."

Melonie is secretly cheering for the first man from inside her box. She doesn't know why her brother is doing everything he can to have sex with her. "Does he know that she is the person to the far left?" she ponders to herself. "Is he doing this so he can intentionally have sex with her?"

"Look, I will pay you two hundered dollars to choose someone else!" he begs.

"Get out of here." the man says as he drops his draws and begins stroking his penis to make it hard. "Bouncer, get this man away from me."

The bouncer walks over to Melonie's brother and tells him to choose one of the two other girls or he will be escorted out of the room. Dejected, her brother chooses the girl in the middle. He puts on a condom and starts fucking her hard, letting out all of his anger and frustration. It kills him to know that someone else is fucking his sister right next to him.

When the fifteen minutes is up, the man to his left throws his used condom in the trash can and pulls up his pants. Melonie's brother rushes over to the bouncer and says, "I want to pay for the next thirty minutes with the girl on the left side."

The bouncer says, "There is a line of men waiting to have their fun with these girls, but I tell you what...since you have been so adamant about having that woman, I will let you have thirty minutes with her for twice the amount."

Melonie wants to scream, "Nooooooooooooo" as loud as she can to the bouncer. She is suspicious of her brother's motives and pretty sure that he knows it is her, but yelling would be a dead give away if by chance he didn't know it was her. She knows it is a possibility that he just had such a good time the last time she was here that he wants her again. She was hoping that by working the early shift, she wouldn't be here when he arrived. Unfortunately for her, she was wrong.

Melonie is wet from the last customer, but not feeling excited at all. She feels a warm wash cloth clean her up before her next customer, her brother. A few moments later, she feels warm breath on her private parts. A soft moan escapes her lips once again. She remembers how horny he made her the last time and secretly hopes that he gets her off again. The high of her orgasm will make the rest of her shift bareable.

She feels his tongue delve inside her pulled back lips and move up and down her slit. Her hips lift slightly off the bench to meat his tongue. She covers her mouth as she lets out a long sigh of pleasure. The tongue flicks across her swelling clit with serious intentions then begins circling the hood. She cannot hold back her moans anymore. The tongue expertly manipulates her body as it grinds against her brother's face.

Her mind is going into overdrive and it feels like the world is spinning around her. She holds her eyes closed tightly, her toes are curled long enough that she can feel them starting to cramp. The moment she feels his warm lips surround her aching hood, she starts gasping for air.

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