tagMind ControlIs This It Ch. 05

Is This It Ch. 05


Chapter 5 – Can Chris and Debbie get it together again?

The weeks moved on, I started divorce proceedings and tried my best to see my children as often as possible. Debbie did not try to prevent this and for that I was grateful. Despite my assertion that I wanted custody, my solicitor advised that I would be very unlikely to succeed even with the evidence I had to hand.

Debbie tried many times to arrange a meeting with me. She said she wanted to try and explain things but I refused to discuss it with her.

Easter was approaching and my parents persuaded me to attend the Easter Party at the Rugby Club.

I went with them and we were sitting at a table near the stage with together with Andy and Sarah. They had been good friends during my separation, Sarah in particular was very supportive even if she refused to take sides. After all she was a long standing pal of Debbie since before our marriage.

I went for a pee break and came back in time to see Irene, Bob and Debbie come in the door rather nervously, looking every which way as if sensing an ambush.

Instead it was me who had been ambushed. I got up to leave, anger coursing through my veins. My dad took my arm and said. "It's time you pair stopped this nonsense and cleared the air. Your mother and I set this up so don't go accusing anyone else. Before this divorce thing goes any further, at least try and talk first. If you still want a divorce after you have both had your say, then you'll have our support. But just think of your kids when you are talking and leave the selfish betrayal feelings to one side for a moment."

Irene for once was very quiet and at one point actually came over to me and apologised for her part in the bust up. She told me Debbie was heartbroken at the thought of divorce and wanted to try and explain her actions to me.

Debbie just sat there waiting for me to say something, anything. Andy, bless him tried to get the conversation started by asking open questions of Debbie in a vain attempt to draw her into speaking. She sat there, her head down and looking at me from under her eyelashes. She was clearly very nervous and may have been hoping I would start the ball rolling. I was not of a mind to show her any sympathy, but by God she looked so beautiful. I could see she had lost weight, too much to my mind. She suddenly stood up and made a bolt for the Ladies. My mum went to follow her, but Sarah, said. "No! Leave her to me, I think I know how to draw her out."

A few minutes later Sarah returned alone and then I heard the opening bars of a familiar song. Then in a faltering voice to start with I heard 'If I should stay, I will only be in your way' I immediately recognised the song and then the singer.

'I will always love you' was one of my favourite ballads and as she got more into it, Debbie's voice gained in confidence. I turned to watch her as she performed the song. I had never heard her sing this song before and when she got to the line, 'I .. I....I will always love you' she was staring right at me. My heart lurched and I knew then that I still loved her and probably always would.

When she finished there was a stunned silence for several seconds and then everyone began to clap and cheer. She stood on the small stage with her eyes filling with tears. When the hubbub died down she said. "That song is one of my husband's favourites and tonight, I sung it especially for him!"

Andy kicked me under the table and nodded at me to go and get her. I realised then that I would have to take the next step if there was to be any hope for us, so I walked quickly across the floor and held out my hand to her. She smiled through her tears and grabbed my arm for support as we returned to our table.

Her father kissed her cheek and made room for her beside him, but she shook her head and asked me to take her home. We said our goodnights and departed.

When we got home we sat and talked about what happened to us. She admitted that she had only started having sex with T and only him, after he had provided proof of my infidelity. I asked her what proof he had shown her and she said he had photographs of me with several women, all together in the same bed. I told her that they must be faked as I never been in that type of situation in my life. I confessed that I had been unfaithful, more than a few times since Bobby was born, but emphasised that I had always used protection. I apologised for my actions and thought about trying to mitigate my actions by blaming her but wisely realised that this was not the way to reconciliation, so I kept silent.

She must have sensed what I was thinking when she said. "You don't have to say it. I know I was a right bitch after Bobby was born. You were very patient with me, but I could not find it in me to give you the love you deserved. I need to get this off my chest and confess, I was attracted to T. He had been very attentive to me during this period, always buying me flowers, flowers that I dared not bring home in case you started to question where they had come from. I think I was attracted more to the memory of what might have been and the love we once shared before Erin was conceived. Eventually, when he showed me the photographs, well I have no excuse, I let him seduce me.

She kept saying sorry for her behaviour New Year's Eve, she had no excuses to offer other than she was drunk, angry with me, tempted and she just let events happen.

She said she had suspected that I had had little dalliances with other women and had decided early on that it was better to keep silent rather than face the alternative of divorce.

I asked her how T had set her up for his seduction. She said. "It was about a week after he had shown me the photographs of you and the sluts. T had just completed the one hundred house sales since taking over from his father and he hosted a small party in the latest show house to celebrate. The architects, and all the prime contractors had been there and naturally I was there as well."

I remembered the evening well, she had come home pretty late that night and had gone straight to bed, pleading a headache. She had told me about the event, so I just assumed she had had a rough day.

Debbie tried to explain how, T had been a generous host and she never realised that he had been continually topping up her drink whenever she had put it down. At some point she found herself isolated from the rest of the party in the office. She was trying to find a design that she was intending to use in the next development, when T entered and came up behind her and started kissing her neck and caressing her breasts through her dress. She told me that she tried to resist but the temptation coupled with the effects of the alcohol and anger at me, she had put up little or no resistance to his advances. He got her backed onto the desk and pulled up her dress and was soon stroking her sex through her filmy thong. She could still hear the rest of the party continuing and the idea that someone could simply walk in on them excited her. She let him fuck her and he had had to put his hand over her mouth to silence her moans. This only served to excite her more, it was as if she was being taken against her will and that served to make her orgasms even more intense. T came in her quite quickly and after zipping himself up, ordered her to wait there while he got rid of his guests.

It took him about half and hour to usher them all out and while she was waiting Debbie had stripped off all her clothes in anticipation of his return. She said she had never once considered pulling herself together and taking the opportunity to leave with the others. She was still slightly drunk and he was her first love and he would be the first one she had been with since we had gotten together. She was determined to show her old lover what he had been missing. In any case, I had had my affairs and she finally had the opportunity to renew her acquaintance with her first love.

She said T's eyes almost popped out of his head when he returned to find her lying stark naked on the desk. He wasted no time in stripping off himself and had fucked her pussy first and them told her to get up and stand with her hands on the desk. In this position he had exposed her bottom and he used her flowing juices to lubricate her back passage. She knew what was coming and braced herself as he pushed his engorged member slowly up her anus. As he picked up the pace she started to orgasm repeatedly, screaming her head off as she urged him to fuck her harder. He pulled her hair causing her head to lift. She was pointed straight at the patio doors and she saw a man peering through the slatted blinds watching them as they fucked. This caused her to simply explode and she said that she must have passed out for a few seconds. She came to still lying face down on the desk. She quickly looked to see if the man was still there, but he was gone. T had started dressing, but stopped when he saw she was aware once more. He lifted her up and started kissing her again. His prick was still hard and he wanted her again, but she had realised that it was getting late and told him she had to get home. He helped her find her clothes and get dressed, promising her that they would talk tomorrow.

Debbie was crying again now as she related these events and I found I was crying too. I had caused this woman that I loved so much pain. We must have talked most of the night and dawn found us still trying to come to terms with everything that had happened since that fateful New Years Eve.

We slipped upstairs and into bed and I held her in my arms again until we fell asleep together. We did not make love, we were too emotionally drained for that. I awoke to the sounds of the kids banging about in the kitchen so I got up and went down to make breakfast to find they kids had beaten me to it. Erin, ever the gang leader had prepared breakfast in bed for us both and was just about to bring it up on a tray. I stopped her and took it from her.

She had tears in her eyes as she asked. "Are you coming home to live with us and Mum again?"

I looked at their expectant faces and realised that my Dad was right, Debbie and I still had some issues to resolve, but our children were the most important things to us both too. I just looked at them and said. "Yes, I will be home from now on." As I turned to take the tray up the stairs, I looked up to see Debbie smiling at me with her tears running down her face and I handed the tray back to Erin and turned to catch her as she leapt into my arms.

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Absolute Crap

No possible reconciliation. 1*

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Can't believe some of the comments

Let me get this straight: Husband fucks other women but when his wife fucks another man after she finds out about his affairs she's a slut and he's not real man if he forgives her?
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try writing a story where the

husband acts like a man with pride self respect, dignity and intelligence. this is why people get annoyed at these types of stories, this wouldn't happen if they acted like me

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