tagIncest/TabooIt Began on a Christmas Ch. 03

It Began on a Christmas Ch. 03


Author's note:

This is the second last chapter of this story. I intend to wrap it up in the next chapter. The next chapter will also contain an epilogue of this story. Your feedback is of utmost importance, so please keep letting me know of your opinion.

As soon as the last chapter is written, I'll begin work on my other unfinished series. I thank you for your patience.




Recap: On the night of a Christmas, a young girl is waiting for Santa Claus in her bed-room. She suspected that the Guy dressed as Santa is her Daddy. It turns out she was right but what is surprising to her when Santa starts masturbating in front of her. She is turned on and she invites him to bed. He warns her that he is her dad and asks her if she still wants to go ahead. She consents and they end up making love. After they are done, she gets worried that they might get caught by one of her two brothers or her Mom, but Daddy tells her to trust him and tells her to follow him. It turns out that whole of the family is sexually involved with each other. The mother and her two sons are having a three way in the living room. She joins in and has sex with her brothers and her Mom also. All of them are bisexual. Her brother urinates in her mouth which she drinks up gladly. After everything calms down, her mother asks if she wants to know what is going on. . . . . .


I was more than eager to find the beginning of the story. Dad began to narrate: "Well baby, you know all about the story of us getting married we were an ordinary couple for 6 years of marriage. Sam and Joe were already born. We were quiet happy. Until one day I found clear evidence that your Mom was cheating on me. I was heartbroken but I decided to hear your Mom's part of the story."

Mom smiled at him and began, "Your father is a real gentleman. He did not make a scene out of it at all. He politely told me about the evidence he had found about and asked what I had to say about it.

"I must say that the evidence was very concrete. Your father had left the city for a conference. He was to be away for a week. My other lover had brought a handy cam and he tapped us having sex. He was not visible himself because he held the camera but I could be seen doing everything he asked for. We watched that video on the TV and made love in front of it. Then your father called and told that he was coming early. My lover had to leave in a hurry and he forgot the tape in the cassette player. The next day your dad discovered the tape. With the date stamp on the video; there was nothing left to prove.

"Now, I must mention that your father must be very hurt at that time. He had always been supportive of anything I did. He even once asked me that if I was sexually satisfied and that if I was not, he could arrange for that. Of course I refused his offer but you get the point here that he loves me too much to let me be unhappy for any reason. He wanted to know that why I had decided to cheat instead of taking him into confidence. I had my reasons. You see the guy that I was sleeping with my Brother Mark.

"I was exposed already I decided not to lie and make things worse and told him everything. I told him that how we were close since childhood and how when we grew up, we together discovered the changes in our body. We always had been good children, good at studies and good at sports too. But we had a darker side and we were in love with each other. Not the regular brotherly sisterly love; something much more vile and sinister.

"Throughout high school we did not date anybody because we were satisfied with each other. I wanted to be a Programmer as I had seen the potential of this field and I knew my talents. Mark wanted to study Accountancy. We had to take admission in different colleges. We had to live apart for the first time in our lives and it was killing us.

"I was the stronger one in the relationship but Mark did not know how to move on. I told him that he has to move on because no matter how long we stretch it, it had to end one day. I started seeing other guys and stopped taking Mark's calls. I thought I was doing him a favor too and he will move on sooner or later.

"However, Mark could not move on. He was heartbroken. He began to fail courses and had to drop out of college. When I knew that it had happened, I tried to contact him but he did not respond to my calls.

"I passed out of college and started working. I met your father and fell in love. At the night of our wedding, I received a call from Mark. He congratulated me but he sounded very weak and sad. I told him that I wanted to see him. He promised me that he would come. Your dad and I left for I honeymoon in Europe and when we returned I invited Mark home.

"He was handsome as ever and his blue eyes pierced through me as always. He was financially down and was working at a liquor store. I asked your dad to give him a job and a place to stay in the city. He arranged it immediately. I knew that I was playing with fire by having him too close but I did not care. I had realized that I loved him as much as I loved your dad.

"I waited for a few days to let him get settled and then one day I went to his apartment. He opened the door. None of us spoke anything. We just moved forward and kissed passionately. After a long kiss he swept me off my feet and made me lie on his bed. In no time we were both naked he was fucking my pussy with great pace. I was back heaven. We made love for almost four hours and Mark probed all my orifices like old times. Then I got up to leave. I was about to leave when Mark called from behind, "Sis, Aren't you forgetting something?"

"I turned around and he was holding his limp cock in his hand. I instantly knew what I had forgotten. It used to be my favorite thing when we were young. I had forgotten to drink his piss. I immediately moved to the bed and placed my mouth on his dick. I sealed my lips so that nothing would be spilled. I gave him the signal that I was ready and he let it go. I had forgotten over all these years that how much I used to love urine. It all came back in a second as I swallowed quickly to keep up with the flow. Mark finished pissing and I kissed him again on his mouth and thanked him.

"I came home to find your Daddy already there. I took him by the tie and dragged him to the bed. I was so happy to find my brother's love again. I fucked the brains out of your dad that night. From then on, I led an average cheating wife's life. I would be a model wife for your dad but whenever I got the chance I would call on Mark and had raunchy sex with him. Right till the day we were exposed.

"So Now I was waiting from the verdict from your dad and to be honest, I did not hope for one in our favor. He had an unfathomable expression on his face. His eyes were directly looking into mine but I could not decipher a message. Then my eyes fell down and what they saw instantly lightened my mood.

"Your dad had a bulge in his pants. He was turned on by the idea of his wife sleeping with her brother. I was much relieved. I knew how to go on from there. I freed his cock from his pants and kissed it. Then gave it a gentle lick and then kissed it again. Between kisses and sucks I said, "Baby, I love only you as a husband. But you have to know that Mark is a part of my entity too. Please accept our relationship. I promise I won't hurt you baby."

"Your dad's reply was music to my ears. He asked, "how come you've never drank my piss?"

"I kissed him on the lips and explained that I thought he would not like it as many of the guys that I had dated were freaked out by piss play. You dad told me that he had no objections to the relationship on only one condition that we did it in front of his eyes. I took the deal immediately. I immediately called Mark and told him to come to our house as soon as possible."

Mom took a pause here. I realized that it was already 3 in the morning. I had been up all night but still did not feel sleepy. Joe however had fallen asleep with his head in Mom's lap; while Sam was also looking sleepy.

Dad took over the narration now.

"Poor Mark did not know that why had we called him. He rushed here and found the main door unlocked. He ran in and blasted open the living room door. Where an immaculately beautiful scene waited for him: I and your Mom were both naked. I was sitting on the couch and facing the door. Your Mom was sitting on my lap with my dick in her ass and she was also facing the door. Mark was stunned by this display but your Mom told him that it was okay and he better join us quickly.

He took a moment to realize what was being offered and then he literally tore off his clothes. As he got out of his pants, his dick was already hard. He came forward and stood in front of us then he bent his legs a little and in one push, buried his dick deep inside in your mother's pussy. It was so fucking hot. I was totally lost in the moment of pure lust. Mark leaned forward and kissed your Mom on the mouth. Soon three of us had a steady rhythm going and we both were fucking your Mom like crazy. As your mother felt our dicks working her insides, she could not hold long enough before a ferocious orgasm hit her. She let go Marks mouth as her head and body were arched back in the height of pleasure.

"At that Moment, I realized that Mark's face was just a few inches away from mine. His eyes were filled with savage sexuality and he was sweating. I can imagine that my condition would've appeared to be same to him. Then suddenly he moved forward and placed his mouth on mine. I had never been involved with a man till then; but at that time it felt the most natural thing to do as I parted my lips and let his tongue inside my mouth. I must say I enjoyed my first guy kiss very much and I immediately got thinking that we could go further.

"At that Moment I felt Mark's body began to shake as he evidently came inside his sister. He never broke our kiss but he pulled out of your Mom. I was still a long way from coming. Then Mark made another astonishing move. He got down on his knees and brought his mouth near his sister's ass and then stuck out his tongue so that he was licking my shaft as I moved it in and out of her ass. That was an incredible sensation that took me over the edge and I blasted in her tunnel.

"It all calmed down. We all were tired but nobody wanted to stop. We shared passionate kisses with each other and in no time both of us were hard. I wanted to take your mother's pussy this time but mark had other ideas. He brought his cock near my mouth. I did not hesitate even for a second to take it deep in my mouth. I began to suck it the best way I could. Your Mom later told me that she had another orgasm just by watching that scene. She got on the ground and began to suck my cock. Mark soon exploded in my mouth and I did not spill any of his love juice.

"I too exploded in your mother's mouth moments later. At that very instant, I felt that my bladder was getting full. I had to pee. I announced this to them and Mark said that he wanted to take a leak too. My eyes lit up at that. I looked into your mother's eyes and she could read in my eyes what I wanted her to do.

"She lowered herself and took my limp dick in her mouth. At the same Moment, Mark came up to my face and offered his limp dick to me. I gladly took it in my mouth. As soon as I let go of my stream in your mother mouth, Mark's stream hit my mouth. I did not go into the analysis of what to make of the taste; I just knew that I had to swallow it. I finished first. Your mother had done a good job of swallowing my piss. Mark was still going on. Your mother announced that she wanted some from her brother too. So Mark pulled out of my mouth and offered rest of his piss to his sister.

"It was a unique experience. I was surprised at myself for what I had done. But at that moment, we all knew that there was no turning back from here. We began our bisexual threesomes. What was astonishing even to me was the fact that I merely was not allowing Mark to have sex with my wife; in fact I was also getting physically involved with him. It wasn't long before he was behind me and fucking my ass. And despite the pain, I was urging him to go on.

"All three of us became lovers and we did not only have threesomes. There were times when your mother would walk in from office and find me fucking Mark's ass. Everybody was happy. That was the time when you were born. I must say that none of us is sure that who was the father and I'm sure you won't mind either."

I gave him a laugh acknowledging that I did not care either. I might've been the daughter of my own uncle. Wow! I loved the idea. I was still fingering myself like crazy and this thought took me to the umpteenth orgasm of that night.

Sam and Joe both had fallen asleep. Mom and dad were looking sleepy too. Mom asked if it would be okay for us to continue the story at breakfast. I agreed and we got up to leave to our rooms. Mom and dad gave me separate passionate kisses and then we left for our room.

Lying on the bed, I thought about the events of the past night. I was still thinking it might've been a dream. I thought about what it meant for the future. It was like I was invited to a hunk buffet where I can choose all I wanted from a collection of three hunks. The idea that the hunks are my brothers and father was really the turn on here.

It was already dawn. Though my legs were weak with all the orgasms I had, I was still not sleepy. I forced myself for a little rest and closed my eyes till I finally drifted off to sleep.

I woke up only a couple of hours later. My legs felt strong again and I was not hung-over at all. I could still feel my brothers' and dad's cum dried on various places on my skin but I decided not to clean up. I just walked up to the mirror straightened up my hair and checked my boobs. I was quiet happy with my body and decided to not put on any clothes.

As I left the room, I was hoping that I would receive a warm welcome from the family but I was disappointed to know that everybody was still asleep. I checked the parent's room first. They were fast asleep. I moved out to the living-room. There on the mattress, Joe and Sam were sleeping. Though they were still asleep; I could tell that they had woken up since I had last seen them. That was because of the fact that I could clearly see Joe's limp cock still buried in Sam's ass. I was thinking what should do when Joe stirred up and opened his eyes. He stretched his arms a little as he sat up and his dick came out of Sam's ass with a plop sound.

When he saw me, he smiled and opened his arms for me. I ran to hug him. His muscular chest felt so hot against my soft boobs. My nipples instantly got hard. I sat on his lap while kissing him. I could fell his wet limp dick touching my thigh.

"It is a relief that you are finally in on the secret. It was so painful not having the permission to enjoy this lovely piece of rack when it was inches away all the time." He said pinching my right nipple.

I slapped away his hand and said, "You could have said a word and you wouldn't have to wait that long. In fact I'm very angry at you. You should've told me. I've always been your best friend."

"I know sis. I'm sorry but dad was very strict about the age of consent thing. But I must say Sis, you are worth the wait." He said kissing me again. We kissed passionately until I could feel his dick becoming hard under my thigh.

"I think your baby needs attention." I said holding it in my hands. I slowly licked the length with my tongue and then began to suck it. I was sucking it while I was holding its base with my hand.

At that Moment I felt movement behind and then I heard Sam's voice, "Good morning Sis!"

I looked up and saw that Sam was smiling at me. I lifted my head and kissed him. He was already bearing the morning wood and he was stroking it. I told him to lie down with Joe so that I could work on both dicks at the same time.

They both lied down facing me. I climbed over their thighs and lowered my head at their dicks. I began to suck them alternatively. I would suck on one dick and stroke the other with my hand. Soon I could see that they were fully hard and ready to fuck. I straddled across Joe and in one quick motion, took his dick in my pussy. He grabbed my hips and began to move me up and down his shaft. Sam got up and came behind me. He spat on his dick and placed it at my anal opening. I pulled my hips apart so that he would not find resistance. He gently inserted the tip in my asshole then after watching that I was comfortable he let rest of it go in just one push. I let out a yelp of surprise but I was not uncomfortable. Soon my brothers had found a rhythm and were ploughing me at both ends. I had never been stimulated like that before in my life. I had a roaring orgasm just before Joe emptied his balls up my womb. Joe stayed in me as Sam had not yet finished. He was fucking my ass with great pace. Right then I had the urge to swallow his semen. But before I could open my mouth to announce it, he was already emptying his load in me.

They let me go and all three of us lied down along each other. Joe asked, "Did you enjoy it Sis?"

"You bet I did. However I wanted to swallow your cum so that's a shame." I replied looking at him.

He chuckled and replied, "Well if you want to swallow, I bet Sam still got my sperm up his ass from last night, haven't you Sam?"

Sam got up and said, "Only one way to find out." Saying this he squatted over my face and placed his asshole right above my mouth. I was a bit taken aback at the Idea of stale cum and that too from somebody's anus but the hesitation was momentary. I soon saw a thin yellow liquid making its way out of my brother's rectum. It smelled awful too but at that point I was way past any concept of inhibitions. I gladly accepted it in my mouth swallowed it. It did not taste all that bad. He had quite a load stored in him and it took us a few minutes to finish.

"How was that?" they both asked in unison.

"Not bad, I guess." I replied.

"Not bad! You just called my favorite drink 'not bad'." Joe said as if I had literally offended him.

We all began to laugh. When we stopped laughing, I asked Joe, "So Mom Dad told me the part where they got involved with Uncle Mark but what's your story?"

"Let's see. Well, I was a normal child all through my childhood and had a normal sex life as a teenager. Mom Dad told me that they did not want to ever include me or any of their children in their games. But when I began to grow up, Mom began to develop feelings for me. So Uncle Mark gave the idea that when I got of age, the idea will be presented to me and it would be my own choice to accept it.

"Of course, if you think of that now, they were taking a big risk. If I freaked out and told the authorities, they would be locked up for a good period. Yet they took the risk.

"Mom thought that presenting the idea in mere words would be a 50-50 chance of acceptance; however, if they presented a practical demonstration, it could be a situation with better odds of acceptance.

"So they worked out a plan and waited for my 18th birthday. Almost a week after my birthday, I came home from school. They had decided to execute the plan. As they heard my car pull into the driveway, they arranged themselves. As I walked into the living room this is what I saw. Dad was sitting on a couch with his dick in Uncle Mark's ass and on top was Mom with Uncle Mark's dick in her ass. My mind stopped working at that moment. I could not even blink an eye for a few seconds. The three of them continued their affair and ignored me completely. After some time, when I regained control of my mind and body, I could not decide what to do. I did the only reasonable thing and doubled back on my tracks and ran away.

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