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It Didn't Work Out Ch. 01


This is the first of 12 chapters. Unlike my other multi-chapter stories, this one is complete before I start to post it. So there will be no wait while I take several years to finish it. I have chosen to put it in the Novels and Novellas category because unlike my other stories, there is straight sex in it too. I hope you enjoy it.

I want to thank Terry, my editor, who has helped me more than I can say. Terry not only caught my mistakes but provided me with great advice and kept me making progress on this story. Thanks Terry for all the help!

The late autumn sky was clear with the beginnings of a beautiful sunset as Bridget pulled into the grocery store. She still needed to get something to make for dinner. Glancing at her phone, she was glad that it wasn't too late. Sometimes she couldn't get out of her office with enough time to make something and still eat at a reasonable time. When that was the case, she just grabbed something that was already prepared. Bridget hated doing that. Not only was it generally more expensive, but those meals were often heavier than she liked. She felt like she had to put in extra time at the gym when she did that. Since the only time she had for that was before work, it meant getting up earlier.

It was a cycle that she wished she could find a better way to break. Her husband Don didn't have the same worries. While it didn't take much for Bridget to gain a lot of weight, Don still mostly had the metabolism that he had when he was still in his teens. He rarely went to the gym and he was only fifteen pounds heavier than when they got married, although the weight gain was somewhat steady. Each month he seemed to be just a tiny bit heavier. Bridget fought it with a passion. She liked to eat good food, but she tried to keep it healthy. When she indulged, she paid the price with the time in the gym. It was working because she was still the 120 pounds that she weighed before getting married. She was in great shape and was aware that as she moved through the store, more than one head turned to look at her. It embarrassed her but at the same time there was a little bit of her that liked being appreciated.

Unfortunately it reminded her that she didn't always get it from her husband. Of course he loved her and was glad that she was this attractive. At the same time, after two years of marriage he sometimes took her for granted. There were certain things that had just become her responsibility, such as making dinner. It wasn't like Don wasn't a good cook. When they were dating it had been one of those things that brought them together. But while he didn't work any longer hours than Bridget, he did have a worse commute which meant she was usually home for at least half an hour before him. She didn't mind cooking dinner every night, but she missed being thanked for it. It just became what she did and no longer deserved thanks.

As she looked for the right fish to buy, she thought about how dinner was just one example of how their life together was a little stale. She didn't think it was that unusual. Certainly most of her married girlfriends made similar complaints when they got together. "I just wish that there was something we could do about it," she thought. Moving through the store as she picked things out, she thought about it more and more. Maybe really they just needed to talk and acknowledge the issues and then they could work on them. It wasn't like there was anything fundamentally wrong with their marriage. "After all, we love each other," Bridget thought as she bent over to pull out a bag of frozen chicken breasts from a freezer chest.

Standing back up Bridget caught a glimpse in the freezer door as it shut of a woman who was clearly checking out Bridget's ass. By the time Bridget turned around, the woman was looking in another direction. She would never have known it happened if not for that reflection. Bridget turned her cart and headed in a different direction. As she did so, she got the tiniest of smiles on her face. It didn't matter if the attention was from a man or a woman, Bridget admitted to herself that it did feel good; and maybe it was even a little better if it was a woman. She headed to the check out with a little extra wiggle in her step that she didn't even realize was there.

It was a good traffic night so Don got home only half an hour after Bridget. Even though dinner wasn't done yet, he didn't think to help. He went into his home office to check the latest news on his fantasy football team. Bridget sighed, knowing that he would not emerge until dinner was on the table. The pattern was predictable. She resolved to at least broach the issue of complacency during dinner. At least he would be relatively relaxed and in a good mood. If he had been fighting traffic until right before they ate, she would not have bothered. When she finished setting the table, Bridget decided to light the candles so at least there was a little bit of romance to go with dinner.

"Don, dinner's on the table," Bridget called as she finished pouring a glass of wine for both of them. She sat down and waited. From past experience, she knew he would come but it would take two or three minutes. Sure enough, Don came out just on the edge of three minutes.

"It looks and smells good, Honey," Don said as he sat down. Bridget smiled her thanks at him. It was more than she got sometimes. For a little while, they chatted about their days. Nothing big had happened to either one of them so the conversation petered out after a few minutes. They kept on eating, letting the silence lengthen. Finally Bridget took a big sip of her wine. She was not sure exactly how to start. She took one more sip and put her glass down.

"Sometimes Don, it seems like we are taking each other a little too much for granted and our marriage too. We aren't working hard enough to keep it fresh," Bridget blurted out.

Don looked up in surprise. He certainly didn't expect her to say that. "What do you mean, Bridget? I don't know what that means." He could feel a wave of nervousness rush over him.

"Calm down, Don. I'm not saying anything big is wrong, just that maybe we should not take it for granted that things will be good and instead work at keeping them good," Bridget replied while making a calming gesture. "I haven't been telling you about how I appreciate the work you do around the house, for example. I know a lot of times you would rather be watching a game but you have been really good about knocking stuff off the list. Thank you!" Bridget had thought about something she could say to appreciate Don, hoping that would help him from becoming defensive.

"Oh, well thanks Honey. That's nice of you to say," Don nodded. He thought he caught Bridget's point. "Um, dinner didn't just smell and look good. It is really delicious. You always make such a nice meal. I know I don't always tell you that." Once they got the first couple out of the way, they found it easy to continue. Soon Bridget felt comfortable enough to bring up romance. "Sweetie, it seems like you haven't been as into making love as in the past. I mean, it's natural after being married a while that we would make love less but sometimes it seems like you are, well, a little bored," Bridget found it hard to say the last bit.

Don looked at her for a few moments. He sensed that this had the potential to go very wrong and wasn't that stupid. Finally he cleared his throat. "I'm not bored, Bridget. You are everything that I could want. You are beautiful and sexy. Making love with you is great," he tried to sound convincing.

"I sense that behind that there is still a but," Bridget said looking at him. "Sweetie, I'm just trying to keep things good. It's okay to tell me if there is something that would make it better for you."

Looking down at his plate, Don was clearly uncomfortable. "Okay. I want that too," he said as he looked back up at her. "It is just that it seems like it is almost always the same. We kiss. We touch. We make love, always missionary. Usually you cum. I cum. We cuddle a little bit and then we go to sleep. It's a little monotonous. I mean it's good but yes, maybe a little boring. I've tried to interest you a few times in doing something different but it never seems to happen."

Having gone into this with an open mind, Bridget tried not to take it as a criticism. At least Don was bringing it up. She nodded. "I hadn't really thought about it quite like that but you have a point. It is nice but could be more. I see that. But what should we do about it?" she asked. She held out her hand for him to take. She smiled as he took it.

Don looked thoughtful for a few moments. "You know, we have never really shared any of our fantasies with each other. We could share a fantasy or two and then see what we could do to make them happen," he offered. His eyes sparkled a little bit as he spoke.

It made Bridget a tiny bit nervous. Fantasies were just that; something that wasn't really possible in the real world. Her fantasies seemed very personal and she wasn't sure she wanted to share them even with her husband. They exposed a little more of herself than she liked to have out there.

Seeing that Bridget was reluctant, Don decided he should share first. While he had much wilder fantasies, he chose one that seemed relatively tame and Bridget would be open to trying. "Okay, remember that these are just fantasies so don't take this the wrong way. I'm not saying I would want to do this, except with you if you wanted to. You understand that, right?" He waited until Bridget nodded. "Well the idea of getting a lap dance is kind of a turn on for me; you know the type that a stripper gives. So my fantasy would be for you to give me a lap dance." He watched nervously for any hint of a pending explosion. Even though he didn't see one he made sure to add, "What turns me on is not getting one from somebody else, but for you to act like a stripper and give me one. Do you see?"

Nodding again, Bridget thought about it. "So your fantasy isn't for me to be a stripper, but just to be your private dancer and give you a lap dance." When Don agreed she went on, "Good. I have no interest in being a stripper for other people. But I can see doing it for you. And when we made love, you would want me to do it like I was a stripper rather than your wife. Do I have it right?"

"It would be different, Honey. You have to admit that!" Don's enthusiasm showed through. And Bridget had to agree.

That night they tried fulfilling Don's fantasy. While Don did his usual job of clearing the table, Bridget went into the bedroom and got ready. For Don it was indeed a fantasy come through as Bridget first stripped down to just her panties and bra to the music and then danced around him. When she began to rub her rear against him, he couldn't remember a time that he was that hard or eager. He found it impossible to keep his hands off her. Even though she wanted to prolong it a little longer, Don pushed down her panties and pulled her into his lap. She fucked him that way, trying to be the sexy stripper he wanted. Unfortunately it was so exciting for him that Don couldn't hold off cumming for long. It was fun and exciting for Bridget too, but she still felt like her own passion still wasn't really ignited. But she was glad Don had enjoyed it so much.

Over the next couple of weeks, Don tried to get Bridget to open up about her own fantasies. She was still shy about it. He got to explore a few more of his own, mostly some role playing situations. For both of them, there was a feeling of reconnection. Even though Bridget still wasn't feeling quite the same level of passion as Don, she still felt like it had been a good move to try this. Thinking back on their romantic history, she hadn't ever felt quite the same amount of passion as Don so it didn't seem too strange in any case.

Things finally came to a head one night when they were cuddling in the family room. Once again Don was trying to get Bridget to tell him about her fantasies. Her unwillingness just made him more curious. But it was also starting to irritate him.

"Damn it, Bridget. I've been opening up for a couple of weeks now and telling you some things that are kind of intimate. A few of them were embarrassing! And you won't be as open with me? How does that strengthen our relationship?" he finally said in the face of another refusal.

His outburst surprised Bridget. She hadn't been thinking about that as much as the embarrassment of admitting something that she had kept secret for a long time. Don seemed so willing to share that she hadn't considered that aspect of it. Was it fair for her to let him be the only one? She looked over at Don. He wasn't really angry as much as frustrated. She didn't want that. It could undercut any improvements in their relationship.

"Okay, Don. I get it. But just like you said, don't make too much of this! It's a fantasy; not something that I was going to do," Bridget said in an uncertain tone. Not wanting to discourage her, Don just nodded. He could tell how nervous she was by the way she fidgeted with her hands. It was an old habit.

Finding it hard to look at Don, Bridget just kept her focus on her hands as she began. "Sometimes I am not in the mood but you are. It happens to us both." She chuckled a little bit and looked up at him. "Okay, maybe a lot less for you but you know that there have been times." Don smiled and nodded again. "With you, it isn't too hard to get you in the mood but for me, sometimes I need more than just foreplay. So when that happens, I sometimes start to imagine being with another woman." She blushed and went quiet. The fidgeting with her hands increased as she sat in silence.

Bridget's admission surprised Don. She had never given Don any signs that she might be interested in women. Not wanting her to interpret his surprise in a negative way, he hugged her close and kissed her on the cheek. "Honey, wow, that must have been hard to say! I didn't expect it but it doesn't bother me."

"Really?" Bridget asked. "I mean, I don't want you to think that you don't excite me!"

"No way, Honey!" Don hugged her again. "And don't you know that most guys find the idea of two women together to be very hot?"

"I guess. I mean I know that but it seems weird to tell your husband that you think about being with a woman when you are making love to him," Bridget was still uncertain if this had been a good idea. And realizing how what she said might sound she quickly added, "Not usually; just sometimes! Most of the time you are more than enough for me, Sweetie!"

She shouldn't have worried. Don hadn't really even heard that part. In truth, one of the fantasies that he hadn't felt safe in sharing was being with two women at the same time while they made love with each other as he watched. He found the idea of two women together to be one of his biggest turn ons. Already he was wondering about whether or not he would be able to make this happen.

Even though he missed exactly what Bridget had said, Don sensed that she needed a little more assurance. He leaned over and softly kissed her. She returned the kiss. It stayed romantic rather than growing in passion. Don wanted to make sure she knew that he was okay and that sharing hadn't hurt their relationship. When the kiss finally ended, she looked up into his eyes with a happy little smile on her face.

"See, it's okay," Don said. "I'm glad you shared." He put one hand on Bridget's thigh and softly stroked her there. Even though deep down he thought maybe he needed to take this slow, he couldn't help himself asking some questions. "What turns you on about another woman, Honey?"

The question started Bridget's hands to twist again as she felt her discomfort level rise again. She wished that they could just leave it alone that night but again she thought it wouldn't be fair to Don. "He shared his fantasies; I need to do the same," she thought to herself.

Out loud Bridget said, "I don't know. It is just the idea of how soft they are. And nothing against you, Sweetie, but a woman knows best what feels good to another woman because she knows what feels good to her. If I am thinking about it, it is usually during foreplay so I'm mostly thinking about being slowly excited in a very sensual way. I picture that it is a woman touching me rather than you." She blushed again. Even though Don was her husband, it seemed so intimate to be sharing this with him. She was very aware of his fingers softly stroking her thigh. She had to admit that underneath the awkwardness there was a sense of arousal.

"What else?" Don could feel his dick hardening as he listened.

"The feel of her hair touching me as she moves up and down my body. I don't know but I just think that would feel very sexy when it brushed against me. And being kissed by her. Soft lips that spend time exploring my sensitive spots." Bridget's voice was becoming a little more breathy and softer.

Don looked up at her and her eyes were closed. He tried to make his touch as gentle as possible. He ran his fingers up her thigh slowly until they were at her waist. As much as he wanted to touch her pussy because his own need was urgent, Don made himself just caress Bridget's flat belly.

"I think about how she might smell as we kiss. You have a very male scent. She would have one that was more ... sweet. And her tongue in my mouth would taste, I don't know. It would be different; maybe fresher. It's a fantasy so details aren't clear. But it would be slower and gentler in how it explored my mouth." Bridget felt her growing excitement as she pictured a woman doing those things to her. Her nipples were already hard and her pussy was moistening.

"I would feel her body touching mine. It would feel different from yours. It would be softer and when she got close, her breasts would touch me. When she kissed up my back, they would drag along; her nipples caressing me there and that turning her on too! When she got to my neck, she would softly kiss me there; spending time just below my hair line." Don's touches were having their effect on Bridget too. He was doing a pretty good job of being gentle and patient. So far he hadn't made any blatant moves like touching her breasts. It helped her to maintain the fantasy. "When she rolls me over, she would lay next to me. I would be able to feel her whole body against mine. Her breasts would press against me. Her hard nipples would let me know that she was excited too. And she would kiss my lips again. She would start slow while her fingers caressed my torso. As the kiss deepened, her fingers would come closer to my breasts. But it would always be with me being more excited and wanting the touch rather than rushing it. She understands how I'm feeling and letting me go ahead so that I'm eager. When she finally touches my breasts, I really want it."

Don was really conscious of his cock now. He couldn't believe how excited he was. It was almost painful the way his cock was pressing against his pants. He was trying to just keep focused on Bridget and touching her in the way she was describing but he was also uncomfortably shifting to try and relieve a little of the pressure. He accidentally brushed his body against Bridget's and she opened her eyes.

Seeing the pained look on his face brought Bridget back to the current moment. It didn't take her but a second to figure out what was wrong. "Oh Sweetie!" she said with sympathy. "Why don't we go to the bedroom where we can be comfortable?"

"Thanks! You don't know how much you are turning me on too, Honey!" Don sighed with relief.

When they got to the bedroom, they both got undressed as quickly as possible. Don noticed how wet Bridget's panties were as she slipped them off. His own underwear had a wet spot from his pre-cum.

As they lay down, Bridget took him into her arms. She had shared her fantasy, even more than she had planned to start with. They were both excited and now she just wanted to make love. It had served its purpose and now she felt reluctant to slip back into it when both of them were ready. Don was clearly ready. Bridget spread her legs. "Fuck me, husband! I want to feel your cock inside me!" Bridget's voice was husky from her need.

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