tagGroup SexIt Didn't Work Out Ch. 08

It Didn't Work Out Ch. 08


This is the eighth of twelve chapters. To really understand it, you should read the previous chapters before reading this one. Once again, I want to thank my editor Terry for his valuable help! I hope you enjoy the story.

As Bridget looked back over the holiday season, the time seemed to be divided between highs and lows. Christmas had been a clear high point. Not only had she made love to Sian for the first time, but they were no longer dancing around their feelings. It was a little scary to have them out in the open but at least she knew that Sian felt the same way. Bridget felt like knowing that Sian loved her gave her a little bit of protection against being hurt.

She hoped that Sian thought the same thing, especially in the wake of one of the lows. With all of her planning for Christmas, Bridget hadn't given much thought about New Years and it hadn't gone well. Unlike Christmas where they could spend it together, it just wasn't possible to do that on New Year's Eve. She and Don had an invite to a party over at a neighbor's house but so did Sian. And Bridget couldn't go to both. She could only be with one person at midnight and in the end that was Don. It would have been impossible for Don to go to the neighborhood party without Bridget. It would have raised too many questions. Given a free choice Bridget would have rather gone with Sian but that meant Don being home alone on New Year's Eve.

Sian said she understood but it didn't stop it from hurting her. It was the first time in a while that Sian wasn't with the person she cared about on New Year's Eve. She went to her friend's party but she couldn't get Bridget's absence out of her mind. She ended up drinking a little too much and at midnight found herself alone in a bedroom feeling sorry for herself and wondering what she was doing. She started to write a text to Bridget asking that but deleted it before she sent it. Still the thought stayed in her mind and she was unable to dismiss it. It wasn't too long after midnight when Bridget sent her a text of her own. "I love you! Happy New Years! Wish I was there holding you close and giving you a kiss!" it said.

Sian tried to come up with a response but everything Sian wrote seemed to end up sounding forlorn. The last thing she wanted was Bridget pitying her. In the end, she just sent back "Love you too. Happy New Year!" Shortly after that, Sian called a cab and went home. Her phone buzzed a couple of times with text messages from Bridget during the ride but she didn't look at them until she got home. Once there Sian got ready for bed before reading the messages. One more had come through in the meantime.

"r u doing okay?

"my darling sian, you know i love you."

"sigh. i wish i was there with u! we'll talk in the morning i guess"

Sian looked at the messages. Bridget's worries were clearly coming through. After a moment's reflection, Sian realized that in refusing to answer she was being passive aggressive and that was something she hated. It was childish and would only hurt their relationship. She quickly typed a reply.

"sorry. was in cab coming home. i'm ok, just a little sad. i missed u. don't worry tho. really i am ok. Going to bed but see you tomorrow. i love u, bridge." She pressed send. Looking at the clock, she realized it was close to 1 AM. She hoped that they weren't in bed yet.

A few moments later Sian's phone buzzed again. "ok. missed you too. wish i was going to sleep with u" was Bridget's message.

Sian smiled briefly and then she put down the phone and slipped into bed. After flicking off the lights, she lay there. Despite of the number of drinks that she had had, her mind took a while to shut down. She picked up her phone and looked at the texts again. She felt a little better. Slowly she began to drift off into a restless sleep.

On New Year's Day, Bridget tried to make it up to Sian by spending the whole day with her and then staying the night. Don was going over to friends and watched football all day. He probably wouldn't even miss her until night. Bridget and Sian had a good time together but there were echoes from the night before. Both of them were a little jumpy and quieter than usual. Even when they were affectionate, there was the barrier of Bridget's promise not to go too far without Don being there. As much as she wanted to ignore it, Bridget felt obligated to stick to her promise.

As she thought back on the first, Bridget was glad that she spent the night. Even though they couldn't make love, it had been important in helping Sian understand how important she was to Bridget. Without Don around, Bridget hadn't felt constrained in expressing her feelings. While Sian hadn't said anything, Bridget was pretty sure that her choice to go with Don made Sian feel like she was a second priority to Bridget. She tried to make sure to let Sian know that wasn't the case and that she was just as important to her.

Even for Bridget, that had been a startling revelation. She wasn't sure when it had happened but she knew why. Part of it was a weakening of the ties to Don as he pushed her to fulfill his obsession and then allowed her to develop feelings for someone outside their marriage. Rather than protect their relationship, he had risked it.

The longer it went on, the more Bridget began to question how much he cared about their relationship compared to his desire to see lesbian sex. When they started with their fantasies, it had been a way to enhance their love life and connect more. But once the subject of lesbians had come up, that seemed to have been lost.

Even after he recovered from Christmas, he had not found it easy to make love to Bridget. He found that small nagging doubts kept getting in the way. Sometimes he wondered whether Bridget was comparing him to Sian while other times he couldn't get his failure on Christmas day out of his mind. Most of the time he had been able to ignore it and make love to Bridget but a few times he found that he couldn't maintain his erection. Each time it happened, Don dwelled on the problem and blew it up bigger in his mind which made the next time more difficult. And even though he tried not to, Don reacted by getting irritated and reflecting it back at Bridget.

The contrast to when Bridget was with Sian was stark. Because their time was limited and constrained, Sian appreciated any time that she got to spend with Bridget. Despite the frustrations of those limitations, Sian was able to keep them hidden and didn't let them get in the way of enjoying her time with Bridget. And she accepted the limitations without complaint. Sian knew what she was getting into when they started going out. As challenging as it could be, she had agreed to it. Sian also admitted to herself that she was so head over heels in love with Bridget that she took whatever she got.

Bridget hadn't yet talked about her feelings for Sian with Don; nor had she brought up whether he would accept allowing her to make love to Sian without him being there. It made her nervous to think about having the talk. Bridget just wasn't sure how Don would react. It was becoming increasingly important to her to have the talk. Without fully seeing it, Bridget was the one who was deciding the direction.

After having thought about it a lot, Bridget finally decided on a plan. She wanted Don's willing agreement. Don had begun pestering her again about having Sian over for another night. The only reason that it hadn't happened already was because of Sian's reluctance. It may be the price to pay for fully making love to Bridget, but she still didn't like doing it in front of Don. Still it had now been several weeks and Sian was willing to do it again. She wanted that unrestricted experience. Bridget thought that if they took a break in the middle after making love, which might be the best time possible to discuss altering the rules. This time, Bridget would insist that Sian be part of the discussion. Any agreement would have to be made by the three of them.

When Bridget was over at Sian's a couple of nights before, she asked Sian whether she would come over and spend the night. Sian missed the full intimacy they had on Christmas Eve, so it wasn't too hard to convince her during dinner.

"Darling," Bridget said with a smile after Sian had agreed. "You are so wonderful and have been so patient with me. I don't want you to think that I don't appreciate it or you!" She leaned over and gave Sian a little kiss. She loved the little happy sound that Sian made as the kiss ended.

"I know you do," Sian replied. "Don't worry about that."

"But it's important that I tell you. And I want to tell you that I'm planning on bringing up the ground rules when you come over. I want us to talk about them, especially the rule about only making love in front of Don. I know you don't like it. I don't like it either. I hope we can agree that sometimes we can do it without him." Bridget paused and watched Sian's reaction. She wasn't surprised but the grin on Sian's face was spectacular. It seemed to go from ear to ear. She reached out and pushed some hair away from Sian's face.

"My love, he might ask for something in return. In fact, I am pretty sure he will," Bridget said as she looked Sian in the eyes.

For a moment Sian wasn't sure exactly what Bridget was saying, then her eyes began to show understanding. "He is going to want to participate, isn't he?" she asked.

"At least sometimes, yes. But not with you, you know that. I would never ask or let him ask that. And I think he knows better in any case. Whatever he did, would be with me at the same time as you. I know it is the one thing that he really wants to do. He tries to hide it, but it is pretty obvious." Bridget was quiet as she watched Sian's reaction.

Initially Sian looked away. It wasn't that she was surprised. She knew at some point this was going to come up. But she still hadn't come to grips with how to respond. There was no question that she didn't like the idea. She had experimented with guys in her teens when she was figuring out her sexuality. It hadn't taken her long to know that she was truly lesbian and she never did anything with one again. She still had no interest. But deep down she knew it was more than that. Even though she knew that Bridget was married, she could still pretend that Bridget was hers as long as Don had been willing to stay in the background. She gave him that he had tried not to be intrusive and mostly succeeded. Sian hadn't found it hard to agree to that compromise.

This was different. Allowing Don to be part of their lovemaking would be a reminder that Bridget was his wife. To Sian, it felt like it would be throwing that fact in her face. She wasn't sure how hard that would be to take. At the same time, it would give her more time alone with Bridget.

"Who am I kidding?" she thought. "I would do anything for her. I'm going to give in, just like I always have." She sighed. A little bit of her disliked that willingness to give in for Bridget. Like always, Sian reminded herself that she went into this with her eyes wide open.

Looking back at Bridget, Sian nodded. "I understand. You know I would rather not but I understand."

Scooting her chair over, Bridget gave Sian a big hug. Her arms were tight around Sian and she held it for a long time. She felt the reassurance of Sian's arms "I love you, Sian. Thank you for everything you are doing for us," she said at last.

Moving her chair back, Sian made room for Bridget to side down on her lap. She loved the feeling of Bridget sitting like that with her arms around Sian's neck. Tilting her head back, Sian pursed her lips in an invitation that Bridget quickly accepted. Their kisses were light to start. Sian reached up and ran her fingers through Bridget's long blonde hair. Their lips caressed each other as they moved together. Liking the feeling of Sian's fingers behind her head, Bridget did the same to her lover. Then she began to nip at Sian's lips with her own. Capturing Sian's lower lip, Bridget pulled on it until it slipped from her grasp. She immediately did the same thing with the upper lip. Sucking on it a little harder so that she could pull on it longer, Bridget felt Sian's tongue flick out in a caress. As the lip slipped from between hers, Bridget kissed Sian again. When the tongue flicked out again, Bridget sucked it into her mouth. Sian slowly slid it in and out before finally pushing it in as far as she could into Bridget's mouth. She felt Bridget's tongue stroking her own and returned the caresses.

Sian felt Bridget shift her weight. For a moment she thought Bridget was going to stand up but instead she just readjusted to straddle Sian's legs facing her. As they continued to kiss, Bridget slipped her hand in between them. Bridget interpreted the ground rules differently for Sian. They weren't allowed to make love but nothing she had agreed to with Don prevented her from satisfying her girlfriend, in Bridget's view. It meant that Bridget often went home frustrated but it was a fair exchange in her mind.

They continued to kiss as Bridget pulled up Sian's t-shirt and ran her fingertips along Sian's belly. There was a little moan out of Sian. She obviously liked Bridget's touch. Reaching down further, Bridget undid the button on Sian's jeans. Pushing her fingers down into Sian's panties was enough for the zipper to completely unzip. She could feel how wet Sian was as she ran her fingers up and down.

"Do you like that, my darling Sian?" Bridget asked in between kisses.

"Oh God, yes! I love you touching me, Bridge!

"And this? Do you like this?" Bridget asked as her fingers slipped in between the wet petals of Sian's pussy. Slowly moving them up and down, she worked them deeper into the increasingly sopping slit. Her fingers were covered in Sian's nectar.

"Mmmmm, yes! That feels so good, Baby!" Sian was pushing her hips up against Bridget's fingers. She gasped loudly when she felt Bridget brush against her clit. But when there was no follow up, Sian gave a little whimper. Bridget just went back to the slow and almost maddening pace along the length of her slit. No longer just pushing her hips, Sian was now thrusting them up to increase the pressure on her pussy. When Bridget started to pull her fingers away, Sian hissed at her in mock anger. "Bitch!"

Despite her frustration, Sian loved how impish Bridget looked. Whenever Bridget teased her, she got the same sexy look. No matter how turned on she was, Sian always got more excited when she saw it. More than anything it was a raw expression of Bridget's desire for her. Fortunately about the time when Sian started to really get frustrated, Bridget could tell that she was reaching that point and pushed her fingers harder against Sian. When she reached Sian's opening, Bridget let her fingers slip inside Sian's pussy. At first she just moved them barely in and then brought them completely out so that she could run them up and down Sian's slit. Each time that Bridget entered her, she pushed her fingers deeper inside Sian. After doing that a few times, Bridget kept her fingers inside Sian. With each thrust, they went further into Sian's dripping wet pussy.

With Sian thrusting her hips so hard, Bridget felt like she was riding a bucking horse. Her other hand was wrapped around Sian's shoulders just so that she could stay on. Her hand there could feel Sian's body beginning to tense. At the same time, Sian's pussy was starting to squeeze down on Bridget's fingers inside of her. She moved her lips right next to Sian's ear.

"Are you going to cum, Darling? Are you going to cum all over my fingers? Is the way my fingers are fucking your pussy going to make you cum for me? Fuck my fingers, my love! Show me how much you love it when I fuck you with my fingers." She kept up a continual stream of dirty talk right in Sian's ear.

And the response was exactly what she expected. Sian threw back her head and screamed loudly as she began to orgasm. "I'm fucking cumming! Oh my fucking God, Bridge! Yes! Fuck meeeeeeee!" Her body was trashing back and forth. Bridget's fingers continued to thrust in and out of Sian's spasming pussy. As it peaked, Sian was no longer making any coherent sounds. She was just making grunts in time with the speed that Bridget was fucking her. Finally her whole body went rigid for almost ten seconds as she made a very high pitched squeal before she collapsed. This time both of them almost fell over but Bridget caught them just in time.

Cradling Sian in her arms, Bridget held her while she recovered. It didn't take long. Lifting her head off of Bridget's shoulder, Sian looked at her lover. She had a little grin on her face that slowly got bigger. Leaning forward, she gave Bridget a tender kiss.

"You make me so excited, Baby. I don't think anyone has made me as hot as you do," Sian said as she was still trying to get her breath back.

"I'm glad. I wouldn't want you to go looking for someone else!" Bridget said flashing her impish grin.

Reaching out to bat at Bridget, Sian emphatically told her, "I'm yours, Bridge. I want no one else!"

Moving her hands up into Sian's hair, Bridget gave her another kiss. "I know. I was just teasing you." At the same time, she didn't repeat what Sian said. Bridget knew it wasn't true and so would Sian if she tried saying it. But Sian's head was still a little foggy from cumming and she didn't notice.

The rest of the evening had just been the two of them cuddling and avoiding any further serious discussions. "It wasn't hard since neither one of us really wanted to think about it," Bridget thought as she remembered the other night. The last two days had flown by and Sian was due to arrive any time.

Bridget had paid a lot of attention to Don over the last couple of days to help make him feel better about where they were in their relationship. They had managed to make love one time, although it bothered Bridget a little how much he had needed her to talk about being with Sian. She wished that just being with her was enough. Still once he got going, their lovemaking had been good and she managed to cum at the same time that he did. Even the after time was nice. Don had held her and stroked her skin as they cuddled together.

The two of them were working on dinner when the doorbell rang. She exchanged a glance with Don. She was relieved to see him give her a smile. Wiping off her hands, she went to the door to greet Sian. Their hug turned into a kiss once the door was shut. Bridget was glad that Don was still in the kitchen because after not having seen Sian for a couple days, no one seeing it would fail to recognize the kiss as one of love. When it ended, they both just looked at each other as they embraced for another few seconds. Somewhat reluctantly Bridget stepped away from Sian and they both went into the kitchen.

Don came over and gave Sian a little hug of his own. She returned it and added a kiss to his cheek. Once again, Sian thought about how much easier this all would be if he was a jerk; but generally speaking Don was a nice guy. Knowing that Don appreciated good wine, she had stopped off on the way to pick up a bottle of red. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw what she brought.

"Wow Sian, this is supposed to be really good. Nice pick!" he said as he showed it to Bridget.

Sian blushed a little bit. "It's not me. I asked the guy at the store what was really good and he showed me a few. I thought you would like this one," she told Don.

The little interplay between Don and Sian made Bridget smile. She liked that they got along. It made things somewhat easier.

"We are almost done here. Let me just finish a few things. Don, maybe you could open the wine?" Bridget started to get busy again.

"What can I do?" Sian wanted to know.

"Could you set the table? That is the last thing that needs to be done," Bridget told her.

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