tagIncest/TabooIt Happened One Night Bk. 2 Ch. 03

It Happened One Night Bk. 2 Ch. 03

bySatin and Lace©

What was the shrilling noise, subconsciously Katherine was thinking. Suddenly it stopped now she heard a low droning sound. Opening one eye she looked up through her long hair. Dean's body was up on one elbow as he grinned. Dean was talking on the phone. Katherine sat up listened for who it might be.

"Oh yes, dad. Katherine has been very nice since I got here. We, had an enjoyable evening." Dean broadly smiled as he spoke.

Katherine looked at Dean with a twinkle in her eyes. She scooted down and got onto her side. Dean's attention was swayed from his dad to what Katherine was doing.

"I'm sorry dad what was that?" Dean asked completely ignorant of what his dad was saying.

Katherine was running her fingers down his chest and stomach. The nails were perfectly wonderful feeling on his skin.

"Oh yes, sure dad. I will get with some of my buddies. How about you? When will you be flying in?" Dean asked not caring about answers.

Katherine grinned like she was the cat that swallowed a canary. Making overtures she opened her mouth feigning concern about his hardening cock. Making motions to engulf his love rod as he spoke to his dad. Dean was enjoying her playfulness never expecting she would follow through. He was mindlessly running his fingers through her long silver hair.

"Yes, dad a poker game would be great. Have you played lately? Are you gambling now dad?" Dean asked nonchalantly.

Katherine was wanting to play. Dean wasn't losing his concentration. So she gulped his manhood in one long swallow. His body went rigid. He covered his mouth to try and cover his gasp.

"No, no dad I'm fine. I just got a cramp in the leg." Dean lied as he was watching his dad's wife suck him down further.

Katherine was enjoying his trying mind over matter routine. Dean's body was responding just as his mind was losing the battle to stay calm.

"Yes, dad tonight I will set up a game see you then. You want me to have Barton to come?" Dean asked.

His body was shivering from trying to push what Katherine was doing out of his mind.

"Great dad, tonight. Bye." Dean threw the phone back into its cradle.

"You wicked wanton woman. You are the wicked step mom." Dean laughed as he felt her hot mouth envelope his cock totally.

Katherine had Dean on the edge she knew he was going to orgasm. His body was giving her all the tall tale signs. Knee's locked, back stiff, thighs hard. Toes straight, breathing labored, head thrown back. Body trembling. Only one more thing and he was going to give her his early morning cum. Slipping her finger into his tight ass she felt his body slam into reactions.

"Ahh fuck me, Kate." Dean screamed loudly.

The finger in his ass was the icing on the cake. He seemed to melt into her face and hands when she finger fucked his tight virginal ass. His balls seemed to jump into his body, hands shaking. She kept up the assault to his ass plunging in deep, short, soft, hard, very reactive ass he had.

She watched his body succumb to her early morning delight. Seen his body relax in a mountain of content. Katherine got up moving towards the shower. Slipping into the hot shower she washed herself, singing a soft song. After cleaning herself she then remembered Dean was speaking to John. Toweling herself off she entered the bedroom. Dean was walking away from the closet wearing an old robe of John's.

"Dean, when was John coming home?" Katherine asked as she slipped the bedclothes off the bed.

Dean walked over to Katherine kissing her long slow kiss. Cupping her perfect breasts in his hand he licked the nipple.

"Today at one o'clock. Wants me to set a poker game up with some friends." Dean answered as he went towards the bathroom.

Katherine heard the water come on. She was livid again with John. having a poker game the very same night he comes home from a trip. She was a great hostess, enjoyed the guys. She thought of Dean and his great fucking abilities. Finishing the bed with just the splash of perfume she let her mind wonder. Dean would be so hot to fuck with a house full of company. Having that young stud slamming into her pussy. While the guys were playing poker. She wanted to fuck him with John unaware but close. Steven fucked her in the hall as he slept. Oh she wanted John to know she fucked his sons. She knew that wouldn't probably happen.

But because he had a poker game tonight, didn't mean she wasn't going to fuck Dean tonight. No fucking Dean was going to be an option. She had sat there unaware of Dean's shower was over. He had walked up behind her.

"Penny for your thoughts Kate?" Dean whispered in her ear.

Katherine jumped high off the bed. How did he get so close to her. It was John's fault she was fucking Dean and fucked Steven. He never wanted to fuck her. A moment then slipping off falling asleep wasn't fucking.

"You scared me, Dean." Kate said with a glimmer of light in her eyes.

His hands reached for her silken robe loosening it for him to see her precious nipples. His eyes took them in with so much appreciation Kate blushed. Then his fingers took each nipple into his hands and he massaged their utter beauty. Katherine sighed from the tenderness. She stood up, so as to kiss his lips. Their lips met with softness, nothing but a long soft wet kiss. His fingers playing her breasts like a fine virtuoso on a harp. Their lips pulled away leaving them both swaying.

"Mrs. London I haven't fucked that beautiful, open pussy of yours. May I?" Dean smiled formally.

"Mr. London, yes please. I need you to fuck me right now." Kate said smiling.

He pressed her down to the bed, helping her move to the center. The whole time his hands exploring her pussy. He found placing three fingers in she would groan with deep lust. Two would make her hump his hand. Three in her pussy and one in her ass, she would lose all inhibitions. She was so exotic, never knowing what she would bring caused his hard on to become more so. Opening the rose colored robe so he could see her nude she looked him in his eyes. Admiring her was so erotic, she didn't try to cover herself she enjoyed the attention.

She was ethereal without even knowing she was so beautiful. He traced her forehead with his tongue as he pressed into her body. Seeing her long body all for him to play, made his cock rigid. Slowly kissing and licking, sucking his way down to her naval she became his.

"Katherine I am going to open your legs now." Dean announced as he placed his hand between her thighs.

Her legs opened widely, he looked upon the sensous pussy of a woman. She had such full outer lips, softened pink inner lips. Her hole was damn inviting. Her clit had a slight hood but he knew from the night before it would pull back. His finger outlined her pussy not missing any area. Her hips responded with a slow motion. His fingers traced her inner lips pulling on their length. She moaned. His finger brushed ever so lightly her hooded clit and she shivered as the hood pulled away to show her enlarged clit.

Ever so quickly he bent down licking its tip.

"Ahh, fuck Dean." Katherine said her eyes rolling backwards.

He placed her leg over his body as he played expertly on her pussy. He had her. He knew she would fuck him senseless. But being there on his dad's bed with his wife spread open for him to fuck. It was heady stuff. She was all woman. That pussy hole was winking at him when he touched her clit. He was thoroughly enjoying this power he had. Some women went around begging to be fucked. She was this woman. Her body was always gracefully begging to be taken.

Moving upon his hands he slowly moved between her long dancer's legs. She automatically bent them at the knee's opening them wider. He looked down on this woman and felt a rush of complete hot, desire to own her.

Katherine took his cock in her hands and moved it around her slippery pussy. Making her more wet. She slid it around the outer lips, her now darkened pink lips and brushed across her wanting hole. He was amused by her playfulness. Getting down on his elbows he looked her in eyes.

"Katherine, you naughty little girl. Teasing my cock like that. What should I do?" Dean whispered in her ear.

Katherine only smiled and kept up playing in circles. He steadied himself on one elbow as he took her hand and his cock and brushed her clit.

"Ummmm." Katherine breathlessly inhaled.

"You like?" Dean feigned surprise in his voice.

"Yes." Katherine managed to answer.

"Perhaps we should do this again?" Dean said as he more harder brushed that clit.

Katherine's immediate response was to arch upward onto his crown. Her hips shoved to their fullest. Dean enjoyed her open wanton hunger for his cock. He started brushing his shaft all around that magic beauty of a dripping hole. Around and around, slow, hard, soft, fast. Her body was trembling from lust she wanted him to mount her. Wrapping her legs around his waist she tried to guide him to slip his cock deeply inside of her.

He adjusted his body as to keep her from succeeding.

"Please?" Katherine whispered.

"Please what, Kate?" Dean said hoarsely.

"Fuck my pussy. Fuck it hard, fast, long and slow." Katherine begged with tears in her eyes.

Dean saw the tears and rammed her so hard she came off the bed but the crown of her head. He started ramming his shaft full length, breathing deep and hard he felt her flesh give away to his rocket. He felt the soft folds accept him. Grab hold of him, work with him. He buried it deep inside so that when he pulled back he heard a slurping suctioning sound. The sounds drove him out of his ever loving mind. His hand got free and he slapped her white ass. She seemed to open deeper he felt like his cock was free falling into an abyss of no ending. His humping, rocking, stroking, long, short, soft, incredibly hard she twisted and shouted words he was sure weren't English.

His body molded around hers. She was scraping at his shoulders, taking her heels to make him go deeper. The marks on his back caused him to fuck in a frenzy. Losing all control of what was taking place. His body was fucking this angelic angel that fucked like a devil woman. She had seemed to be without any bones. His placing his hands on the top of her head pushing her down into every thrust up, made her scream with pleasures. His getting on his knees with upper body laying on her bringing her ass off the bed she seemed to spray wetness all around them. He gritted his teeth as he kept burrowing down inside of this hot box of passion.

Stroking without losing a motion brought him into a realm he had never entered. His heart beating on hers. His mouth overtaking her screams. His hands holding them up, slapping her ass, he hadn't fucked so hard before in his life. He was riding the most beautiful woman in this world.

Then it happened, he felt like he was hit by a sledge hammer, his shoulders became like granite along with his thighs. His face got red hot, breathing was labored to almost nothing. Hearing Katherine crying out made his orgasm lock in.

"Kate I am going to cummmm." Dean announced.

Katherine had already tightened every muscle tight aware her orgasm was going to explode without her doing anything else. Her breathing became like a machine gun at full firing power. His hot lava cum bursting through making her insides feel scalded. Pain/pleasure was her last coherent thought. Their naked bodies slamming into each other, brought them free falling into a passionate fuck fest.

All was quiet as the storm raged on outdoors. Entangled into each other, Katherine slipped down to suck on Dean's cock. Slipping him into her mouth, she suckled gently. Slurping the cum that clung to the shaft going full length strokes, feeling Dean's hand stroking her hair. He couldn't speak, he was floating. Katherine loved licking on his shaft with its bulging veins. The softened cock was licked dry very clean. Katherine, moved something was sticking to her rib. Taking her hand she worked it out from under her. It was a picture looking at it she couldn't quite make it out.

By the time she did she almost fell off the bed. It was John and their best friend Sean. Sean was sucking off John's rock hard cock. John was blissfully looking down on Sean's head. Her mind went completely into a state of shock. John's cock was so hard, she was amazed and so taken by it. Outraged and so, so, she didn't know what.

"Katherine what is it?" Dean managed to scream while she gripped his thigh harder.

Katherine threw the picture at Dean. Dean picked it up knowing immediately what he was seeing. Staying quietly he just looked at the picture.

"Your father... Your father and Jill's husband. Dean your father is being sucked off." Katherine said incredulously.

"Yes, Kate its Sean all right." Dean said quiet again.

"Your father he is being sucked off. He doesn't like it when I suck him off." She shouted without thinking.'a woman isn't supposed to enjoy such things. Such things aren't done between a husband and wife he says." Katherine stopped speaking, looking back at the picture.

"Katherine I don't know what to say." Dean said honestly.

Katherine was stunned by this picture. Sean's mouth was wrapped around John's cock. John was clearly close to cumming. Her eyes caught another picture, leaning down onto the floor she managed to pick up a few more. John's cock was crammed in Sean's mouth in every one of them. She was speechless, Dean was holding her looking at his dad being sucked off.

"Dean I am so shocked." Katherine mumbled.

"Yes, I am too." Dean said.

"Katherine they must have been in this robe I put on. You had no idea?" Dean asked innocently.

"No, not one idea Dean. It explains his many trips with Sean. Jill and I even made a joke about their time they spent away from home. Dean why? How? When did this happen?" Katherine said without thinking.

" I wouldn't know when. I don't know why. I do know that having a blow job is different from a man's point of view." Dean said without thinking.

" Oh, really?" Katherine said sarcastically.

"Men are animals. We want sex. We are just made for the sex acts." Dean tried to explain.

"Oh so you are telling me you have sucked off a man?" Katherine asked astonished.

"How did I get in this? Katherine I am not the one in the picture. My dad is." Dean said defensively.

Katherine looked into Dean's eyes before starting to smile.

"I'm sorry Dean. Of course you aren't in this picture. Just seeing your dad being sucked off by Sean. I'm thrown I have never turned him down. I enjoy him." Katherine said quietly.

Dean grabbed her up to his chest and laid her down next to him. The whole time thinking of when he was in the hospital and Sam was seeing to his needs. The first time with Sam during his evening massage and bath.

Sam's hands were big yet so tender. Dean was lying there in pain if not for the pain medication. As Sam worked his magic to Dean's waist, the sheet was across Dean's groin. Being hurt so bad, Dean rated a private room. Sam, moved down to the bared skin of his mid thighs. Massaging his good leg working down to his toes. Moving the moisturizer to his bad side Sam worked up his bad leg. Being cautious of the pain Dean was most certainly having.

"Well, Dean how's that feel?" Sam asked.

Dean was feeling relaxed, but unsettled. He moved around the bed pulling himself up the sheet slipped off a little. The rim of his cock was exposed to Sam. Sam cleared his throat and went about fixing the covers, moving the pillows. Not mentioning that Dean's cock was half rigid. Dean was embarrassed, but this was his first time with almost a hard on since the attack. He moved the sheet back over just as Sam was raising the bed. Both motions caused the sheet to slip off onto the floor.

Dean looked away from Sam's face. Sam took the cover and slowly moved it up his legs. Dean's cock gave him away. It was becoming hard. Sam stopped as he allowed the covers to expose Sam a little longer. Dean looked into Sam's face which Sam took as though he wanted a blow job.

Sam bent down and took Dean's throbbing cock into his mouth. Dean felt the warmth immediately and gave way to this. Sam started swallowing his cock until he got to the base. Dean was in awe of this moment. He had never had a man go down on him. His body seemed to know it was different. Sam's moustache, his tongue they were both harder than any woman's lips. His hips wouldn't work so he laid there as Sam without fuss sucked his cock. Chills went up his back. Closing his eyes he let his mind wonder off. Then without warning his cock spewed forth his load. Sam, sucked a few more hard draws then let Dean fall out of his mouth.

Dean laid there in sweat, feeling alive once again and content. As he remembered Sam came into his room the last one each night. After his bath and massage he gave him head. All the way up to his release. Dean didn't want to share that with Katherine. Now, he had to figure out how to get his dad out of trouble.

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