tagIncest/TabooIt Happened One Night Bk. 2 Ch. 05

It Happened One Night Bk. 2 Ch. 05

bySatin and Lace©

Dean pressed his body into Katherine's being careful of his leg. She leapt on the counter top losing the ability to hear John's voice. Dean maneuvered himself between her legs. She was glad she puts on a skirt yet she had panties on.

"This is so dangerous Katherine." Dean huskily spoke the obvious.

"I don't care. I want you. I want you now, and here." Katherine throatily gasped.

Their bodies were feeding off each other gathering top speed of reaching that point of no return. Her nipples seemed to be tearing through the sheerness of the material. Dean was trying to raise her skirt up still listening for his dad.

"Fuck what the hell is this?" He asked feeling the satin panties.

"Panties, Dean you must get around more." Laughed Katherine. Regretting putting them on earlier.

Dean grunted trying to work around the satin wetness. Getting frustrated he quit moving them side to side he just ever so quickly ripped them. Katherine loved his impatience, it made him seem that much hotter.

"Well, I could have taken them off Dean." She pretended to be annoyed.

"I told you I wanted you Katherine. Panties only slowed me down." explained Dean laughing.

He had untied her blouse as he listened for his dad's voice on the phone. Thank the lord telephones had been made. The red light on the phone panel was still on. Dean just noticed it and took that as being he was free to fuck his wife. Katherine was needing more access to Dean and so she scooted off the counter.

"Dean this isn't going to work. You can't stand up. I can't get to you. Come with me." Katherine said as she took him by the hand.

John's office door opened suddenly throwing Katherine into a quick thinking mode. She shoved Dean into the hall closet. Smoothing her hair she waited for him to come out. The door closed again as she heard the phone calling him again. Opening the door, Dean was standing there smiling.

"That was a bit to close Kate." Dean teasingly said. He looked so adorable with his pajama's down to his ankles his rock hard cock bouncing as he spoke.

Katherine motioned for him to follow. They seemed to go in and out of so many halls. Finally ending in a cozy room. Had a nice cozy settee, Katherine pushed him back so his body laid out quite invitingly. She was standing over him looking at this man with lust burning desires. All her thoughts were centered on this so sexy hot man. She took her clothing off, bending over she without a wasted movement removed his bottoms. Freeing his body to accept her's. Slowly she crawled onto the foot of the settee and crawled up between his legs. Taking his bad leg carefully, lovingly she placed it on the upholstered arm. This left him open for her to enjoy his bulging manhood.

Darting her tongue she started at his kneecap, moving in slow circles towards his groin. His mind was blowing as he anticipated the touch. Not just any touch but the touch of her long sensuous tongue taking him to flight. Her long silver hair brushing his thighs, resting in waves around his cock and huge hanging balls. He was concentrating on her, the sensual slow movements. The thorough hot licks. The nibbling, sucking on his thighs. Almost but not quite ending above his regal solid rock hard, cock. Her fingers training his stomach up so she was pinching and massaging his nipples as she explored his lower abdomen.

He wanted to ram his cock into her face, but knew she was going to show him something very hot erotic. He contained his natural urges of pumping his shaft into her mouth. His cock loved being buried in all of her holes. Her ass was so hot he almost allowed his body to shoot hot cum on that beautiful face.

"Dean, darling slow down I am here to allow you to escape." Katherine said smiling sincerely.

Dean looked her face deeply then jumped a little.

"What's the problem Dean am I hurting you?" She asked as she tongued his pubic hair twisting his nipples alternating.

"I saw something move. Over your shoulder." Dean said as he saw it again.

"Dean that's just your dad." She said as she took her chin trapping his shaft between her chin and nestled it into her neck.

"Well, Katherine I don't know how you can be so casual?" Dean got rigid.

"Dean wave at him." She laughed.

Dean looked down at this wanton woman, but waved as he was told. Nothing happened. Dean looked harder.

"He .. Wait he can't see us. Not even our shadows?" Dean asked perplexed.

"No darling he can't see me about to take your cock in my lips. It's glass brick. It allows the light to come through. The waviness keeps the details down to mere shadows. Now, son you let me take your breath away. Please?" Katherine said amused and passion filled voice.

Dean tried to relax and Katherine realized she was going to have to just swallow him to get him back in that floating feeling. Her mouth came down to the tip of this hearty built cock. She tipped it with her tip of her tip of her tongue. It shot to attention, erasing the tension Dean had.

"Ahhhhggh." Dean muttered.

Katherine felt him melt into a puddle of nerve endings, every brush of her body that touched him anywhere caused him to sigh deeper. Katherine was placing his shaft on her upper lip, while taking her tongue licking its shaft the full length down. His hands grabbed her hair, but couldn't take the effort to do anything but leave them in her hair. She licked his shaft from the tip to the base, teasing his ass with her fingers. She used her wetness for lubrication so she wouldn't hurt him. She started to slowly finger fuck him, he was immobilized.

She felt his body yield to her fingers.

"Yes, Dean feel it. Feel that delicious feeling of being fucked by a woman. Give into the sensation of me entering your body. Feels great doesn't it?" She whispered knowing he wouldn't, couldn't answer. 'Now you know you are insatiable when it comes to eroticism. That the journey is the ride. No rushing, slow as they go your body is to be treasured." She added.

Noting she was hitting that spot that caused him to release pre cum she licked her lips as she went down the shaft slowly , she had two fingers fucking his ass, Her mouth was devouring his crown, his ridge was being flicked between her teeth. Her free hand was pulling on his rigid nipples. Her motions were slow, fast, long, short, drawn out. Katherine had nothing to prove but to show this young man what sensual sex was about.

Dean was moaning, his body was being assaulted in erotic overload. Katherine let his cock slip down her throat, pressing her nose down to the pubic bone. Dean's hands started playing with her hair. She slowly moved his shaft out of her throat to let it feel fresh air. She took the time to use her tongue as she traced the curves of his balls to lick his spot behind where they lay so natural. His hips moved opening his knees wider she was still fingering his ass, but she wanted to taste him. Licking on his ass cheeks, she worked quickly to his empty ass. Using that tongue she curled it so she could get it to go inside of him.

"Oh Fuckkkkkk!!" Dean shouted without caring.

Katherine went in deeper, as she was as far as she could get she started to withdraw. His hands tried to stop her head. She withdrew only to enter him again over and over. His body was so loaded with pleasure he was incapable of thought. He had never been made love to. So that he was on the receiving side not expected to pleasure his partner. His mind raced not able to form words. Katherine reached inside a small drawer and pulled out a very small vibrator. She wanted him to feel what it felt like to be ass fucked.

Making sure he was lubricated, it was lubricated she slid up his body so she could whisper in his ear.

"Baby, I am going to ass fuck you." She whispered as she raised the vibrator.

Dean's eyes didn't focus completely, his mind told him to trust Katherine. So he shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm going to ease this into you. I will be able to see your reactions, relax sweetheart." Katherine said as she passionately kissed his waiting lips.

The kiss was deep long, lingering. Dean felt something warm rimming his ass, he kissed her lips harder. Katherine pressed the rounded end barely into his ass. His resistance was instantaneously, she stopped but didn't pull it back. Kissing his lips she applied a little more pressure his ass accepted a little more then resistance, she slowed down. She would press forward he would take more of it in and she would stop until his body hugged it.

His face was soft to look at. She started to move this silver vibrator in his ass, he came unglued. His hips started to move slowly with the sensation.

"Kate this feels fucking fine." He managed to whisper.

"I know Dean. It's so intimate. So erotic fucking you like this." Kate said smiling into Dean's eyes.

"Can you move it a little harder?" Dean asked.

Katherine sped it up and placed more pressure. She, was floating with him experiencing this with him for the first time. Her free hand was stroking his hair.

"Kate, what's happening?" Dean asked with a little alarm in his soft voice.

"You are going to cum darling. You want to cum on my face and breasts?" Katherine offered shuffling herself for a better position.

"Yes." He whispered.

His body was preparing for a orgasm he would always remember. His legs went hard, back arched, chest was filling with air. He couldn't manage to cum and function his involuntary motions. Katherine got between his legs not letting up her assault. Dean got upon his elbow looking her in the eyes. Just as his spine seized, his ass becoming rock hard, his lava consistency white hot cum shattered through. Kate caught the first splash in her eyes. She smiled as his cum came in bursts covering her face totally.

"This isn't happening..." Dean said feeling passions spent. Biting his lips he looked in Katherine's eyes, this is a woman. His hands grabbed her hair and pulled it back so he could see his cum shining on her angelic face. He fell back exhausted pulling her to his chest.

They knew they should be moving but neither could.

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