tagErotic CouplingsIt Started At The Office Ch. 02

It Started At The Office Ch. 02


It has been almost a week since the incident in the closet. I watched avidly the first several days as you looked carefully at the women in the office. I even had to stifle a giggle or two as you tried to sniff several women, trying to see if the perfume matched. A time or two, I even thought you were looking at me a bit speculatively.

As the days went by and there was nothing overt telling me you had figured it out, I began to wonder if you were going to solve it. I had started to speculate on what to do next.

One evening, as I plan to leave, I notice you are still working. Although there are people around, most of those around your work area seem to be gone. An idea sparks...I think I can find a way to have some fun and give you another "hint".

I go back to my office for a moment and prepare part of the hint. I then position myself in a central area so that I can view your office. I watch for a while and am rewarded when I see you step out to talk to someone down the hall. I slip into the office and move behind the door. My heart is pounding as I wait. I notice that there is a lamp on the desk. I hurry over to turn it off and place something on the desk. I get back behind the door just as it starts to open.

Once you are through the door, I push it closed and flick the switch. Rather than hearing any startled exclamation of surprise, I hear a rueful chuckle. "I hoped that perhaps if I weren't fast enough, I might get another visit. I've been loitering around closets as much as possible!"

A slight giggle escapes before I can stop it. I clear my throat and whisper, "Put your hands on the desk and don't move." I hear movement as you comply.

Once I am sure you are leaning on your desk, I slowly move up behind you. You can feel the warmth of my body. I place my hands on your back, feeling the heat and strength through your shirt. I move them around and tug the shirttails from your slacks. I undo the buttons while pressing my chest into your back. I push the shirt as far off your shoulders and down your arms as it will go, which is just enough so that it is out of the way.

My hands go to the fastening of your slacks, undoing and pushing them down your thighs. You feel my fingers tracing over your cock, which is already hot and hard. I wrap my hand around it and pump a few times, squeezing liquid from the tip.

I step away from you for a moment. You can hear movement but are unsure what is happening. You feel me duck under your arm and kneel between you and the desk. My hand is again on you, teasing along the shaft, rubbing the sensitive underside. You feel the other hand come up and enclose your cock with wetness. You groan as you realize it must have come from me.

My hands disappear but quickly you feel something else. You are surrounded by the soft press of my breasts as your cock slips between them. As I move my up and down, my tongue comes out to lick and tease the head. Your breathing increases as I continue to stroke you in this way.

After several moments, I whisper, "What do you want? Do you want me to keep fucking you with my tits until you cum all over them? Do you want me to suck you into my mouth and then swallow every drop? Or do you want to be inside of me, pumping me until you fill my pussy?"

"Oh god, I want it all. But the first two are better if I can see you. So I choose to fuck your pussy."

I stand up and turn around, my bare ass rubs against your cock as I lean forward and place my hands next to yours. "Then fuck me. But keep your hands on the desk. You can only use your body."

You position your cock at the opening and pause for a moment, feeling the damp heat. You thrust in, filling and stretching me. We both moan in delight as you enter me. Your hips piston in and out of me, scraping your cock deliciously along my inner walls. I use the desk for leverage, pushing back against you. You thrust harder, moving faster, as we race towards pleasure.

I let out a half-scream as I orgasm, squeezing your cock with my spasms. You push heavily and deeply as you begin to shoot your cum inside. Moisture spills out of my pussy with your movements.

You lean heavily onto me as we both gasp for breath. You can tell for the first time that I am essentially still dressed with just my skirt pulled up. Once my heart rate returns to normal, I ease upwards and you slip out of me.

I quickly kneel down in front of you again. I take your softening cock into my mouth to suck and lick you clean. I stand up and pull your head towards me. Our mouths meet and our tongues passionately tangle. You can taste our mingled juices on my tongue.

I back away slightly and whisper, "Keep like this for one minute after I leave. Don't move your hands and turn your head away from the door. After the minute, you can turn on your desk lamp to see what was left for you this time."

I duck beneath your arm again as I push my skirt down. I walk to the door and open it. My head is turned back to watch as the light from the hall filters in. I grin at the picture you present...shirt pushed half off, pants down around your ankles, leaning on the desk. I can feel myself clench a little at the sight of you. I'd love to just turn around and....

I make myself walk out into the hall and shut the door behind me. I go to my office and gather my things to leave. As I head towards the elevator, I try to imagine what happened after I left: You standing there, half naked and exhausted. Turning on the light, picking up the paper sitting there. A paper with a lipstick kiss in the middle, scented with perfume and just the faintest hint of the musky odor of my arousal.

With the dampness still on my thighs, I leave the building and speculate whether you now have enough "hints" to figure it all out.

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