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It was Delicious



Cassie was exceptionally fatigued when she arrived at her apartment. She sighed appreciatively thinking how grateful she was that she lived in a downstairs unit. She could not fathom what she would do if she had to walk up a flight of stairs to get into her apartment. Just the thought alone made her body ache. She turned off her car and let her head tilt backwards and closed her eyes for a minute. Today had been one of those days. She could not wait to get in her apartment and take a nice long hot bath.

She opened her eyes and said, "Let's go." Opening the car door, she grabbed the keys from the ignition and then reached for her purse and briefcase, allowing the keys to slide into her open purse. She readjusted herself so she could slide out of her car seat. She uncomfortably pulled her purse and briefcase behind her, having to readjust her position so she would not lose her balance as she stumbled out of her car. Finding her footing, she tapped the lock button with her free hand and slammed the door closed.

Making her way to her apartment her nose was teased with some scents of a grill being prepared for the meal that would be placed on it. She could smell the hickory flavors whipping in the wind. This caused her stomach to awaken and remind her that she had not eaten since her breakfast meeting. Her stomach demanded she pay attention to it sooner than later. She made a mental note to take out the salmon to thaw while she was in the tub.



Tony sat on his balcony on a small stool watching Cassie. Her routine was so predictable. With that said, this was the best part of his day. He liked watching her.

He wondered if he would ever have the nerve to say something to her, something more than pleasantries they had always exchanged. She seemed so self-fulfilled. He was a bit intimidated by her presence, although her curves made her soft and desirable. Her nice round breast that always seemed to strain again her clothes, were firm yet seemed to stand at attention with little assistance. That beautiful smooth milk chocolate skin that covered every curvature of her body, she was a full-sized girl but she wore it well, her waist line made her ass perfectly shaped apple bottom stick out that much more.

He loved watching her walk (especially when she walked away from him) as her ass would sway back and forth. He could not recall a time in his life when he had seem a woman with such an ample ass. He imagined often how it would look while he was pounding her pussy from behind. The very thought made his cock twitch to life. Her legs were uncharacteristically tone from the stilettos she wore often. He recalled her mother saying, "That neighbor of yours is a pretty girl to be plus sized. If she lost a few pounds she would be a perfect coke bottle shape. Every man on this block would be trying to take a sip, if you know what I mean." At the time, I had just rolled my eyes, but my mother was right. This man desperately wanted a sip of her bottle.

Tony shook himself, clearing his head from his descent to the pit. She really was more than a piece of tail to him. Her voice made him want to possess her. He wanted to have her...mind, body and soul. One day she would be his. He smiled at his last thought.


"Hey, Tony smells good." Cassie said glancing up as she approaches her doorway, digging around for her keys that had slide even further into her purse in the short walk from her car to the door.

"Thanks, Cassie but I have not even put the meat on yet," he continued, "You know there's enough for you if you want some." He said half-jokingly. He was a bit shocked that he had been so aggressive. Wasn't he just wondering when he would make his move? "Oh yeah?" pulling her keys out of her purse. "I might have to take you up on that." She said chuckling.

"Well, just let me know." Tony responded.

Tony wanted her to feel what he was feeling, a sense of urgency. He knew he wanted her and he could not let this opportunity pass him by. He felt a spark. She had given him a small fan to the smoldering fire in his pants. He stood to look down at her.

Leaning his elbows on his bannister nonchalantly, "I'd be honored if you would join me. I'm sure you're too tired to cook dinner for yourself and I am already in the midst of cooking." He said flashing his best inviting smile.

"Well, sir, you do drive a hard bargain." Cassie said busying herself with trying to get the keys in the door.

"Listen, I'm about to put the steaks on the grill, the corn on the cob is seasoned on the stove and will be put on the grill around the meat to add flavor and I got a few potatoes, if you want to add a baked potatoes to the mix. All you got to do is say yes." His eyes smiled with a slight pleading in them.

She was about to decline, he could tell by her body movements so before she could form the words he said, "Look you got to eat right. No one likes to eat alone, am I right?"

"Yes, you are right, however I have a lot of work to do so I just going to make some salmon with some left over rice pilaf and a lettuce salad and call it a night." She got the door opened and straddled her threshold tilting her head to look in Tony's direction but could not see his actual body anymore.

"Okay, so your meal is already waiting for you in the house?" he prodded

"No. I have to prepare the salmon and heat up the rice and cut up the lettuce and..."

He cut her off, "My offer does not require you to do anything but eat." He smiled as if he had sealed the deal. He continued, "I promise I am a pretty good cook and my mother raised me to be the perfect gentleman"

Cassie took a few steps so she could look up at Tony and smiled, her face was so captivating. She had a cute little button nose that had a childhood scar across the bridge that could barely be seen when she wear her glasses. Her deep dark chocolate eyes were almost black. He thought he might get dizzy looking into them too long. He noticed that she had a slight dimple on her left cheek when she smiled. Cassie knew she was not going to talk him out of it so she nodded, "okay, I'll be up in about 45 minutes or so, is that enough time?" almost regretting the words as they left her mouth.

No, I will come to you. It's been a long day for you I can tell by the way you are walking. The least I can do is bring dinner to you. See you in about an hour?"

She smiled with relief, "Thanks Tony, sounds great."

"It's my pleasure, Love."



Cassie walked into her house. Her heart was pounding fast. She had to clean up the living room and remove all the books off the table so they would have a place to eat. She thought to herself, how I really wanted that long hot bath. I better settle for a 20 minute shower and then tackle this place. She put her purse down and briefcase on the couch and leaned over to pull her pumps off starting with the right one. She sighed as her feet were relieved of the four inch heels. She smirked to herself, "what we girls go through to be cute."


All showered and feel a bit more relaxed she put on her SIG Series 29 t-shirt she had found in her brother's things when cleaning out her mother's attic last summer. He had forgotten all about it and said she could keep it. She loved to sleep in it because it fell just below her hips. She then pulled on her black stretch yoga pants and pulled her hair back into a messy pony tail. She washed her face and put on her Noxzema while she picked up the living room and dining table.

She thought to change her clothing once everything was to her likening but decided against it. Tony had seen her like this taking out the garbage getting the mail, no sense in trying to be something she was not. This was not a date it was just two neighbors sharing a meal. She looked at the clock she still had about 12 minutes. She walked over to her fireplace mantle and lit her three Air Wick Gentle Color Changing Candles. She had said she wanted to try them out ever since she went to Virginia's and she had her burning. Virginia had Lavender and Chamomile scented ones but when she went to the store; she like the Vanilla Indulgence scent more, so she got that those. The fragrance seeped slowly into the atmosphere. She walked over to her stereo and turned it on; pushing play the smooth musical notes of Kenny G's Silhouette filled the room. She took a deep breath and held it for a few seconds then released it. She turned and sat on the couch, leaning back and she closed her eyes.



Tony was a bit nervous while finishing up the final touches of the dinner. When Cassie had said yes, he decided to go and take a quick shower and put on his black denim and a white tank top. He sprayed some cologne, just in case she got close enough to smell him. He ran his fingers through his curly black hair making sure it was too messy. Once he was happy with his appearance he started grilling the meat and corn, he did not want it sitting and becoming cold while he got dress so now he rushed to balcony and back to kitchen while he made sure that he got everything he needed to make this meal the best meal she had ever eaten. Tony thought to himself, "If the way to a man's heart was through his belly, he must have some effect on a woman too." He was thankful that he had the mind to put the potatoes in the oven before he got in the shower. They were finished at the same time the meat and corn was ready. He wrapped every all the items in foil and packed them carefully to carry downstairs. He could hear his mother walking him through the process.

He looked at the clock it had been an hour exactly. He headed toward his door.



Cassie was startled by her door chime. She took a moment to get her barrens and then she headed to door. She took a glance in the mirror to sure that no drool or other embarrassing thing was seeable. She tested her breath to make sure that her little nap had not given her that hint of morning breath.

"Just a minute" as she ran to take to the bathroom take a swig of mouthwash. You can never to be cautious. Her stomach growled and she darted back to the door.

When she opened the door her eyes widened. Cassie was taken by surprise at how tall Tony was. She had always talked to him either from her doorway while he was sitting in his car or like earlier when he was leaned up against the his balcony bannister. She had not realized that he was at least 6'4. His eyes were the color of steel and his eyebrows seemed to shield them from the elements. His eye lashes would be the envy of any girl into makeup. His masculine features seemed to flood her. She had seen him before but never this close. Her breath caught in her throat and she knew she was staring like a dear caught in headlights but she could not break herself away from looking at his manly face. He was not a beautiful man like Brad Pitt but he had this masculine thing going on like a Kirk Russell.

"Oh where are my manners." She said finally snapping out of her trance. "Come in." I opened the door, and stepped to the side, allowing him to enter.

"Thanks. The food is wrapped tightly in these containers. Where shall I put them?"

"Oh, let me take those. Would you like something to drink?" she said taking the containers and walking to the kitchen.

"Yes, water is fine for now." Tony said checking out her apartment.

She had great fashion sense. Her walls were an earthy brick red color with an off white on the doorways and windows, blue think lines around the base of the walls and a greyish brown color on the molding. She had a simple red coffee table with a black marble top in the center of the room with a large three tear candle in the center surrounded by magazine neatly stacked. Her couch was a simple solid red that looked like a jean material with a small blue blanket tossed neatly over the back and two floral pillows for an accent. She had blue oversized blue chairs facing each other the material seemed to match the coach. Tony felt like he has walked into MTV cribs. Everything seemed to have its place and complimented each other. He continued to scope out her place and until she returned with the water.

"Oh wow, my mother would have a fit. I am just being uncharacteristically rude." Please have a seat while I plate the food and set the table."

"Oh I can help if you like."

"No, you cooked the meal the least I can do it set the table." She smiled extending her arm towards the couch.

Tony followed her arm and took a seat. "Nicely smelling candles you got there."

Oh thanks. They help me to relax. She lied in the three months she had had the candles this was the first time she had actually lit them.

"Great music, I like Kenny G too." She raised his voice to make sure she heard as she walked into the kitchen.

"Hmm, what was that?" She said reappearing from the kitchen with plates and glasses in her hands.

"I was just saying I like your choice in music." He repeated.

"Oh." She blushed setting the items downs and disappearing back into the kitchen.

Setting the table and grabbing her half empty Chardonnay. She placed the food in serving dishes and placed it on the table. Turning to Tony, who was trying not to stare at her while, she busied herself with making everything just right. "Dinner is served."

He smiled and walked over to the table.


After dinner she offered him another glass of Chardonnay. He gladly accepted and they moved over to the couch. Kenny G's melodic notes were still filling the air and the candles were impregnating the air with a sweet vanilla scent. Cassie felt a strange sensation. She wanted to kiss Tony. She looked at his lips as he begins to ask her about her choices in furniture and art work on the wall. She licked her lips a few times when he paused to think of an artist or the name of a painting. This man was sexy as hell and in this lighting and with her feeling warm she wanted him to touch her. She jumped up and mentioned something about forgetting to soak the dishes and not wanting the food to stick. She rushed off to the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen, she threw some cold water on her face. She decided to wash the dishes to give her some time to gather her senses.



Did she just lick her lips?

Tony thought to himself. He dismissed the thought. They sat on the couch talking for a few minutes when he noticed she did it again. Tony's cock urged him to move closer.

She wants you. Your plan worked. Let's prep her for dessert.

Once again Tony shook the thought from his head and dismissed the growing member below his waistline. He promised himself, nothing will happen unless she makes it clear she wants it. Just then as if she read his mind or heard his thoughts, she leaned towards him. Tony was bracing for the kiss he knew that was coming when she said, "Better take care of those dishes..." what was she saying? Tony was suddenly alone on the couch.


He sat there for a few moments wondering if he should leave but he couldn't bring himself to leave yet. He reclined back on the couch and closed his eyes trying to calm his pulse which he noticed had quickened a bit. Then he thought, "This is ridiculous." I should be going home. He started to tell her; he was going to head back to his place when she touched his arm.

"Wanna, help with the dishes?"

There was just something about her question and her voice. Tony's cock pressed against his zipper even more. He cleared his throat and hoped she could not see his erection.

"Sure." He said as he got off the couch, they walked into the kitchen. She handed him a dishcloth and said, "You dry; I will wash." He nodded his agreement while taking the cloth from her.

While they stood at the sink Cassie looked at Tony and asked, "Tony, have you ever dated a black woman?"

"Umm, n-no. I have seen a few I would like to date but never had the courage to approach them." He admitted.

"I see." She said slowly removing her hand.

He caught her hand before it was totally gone from his arm. "And you, have you ever dated a white man?" Tony stared into her eyes.

Looking away she blushed. "No" turning back to look at him, "They seem to like a thinner woman than me."

Tony moved in closing the gap a bit between them. "Cassie you are a very attractive woman." He reached up to touch her face running the back of his hand down her silky cheek.

"Thanks, but most men seem to think that I am a waste of time and effort." She grimaced at how honest she was being about her feelings.

"Cassie, look at me. Any man would be ecstatic to have a woman like you on his arm. You are intelligent, funny, a great interior designer, a fashion guru and ..." he cleared his throat.

"And..." she pressed.

"Hell, you are sexy." He admitted looking away from her penetrating gaze.

"Tony, you think I'm sexy?"

"Yes, to be honest with you Cassie, I have wanted to talk to you like we did tonight for months."

"Well, why didn't you."

"I'm not sure, intimated not wanting to come off like a jerk or some guy who wanted you for one night and then I would move on." Then what if you didn't like me like that, I mean I never saw a guy come here but that did not mean you were not attached."

Cassie giggled. "Tony, man I am truly flattered."

"Are you now? So what are we going to do about our little moment of truth?"

"Hmm, I know what I'd like to do about it." She offered

"I'm listening." He said with a sexy smirk on his face.

"Kiss me" she whispered huskily.

Tony leaned in and pressed his lips to Cassie's ever so tenderly. He felt her press a bit hard and her lips parted slightly. He allowed his tongue to explore her full lips and tasted her for the first time. She let her mouth part more and he slipped his tongue between her lips and caressed her tongue. They began to softly press their lips together and tease her other with just a hint of tongue until Cassie lifted her arms up around his neck and pulled him in closer. Tony was eager to please and let his body mold to hers.

He pulled back and looked her in the eyes. "You taste better than I expected."

She smiled and began kissing him again.

"Tony, I want you to fuck me" she said barely moving her lips from his.

Tony felt his cock harden. Cassie looked deep in the eyes.

"Are you sure?" Apparently, she was because without answering she began to lift her t-shirt over her head. His eyes grew wide as she slowly exposed more and more of her coffee skin.

"Mmm, dam-yam." he said as she unhooked her bra and let each strap fall over her shoulders until the bra hit the floor. He then reached over to caress her right breast and moving closer to her he took her nipple into his mouth. She leaned her head back arching her back so he could have full access. He took her in his arms and began to suck even hard gently pulling on her nipple and tugging at it with his teeth. She was in ecstasy. He released her nipple and started on the other one. She moaned holding his head and running her fingers through his curly hair.

Tony could not wait to touch her sex so he slide his hand over her yoga pants and when he reached her mound rubbed her pussy through her pants.

"You're so wet," he told her as he released her nipple and moved both hands to waist and tugged on the waistband to her pants. She assisted him by raising her hips. Once they were past her mound, he allowed his fingers to explore her. Teasing her slit and finally sliding his finger into her honeypot. She gasped and began to moan as he slid another finger in as well, while he rubbed her clit with his thumb. He finger fucked her when she spread her legs more so he could get a better angle in her cunt. Her feet began to dangle above the floor as he leaned her back a little going deeper and deeper with his fingers. Finally, he pulled them out slowly and said "let's go to your room before we hurt ourselves trying to so this standing up." She simply nodded. Taking his hand and leading him to her room.

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