tagInterracial LoveItalian Teases/Pleases Black Ch. 02

Italian Teases/Pleases Black Ch. 02


Note: Be sure to read Chapter 1 first to get the full essence of this story

With no assistant and a presentation due Monday, Kirk wasn't traveling to the East Coast to see his fiancé or the Midwest to see his children. He was reconciled to a weekend in the office catching up and pulling together his presentation.

He arrived at his office early Saturday, coffee in hand and wearing a sleeveless T-shirt over tight jeans. Being alone, casual dress was OK. At around eleven, he was surprised by his phone ringing. He'd spoken to his kids and fiancé earlier. He glanced at the unfamiliar number on my Caller ID.


"Hi this is Carmina."

"Oh, good morning."

"I thought you might be in the office and I wonder if you'd do me a big favor"

"I'll try."

"Because yesterday was my last day of my temp assignment, I was supposed to remove my personal stuff from my desk. I planned to do it after our meeting but we ran a little long."

"Oh, I'm sorry! I apologize!"

"That's OK. But my access card has been deactivated so I can't get in."

"Call me when you arrive, I'm here all day."

"I'm outside. My husband and I just finished our morning run and dropped by to get my stuff. That's how I learned my access card no longer works!"

"I'll be right down!"

He spotted them in their running gear as he neared the door. Carmina's eye pleasing legs were clad in black spandex topped by an oversized sweat shirt that stopped just below her ass cheeks. Her slightly taller husband, with a full head of salt n pepper hair was also wearing spandex tights under a matching jacket. He was holding a small box to carry her belongings as Kirk opened the door.

"Good morning Carmina. Again I have to apologize."

"No problem. This is my husband Gio."

His handshake wasn't unfriendly but certainly not warm. Kirk mused "She probably forgot to tell him that I was black!"

"Follow me. I'll need to use my access card to get you into your old area."

Upon arriving at her desk, she set about gathering her belongings including a smiling picture of the two of them. She efficiently filled the box that she'd perched on a chair. "All set!" she said. Her husband picked up the box, ready to depart.

"Oh, I almost forgot!" Carmina exclaimed. We need to move the desk back to where it was when I got here! Maintenance was supposed to do it yesterday but I didn't get back in time." Her husband stepped forward, grabbed the lip of the desktop and said "Tell me where you want it!" Carmina gestured where he should move it. He tried lifting it but grunted "Boy that's heavy!" He tried a second time but barely moved the heavy furniture from the track its weight had embedded in the carpeting.

"Let me give it a try" Kirk said stepping forward to grasp the lip of the desk. He swung it up easily and pivoted it into the depression in the carpet where it had formerly rested. He smiled inwardly noticing their incredulous expressions. Without a word, her husband picked up her box of belongings.

"You're welcome!" Kirk replied in response to Carmina's thanks, told her hubby that it was a pleasure to meet him and bade them a good day.

He made good progress and about caught up on work unattended due to the lack of an assistant. Rather than plunge into his presentation and some odd correspondence, he decided to call it a day.

Because he'd missed his workouts the past two days due to a crazy schedule, he decided to ride his bike to the office instead of driving the next day. He threw on a white armless singlet, stretched into some "2nd skin" cycling shorts, laced up his shoes, threw a backpack over his shoulder and set off. He quickly covered the ten mile distance and managed to work up a good sweat by the time he coasted into the parking lot. He unlocked the door, wheeled the bike in and rested it on the wall outside his office.

By around 3:00 he'd crudely sketched out the slides for Monday. Now for the drudgery – he had to convert the sketches into a professional presentation. He cursed himself under his breath for not having an assistant. "Now of all times! I should be back east getting laid but I'm stuck here in this sweltering office!!"

Just as he started loading updated PowerPoint software on his computer, the phone rang. Kirk recognized the number as Carmina's from the previous day. After an exchange of greetings, she said "I know that I won't be your selection but did want to make an offer. You're probably working on your presentation and I'll be glad to help with your slides." She was right that he'd about settled on another candidate so he indicated that it would be unfair for him to take up her day.

"That's not a problem. I just dropped my husband off at the airport. He's traveling for a few days and I have nothing planned. I can be there in twenty minutes if you need a hand."

With some hesitancy, but considering his rusty PowerPoint skills, he accepted her offer.

She called again signaling her arrival. He strode down to let her in. Instead of the "Hello" he expected, she instead said "Now I see what my husband was talking about!" as she admired his biceps.

"Oh?" he asked quizzically. She shared that her hubby had expected a skinny blonde preppy type but instead encountered a big black guy who was strong as a bull.

"You must do some serious weightlifting" eyeing his arms.

He'd momentarily forgotten what he was wearing but was quickly reminded as her eyes appraised his physique and seemed to flutter as she gazed at the bulge between his legs. Kirk's eyes, hopefully less obviously, drank in her tight fitting white spandex gear. The tight pants gave him a total view of her athletic legs, the curve of her tight shapely ass and were topped by a waist length matching jacket with a diagonal pink stripe..

"Thanks for your offer to help! It is both appreciated and needed."

Knowing the way, she set off towards his office with him lingering slightly to take in her alluring curves. As they arrived, she said "OK, where do we need to start?"

He flipped through the sketches and told her what he wanted to accomplish on each slide. He also mentioned the strictly imposed twenty minute time limit. He unlocked his assistant's office, typed in the password to allow her access to the computer and servers and stepped away.

"Let me know if you need me to decipher my notes and scrawls."

"I can make them out OK, I should have something for you in an hour."

True to her word, he heard her clear her throat to announce her presence. He glanced up to see something very easy on the eyes. She had doffed her jacket due to the stifling heat. Her tight white top stopped about an inch from the waist of her form fitting pants exposing some soft olive skin. She was clearly braless as he could make out the slight traces of her nipples. Glancing downward, he could see an unmistakable camel toe as her tight pants adhered to her mound. Before averting his eyes he saw the shadowy black "V" of her pubes.

"Want to take a quick look over my shoulder and let me know what you think?"

"Yeah!" and stood up from behind his desk. Her eyes again made direct contact ... with the bulge between Kirk's legs. Her eyes widened noticeably as she stared and her jaw fell slack as he stepped in her direction. She took a long slow deep breath before turning on her heel.

She slid into her chair and began slowly clicking through the slides. He was impressed but noted some needed changes.

"First" he commented, I want to use the colors I'd indicated."

"I understand but don't think that's a good idea. The colors you chose are difficult for color blind people to see and the Chairman is colorblind." He was dumbstruck because he didn't know this! A good assistant would but not so his recently fired one.

"Also, slides 3 & 6 are too wordy. I suggest inserting a video clip from Market Research that covers the same points. Another trick I learned during my realtor days."

When he indicated a lack of familiarity with the clips, her deft keystrokes accessed the market research server and they began to play.

"That's exactly what I need!" Kirk exclaimed.

"Just ask and you'll be rewarded!" she quipped. In short order, they'd finished off the presentation that would have taken him until the wee hours. To say Kirk was pleased was an understatement.

"Now let's do a walk through!" she stood and headed towards the nearby executive conference room. He followed at a distance taking in the sway of her hips. The absence of a panty line confirmed she was not wearing any.

She opened the door, gestured to the control console and perched on the corner of a table near the massive screen at the front of the room.

"You should use the controls beneath the screen like you will on Monday. I'll listen and critique."

He moved to the controls, positioned the cursor and started. Knowing his subject matter well, he breezed through the presentation. She listened attentively and seemed to squirm a bit on her seat as he moved from slide to slide. Her nipples, no longer a faint trace, stood erect on her small perky tits. Her eyes were fixed on his cock which he felt stirring and becoming more prominent along his leg. Attentive to the two perky new members of his audience, Kirk paused for effect a couple of times before thanking his audience and inquiring if there were questions.

Her head was down, hands gripping the tabletop tightly and she seemed to be trembling. She took several long, slow deep breaths before gasping a response.

"What an effect you have!" Catching herself ... "What an effect you WILL have! Between the great news you're presenting and that riveting baritone voice, you'll have them squirming in their seats! Great job!"

"The credit goes to you!"

She blushed, slid off the table and walked towards the back of the room. Kirk happened to glance down at where she'd been seated and was stunned by what he saw. He could make out the faint damp traces of her ass cheeks. Given the heat in the building, that was not surprising. What was surprising was the distinct wet spot between the ass cheek outlines. It was obvious that she was hot from something more than the temperature. Had she not still been in the room Kirk would have run a finger through the pooled wet spot and inhaled her moist aroma.

As she returned to the front of the room, her eyes followed his to the wetness. As he looked up knowingly, she blanched. A red ring of obvious embarrassment crept from the base of her neck up to her cheeks. They exchanged glances but didn't speak but instead, turned off the lights and headed back to his office.

She returned to her office to gather up her belongings as he slid back behind his desk. She reappeared, with her jacket tied around her hips to hide the now obvious wetness between her legs.

"You did a marvelous job preparing my presentation! I wonder if I can ask you to do something else for me?"

Now recovered from her embarrassment, she struck a pose, arms stretched above her head, one foot thrust forward.

"I'm all yours! What do you need?"

He allowed a pregnant pause to pass and said nothing. Not missing a beat she quipped "I meant work, not a WORKOUT big boy!" Kirk chuckled heartily at her double entendre.

"I MEANT work!" They laughed as he explained that they'd finished the presentation so quickly and would appreciate it if she'd help with some correspondence. In short order she completed that task and whizzed off to the mailroom to insure early pickup on Monday.

When she returned, Kirk was repacking his backpack and slipping on his jacket.

"Its getting dark outside and I don't see any lights on your bike. You're not going to ride in the dark are you?"

"I'll ride quickly and beat the darkness!"

"That's crazy and dangerous! I want you alive so you're around to give that presentation that I just put my little cheeks into! Let's put your bike in my trunk and I'll give you a lift!"

There was no arguing with either her logic or her sudden 'Mother Hen' attitude. He accepted so she returned to the assistant's office to retrieve her purse. Kirk rolled his bike down the hall to wait. As he arrived at the door, Carmina was slipping into her jacket. When she bent over to pick up her purse, there was no question now that she was wet! A wet ring covered her pussy, butt cheeks and upper thighs. She had soaked her pants to the point of them being nearly transparent giving him a clear view of her nether lips and long strands of black hair plastered to her legs.

He gave her directions and they drove in silence. Surely she must know he was partaking of the aroma of the nectar emanating from between her legs. As they approached a driveway leading to a branch of his bank, Kirk told her "Turn in here."

Her head quickly spun in his direction with a quizzical look as if saying "Why do you want me to pull into a dark parking lot?" He explained that he needed to use the ATM and she exhaled. "Oh!" she said in a relieved whisper.

The low ATMs were positioned for drive-up convenience so he had to get out and walk around the car. His ass was positioned at the height of her eyes as he stood at the ATM. He glanced over his shoulder and apologized for the display.

"Nice view from where I sit!" she laughed. Completing a withdrawal, Kirk turned to see her eyes fixed on his crotch. Her tongue flicked quickly over her lips and she swallowed noticeably. He slid back into the passenger's seat and noticed she'd tossed her jacket on the back seat. As they drove her nipples seemed even more erect and the aroma of her nectar was more noticeable.

They made small talk as they drove. She inquired about when he'd last seen his fiancé. When he told her that it had been two weeks, she stared directly at his crotch and said 'Poor girl, she must be climbing the walls!" Kirk said "Me too 'cause going from twice a day to twice a month is tough!" Her jaw dropped.

"Are you saying you two made love twice a day? That's a month's worth for ..." her voiced trailed off.

His eyes twinkled "Yep, every day!"

"You two must not have been together long!" she said in a shaky voice. "Only rabbits go at it like that after a few weeks!"

"Two years. Call me Brer Rabbit and throw me back into the briar patch!"

"Oh my God!" she said with her breast heaving noticeably! "You poor thing!" Noticing her now ragged breathing, he changed the subject.

Arriving at his townhouse, he walked to the trunk to retrieve his bike. Instead of pushing the inside release button, she slid out to open the lid. Kirk retrieved his bike, stood it on its stand and thanked her for her help. He lightly grasped her hands and pressed the $200 he'd withdrawn into her palms.

"This is just a token to show my appreciation." Refusing his gesture, she pressed it back into his palms "Save it for a celebratory dinner after your presentation."

"OK, I'll buy you and your hubby dinner."

"That is NOT quite what I meant! He didn't do your presentation."

"Ahhh!", Kirk hesitated, "Just wish me luck to insure there's something to celebrate." He again grasped her hand and placed the folded bills back into her palm. Instead of refusing this time, she pulled the neckline of her top outward to tuck the money away. She pulled it out far more than was necessary, giving him a clear view of both her tits almost to the hard nipples that were poking out like pencil erasers.

Kirk extended a hand in thanks and said "Wish me luck."

Ignoring his hand, she said "I'll just wish you luck like I do my hubby." Before he could ask how, she rose on tiptoes, pressed her pelvis against his now hard cock with the slightest hint of a wiggle and gave him a soft peck on the lips. As she withdrew, she'd whispered "Good luck!"

"And what, pray tell, does hubby do when your wish comes true?"

"Him?" as if he'd struck a nerve, "Nothing! "But I'm sure you'll do better!" She patted Kirk's chest, smiled and retook the wheel. Waving with cupped fingers, she drove away.

Carmina was sure that was the last time she'd see him. "He'll hire one of the others but I gave him a good show. He made me wet and I made him hard so we both had a stimulating day!" She then chuckled and mildly scolded herself.

"Get a grip Carmee! Good Catholic girls don't throw themselves at men even when they're hunks like him. You showed him damned near your whole Sicilian body! Here you are in heat wanting that big black cock of his buried in your snatch when even your husband barely touches you! But you wouldn't have said no to that ebony Adonis – you wanted him to fuck you silly! If he had asked you to come in, you'd have begged him to cum deep inside of your dripping Italian pussy! "

As he wheeled his bike to the garage, Kirk was left by her to muse yet again.

"I'm not sure what all that meant. Two ships passing in the night or a harbinger of things to cum ..."

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