tagCelebrities & Fan FictionIt's a Wonderful Life Ch. 04

It's a Wonderful Life Ch. 04


This is the real story of It's A Wonderful Life, a remake of She's A Sexual Wife. Because this story is so long and the length of it necessitates that it has chapters and therefore under the contest new rules is not allowed in the Winter Contest, this is my unofficial Winter Contest entry.

I couldn't believe my Dad saw Lucille Ball and Donna Reed naked and got enough of a look of them to discern which had the better body.

"Yeah, that Donna Reed was a real super trooper. She'd do anything to advance her acting career, even if it meant having sex with an old drunk like Jimmy Stewart. He was much older than her by thirteen years and he grossed her out when he touched her. Yet, she was able to put her feelings aside about having sex with older men and did what she needed to do to get the part."

"Wow, so Jimmy Stewart was a drunk. I had no idea."

Suddenly, I imagined bending Donna Reed over and giving it to her good while she wore her white gloves.

"Jimmy Stewart on the other hand, just as he was portrayed in the movie, had taken up drinking. Shell shocked after the war from flying one too many missions in his plane, he was a mess. His nerves were shot and he had a terrible speech impediment from childhood that worsened with the Post Traumatic Stress he had gotten from the war. Drinking was the only thing that calmed him down enough for him to speak his part without stuttering."

"Gees, Dad, I had no idea that Jimmy Stewart was a drunk. I always thought of him as a big war hero."

"Well, he was that, too. Only, back then, because of the war and before he made it big in 1939 with Mr. Smith Goes To Washington and Destry Rides Again, he didn't make a movie from 1941-1946, when he made She's A Sexual Wife that later became It's A Wonderful Life. Now, you can see that he, too, was desperate for money and to advance his acting career after being out of work for 5 years and being in the military for much of that time. Only, there were no jobs. There were no acting parts. No one was making movies."

"I can't imagine life without movies," I said.

"He made a few coins by playing his accordion on the street corner. It was a sad time for everyone back then and even sadder for Donna Reed and Jimmy Stewart, two so very talented actors. So, it was understandable that when this role came along, albeit in a porn movie, that these unemployed movie stars jumped at the opportunity."

"I never thought about what happened to the actors during the war, Dad. I never thought that just as they stopped making cars, they stopped making movies."

"Yeah, well, as I said about the porn movie they made together, She's A Sexual Wife, they were all there auditioning and hoping to get the part. Doris Day, Harriet Nelson, Barbara Billingsly, Lucille Ball, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jane Russell, Lana Turner, Maureen O'Hara and, of course, Donna Reed, who was chosen to costar opposite Jimmy Stewart as Mary Hatch Bailey."

"I had no idea that you knew all these movie stars, Dad."

"Yeah, at first it was exciting to see these young starlets stripping down to their underwear," he said in the way that Don Knotts used to brag on Andy of Mayberry when he played Deputy Barney Fife. "I remember being more than excited when they removed their underwear and were just standing their stark naked in their birthday suits. I couldn't believe that there I was seeing what I was seeing on a closed sound stage. No one knew I was there up in the rafters watching. I was as quiet as a mouse."

"So, what did they do, Dad? Was it the director interviewing the women? Did they all stand in a line or did they file out one at a time and just get naked?"

"Yeah, it was Frank Capra and his assistants. There were men and women there. They sat directly in front of the stage and they all sat behind a long table. I had a birds' eye view of the actresses as they walked out on stage, as I was facing them from my high vantage point. They had the actresses file out one at a time. They were all backstage in a room and couldn't see what was happening on stage with the interview process. No one knew how the other was doing or how they did."

"Was Jimmy Stewart there?"

"Nah, he was off in the nearest bar, probably."

"The poor guy."

"I remember Lionel Barrymore being there though. He was chosen to play Mr. Potter. He was always there. He was there for every audition. He was the stereotypical dirty, old man." My Dad laughed. "Lionel volunteered to step in and receive blowjobs from the women auditioning for the part when the assistant producer, who was gay and allowed the women to blow him, couldn't take it anymore. He physically got sick on stage from having a woman touch his pecker."

My Dad suddenly drifted off. He appeared dead. I had to use the paddles on him again to revive him.

"Dad! Dad," I said shaking him. Finally, his heart started beating again and he started his story again where he left off, as if he had never stopped talking. It was surreal.

"Yeah, so anyway, Frank Capra did most of the talking. He'd make some polite small talk before asking the women to remove their clothes. They were all eager to undress and show their bodies, except for Doris Day. She was the first to leave."

"No kidding? She left? Wow, I can't imagine Doris Day naked. She had a rack."

"The drill was the women would get naked one at a time and get down on their knees. Then Lionel Barrymore would stand in front of them, unzip his pants and remove his cock. He had a big cock and it was always standing at attention. A time before Viagra, for an older man, this guy was always horny," my Dad said with a laugh.

"So, I don't understand, Dad. All the women auditioning had to blow Lionel Barrymore?"

"Nah, the drill was that they had to take his cock in their mouth. Anyone who wouldn't even do that, were immediately eliminated."

"Did anyone refuse to take Lionel Barrymore's cock in her mouth?"

"After Doris Day walked off the stage in a huff, Harriet Nelson was the next one out. She screamed when Lionel pulled out his prick and jumped up from her knees. I don't give blowjobs, she said. If I don't suck my husband's cock, I'm certainly not going to suck your cock, Mr. Barrymore. It was funny to see her reaction. You would have thought he pulled a snake from his pants."

"Who was next, Dad?"

"Well, it was a few minutes before they had the next woman come out. Frank Capra and his assistants talked among themselves in between having the women audition before asking the next one to step on stage. Barbara Billingsly was next. She later played the mother on Leave It To Beaver and she was a good looking woman, especially back then. She was so young. She was in her early to mid twenties, I'd say."

"I know who she is, Dad, so, tell me, what happened with her audition."

"Well, it was the same thing. They talked with her for a few minutes asking her what she did before and why she thought she was right for the part after they explained what the part was. Then, they asked her to remove her clothes. I remember she had a nice figure, albeit a bit too thin. She had small A cup tits, if I remember correctly."

"Did Frank Capra ask her to get down on her knees when she was naked?"

"Yeah, he told all the women to kneel on stage and had them angle their bodies to the side so that he could see."

"And did she?"

"Yes, son, all the women willingly got down on their knees except for Doris Day."

"So, what happened when Lionel Barrymore approached her with his cock?"

"Well, the director explained that the climatic part of the movie was when she gave Lionel Barrymore a blowjob. I remember Barbara leaning forward and taking his cock in her mouth, but without touching it with her hands. I thought that was a bit weird. She really didn't give him much of a blowjob."

"So, who was next, Dad?"

"Lucille Ball was next. She was so tall and so beautiful. She had the best body of the bunch and when she got naked everyone stared."

"Wow, I can't believe Lucy was auditioning to make a porn film."

"It was tough times back then, son. No one had any money. Everyone was out of work. There were no jobs and no places to live."

"So, did she take Lionel Barrymore's cock in her mouth? Did she give him a blowjob?"

"Oh, yeah, she sucked him off good. She made him cum and she swallowed his load. They had to stop the auditions for that day and postpone and continue them for the next day after that happened. She was so into blowing Lionel Barrymore that she almost got the role. The final decision was between her and Donna Reed."

"So, tell me about the others who auditioned, Dad. Who else was there?"

"Well, let me think. I remember Zsa Zsa being there. She had such a heavy accent that no one could understand a word she said, but she was so beautiful that no one cared. Although a bit pudgy, even back then, she still had a nice body with big tits."

"Wow, I can't believe you saw Zsa Zsa Gabor naked. So, did she get on her knees, too? Did she blow Lionel Barrymore?"

"Are you kidding me? Zsa Zsa was more than willing to suck his cock and they had to stop her before he shot his load again and ruined the auditions for that day, too. She was a sexual animal."

"So, why didn't they pick her? She would have made a good Mary Hatch Bailey."

"Well, her accent was a thick as Arnold Schwarzenegger's is now. Besides, we were fighting a world war and no one would watch a film with a foreigner in the co-starring role. Even though she was Hungarian, she sounded a bit German."

"Do you remember anyone else who auditioned for the movie, She's A Sexual Wife?"

"Do I remember anyone else? Who could forget Jane Russell? Man, when she removed her bra, those giant boobs practically filled the stage. She had huge tits, massive areolas, and giant nipples. She had the kind of nipples that after you sucked on them, they'd make a noise when they popped from your mouth."

"Wow! Jane Russell. I can't believe you saw Jane Russell's tits, Dad."

I remember all the times I jerked off over Jane Russell in my room late at night after watching one of her movies. She was so sexy back then.

"Oh, I almost forgot one. I remember Lana Turner auditioned, too. She was so sexy, but she was very short compared to Lucille Ball and Jane Russell. She was 5'3, but for some reason looked shorter than that. I think the studio exaggerated her height in her biography. She looked more like 5'1 to me. I remember she always wore these three inch high heels to make her look taller. She had a nice ass and boy could she fill out a sweater."

"So, how come she didn't get the role in the movie, Dad?"

"Even though she stroked Lionel Barrymore, she stroked him more than she did blow him. She dabbled with her blowjob. You could tell she didn't like sucking his cock very much and there was no connection between the two actors."

"I remember her in the Postman Rings Twice with John Garfield. She was so hot. Dad, I thought you said Maureen O'Hara auditioned, too."

"That's right! How could I forget her? She was a knockout and a real show stopper. She was another one with big tits, too. She had a good body, but she, too, was a little bit pudgy, especially in the hips and thighs. She was striking though with all her red hair. Her and Lucille Ball were natural red heads. I can vouch for that by the color of their bushes."

"What about Zsa Zsa, was she a natural blonde?"

"Sorry, son, her hair color was purely from the bottle."

"So, did Maureen O'Hara blow Lionel Barrymore?"

"She did and she gave him a respectable blowjob, but nothing like what Donna Reed gave him. Donna Reed was a pro at sucking cock."

I couldn't wait to hear about Donna Reed. Only, I had to use the paddles on my Dad again to revive him. I hoped he'd live long enough to tell me the true story about Donna Reed blowing Lionel Barrymore.

"Dad! Dad!"

In the next chapter Donna Reed gets a big mouthful and gets the part, too.


Thank you for reading my story. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. Please take a moment to vote, make a public comment, and/or give me feedback. Your support is why I write. Your feedback will motivate me to write a better story the next time.

If you haven't already, please take moment to add me and/or this story or any other of my stories to your list of favorites. Thanks, Freddie, Bostonfictionwriter.

To be continued...

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