tagIncest/TabooIt's All So Natural with Mom Ch. 04

It's All So Natural with Mom Ch. 04


Authors note: Okay, let's see if I learned anything. This is a bit longer, more specific and detailed, and a bit more complete. Let me know what you think. Cheers!

Everyone in this story is an adult.


After the most amazing blow job of my life -- from my mom of all women -- I was spent. And at the same time, buzzing with energy. I pulled my boxers up and stumbled to the kitchen table and sat.

With a buzz in my veins and my mind in a fog, I tried to determine exactly the point when things got interesting. It was that point when my cock was visible to Mom. Just like she got interested when she felt my cock when we were snuggling on the couch. I don't think she's probably seen my erect cock before. Could that be it?

I figured there was some information that could be analyzed from that, but I was in no condition to do so. I instead returned to my room, showered, threw on some jeans, and returned to the scene of the "crime."

Mom's car was gone -- she was no doubt running around doing those famous Saturday errands. So I worked the question over and over in my head: now what? I had thoroughly enjoyed my crazy little forays into matrimonial incest, but I wasn't sure what to do about it. Should I push it? Did I actually have an insight as to why this was happening? Was Mom a size queen? Should I sit back and continue to let Mom lead the way? It is not my style to be passive.

A giant Red Bull later, I had a plan. And it started with a conversation.

Late that afternoon I was still rambling around the house, nervous as a cat, when Mom returned. She saw me in the living room and called out, "Hey Honey!" and swept through the house with bags and bags.

"Need any help?"

"No, I'm good," she said.

I waited while mom put the food away and scurried around. After most of an hour, I mustered as much fortitude as I could, and finally wandered over to where Mom was organizing some stuff on her desk.

"Uh, Mom? Do you have a minute?"

She turned and looked quickly at me, saw the expression on my face, and did a bit of a double take. I think she realized this wasn't going to be a simple question about dinner.

"Sure, honey. Are you okay?"

"Well, yeah, I'm okay. Actually, I think I'm much better than okay, but I'm not sure. You see, a funny thing happened to me on the way to the kitchen . . ."

"Yeah, about that. I got a bit out of control. I just . . ." Her voice tailed off a bit. "Kinda crazy, huh?"

And then I looked at her. And there was that smile. Simple. She just had this great way of making the room right with that smile.

"So, what's up?" she asked, almost as if none of the previous conversation had even registered.

"Well, I think I'm trying to figure out if things are changing around here or not."

"Do you want them to change?" she asked.

"Well, no. I like things. Well, but maybe . . . I don't know."

She looked at me, and a strong empathetic smile shone over her. "Yeah, I understand. This is a bit confusing."

She looked at the floor for a long time. She once again looked at me, took a breath, and settled in. "Look you need to understand something. As difficult as it may be for you to understand -- you horn-dog, you -- I don't actually pursue an active sex life. I take care of my needs by myself and that's fine. So an active sex has never been part of my adult life." Mom looked at me, with a smile still on her face, but this time a little strained.

"But . . . well, I don't know . . . I still remember," she said.

"What do you remember, Mom?" I asked, trying to keep the conversation moving.

She smiled at me with a casual smile that belied the sexual tension of the moment. "I remember how amazing it is to feel a great big cock in my body."

She hesitated a moment. I wasn't about to say anything. This was both frightening and electric. "Honey, this isn't something I just say to anyone -- especially my son -- or have even completely acknowledged out loud." Pause. "But I have a thing for really big cocks." She looked at me for a minute. "I mean really BIG cocks. I expect you know it, but yours is not a just a large cock or a fat cock. It's . . . fucking ginormous." Her eyes twinkled just a little.

"Wait here for a minute," she said.

Mom walked up to her room, and minutes later returned with a huge dildo, easily 14 inches long and very thick -- thick like me.

"After our party, I bought this. It was the closest thing I could find to you. And as much as I enjoy big cocks, yours is the biggest I've ever had." She looked at the dildo. "Besides this." She laughed nervously.

She started to explain. "It started pretty early in my life. The first time I had sex it was with a guy with a very large cock. And he knew just how to use it. For that entire year, I was taught a lot of great things about big, fat cocks." She paused for a long time. "Your dad had a very, very large cock. So I guess there are no surprise here." She looked up at me again.

"After he left, I met a couple of guys, but they just didn't, I don't know, measure up," she said. "I hate that, though. People shouldn't have to measure up. It's a horrible way to look at people. That's not who I am." She was clearly conflicted about her values and her obsession.

She swung her head into focus, looking me right in the eyes. This was a big moment for mom, and you could feel it. "So I stopped. I just stopped. I tried to connect to people in other ways. I tried to be great friends with people and not worry about me or them 'measuring up'."

"Mom, everybody thinks you're the most wonderful person in the world. I'm at the top of that list. But that's giving up a lot, isn't it?" I asked.

"Well, yeah . . . but no. I mean, I don't know. It hasn't been that bad. Really."

Then she looked down at the growing lump in my sweat pants.

"Then I felt that monster on my puss and every bit of my resolve melted away." She just stared at my pants. We were both quiet for a minute, but both of our attention was on my cock now. This wasn't quite how I wanted this conversation to go. Or was it?

I was feeling just a bit lost in that moment, but there was a very big part of me that was thinking and hoping and praying and hoping that maybe, just maybe . . . I was brought back when mom slowly reached her hand out and touched my now hard cock.

"Honey, I just can't summon the strength anymore. I don't know what to do."

I was confused and I'm sure my face showed it.

"I was hoping that big fucking dildo was going to keep me out of trouble, but I'm right here." She looked me in the eyes. I could see too many things flash through that stunning glint of her eye -- submission, excitement, concern, desire. And love.

As all of this was happening, as all of the confusion was flooding through me, I still felt a warm, wonderful sense of being right where I was supposed to be. I was home. With mom.

"Baby, I know this is confusing, and I know we need to talk this through. I'm sorry if I'm making things difficult for us." She looked at me again, and I felt a very sharp ping hit my stomach. She was about to walk away, I thoughtt. This moment I wasn't sure I wanted, now I needed. And now it was about to walk away. The ping grew and my whole stomach could feel the disappointment as I watched mom let go of my cock and begin to walk away.

But she didn't walk away. She stepped back a bit and pulled her hair back. 'Oh man. She pulled her hair back.' Then she looked me right in the eyes. That's when we both knew she had made her third mistake.

"I know this is crazy, but I just can't do it anymore. I need that cock. And I am no longer going to deny myself that thing. Baby, just . . . please . . . let me . . ."

And she looked up at me as she slid to her knees. And then, that smile. That unbelievable smile.

That's when the dream officially started, and as far as I can tell, I'm never going to wake up.

Her next moves were practiced and efficient. She may not have sucked many cocks in the last 20 years, but this clearly was not her first rodeo. Her thumbs hit the waistband of my sweat pants and a moment later they were at my ankles. My cock was bobbing like a drunk on the prowl. Mom captured it in her hand, gave it a momentary look of awe, and then swallowed it deep, taking nearly all my cock in a push.

She came up fast, and fisted my oak staff a few times. A sensuous string of spit dropped from her pursed lips, hitting my cock head and spreading down the shaft, spread by the stroking of my mom's hand.

My perception seemed to step back from the event, and for a moment, I was watching this scene unfold from the corner of the room. Everything slowed, and once again, I questioned the reality of the moment.

Reality was affirmed immediately as mom placed her mouth on my cockhead. She then slowly pushed down and pushed the tight ring of her lips slowly down my cock. She stopped one-quarter of the way down, pulled back an inch, and then pushed down again, deeper than before, tighter than before. She again stopped about three-quarters of the way down, reversed direction, pulled up slowly, and stopped with my cock head in her mouth. Her tongue circumnavigated my cockhead a couple of times, and then she started to descend again.

Slowly and almost painfully, she swallowed my cock. She passed quarter way, half way, three-quarter way. Then with a momentary pause, she loaded up, tilted her neck slightly, and bottomed out hard.


There she stayed for a long moment. My cock was completely buried in her throat. Never had I felt such a thing before, except with her. It felt like a month passed. She never moved. I started to think she'd passed out. I wanted to do or say something, but I wasn't sure my mouth would work at that moment.

Then I felt her tongue. At first with a faint tickle, then clearly with a wet swab, mom's tongue slowly, carefully reached for my balls.

It was only a momentary bathing, before mom pulled up slowly and pulled her mouth completely off my cock. Gasping for air, she used both hands to fist my cock. She was breathing deeply, desperately trying to replace the depleted oxygen.

Then I noticed she wasn't just catching up, she was loading up on air. She took a couple more deep, cleansing breaths, then took a slow deep breath and swallowed my cock all the way down, without stopping, without pause, and bottomed out. Immediately her tongue snaked out and for the next few seconds, I was treated to a deep clutching throat that squeezed with her slight swallow, my cock head deep at the bottom of her throat, while a wet tongue snaked around my balls and tickled the wrinkles of my ball sack. Oh yeah.

I was not long for this world. I groaned a deep, satisfying groan.

Mom immediately stopped all motion, and then slowly extracted my cock from her throat. With a loud pop, my fat cockhead appeared, purple-angry and dripping wet.

"Oh no you don't, Mister. I have plans for this thing." Then she reached under the bottom of my dick and massaged my cock deep underneath, and then started to push up through my cock into my pelvis applying expert pressure to the bottom of my dick. At the same time, her tongue danced over the tip of my cock, pushing gently into the pee hole and dancing across the top while at the same time, her other hand gently squeezed just under the underside tip of my cock, deflating my cock head.

The effect was amazing. My entire erection faded just slightly. The rising tide of my orgasm subsided and my build up let down. And yet the top my cock was getting an unbelievable tap dance with her tongue tip. I may have lost my edge to cum, but I was even more ready to fuck.

Mom was quick to respond. In a flash she jumped to her feet and spun around. Her skirt lifted into the air revealing her nice, plump ass. And no panties. Gotta love mom.

"Wait, wait, wait," I responded. I was about to be rammed ass-first, and I was not ready to respond. I reached to her desk chair, spun it around, and plunked down hard. Wham. Spreading my legs as far as I could, I pushed my cock down just a slight bit, aiming it back as a target for my mom's invading ass. "Okay, now!" I spat.

Mom was ready. She reached back and pulled her ass apart, revealing her slightly gaping and dripping pussy just below her winking ass. She then reached back further, pushed her fingers deeper into the cleft of her ass, and pulled again, stretching open her sex completely.

She backed up and, in my mind, I heard the beep-beep-beep of a backing truck. More like a docking space shuttle, as she slowly set her pussy lips against my cock head, and stopped. She took a breath, and then with deliberate strength, slowly impaled herself on my 10-inch cock. At one point, she stopped and pushed her feet further out in front of her, giving her more leverage to push. And push she did, finishing the job with a grunt as my thighs snuggled into her ass cheeks.

She and I were both still, when I heard a slow, deep moan begin to roll over my mom. It was quiet at first, then got louder, deeper, and more guttural. Some might have heard it and thought a person was in pain or despair. But with her cunt muscles clutching and grabbing my cock, I heard only deep, pent up satisfaction as I was finally scratching the deepest of my own mother's itches.

I expect we were motionless a short time, but I can't really remember. It all got a little blurry about this time. Mom decided to go for a ride, and with her hands planted firmly on my knees, she proceeded to use me. She rotated, bucked, squeezed, slammed, and in every possible way, fucked my big fat cock. And that's really what it was. She wasn't fucking me, it was that thick slab of prime fuck that she had to have, and I was now the person who was delivering it to her. Or more accurately, letting her take it from me.

She'd finally worked all of her moves and ground to her content. She went into to power-fuck mode. She moved her hands a bit forward to my shins, and pulling her own knees together, leaned forward and slam-fucked me over and over. My hands held her fat ass apart as she literally bounced up and down on my cock. Her moaning never stopped. Her orgasming cunt was a waterfall over my cock, and the clutching continued throughout. She came and screamed and came again. She sat and squeezed and rotated, only to rise up and begin fucking again.

For a long time, she fucked herself using my cock. When finally her edging tricks had worn off, and I was again building up to a big orgasm, I finally gasped, "Mom, I'm gonna . . ."

"Shhhhh, baby, shhh. It's okay, give it to me. It's okay . . ." she whispered, slowing her pace and strengthening her squeeze. I could tell she was deliberately milking me now. No longer working only for her own pleasure, she focused her talents on my impending orgasm. That was all it took.

I reached around her and pulled her back to my chest, hugging her tightly as my balls tightened and felt the moment of truth. Relax, when you want to cum. And I did, relaxing and exploding into a full tsunami of pure carnal pleasure. I reached around and squeezed mom's big tits and pulled her tight. Her cunt continued to milk me as I dumped jet after jet of my thick load into her deepest place.

In the middle of having my brain emptied of any rational thought, mom reached down and grabbed her own clit roughly, pulling it hard and barely twisting it. She started massaging and flicking across the tip of her clit with her dripping index finger as I finished my last pulse of pleasure. Just as I finished, my cock still twitching deep in her pussy, she exploded again. Another tiny death overtook mom, and she groaned deeply in unison with me.

Mom leaned back into me completely, me supporting my mom's weight in the chair. I don't think I passed out. I just don't think any part of my brain besides that needed for automatic functions, like breathing and beating my heart, had any content to process.

For a long moment, we came down from the orgasmic mountain top and rested. Mom settled further, leaning and sliding slightly so we were both more comfortable. That was a big cum for both of us. I may have lost a day of my life I came so hard. Worth it.


Mom stirred first, but to be fair, I never would have stirred. I would have died like that. Never eaten, never moved, I just would have given the Grim Reaper my ticket and checked out, if I had to. My dick was in my mom's dripping cunt. My hands were holding tight to her pendulous breasts. And in that moment, absolutely nothing was wrong in the world.

So when mom began to move, I held her tight for a moment, refusing to let her go. A minute later she rose again, and slowly pulled off my cock.

Mom staggered forward a step and stood there. Slowly she turned to me and looked at me, and for the first time since that magnificent blowjob (was that a full lifetime ago?), I saw her eyes and her smile. Now, I'm still not sure if I've impressed you with a complete understanding of how beautiful that moment was. Perhaps only another man, who has just fucked is mom, knows the beauty of the smile that I saw in that moment.

"Whew, that was something." Big smile. Deep breath. Twinkle in the eye.

Mom turned slowly, reached down and picked up her big dildo, and started to walk away.

"Baby, I need to pee. So bad. And take a shower. But I want you, and that big fat cock of yours, in my bed and ready to go in 15 minutes." Her directive sounded full of promise. She called me up, and my soul answered the call for all of me: "Yes, Ma'am." Woohoo.


Ten minutes later, there I was lying on my mom's bed with my cock back at attention. It was hard, but not as hard as it was 30 minutes ago buried in my mom's throat. But it was hard. And ready. I knew my talent -- one big cum, and I was good for a solid 45 minutes for Round Two. If I was smart -- or more likely, if mom is smart for me -- that might get stretch well over an hour.

Feeling nervous and like I didn't belong, I began to fuss about the covers. Should I be under them? Should I place the pillow resting over my slowly wilting cock, Sherlock Holmes style?

Just as I was pondering my presentation, mom rounded the corner of her bedroom from her en suite bath and came running toward the bed. She was smiling and skipping and bouncing, her tits flying this way and that, as she launched a few feet away and threw herself at me and the bed. We collided in a smack and tumble, and soon I found myself side-by-side with my mom, staring into her eyes inches away.

"Hey, baby!" she said to me.

"Hey mom." We smiled at each other and were quiet for a minute.

"How you doing?"

I looked at her closely and then a big total body smile came over me. "Mom, I'm doing really good. I mean REALLY good."

"Yeah? Me too, baby. Me too. Except I need one more thing."

My heart stopped. My nasty fucking mind could only interpret what she said as one specific message, which wasn't what she said. She said, "one more thing." That could mean a lot of things.

She liked massages, I knew that. Especially foot massages. She could be saying she wants me to massage her feet. Or back. But that's not what I heard.

She could have meant that she needed me to cuddle with her. Enough of the man sex. She could have simply wanted women sex -- cuddling, kissing, gently pushing the hair out of each other's eyes -- you know, more of what we were doing right then. But that's definitely not what I heard.

" Baby, I need one more thing," she repeated. "Do you think . . . "

Longest fucking pause in my life as my mom says the next critical specific statement.

" . . . that fat dick of yours is going to fit in my ass?"

I wonder what it feels like when you've matched all six numbers, and you look at the Powerball number and realize your number is that number. Winner.

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