tagInterracial LoveIt's Complicated Ch. 04

It's Complicated Ch. 04


Lyn was openly ignoring Pierce. He called her twice she didn't answer or call back. In class, she made it a point to sit in the front, knowing that he would be late and the only open seats would be in back. Ashley told her that he came by the dorm, so Lyn made it a point to stay either with Devin or some friends. She wasn't ready to face him, not after what happened. The memory was still fresh in her head. She could still feel him pressed against her waiting for her to cum. Just thinking about it nearly sent her over the edge and it has been two weeks since it happened.

Sooner or later she was going to have to face him. He was her best friend and after all they've been through, this was probably the most complicated. She knew for a fact that she didn't want it to end like this. She owed him in a way. Thanks to Pierce, turning her on like never before, she and Devin came right out of their drought. When she left Cohen's apartment she went straight to her boyfriend. As guilty as she felt she would never tell him, it was just one time.


Jaylyn was walking to her car when she felt a strong hand grab her arm re-routing her direction towards the library. She looked up to see Pierce with an unreadable look upon his face. He continued to lead her to the back of the library stopping when they were out of sight. He pulled her around to the front of him leaning her against the wall. He stood with his hand on the wall above her head and positioned his feet on either side of hers making it impossible for her to move...even if she wanted to.

"Jaylyn, I don't like being ignored."

Before she said anything, she tried her best to get a better idea of his mood even after years of knowing him it was always impossible to know his disposition. He just stood over her with his hair covering his eyes. The closeness of him made her knees weak.

When she didn't say anything Pierce leaned near her ear and calmly said,

"Did you tell your boyfriend where my fingers were that night?" Her eyes darted up meeting his. "I thought not."

Pierce took in her appearance; he watched the rise and fall of her breast with her quickened breath, never did he want anything as badly as he wanted Lyn against the very wall she leaned against.

"My place tomorrow. After the match. If you're not there I'll find you." Pierce said.

For added effect, he brushed his lips against her ear. He heard her quick intake of breath. To which he said,

"Don't ignore me again. You won't like what I can become."

Pierce left her in the back of the library hot, bothered and wet. It took a lot of self-control for him not to kiss her full lips, but she clearly was not ready for what he was offering her. She wouldn't be able to handle it. Not yet, but soon. Still, he couldn't help remembering the taste of her from his fingers after she left that night.


Pierce woke up late the next morning. He had a match and decided to skip all his classes for the day, including psychology. He was still a little sore from the practice he had a few weeks ago, he needed the extra rest. Rolling out of the bed Pierce went to his kitchen and opened the refrigerator. Nothing there.

"Ello" Pierce said answering his phone.

"Pierce!! Hey! Missed you in class today. What gives?"

"Johnny. Save some of that energy for the game." Pierce said into the phone.

"Dude open your door I'm comin' up." Johnny said with his thick southern accent.

Pierce hung up the phone and unlocked his door.

"Heres Johnny!"

"Ready for tonight?" Pierce asked looking at Johnny who matched himself in height at 6'3. Johnny had dark hair, kept short and gray eyes.

"I'm three energy drinks ahead of you brother."

"You're addicted."

"I'm not I can stop anytime...I swear." Johnny said leaning against the wall. "Dude lets go I'm starvin'!"

Pierce disappeared to his room and reemerged wearing a black shirt and the same blue jeans he woke up wearing.

"Youre driving." Pierce said heading to the door.


"Where are we going?" Pierce asked looking out the window of Johnny's red car he called 'ole reliable.

"To the deli. That cool?"

"Yea man."

"Where were you last night man? You didn't show up at the bar." Johnny said.

"Shit, I forgot." Pierce said smiling wickedly.

"Aw! Dude who was it this time? Stop fuckin' all the girls. Save some for the rest of us." Johnny said playfully.

Pierce looked over at his friend; in all honesty Johnny was by no means a slouch when it came to getting girls. He loves them and leaves them without guilt. Pierce doesn't love them. He fucks them and gets rid of them. He figured if he fucked them well they'd keep coming back and he would never have to pretend to care. So far so good.

"I didn't catch her name. It wasn't important." Pierce answered her.

"How do you tell them apart?"

"I don't."

Johnny laughed.

After Pierce left the library last night he had to do something about his throbbing erection. The night Lyn left his apartment no one girl was enough to take the edge off of what he really craved. He spent these past two weeks with his hand practically glued to his dick. He was insatiable and would continue to be that way until he got what he wanted...Jayln.

The two walked into the deli side by side. The deli was by no means a corner food store. It was big, almost restaurant size. It was half deli half café. Whenever a student wanted something off campus this is where they went and as usual there was a line.

"Dude, my back still hurts from that practice a few weeks ago. Rumor has it that the coach is letting us chose our replacements."

"Any idea who you're choosing?"

"It definitely won't be the fucker that slammed into me." Johnny answered. "Is that Megan!?"

"Megan who?"

"Hot ass Megan, over by the window."

Pierce turned to see Megan. Anyone that knew Megan knew she was a sure thing and it didn't bother her that people thought such things. All she knew was that she enjoyed sex and she was going to do it. He hadn't seen her in a while and didn't think he'd ever see her again. He can't even remember the last time it was that he saw her. He'd have to think about it later because right now his eyes were on the familiar man standing a little too close to her. He must be mistaken, It couldn't be...

"I didn't know Lyn and Devin broke up. Why didn't you tell me Lyn was on the market? Put in a good word for me man." Johnny said.

"No. We should speak." Pierce said leaving the line.

"Dude, we're going to lose our spot." Johnny said regretfully leaving the line.

Pierce never liked Devin. He hated him even more so when he started dating Lyn and now here he was at the deli flirting shamelessly as if Lyn never existed. He wasn't surprised. As the two approached Megan and Devin, Johnny jumped into character knowing what Pierce had planned.

Johnny whistled and the sound echoed across the room turning heads.

"Hot Ass Megan!" Johnny shouted.

"Johnny!" Megan shouted just as loud running into his embrace.

Pierce walked past her and sat directly across from a shocked Devin. Pierce was the last person Devin wanted to see. Devin knew Pierce didn't like him he made it clear the day they met. He also made it clear that it was in his best interest not to cross him.

"I see you know Megan." Pierce said to Devin.

"Don't you mean hot ass Megan?" Megan said falling into his lap throwing her arms around his neck. Pierce returned the hug motioning Johnny to pull her off. He was going to make it a point to get reacquainted with her later, for sure.

"I'm sorry, we intruded." Pierce said sarcastically.

"Right." Devin said.

"I really am sorry. She sure is a good ride. Ask Johnny." Pierce said motioning towards the direction of Johnny who was now backed into a corner making out with Megan. "Which brings me to my next question; Is Lyn here with you?"

"I don't answer to her. She's just another bitch keeping me warm at night." Devin said.

Pierce sat back in the chair and looked around the room.

"Watch it Devin." Pierce said calmly. He knew right away that he was going to put Devin in his place. He just needed him to make the first move.

"Or what? Devin said standing up.

"Or you'll wish you did." Pierce said sitting back in his chair.

"Come on man it's just Jaylyn. She's not worth it."

Pierce stood up and Devin tried to bump past him. Pierce shoved him back into his chair. Devin bounced up and took a swing that grazed Pierces brow. Pierce landed three jabs into Devin's ribs that caused him to hunch down in pain. Devin collapsed to the floor and Pierce was on top of him landing punch after punch onto Devin's side, making sure he stayed down before he finally stopped and made his way to the crowd that circled around them. He knew this wasn't over.

"John. Let's go." Pierce called out over his shoulder as he walked towards the door.

Johnny looked up and pushed Megan off his lap.

"Dude! What the fuck? We didn't get to eat."

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