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It's Just a Need


The quiet of the upstairs was surreal after the noise of the party: the speakers doing their best to drown out talk while people gathered in every corner doing their best to yell over it. Those sounds were audible from the upstairs, but it was pleasantly muted, like the sound of your parents talking from the front seat of the car while you doze in and out, leaning against the car door.

The quiet dimmed slightly as the bedroom door swung open and shut behind her. She didn't turn at the sound but listened to the steps coming closer, at first forgetting to breathe and then beginning again at a rapid pace. She still did not look as a hand rested on her shoulder and pushed her from her seated position until she laid on her side, still facing away from him. She saw the other hand reach past her and heard the clink of a bottle landing on the nightstand.

And then both hands were on her, reaching around her to grope her breasts through her shirt and bra. She gasped as the one hand stroked her throat and then grasped her chin, pulling her gaze upward away while his other hand squeezed her breasts mercilessly. Her neck yanked back, Jennifer stared at the unfamiliar print hanging over the bed in this strange bedroom. Her eyes fixated on the landscape, as her body warmed from the touches.

His left hand slid from her breast, across her stomach, and rested on her skirt over her crotch. He rubbed the heel of his hand against her mound briefly, but quickly his fingers were at the hem of her skirt, pulling it up her thighs towards her waist. She could only stare at the wall as he held her chin tightly, his fingers brushing against her face. She gasped and squirmed her hips as his other fingers brushed her panties. He left her skirt bunched near her waist and immediately went to pulling down her panties. She sighed as his hand brushed past her pussy again, and laid her hand on his arm. But he did not pause as he stretched his arm down her body, pulling her underwear down as far as he could reach.

The cool air teased against her hot, exposed pussy. She now felt the rough touch of his jeans on her bare ass as he moved against her. Soon though the touch was gone as he moved away, and released her with both hands. She heard the zip of his pants and the sounds of him undressing. She still did not look, instead staring ahead at the dark bedroom wall, listening and feeling. His hands seized her by the shoulders and pushed her onto her stomach, her face pressed into the mattress. She felt him straddle her and felt his hot cock lay against her ass. His hands now grabbed her hips, lifting them off the bed as he slid his own hips downward. His cock ran the length of her crack and then thrust up into her crotch. It banged against her warm pussy lips until she felt his cool hand guide it to her entrance.

Reaching her arms out on each side, she grasped the blankets with her hands. He pushed into her slowly, his fingers digging into the flesh of her ass, pulling his hips towards her. She writhed beneath him, pushing back into him with her hips as she rubbed her breasts against the fabric of the bed. He groaned as he reached the limit, his cock deep within her. She felt one hand grab her shoulder as he pulled back and then rammed into her. The other hand reached around her torso and grabbed her tit beneath her. Squeezing it through her blouse in time with his thrusts, he began fucking her using his grip on her shoulder for leverage. She felt his thighs on top of hers, his jeans bunched around his knees. Her face rubbed against the mattress as her body slipped back and forth with his thrusts. She moaned at the feel of him inside her, moving in her slick, wet pussy. Craning her neck she lifted her face from the bed, gasping as her breathing quickened.

She felt her orgasm rising in her, rising on the feel of his hand squeezing her breast, the feel of his dick inside her, the feel of his pelvis meeting her ass. But before it arrived he jerked his cock out of her. Crawling up the bed, she felt him over her and heard his rapid breath. Grabbing her once again by the shoulder he flipped her over underneath him. Looking up at him now from the pillow, she saw him poised over her, a knee on either side of her chest, his cock rigid above her, his face barely visible above. She grabbed now at his cock, feeling her sticky juices coating it, wanting once more that feel of it fucking her. She ran her hand up and down the length of it, feeling his balls with her fingertips.

But his hands were on her again, one hand gripping the hand she had on his cock. Pushing it back and forth, he sped her hand up and down his cock, as he groaned at the motion. Gripping her jaw with his other hand, he held her face still, pointed towards his cock. She shut her eyes as he moaned in orgasm, yanking her hand back and forth desperately as his cock twitched against her palm. She felt the warm cum land on her forehead, her nose as he exhaled deeply, holding her hand still. She lay still as he knelt, catching his breath, above her. It was only after he climbed off of her and off of the bed that she gingerly opened her eyes, wiping at them with the back of her hand. She saw him at the side of the bed, buttoning his jeans, smiling at her. She said nothing as she lay, watching him, her skirt still bunched at her waist, his cum dripping down the side of her face. She didn't smile back, she didn't reply, and he quickly left the room the way he came, closing the door behind him.

Jennifer lay there, listening again to the distant throb of the party. Her fingers brushed her pussy lips, trying to recapture that excitement. A finger ran up and down between her lips as her other hand caressed her breast, remembering his touch. She didn't stop as she heard the door open, or even look as someone entered the room. The door did not close as he moved to the end of the bed, looking at her. She returned his gaze, continuing her gentle masturbating. She couldn't remember his name, but had seen him at the party downstairs. He was staring at her, frozen. She reached her tongue out and licked at the cum she knew he could see running down her nose. She lapped her lips, tasting it, staring into his eyes. Seemingly unconsciously he rubbed his hand against his obviously hard cock through his pants.

He approached her, hesitatingly, walking to the side of the bed. Feeling her body stirring once more, she reached out and grabbed his shirt pulling him quickly to her. He stumbled against the mattress, but Jennifer stopped him, holding his hips in her hands. As he stood staring down at her, she yanked at his zipper, tugging it down over the bulge of his cock. Her need surfacing, she yanked at the snap to his pants, exposing his boxers. She grasped his cock through the boxers, squeezing it as she still lay on the bed, resting on one arm. Holding the fly open with her fingers, she leaned her head forward and licked the bit of cock exposed to her. She heard him groan above her, but he made no moves, standing, his hands hung at his side.

Reaching inside his boxers Jennifer tugged his cock out into the open. Immediately engulfing it with her mouth, she moaned as she ran her tongue around it, feeling it stiffen. She slid her head back and forth, sucking up and down his cock and he began to move his hips with her. She felt his fingers in her hair,and then his other hand resting on her shoulder as she closed her eyes. Hanging onto his hips with both hands she matched his hip thrusts with the thrusts of her mouth and she could hear his breathing increase. She lost herself in the motion, feeling the swing of her breasts on her chest as she moved her torso back and forth, her thighs rubbing against each other, her pussy still exposed.

Suddenly the fingers in her hair gripped her, and the hand on her shoulder as well. He began to pull her back and forth harder and faster. His hand in her hair pushed her face tight against his crotch, her eyes buried in his boxers as his cock jammed against her throat. Gagging she pulled back but he kept thrusting. He ground tight against her, just barely pulling back enough for her to catch a ragged breath. "Just take it, bitch," she heard him say as he held her tight against him. She let go of his hips, her hands flailing, grasping at the bed. He yelled out, holding his cock at the back of her throat as he came, his cum filling her mouth. She swallowed repeatedly, his cock filling all of her mouth.

When he was done, he pulled his cock from her mouth. Standing over her, his face arrogant now, no longer hesitant. Wiping his cock against her cheek, he stepped away, buttoning his pants. Jennifer fell back on the bed, catching her breath, tasting his cum in her mouth. He chuckled at the door and she turned her head, remembering now that he had left it open. Another guy stood there, watching, leaning against the door frame. She could hear someone else in the hall. Rolling on her side facing him, she beckoned with her finger.

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