tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIt's Rude To Stare Ch. 01

It's Rude To Stare Ch. 01


Note: This is my first chapter of my first story. More to come.


Clarissa defensively climbed on to the eastbound Dundas Street streetcar on a hot and sticky afternoon in Toronto. Trying to dress to the weather, she was clad in denim skirt that stopped before the knee and a spaghetti strap black sleeveless top that wasn't too revealing. It was rush hour so it was the car was quite crowded with eager travellers. The 25 year old brunette stood at 5'5 so she wasn't the biggest person in the crowd, thus squeezing past the mob to the back of the vehicle was a feat. Finally mustering her way to the back she settled in a spot beside a pole, hanging on to it for dear life.

Then past a few bodies, she saw her. She was leaning up against the window, looking down at a book. Clarissa could only see her from the chest up so she couldn't size her up like she wanted. She did however see that her bust was considerable behind her brown blouse (was that silk?). The shirt was done up save for two buttons which allowed a little gold necklace to make its appearance. Clarissa studied the girl as she concentrated on her lips. Her lips almost pouted, her brown eyes gazed down attentively, and a single thick strand of her brown hair hung in front of her view as the rest of her mane rested on her shoulders and upper back. Earphone wires hung down from her ears which impressed Clarissa that she could multi-task like she was.

Clarissa normally wouldn't be caught dead giving another woman more than a minute's gaze unless there was something wrong with her appearance but this was different. The circumstances made this girl stand out. Amongst a crowded, busy, sticky streetcar in which everyone only wanted this ride to over so they enjoy some personal space again, here was a woman who was in her own little world not even giving her surroundings a thought. Clarissa watched her unconsciously pull that hanging hair behind her ear as she flipped the page as the same time. There was something cute about it that made her smile. Now she was mouthing the lyrics to whatever she was listening to. Clarissa momentarily broke her gaze when she noticed that a middle aged man in a suit who was pressed up against her was looking at her crookedly. She got the message and looked down at her flats and painted toe nails. How embarrassing she thought. Being caught staring on public transit.

But when she looked up and around again so found herself looking at her mystery girl again. This time she wiggled in place almost dancing to her music. Clarissa smiled once again at the fun she was having. I wonder what she's listening to. I wish she could share an earphone with me so we can enjoy it together. Wait. What's wrong with me?

Suddenly the girl looked up from her book. Clarissa panicked because she had been staring right at her. She quickly ducked her head. She took out her phone and pretended to text. Did she see her? Probably. She had to be slier now. She was seen by another person and now the girl herself. She continued to play with the keys on her phone while slowly moving up her eyes to look at her girl again. She died inside at what she saw. She was grabbing her blouse and was trying to ventilate some air into it by flapping it back and forth. Then she slid one button out of the slit and opened her shirt so more skin was shown. The cleavage of her two pressed together mounds was in full view now. She was too fascinated by her upper body now. Half smooth skin, half a creased up shirt. She had to see what else she was wearing. With all the bodies in her way, she cursed all the obstruction in her head. Damn people! Don't you ever get off?! You're blocking my view!

Again she took a moment to question her actions. What am I doing? I'm like a stalker now ogling this girl without her really knowing. This is rude. This isn't right. Go look up at the ads. Yeah, the ads. She looked straight above the girl's head to the images. There was one advertising some Bible verse or something. She read it and wondered why in the hell is Christianity on the bus. I thought this was a secular society. She sighed. She then moved to the next one which was something happier. She always loved the colours of the Skittles ads. Very psychedelic. She loved it. I bet she would look amazing in psychedelic colours. She shook her head again. She had to stop this. It's rude. I shouldn't be doing this. Oh, but just another peek.

She looked down again at her target and marvelled again. It was now glimmering in sweat. She gasped in amazement. This was too hot. She watched a drop of water on her neck just sit there in limbo before cascading slowly down her neck and to her chest. Clarissa studied its path good. It zig zagged down her bust all the way to the crack. The girl must've have felt it because her hand instinctively went to rub her chest with her palm. Her fixation was temporarily broken as someone shoved past her to exit the street car. She apologized to the body for being in the way and went back to her girl. That move freed up her view. Clarissa now saw the girl in all her glory. The first thing she noticed was a thick black belt done around her shirt. Below that was a matching playful brown skirt. Growing out the bottom: smooth, tanned legs with the firm calf muscles. This girl was the total package. Wow. She slyly looked up again to see her rubbing her bust again. Just one more button. She wished for the blouse to be taken one more notch so her bra was in full view. She had no shame now. Neither of them had any she thought. She was adamant on watch her and the girl was adamant on being on display. Come on, one more button. You know you want to.

Sure enough, one hand went up to chest. This was it. Wait for it. But no. It twisted and the girl only looked at her wrist watch. Clarissa groaned in disappointment. Don't tease me like that woman. More movement as people bumped Clarissa to get on and off. Stupid people. But amongst all the chaos, this girl remained the same. Peacefully reading her book listening to her tunes while trying to beat the heat all the same. This is what probably intrigued her most about her. Well that and her shirt was nearly half undone. She snickered to herself at that thought.

Just then the girl looked up! And she was looking straight at Clarissa. She froze. She was looking straight at her with those pretty brown eyes. The two stood there looking into each other from across the aisle. Oh man. She panicked. This was very awkward. She was really hoping the girl didn't say anything to her. She just smirked at her. Clarissa tried to figure out how much she knew. She saw her that one time but not again. She didn't know. There's no way.

It was fortunate for Clarissa that just then the streetcar stopped at Yonge Street. The Eaton Centre. This was Clarissa's destination and a majority of the streetcar's as well. She could step off and even if her target got off too, with the mob she could hide herself in it. She stepped down and exited the car with a mass of people in tow. She zig zagged through the crowd to lose the girl if she was indeed following her and waited for the crowd to disperse on either direction on Yonge and into the mall. She stopped and looked around. Nothing. She had lost her. She started walking again relieved by it all.

However, her relief was frozen with a tap on the shoulder from behind. Clarissa's eyes widened and her body stiffened. "Excuse me miss," she heard a graceful voice go off. "Don't you know it's rude to stare."

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