tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJack White Plays Meg's Drums

Jack White Plays Meg's Drums


"Ready?" Meg White asked, sitting down forcefully on her drum stool in a way that made her large breasts bounce.

"Very...." Jack mumbled, his mind fixed on the fairly obscene amount of cleavage she was showing in her too-tight white tee-shirt.

Meg and Jack White were getting ready for their next big show in Detroit. This was the show that would bring them a much larger fanbase, and it was the first they were headlining. They had been practicing for weeks to get their sound right, with little success. Naturally, they were nervous.

"Let's go" Jack said, and they launched into a rough version of Bob Dylan's "Outlaw Blues".

"Well I wish I was / on some Australian mountain range" Jack sang powerfully.

He glanced over at her and again became fixated on her spectacular tits bouncing up and down so quickly as to defy gravity. He quickly fell off-beat and had to stop.

"What's the problem, Jack?" Meg asked.

She noticed him staring at her breasts struggling to break free from her shirt.

"Jack...." she said, blushing. "Let's focus on the music. The show is coming up, and we're nowhere near ready."

He begrudgingly agreed, and continued playing (albeit with a substantial erection). She noticed this and felt proud that the slightest sight of her prized globes could get him hard so quickly.

She decided to tease him a little bit and see what would happen.

In the middle of a particularly fast-paced song, she let a nipple slip out of her shirt. Jack noticed almost immediately, and dropped his guitar on the ground without thinking.

"Oops!" Meg said in a false embarrassed tone. "My fault. It's just so hard to keep these things constrained". She softly gripped her breasts with both hands.

Jack wasn't listening to what she was saying. He was fixated on her large puffy nipple, still out of her shirt. He licked his lips. Meg knew the way he was looking at her. He had given her this look many times over the course of their marriage, and it always resulted in rough but magnificent sex.

"Jack, let's at least finish the song..." Meg said, nipple still exposed.

He pushed her up roughly against the red wall of their practice room and shoved his tongue down her throat.

"You are such a fucking tease. Do you really expect me to believe that this" he harshly pinched her now-erect nipple "was an accident? You're a slut, and you're going to get what you deserve".

"Jack no, it really was an accident, I swear" Meg lied. She always tried egging him on and getting him angry, it often resulted in more forceful sex, which she loved.

Jack undid his zipper and lowered his pants, exposing his cock. Grabbing her long black hair, and threw her on the ground and ordered her to suck it.

"What if I don't want to?" Meg asked, loving every minute of it.

Jack forcefully slapped his cock on her right cheek, leaving a trail of pre-cum on her face.

"Say it again" he demanded.

"I don't want your big cock in my pretty little mouth. It barely fits."

Extremely tuned on by her fake-innocent act, Jack slammed his cock again on her cheek and Meg was pushed back by the force of it.

"You will do exactly what I say. And you will call me master" Jack told her.

Meg had not anticipated this. She knew all about master/submissive relationships, but with her many previous boyfriends (and the occasional girl) she had been the dominant. Meg knew how good she looked in tight latex, and wrote a mental note to herself to show him later.

"Yes master" Meg said obediently, gently licking the underside of his large 8" penis.

As good as it felt, Jack had gone too far to be satisfied with gentle licking. He took his cock, rubbed it harshly on her lips, and rammed it into her mouth and down her throat.

Meg had been just teasing about the 'It barely fits' comment earlier, but now it was true. She had given many blowjobs to club promoters and A&R reps, the band's manager, even anonymous men in bathroom stalls and subways when she was in need of a quick fix of cum, put their penises paled in comparison to Jack's both in height and width.

Meg closed her lips around him, closed her eyes and began to suck. He seemed to get even harder in her mouth. After a minute of passionate slurping she knew he was close. He grabbed both sides of her head, ripped his cock out of her tightly pursed lips, and exploded all over her face and exposed breast.

Milky-white cum covered her lips, sprayed her right cheek and got stuck in her eyes. She knew she should feel offended at how Jack had so openly debased her, but she felt a perverse sense of accomplishment. I knew I could do it, she thought.

* * *

It was backstage the night of the big show and Jack and Meg finally felt prepared. After many nights of playing and fucking, they had finally reached the point where they wanted to be, sound-wise.

Jack was dressed in his standard red tee-shirt and pants, and Meg was again dressed in the same too-tight white shirt, still struggling to contain her perfect breasts. She would not have normally worn it onstage in front of so many people, but Jack assured her that it was important for the audience to have some "eye-candy" to drool at while they played some of their slower songs.

They heard the crowd roar as the curtain rose, and knew it was time to get onstage.

Meg got up, but turned back around when Jack said,

"Wait, Meg, there's one more thing."

"Going to wish me good luck?" she replied nervously.

"Something like that," he grumbled, and fiercely pinched her nipples through her thin shirt.

"Jack, there are people around us!" Meg whispered, embarassed. It was true. There were sound engineers and stage-hands watching their unexpected public display of affection.

She looked him in the eyes and suddenly stopped caring as she felt a surge of horniness run through her body. Jack slipped his hand into the front of her pants expecting to find underwear or a thong.

"Not wearing anything? You really are a slut, aren't you? And tonight, of all nights." He said condescendingly.

Meg whimpered, still feeling incredibly turned on from her nipple-pinching.

With no regard for their growing crowd of observers, Jack returned his hand down her pants and began to finger her tight shaved pussy. He continued for about 30 seconds. Meg was about to cum when he removed his hand and forced it into her mouth. Meg began to suck her own pussy juices, savoring her delicious taste but desperate to cum. He removed his fingers from her mouth and slapped her across the face.

"Good luck."

He walked out onto the stage from behind the curtain as the crowd roared. Meg was too horny to feel embarrassed, even as the crowd dissipated and he heard some whispering obscene remarks like "She has got a hot little body, that one. I'd love to fuck her tits", "Wow, what a slut" and "I can't wait till I upload this to youtube!".

She only hoped her drenched pussy wouldn't be noticeable through the fabric of her red pants.

If she knew what was coming, it would have been the least of her concerns.

* * *

They had been having a great show, and the sexual energy in the air only added to Meg's simple but powerful percussion. Halfway though their setlist, they took a break and began to head offstage. As always happened when she wore her tightest shirt, her breasts looked fantastic, and bounced heavily as she walked. One particularly loud man in the front row of the audience was heard shouting "Show us your tits!"

Hearing the remark, Meg walked to the microphone in the center of the stage, looked at him right in the eyes, and replied "Asshole!".

She turned around to continue walking off-stage when she felt Jack's strong arms hold her in place, front facing the audience. He placed his hand over her large breasts and began to grope her.

Meg was paralyzed with fear.

"What the fuck are you doing?" She yelled at him.

"Giving the audience what they want" he said, as he pulled her shirt up and over her tits, and held it there.

Massive cheers and screams erupted from the audience.

Meg looked up at the ceiling of the stadium and saw her huge breasts groped live on the playback screen.

What kind of fucking cameraman keeps filming? she thought to herself.

While his left hand groped her breasts and pinching her nipples, his right hand went right back down the front of her pants and he began playing with her tight pussy.

Nothing could be heard over the screams of the audience as they witnessed what appeared to be incest live onstage.

Aside from her obvious feelings of shock and embarrassment, Meg realized there was something very liberating and freeing about being tormented in front of all these strange men and women. She stopped trying to break free, and gave in to her subconcious exhibitionist desires.

Jack moved the microphone up to Meg's mouth so that every one of them could hear her moans and screams of pleasure. Within half a minute she began to squirm, still bound by Jack's strong arms, and came to the most powerful orgasm of her life.

The rest was a blur. Meg saw Jack removing all of her clothes, lying her down on the stage and speaking into the mic "I hope you enjoyed the show. This is Meg's solo encore" and walking offstage as hundreds of audience members, security men, sound engineers, reviewers and more circled her nude body and descended upon her.


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