Jack's Needs


It all started when I realized he had been stalking me. I had a few classes with him and was always aware of him staring at me. When I went to the college library to get a little extra work done, he was always a few tables away from me. The problem was that he was never an important person to me. He blended into the background of school and I ignored him. Until one night.


Today during class, I was happily contemplating my night with all the girls. We would always hang out once a weekend to celebrate being "young and hot", as my friends put it. I live off campus, in a small apartment with a roommate. She was a crazy party animal, always out late and returning even later. Most of the times she brought guys home with her. I always had to close my door and try to block the sounds of her moaning and, eventually, screaming as well.

As I walked from college back to my apartment, I became acutely aware of someone walking very close behind me. It wasn't uncommon at school, usually because guys wanted a good look at my ass. I turned around and saw him again. He was staring at me with a creepy look, as if he were contemplating me naked.

"Ummm...can I help you?" I asked cautiously.

"Oh, no. I'm sorry. I walk home this way too," He replied.

I stared at him for a few moments. He was a gangly thing, lanky and skinny. He looked alright in the face: straight nose, a defined jaw, and blue eyes. But the way he looked at me seemed strange.

"Oh, alright. You're in a few of my classes, right?"

"Yeah! I didn't think you knew that I existed," He said, laughing nervously. "My name is Jack."

"I'm Sophie," I said, throwing him a quick smile.

We began walking down the street again, still talking to each other. I saw him taking covert glances at my chest, looking down my shirt. I silently cursed myself for wearing such a revealing top. He could see the lining of my black push-up bra inside of the shirt. My bra size was too small for my boobs, since I couldn't always afford to buy new ones. I knew I was showing too much.

When we reached my apartments, I smiled at him and thanked him for taking me home safely. He shrugged and waved off the compliment.

Suddenly, Jack's face lit up and he looked at me with confident eyes. "You know, I was wondering if maybe we could go and see a movie sometime. We seem to have a few things in common, and, if you were interested..." Jack said, trailing off.

I hesitated, unsure of how to tell him. "Well, the thing is, I don't go on dates right now. I need all the time I can to study," I said, gesturing to my bag of books. Jack's face was livid for a moment, but was soon replaced by a slightly mortified expression. I apologized with a sincere face. He mumbled a few incomprehensible words and shuffled his feet. With that, I wished him a happy weekend and left him.

Thank God, I thought. I walked up the steps and to my apartment door, searching through my bag for my keys. Never would I go out with a creepy guy like that. He may be a little cute, but that wasn't enough for me. When I turned the lock and went inside, I glanced back and saw him at the same place where I left him. He seemed to be staring me with incriminating eyes. Maybe I just couldn't see right.

I dropped my things on the couch and checked Lisa's room. Nobody there. She must have started the weekend early, as usual, and skipped the last few classes of the day to go to a party. Typical.

I went to the bathroom and started putting on my makeup, preparing myself for the night. As soon as I finished, there was a knock on the door. It's probably Lisa, I thought, letting out a big sigh. The girl was always losing her things at different places and could never find them anymore. I walked up to the door and looked through the peephole. Nobody there.

Unlocking the door, I opened it and walked outside, looking for Lisa. It wasn't her though. It was Jack. He had a pissed off look on his face.

"Uh, Jack? Are you alri-," I started, but was interrupted by Jack hitting me in the face with the back of his hand. The blow stung, and I looked at him again, shocked.

"Ouch! What the fuck was that f-," I couldn't finish my sentence as Jack clamped his hand over my mouth and pushed me back into the apartment. I struggled against him, but to no avail. He slammed the door shut and dragged me to my room.

"You bitches are all the same. You won't give an honest guy like me a chance because I'm not good enough for you. All you want are big popular guys to fuck with. Well I'm not letting it happen this time. This time I'm going to teach you a lesson," He whispered in my ear. Panic rose up in me. I could feel his hardening cock in between my ass as he dragged me to my bed.

Jack began groping my boobs through my shirt. He certainly wasn't gentle as he began pulling and slapping them. I tried to scream through his hand, but couldn't.

"Don't you try to fight me. I'll make it a lot worse for you," Jack growled. He then proceeded to pick me up and slam me on my bed. If it weren't for my soft mattress, I would have been gasping for air. Before I could move, Jack was on top of me, pinning my legs with his. He started to try and unbutton my shirt. I pushed his hands away from my chest, and he pinned one of my arms to the bed as well.

It wasn't that I was weak or anything, but Jack was 6'2'' and had a surprising amount of muscle under his baggy clothes. He couldn't gain easy access to my chest, so he simply grabbed my shirt and ripped it off.

"Stop fighting, Sophie. You're going to enjoy this," Jack said, laughing harshly.

"No," was all I managed to say before he took my bra off as well. My boobs sprang out quickly, happy to be finally liberated from my suffocating bra. Jack grabbed my nipple and twisted it hard, making me yelp in pain.

"Damn, Sophie. You have the most wonderful tits in the world," Jack said in awe. I closed my eyes and forced myself to breathe normally as he leaned down and sucked on them one by one. I was mortified to feel my nipples getting hard and my vagina getting wet against my will.

"You like that, don't you Sophie?"

"Please get off. I'll forget all about this."

"I can't help myself. I'm so hard right now. See?" Jack grabbed my hand and placed it on his hard cock inside his pants. I let out a small gasp as he forced me to feel it. His cock was a lot bigger than anything I had taken before. Jack misunderstood my fear for passion and took off his shirt and pants in a flash, breathing hard.

"Let me see that pussy, Sophie. Open your legs, slut."

I clamped my legs shut as Jack tried to slip his hand up my short skirt. Growling, he dealt me another small blow to my face with the back of his hand. In shock I let my guard down and felt him pry my legs open. I felt his rough hand grab my panties and rip them off.

"Goodness, Sophie. Your cunt is so tight," Jack said, pushing two fingers inside me with a large amount of force. I winced and tried to push him away again. He easily knocked my hand away as he probed his fingers deeper in my vagina. He then took off his boxers letting his enormous cock spring to attention near me. My eyes widened.

"Still fighting, are we? Why are you so wet, Sophie? I thought I was grossing you out. Are you enjoying yourself?" Jack asked.

Jack," I began shakily. "It's not too late to just stop this. You can just go and nobody will know."

"What fun would that be? As you can see, Sophie," Jack gestured to his hard cock. "I have needs and they need to be met now."

"We can figure something out, Jack," I said eagerly, hoping he would buy it long enough for me to escape somehow. "You know, maybe I can find you someone who can take care of-," Jack slapped his hand over my mouth suddenly and plunged his huge cock into my vagina. I screamed through his hand and arched my back. The pain was greater than I anticipated as Jack buried himself in me completely.

"Oh my God! You're so fucking tight Sophie! This feels so good," Jack moaned. He pulled his cock out almost all the way and then pushed in again. I closed my eyes shut. The pain was less intense on the second thrust, and a little less on the third. I felt my vagina stretch to accommodate his big cock thrusts. Jack began a steady rhythm of pushing in and pulling out of me, fucking me mercilessly. I felt myself laying there as he worked over me, whispering things in my ear.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you whore? You want my big cock in that tight pussy? I'll show you how it's done. I'll bang you so hard, like this," Jack shoved his cock in me with an unnecessary amount of force, making me scream again. I waited and waited for him to finish fucking me.

I frowned as I felt my body telling me to enjoy the feeling. It wanted me to like the feeling of Jack's big cock filling me up and helping me release the tension I had inside of me. Rebelling against me, I felt an orgasm slowly approaching as Jack continued banging me. My boobs were bouncing back and forward with the amount of energy Jack was putting into me.

Jack's face was full of focus as he pushed. I could tell that he was trying to keep his own orgasm at bay, since he had stopped saying dirty things to me. I let out a small moan. Jack slapped my ass hard.

"I'm going to cum soon, you little slut," Jack panted. He frantically grabbed my boob and rubbed it. I felt a wave of panic wash over me. I couldn't let him cum inside of me. He didn't even have a condom on.

"Please don't do it in me," I begged, pleading with him.

"I'll cum wherever I want, in or on you whore," Jack said, breathing heavily. I could tell that I only had a few seconds left.

"Please!" I said again.

Jack let out an anguished sound and pulled out of me. I sighed in relief as he began stroking his dick near my boobs. He was almost finished. A part of me was upset that Jack had pulled out. I had been SO close to an orgasm...

"Open your mouth!"Jack commanded, glaring at me. He was still stroking his big cock and moving nearer to me. I shook my head and tried to move back away from it. Jack grabbed my head and forced his cock in my mouth. I gagged on the size of it as he shoved and forced as much of it in my mouth as he could. When Jack's cock reached my throat, that was it for him. He grunted and started shooting his cum deep into my throat. I could feel myself swallowing spurt after spurt of his cum, but it kept coming.

Jack moaned and kept my head impaled on his cock until the last shots of his cum had been swallowed by me. When he pulled his cock out, I gasped for air.

"Thank you Sophie," Jack said.

"You're sick," I said, not looking at him.

"Maybe I am. But I could tell that you liked it. You're good at pleasing a guy," Jack replied.

"Please just get the hell out of my apartment," I shot back at him. Jack smiled at me with that creepy smile again and left. I heard the door slam behind him and I let out a frustrated moan. Getting up, I laid on the bed again and stared at the ceiling, shocked at what had just transpired. I thought back to when I was so close to my orgasm. At that moment I realized that I HAD enjoyed it. Partially, at least. I had enjoyed the feeling of being used for Jack's selfish desires, a mere piece of ass for him to fuck and run. The whole experience had secretly turned me on. I must be a whore, I thought.

Within no time at all, I was fingering myself, my eyes closed shut and a concentrated look etched on my face. I thought back to Jack fucking me without my consent, dominating me, and my orgasm hit me like a train. Pure lust and bliss shot through me like a bolt of lightning and I let out a scream of absolute pleasure.

As my breathing subsided, I heard a sound at my door. Lisa was standing in the doorway, smiling at me and my naked form.

"And you criticize me about moaning too much, you hypocrite," Lisa said, grinning.

I smiled.


I'm still new at writing and appreciate any comments about the story. Thank you!

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