tagInterracial LoveJacqueline and Josh Ch. 02

Jacqueline and Josh Ch. 02


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Chapter 2

Jacqueline was walking out of a bid meeting with three other top architects in her firm, and BMW's project manager Tom Levitt. She had just made the best sale ever, and Tom was impressed enough to pick her design. GQ was also renovating their building and she had gotten that project just two weeks before. At this rate, she was unstoppable, that was until she saw Josh talking to the firm's secretary. Just before the meeting, she had questioned Jacqueline's ability to be unfazed by his charm and the amazing smile he was now boasting. 'At least that huge smile was all for me' Jacquie thought. 'Not that it should matter, because I don't like him' she responded to herself.

She stopped so abruptly Tom slammed into her, taking the opportunity to flirt with her. Usually when she was with the work crowd men didn't know what to do with her, she was feminine, outgoing, sweet, and beautiful so they A. didn't take her seriously and B. just wanted to flirt with her. But she had a feisty side, and so half the time they were caught off guard. The combo made them 25% confused 15% intrigued the 100% turned on. This gave her an edge, and helped her to hold her own in the male dominated field.

Josh's smile faded faster than ice begins to melt, and he felt a strong pang of jealousy.

But before he could even let the anger set in he realized she was talking to one of his frat brothers from back in college.



Jacqueline was quickly forgotten, or so she thought, as the guys reminisced on old times. She failed to notice Josh's body continuously inching closer to hers, and his large hand on the delicate nape of her neck. 'Well there goes that idea' she realized, she had always had a rule, NO DATING JOSH"S FRIENDS. It happened twice once before she knew josh and once after, both ended messy.

After the guys were done with their Kumbayah Josh turned to Jacqueline, and handed her latte. For you he said, as she examined the swirly phone number on the cup, next to it said "you can find a way to figure out my name."

"Funny, I thought the hard part was supposed to be getting the number, not the other way around"

"i wanted to ask if you would do me a favor"

"Anything my love.." Jacqueline said, reminding Josh of how much he wish she were serious when she called him her love.

"My obnoxious cousin Joey is getting married, and"

"I'd love to gooo!! Jacqui squealed before he finished.

Okay perfect, it's in Italy at the family farmhouse, in two weeks. I'll be on business in Sweden for a half week after, and I planned for you to come to Sweden with me so you don't have to fly home by yourself.


Jacqueline!!!" Josh's mother yelled the minute they walked into the house. Aye!! Everyone started yelling all together, glad that Josh and Jacqui had finally made it.

After being squeezed, and kissed and feed, and being told to marry into the family over and over, Jacqui finally was losing her sleep battle. Josh, had also been feed, kissed, and told to marry Jacqui, as well as to convince Jacqui to marry any of his male cousins. He watched how well she worked in with his family, which was to say the least your classic overwhelming Italian family. He was smoking a cigar, playing cards with all of the men when he saw her practically asleep while braiding his baby cousin's hair. When she finished braiding, he told them men he was calling it quits, pointing to a half lucid Jacqueline. As the men taunted him for acting like he was married, and out past his curfew, he helped her from her chair and led her to the stairs. When they were out of sight, and it was clear that she had forgotten how to walk, he whisked her up and carried her fireman style to his room.

Once inside, he laid her down, and took her green shirt off of her and pulled her jeans down and off of her. He tried his hardest not to enjoy it, after all he didn't want to abuse the fact that she had no idea what the hell was going on against her. But her body was perfect. Josh pulled his shirt off. Jacqui, who was not fully asleep, couldn't form any basic thoughts at that point but still knew that she wanted him on top of her, and pulled him gently down from his sitting position on the bed, to laying kind of ontop of her. Josh got back up a few seconds later, feeling his body already reacting to hers, and took his pants off, trying to get himself and her changed for bed. But again she pulled him down, a little gentler this time. He lay next to her listening to her breathing get heavier, feeling her chest rise up and down, and feeling her nipples graze his arm and chest. Her head was tucked into the spot between his shoulder and neck, and she was making these breathy moans as she fell into deep sleep. And they fell asleep like that, legs intertwined, naked and yet it felt natural, like that was how it was supposed to be.


His dream:

He was in his walking through the office, and one of his nurses Ally, who always flirts with him handed him a file. Josh was a plastic surgeon, he had planned on being a neurosurgeon, but halfway through his surgery courses he realized he was afraid to mess someone's brain up and switched fields. He truly didn't really care about plastic surgery that much before being a surgeon, but after working in the field, it kind of disgusted him to see fake girls. He walked into a room, expecting the patient who wanted total body and face work done, to be fully naked, but he didn't expect it to be Jacqui. "What the fuck??"

He yelled, extremely pissed to find her in his office, how could she not appreciate her body. She had the exact look that he used as a model in his head meeting with total body or face patients.

"Sorry, I didn't know it was you!"

"You shouldn't be at any surgeons trying to fix perfection! And you sure as hell shouldn't be naked another male doctor's office. I know what those men are thinking." He was yelling, and she was starting to cry; now he felt like a douche bag.

Josh started rubbing his back trying to console her, but she just kept saying sorry."

What did you want worked on?" he asked.

She told him about her hips being to much and her butt not bubbly enough and her boobs to small, and each thing he simply assured her as a man that it was perfect. Perfectly wide feminine hips, but nowhere near chubby, her butt was perfect, and her boobs where an exact handful for him. "Perfect for me to titty fuck" he said, you know how in dreams, we are so much more honest.

"No their not big enough to fuck"

He pulled his pants down to show her, after thrusting in and out of her cleavage three times, she grabbed his throbbing dick and licked the length of it. Then she very slowly put as much as she could in her mouth before picking up the pace. His hand was caught in her fro, and he watched his white dick disappear into her pink lips. She continued her amazing hand/blowjob, remembering to pay attention to the balls. Just as he picked her up and started shoving his length into her tight, warm pussy, he was jerked back to reality.

His ridiculously loud family was down stairs making noise. He made his way to the shower, where he tried to release himself.

With a few loud grunts he unloaded into the shower. With the finally grunt he heard the bed squeak, and hopped he hadn't woken Jacqui up.

Well, he had. In fact she had woken up halfway through him jerking off, and was pretty turned on by his man grunts, and his smell surrounding her on the sheets. On the last grunt, she dropped his phone under the bed, and was digging around for it. By the time she pulled it out it was open to his internet history. She was about to close it when she saw that he had googled engagement rings. Jacqueline, was so insanely jealous, that it physically hurt. The second he opened the bathroom door she ran in and threw up into the toilet. A concerned Josh followed to the toilet and rubbed her back as she threw up wave two. 'Too bad you can't throw up thoughts or feelings' she thought. His closeness made her tense up and calm all at once. The whole day he tended to her like she was a delicate flower, insisting on carrying her, forcing her to drink water, making cup after cup of ginger tea for her. She loved it and hated it. She wanted to let him take care of her, but she also didn't want to get too close, because when they got too close she couldn't make her heart and body remember where the friendship lines were drawn. She admitted to herself that she was in love, and it needed to end.

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