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Jamaican Beauties Jaunt Ch. 06


Chapter 6 -- Renewals: She renews her efforts to become uninhibited.

Notice: The author listed Jamaican Beauties Jaunt under Literotica's umbrella category Novels and Novellas: Erotic fiction with a broader scope. However, the events in this chapter cover a variety of Literotica categories including:

Exhibitionist & Voyeur: this chapter includes the stories of a busty Jamaican woman dressed revealingly as she dances in a nightclub and shops in a clothing store.

Interracial Love: this is a story about a developing relationship between a Mulatto Jamaican woman and her Internet friend, a Caucasian American man.

Mature: this story's primary characters are a young (26-year-old) woman and a middle-aged (41-year-old) man.

Non-Erotic: this chapter primarily covers how a young Jamaican woman with the aid of her mother and an Internet friend renews her efforts and continues her quest to become uninhibited.

Comments: All comments are welcome and appreciated. Please feel free to rate this chapter and to leave or send the author your comments. The author desires to become a better writer, to that end, your comments will help the author correct any weaknesses and reinforce any strengths.

Disclaimer: All characters portrayed in this story are fictional and were, to the author's knowledge, at least 18 years old at the time they engaged in any form of sexual activity mentioned in this story.

* * * * *

Renewal Conversations

When Denise ceased making her almost daily early morning calls to her mother, Annika sensed that she must have had a problem with the challenges. She decided to give Denise the space and time to work things out herself. However, after three weeks without hearing from Denise, Annika concluded it was time to take action. She called her youngest daughter on a Friday morning. Annika didn't try to get Denise to talk, instead, she announced, "The twins won't be able to make it for Christmas. Nonetheless, your father and I would like for you to spend the weekend and have Christmas dinner with us."

The twins were Denise's two older, married sisters. They weren't actually twins, although they had the same birthday they were born one year apart. Because they looked alike and celebrated the same birthday, Denise had believed they were twins, called them that, and the nickname stuck.

"I'm a little busy—" was all Denise got out before her mother interrupted.

"Actually, I called because I need you to come over and convince your father to take a few days of vacation. I'm worried about his health. You know how hard he's been working and I've been unable to convince him to take a few days away from the office and relax," Annika informed her daughter knowing Denise was aware that Ken Johnson had been working far too many hours and that Denise would do anything to help her beloved father.

"Mother, I know you're worried, but I've got my own problems," Denise whined.

Annika took a deep breath, and employing her skills as a practicing psychologist, asked, "Denise, do you really have problems or are you simply letting your negative thoughts control your mood and thus your behavior?"

"Mother, I'm a failure. I can't do anything right. I wouldn't be able to offer you or father any help," Denise whimpered.

"Dee-Dee, you know your father loves you and will do anything you ask. All you have to do is come over next weekend. We both know that once he learns you'll be staying with us, your father will take a few days off from work so he can spend time with you."

"Okay mother, I'll come over Thursday after work and spend Christmas weekend," Denise relented, not wanting to argue and knowing any further discussion would be futile. Her mother wasn't going to stop pestering her until she agreed to spend the weekend and have Christmas dinner with her parents.

* * * * *

Late afternoon on the Thursday before Christmas Eve, Denise drove to her parents' house in the Melbourne district of Kingston. She'd worked that morning and spent her now habitual two hours in the gym, running on the treadmill, lifting weights, and swimming laps.

Daily workouts was a habit she'd adopted after she'd become online friends with Will. It was something he'd suggested as a way to feel better about her body and herself. It would, he'd explained, give her a feeling of accomplishment—just for having done it and for any goals she attained, such as a higher speed on the treadmill, lifting more weight, or swimming a faster lap time. Besides, any resulting improvement in her body would undoubtedly benefit her self-esteem.

Will had been correct; she immediately noticed a difference in her weight and body tone. She soon noticed she felt better mentally and physically. So much so, that she'd become virtually addicted to working out—it was beyond a habit, it had become a need. She'd worked it into her schedule every day of the week, either just after work or, on her three days off, first thing in the morning, instead of work.

As she was driving through Kingston to her parents, Denise remembered, "That's right, it was Will who urged and prodded me to begin working out regularly. When I mentioned I was noticing improvements, he and mother exhorted me to work out more often, perhaps daily, and to increase my workout regimen."

That realization caused her to smile for the first time in four weeks, and she considered, "Mother and Will are of the same mind. They both want to help me become the person I've always wanted to be. They want me to learn to be happy with my body, my desires, and myself. They want me to be uninhibited, to enjoy life. Maybe, I should have made more of an effort to listen to what they were telling me. Perhaps, in the future, I should pay more attention to their advice."

* * * * *

While Denise was putting her things away in the spare room, her old bedroom, Annika asked if she would join her in the den when she was finished. Denise objected, suspecting her mother planned to counsel her, but Annika explained, "It's more comfortable in there and I have some bread, cheese, and an excellent Bordeaux we can enjoy whilst we catch up."

They chatted about one another's work while they sipped wine and enjoyed the bread and cheese. Refilling their glasses, Annika decided it was time to change the subject to the real reason for this chat. Based on her assumptions as to what had caused her daughter to become a recluse, she asked, "So Denise, you've had four weeks to sort through your feelings about the challenges, what have you concluded?"

Denise immediately recalled her embarrassment when, as she danced at the Quad, her three former friends ridiculed her for exposing her oversized and disproportionate body. She frowned and complained, "Mother, I was a fool to let Will, father, and you talk me into taking on the challenges. I was an idiot to think I could be uninhibited. I just exposed my horrid and ungainly body to everyone and ended up embarrassing myself. I'm not like you; I'm not beautiful and outgoing. I'm just... an oversized cow."

Annika seethed inside as she calmly pointed out and asked, "Denise, your father and I have told you many times, you are a beautiful young woman. Why won't you believe us?"

Denise ignored her mother and continued the rant she'd been repeating to herself for the last four weeks, "You, father, and Will coerced me to think I was beautiful, to believe people would enjoy watching an oversized and ungainly girl like me pose topless in a public park, expose herself in a bar, and dance naked in a nightclub. I was a misguided fool to try to become... an uninhibited... exhibitionist."

"Denise Janeen Johnson, stop whining, sit up straight, and pay attention to what I'm going to tell you," Annika scolded.

Because of her years of parochial school discipline, Denise responded immediately and automatically sat up in her chair, pulled her shoulders back, and looked at her mother.

Annika smiled and told her daughter, "Good! Now pick up your glass and drink your wine whilst I explain some things to you."

Denise obeyed, nodding her understanding before she sipped her wine, remembering to keep her back straight, her shoulders back, her chest thrust forward, and her eyes focused on her mother.

Annika picked up her own glass and followed Denise's lead before continuing, "First of all, your father and I do not lie, we hate lies, and you know that. Yet you insist on claiming we were lying to you every time we told you that you were beautiful."

Denise opened her mouth to respond, but Annika held up her hand to stop her. Once Denise closed her mouth, Annika continued her lecture, "Don't answer me now. Think about what I said and what you're saying about your parents."

Looking down at her feet, Denise nodded.

"Secondly, Will, your father, and I have all participated in the Seven Progressive Challenges. Therefore, we knew what to expect when we, in your words, coerced you into taking the challenges. Do you honestly believe any of us would force you to do something we thought would cause you to feel as you do now? Again, don't respond to me until you've fully considered what I've told you."

Denise already knew her mother was right and followed her instructions. After taking a large sip of her wine, she looked her mother in the eyes and nodded her understanding.

Annika seeing she was getting through to her daughter, continued, "I could make many more points, but, I'll just give you the bottom line. You willingly entered into the Seven Progressive Challenges. Knowing what you had to do, you accepted the first challenge and you successfully completed it. Because they were progressive, you knew the subsequent challenges would be more difficult, require you to be more outgoing, more uninhibited, and to bare more of your body to more people, yet you agreed to continue. You accepted four more challenges and you accomplished at least three of them. Is that right?"

Denise, staring at her hands now folded in her lap, nodded her head, and muttered, "I completed every level of every task in every challenge that Will gave me."

Annika held back a knowing smile. When Denise stopped calling her the first thing almost every morning, Annika called Andrew and asked him if anything had happened during the last challenge. After much prodding, Andrew told her about the events that obviously led to Denise's giving up the challenges.

Confident she now knew what had happened, Annika continued her lecture, "Yet, the first time you had a setback; you quit the challenges, and you're now blaming Will, your father, and me for misleading you. Do you believe that is fair or right? Do any of us deserve your accusations? Again, think about it for a few days before you answer."

Annika took a sip of her wine and Denise took advantage of the lull to respond, "I will carefully consider everything you've said and explained to me. I will give you my responses, next week."

"That is all I can ask of and expect from you. Thank you! Now, whilst I get us some more bread and cheese, why don't you refill our glasses?"

After they'd enjoyed a bit more bread and cheese, Annika asked, "Now as for your behaving like a recluse, don't you think that four weeks was enough time for you to mourn your loss? Isn't it about time you rejoined the world, went back to chatting with your Internet friend, dancing at the clubs with Andrew and Jackson, and enjoying your life once again?"

A thousand thoughts, a hundred reasons, and ten arguments passed through Denise's mind, but she knew none of them would stand up to her mother's reasoning. Knowing she couldn't overcome her mother's logic, Denise conceded to her, and somehow, though she didn't know exactly why, to herself.

Her mother's logic had hit her harder than had the remarks of her former friends from Arts School. It overpowered her. It forced her to remember that she had somehow found the strength to overcome her supposed friends' insults and complete the fifth challenge. However, she'd allowed her own self-doubt to take charge. She'd ignored her accomplishments, and let three girls, who she knew disliked her, affect her self-image and self-esteem.

Her mother was right, of course. That momentary lapse had caused her to spend four weeks in abject solitude. It had cost her the opportunity to complete the Seven Progressive Challenges and to prove to everyone that she could be uninhibited, that she was no longer a prude. In her momentary lapse she'd quit the Seven Progressive Challenges, and that was that. It was her own doing; she would live with it, and use it as an object lesson. It was the price of not maintaining control.

Denise, sadness evident in her eyes, conviction in her expression, looked to her mother and answered, "Mother, you are right. I will celebrate the holidays and I will start the New Year with an emphasis on enjoying my life."

Annika smiled at her beautiful Jamaican daughter and toasted, "To a happy and uninhibited life!"

Denise smiled and joined her mother's toast, "Here, here!"

* * * * *

On Christmas Eve, after they'd enjoyed the light breakfast Annika prepared, Ken Johnson excused himself from the table, kissed his wife, and insisted that Denise come with him while he delivered Christmas gifts to Max Cunningham, the elder, his wife, Carolyn, and their daughter, Denise's childhood best and still good friend, Maxine, who everyone called Max.

Denise, at her father's request, carried a large bag with the gift wrapped Christmas gifts as they made the two minute walk up the street to the Cunningham's house. Max, the elder, answered the door and immediately invited them in for some Christmas sorrel. Before she sat in the indicated chair, Denise removed the gifts from the bag and handed them to a smiling Mr. Cunningham.

When he unwrapped Annika and Ken's gifts, Max was ecstatic over the bottle of Chivas Regal Scotch and the large box of Cuban cigars. Ken joked that the cigars should be excellent because they were hand rolled on the thighs of virgins.

Carolyn Cunningham already knew what the Johnsons' were giving her for Christmas, so while the men and Denise enjoyed the Christmas sorrel she'd made the old way with cinnamon, ginger, sugar, and rum over ice with an orange peel, Carolyn excused herself and went into the bedroom to try on her gift.

When Carolyn returned, Denise thought she looked spectacular. Her huge breasts and cleavage were quite evident in a scoop front, floor-length, black, evening dress with slits on both sides from the hem to the top of her thighs. In addition, black stockings showed off her muscular legs, which were very shapely because she wore a pair of black open-toe pumps with five-inch spike heels. Carolyn beamed as she pointed to the black velvet choker, with a beautiful diamond heart, around her neck. She explained to Denise, "It's the gift my husband is giving me for Christmas."

Carolyn walked around the room modeling the dress and when she'd finished, she announced. "I'm wearing this gown and my holiday collar to the New Year's party at the club."

Ken smiled, nodded, and exclaimed, "My goodness, you look fantastic. Annika will be so happy to know that you liked the dress, stockings, and heels. By the way, Annika is looking forward to seeing the two of you at the club. I've reserved a table for the five."

Mrs. Cunningham frowned as she stared at Denise and commented, "Maybe someday we can all celebrate the New Year, together in the club, at a table for six."

Ken smiled and nodded his understanding and agreement with her, before he stood and told everyone, "Sorry to drink and run, but we have to go to the shop and give Max our Christmas gift."

"Would you mind taking this gift to Max," Max the elder, asked Ken as he handed him a small box and explained, "It's an accessory to go along with your gift."

Ken nodded as he took the small wrapped package and slipped it into his jacket pocket.

* * * * *

Ken and Denise walked the four blocks into the business section of the Melbourne neighborhood within Kingston and to Max's apartment above the family's haberdashery. When Max answered her door, Denise was stunned.

Max wore only a man's ribbed, sleeveless undershirt that barely covered her private bits and was so thin it revealed every curve of her body.

"Master Ken, Denise, won't you please come inside?" Max asked as she bowed her head and motioned for the two of them to come into her apartment.

As they entered, Max apologized, "I'm sorry for the mess, I had a very busy week at the haberdashery so I slept in late and I've been lounging around and drinking tea all morning. However, your timing is impeccable; I just dressed and opened a bottle of wine. Denise, would you like a glass, I know Master Ken would."

"What an odd way to refer to father," Denise thought before she answered, "That sounds wonderful, thank you Max."

"Good," Max replied, "Why don't you two find a comfortable seat while I go pour us all some wine. Would Sauvignon Blanc be acceptable, sir?"

Denise thought, "Another deferential reference to father."

"Yes, thank you Max. And in this environment, please call me Ken."

Max blushed, and as she headed into the kitchen, she replied, "Yes... Ken, of course. How silly of me. I guess I'm not fully awake."

Shortly, Max returned with two glasses of wine. She again left, quickly returning with her own glass and two large boxes and a smaller one. Without apparent regard to exposing herself, Max sat on the ottoman facing Denise's father and took a sip of her wine, before telling everyone, "This year, for a change, I had enough time to do my Christmas shopping. Please don't unwrap these until tomorrow morning."

Ken took the boxes from Max before nodding to Denise who retrieved the large box from the bag she'd been carrying and handed it to Max. Ken explained, as he handed Max the smaller package he'd retrieved from his jacket pocket, "This is from your father; the larger package is from Annika and me. Please feel free to try on everything. I'm looking forward to seeing them on you."

Max took a sip of her wine, took both boxes from Ken, and said, "Yes, Mast... sir. I'll be right back," before standing and discreetly bowing toward Ken.

While Max was gone, Denise, without looking at them, put Max's gifts into the bag she'd used to carry her parents' gifts to the Cunningham's house and Max's apartment.

Max soon returned wearing a black gown with a deep V-neck front cut to her waist, spaghetti straps ran from the top of the front pieces that barely covered her large breasts, over her shoulders, crisscrossed in back, and tied at her lower back. The gown's low V-back continued downward and stopped at, but still revealed, the top of the crease separating Max's buttocks. The hem fell below Max's knees, yet, with the extreme side slits up to the top of her hips, the slinky and stretchy gown left almost nothing of Max's body hidden. In addition to the gown, Max wore black, five-inch stiletto-heeled, sandals with thick double straps at her ankle, the middle of her foot, and a single strap across her toes. As her mother had when she modeled her gown, Max wore a black velvet choker, with a rhinestone heart, around her neck.

Max practically ran to Ken, her breasts bouncing and her nipples occasionally exposed, knelt before him, bowed her head, and waited.

Ken acknowledged her, "You may speak."

Max kept her head bowed as she said, "Sir, it is very nice and I love it, but it is too much. I do not deserve so much from you and Mistress Annika."

Again Denise wondered, "Why is she so deferential to father? And what did she mean when she referred to mother as a mistress?"

Ken lifted Max's chin with a hooked index finger, raising her head until she was looking at him, before he spoke, "You deserve much more. I will be proud to have everyone see you wearing this dress and I know your father will be pleased to learn that you liked your collar. Merry Christmas Max."

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