tagRomanceJames and Des

James and Des


He walked down the boarding ramp to the plain in NYC. He looked out at the crowd gathered outside the gate waiting for people on the plain. He looked around. He really wasn't sure what to look for. She had sent him pictures, but he didn't know what she was wearing or anything like that. Then he saw the sign. "Duncan" He laughed. That was his screen name under which he'd been when they had met in the chat room.

They had talked for a while, and enjoyed it. Her boyfriend had just broken up with her. He had still been pining for his first love, who had left him. Perhaps it was just bound to happen. They had grown amazingly open with one another. One night, she admitted.

"I'm horny," she wrote.

James almost fell out of his chair. They were very open, yes, but this was still new.

"Well... I'm not sure what to say...." he typed back.

"Tell me how much you want me. Tell me what you would do to me if you were here to take care of my problem."

He had never had cybersex before, but he gave it a go. The next day, she gave him a few pointers on how to say things better and when it was best to use certain words depending on the mood that was developing. Then she asked if he'd like to try again.

And so it went. They met regularly to pleasure one another long distance, but they had never gotten a chance to meet until now.

James was a virgin. Des was not. She had been a bit of a wild child in highschool, but had calmed down a little in college. James made her feel things she had not felt before. The way he said things, the way his imagination transferred so perfectly onto the screen and left her gasping when it was over. Only one orgasm she could remember from during real sex had been better than some of those James had given her from a hundred miles away. When he had gotten a free trip to NY for a one day seminar, she had insisted he stay with her. His parents had some extra air miles, so he had extended the trip to four days.

He walked up to her and gave her a big hug. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body against his. His chest was firm as it pressed against her full breasts. She could feel the muscles of his back under the dark green tee he was wearing. She felt his cock move a little as she pressed against him, and smiled to think she affected him so. She had to remind herself that he was a virgin, hard as that was to believe, the way he wrote....

"Just a carry on?" she asked, pulling back a little.

"Yeah, figured it'd save time."

She smiled and kissed him on the cheek. So thoughtful.

The drive home was fun. They talked on and on, but mostly, James stared at her. She was more beautiful that in the pictures. More beautiful than in his fantasies. She was slim, but not in an unhealthy looking way. Her long, silky auburn hair smelled of vanilla. The scent turned him on. She knew of course that it turned him on and had planned it that way. She smiled inwardly as he shifted to allow his cock room to move.

At last they pulled up to her apartment building. James held the door for her as they went in. She blushed. A guy hadn't done that in years. How was he still a virgin. Girls should be all over this shy, sweet, gentlemanly guy.

Entering her apartment, James set the bag down a little ways from the door against the wall. He looked around a little, seeming nervous.

"You have a nice place."

"Thanks," she said, turning down the lights and walking toward him.

"So, what will we do first?" He was obviously nervous. She giggled a little, and he grinned boyishly.

She pressed him back against the door and leaned up to kiss him full on the mouth. The feel of her lips pressed to his, of her tongue flicking across them, then slipping into massage his was incredible. James slipped his hands around her waist and pulled her against him. Their tongues wrestled in his mouth as his hands gently caressed her back. He slid one down onto her ass and pressed her against him. She gasped a little.

"How ungentlemanly," she whispered. He colored a little. She entwined her fingers in his and with a very "come hither" stare, led him into her bedroom.

There, she pushed him down into a sitting position on the bed and stood in front of him. Very slowly, she lifted off her top. James just stared at this beautiful creature before him. How did I deserve this? He thought, then turned his thoughts back to her. Her full, soft, breasts were free now, and she was slowly sliding her pants down. James could stand it no longer. He pulled her to him. She gave out a little cry of surprise at his audacity, but recovered and straddled him.

The feel of his hardening cock through his jeans turned her on even more. Then his lips touched her neck. Dear lord he was good. His tongue flicked back and forth across the most delicate spots, the gentle, yet passionate kisses punctuated by nips of his teeth. She gasped with each nip and moaned gently.

"James..." she whispered.

His lips trailed lower, moving down the V of her collar bone. She laid her head back. His hands were running over her back, the feel of his fingers leaving her tingling in their wake. His lips moved slowly around the edges of her breast, then circled in teasing just a hairs breadth away from her rock hard nipples. She moaned and ground herself against his cock. Then he took one of her nipples into his mouth. He sucked on it until it was almost painfully hard, then he took it between his teeth and flicked the tip of his tongue back and forth across it.

"Oh...." she gasped, which turned into a long shuddering moan. Her hand were fumbling for the hem of his shirt, and began pulling it up. He lifted his arms and broke contact with her just long enough for her to get the shirt over his head. Then she looked into his eyes as her hands traced the muscles of his chest and abs. He looked away.

"This is as far as I've gone with a girl..." he murmured.

"Just do what you write..." she whispered, as her fingers gently unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. She got off of him for a moment and he stood, the jeans falling to the floor. Her fingers slipped beneath the elastic of his boxers and pushed them down. His cock sprang free at last. It was incredible. He hadn't been lying about the size. It wasn't huge, but it was at least eight inches and thick. She gently pushed her panties down, revealing her neatly trimmed pubic hair, framing her glistening pussy. James' eyes widened. She ran her hands over his chest, feeling, lifting the dog tags he wore under his shirt, a memento of an old friend. She gently pushed him back on the bed and crawled on top of him. Their mouths met now, devouring one another. Both were on fire now. She straddled him, her pussy grinding against his rock hard cock.

Her lips were everywhere it seemed. James senses were almost overloaded by the amount he was feeling now, as her soft weight came upon him. He felt his cock throb with anticipation as she ground against him. He had to concentrate not to come then and there. Her lips ran down his neck and over his chest. At last she paused and looked into his eyes.

"I want you inside me, James..." she whispered. "Are you sure you're ready."

He grinned at her, breathing hard. "Yes..." he whispered. Then she kissed him hard, her tongue slipping fully into his mouth. He felt her weight lift off of him a moment. Then her hand was around his cock and he moaned. It throbbed hard within her hand. She moaned a little at the mere feeling. She positioned it against the opening of her pussy, then gently lowered herself onto him. She sat up, straddling him and moaned loudly as his thick manhood spread the walls of her chamber. She began to ride him slowly. James fought to keep focused, to make it last. It was hard, but he managed. She was moaning now, loudly. He didn't realize it, but so was he. His hands on her waist held her steady as she caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples. Finally, he rolled over. She shifted perfectly with him. She was so agile.

The feel of James moving on top of her was a thrill. He was taking charge and it excited her. She spread her legs wide. Being able to do a full splits was helpful here. James was thrusting into her now, with each thrust he drove deeper than she thought he could. It was getting to be more than she could hold back. She reached up and pulled his face down by the dog tags around his neck.

"Make me scream..." she gasped. James shifted his weight onto his arms, leaning down and taking one of her nipples into his mouth as he thrust harder than ever. He nipped gently at her, flicking his tongue back and forth across her nipple. She gasped harder and moaned his name. James fought hard, but couldn't hold back. With a great moan, he came. The shock of his orgasm made him bite harder than he meant to. Des gasped at the sudden pleasure bordering on pain and the feel of his cock going crazy inside of her sent her over the edge and she bucked and writhed beneath him, riding the waves of her own tremendous orgasm as he thrust into her.

At last they both collapsed.

"James..." she whispered. "How can you be a virgin..." she giggled. "That was amazing."

James smiled and rolled gently off of her, gathering her in his arms. "I had a good teacher."

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