tagRomanceJames and Des Ch. 02

James and Des Ch. 02


Chapter 2: the next morning

James sat on the bed watching her sleep. She was so beautiful. He watched her perfect breasts rise and fall with the slow, peaceful rhythm of her breathing. She shifted on the bed, let out a soft moan in her sleep. James felt a thrill run up his spine just from that little sound. Last night seemed like a blur. They had made love twice after the first time, then fallen asleep in one another's arms. He had lost his virginity to this absolutely gorgeous woman, and she had enjoyed it. That thought made him smile.

Des rolled over and reached out. Her arm fell on nothing. She opened her eyes a moment to find herself alone in the bed. Had it been a dream? He couldn't have left, he'd have nowhere to go. She looked around, his clothes still lay on the floor near hers. No, it hadn't been a dream. She got goosebumps just thinking about the night before. The incredible sex they had had. How had he been a virgin. It was unreal. His hands, his lips, his teeth, his cock. He had been amazing.

Thinking about it, she felt a slight moistness between her legs. She stretched and moaned softly. He must have gone out for something to eat. She reached slowly down between her legs and caressed her pussy. Her other hand cupped her breast and pinched the nipple gently, just enough to get it hard. She slid two fingers into her pussy and gently fingered herself. She thought of how his cock had felt inside her. Oh.. He was so good. She arched her back a little and moaned.

"Need some help?"

She sat up, her fingers slipping out of her. He stood in the doorway in a pair of pajama pants. A wicked grin was on his face and his cock was obviously hard. He walked over to the bed with absolute confidence. She slid back toward the wall, grinning teasingly. James grinned back and darted around one side of the bed. She slipped to the other. He ran to that side and she slipped away. Suddenly he lunged, landing beside her and grabbing her in his arms. She squealed and wiggled to get free, but he held tight. Then his lips were on her neck and all resistence melted. Under the gentle, careful, yet passionate kisses, she just went limp in his arms and shuddered. His lips went lower, circling her breasts as he had done last night. His tongue gently probed her already hard nipples. She arched her back up, grinding against his leg. James looked up at her and smiled.

He slide lower, his kisses tracing across her abs, which tightened and relaxed with every perfectly placed kiss. Online, she had told him every spot that sent her wild, and he remembered them with utter perfection. Finally, his head was between her legs. She was stroking her breast with one hand and breathing hard. James stared at her pussy a moment, it was so beautiful, as she was. He gently ran his kisses up her inner thigh. She moaned softly and reached down to stroke her glistening pussy, but he batted her hand away. She whimpered gently as his lips by passed her and kissed up the other thigh. His tongue drew a circle around her pussy then, but never touched her lips.

"James, please..." she moaned, arching her back, grinding at nothing. James grinned against her skin. She felt his smile and couldn't help but giggle. Then she gasped deeply. His tongue ran down the slit of her pussy lips, dividing them gently. She exhaled in a deep, longing moan. Her legs spread wide of their own will. James looked up at her and smiled as her pussy opened before him. He gently traced the inside of the lips with his tongue. Her hand slid into his dark wavy hair and tried to push his face into her, but he resisted. He wanted to torture her a little more. He gently licked her pussy, slipping a little deeper every time, and every time she moaned a little louder. Finally, he gave her clit a single flick of the tongue and she gasped. Des fought not to cum then and there at the sudden explosion of feeling. She felt his lips encircle it, gently sucking at her for a moment, like he was giving her pussy a passionate, open mouthed kiss. Then she felt his teeth on her clit and she moaned loudly.


He didn't bite hard, just held it in place. Then he attacked with his tongue, swirling it around her clit and flicking the tip back and forth across it. Des was moaning wildly now, her hips writhed beneath him so that James had to hold her hips steady just to keep from hurting her or losing his hold. Her pussy was soaking wet now, juices dripping form it on to the bed sheets. Des moaned his name again and again. The whole time, James was grinding his hard cock against the bed. One hand had already slipped the pants off of him and left them on the floor.

"James! Fuck me now, James!" she screamed, and pulled at his hair. He let go of her clit and let her draw him up her body where she kissed him so deeply he thought he might pass out. At the same time she reached down and aimed his cock, thrusting her pussy around it. James gasped. He was so close to cumming.

"Take me..." she gasped and James thrust into her. There was nothing gentle about this. He thrust as hard and fast as he could. There passion gave way to wild abandon. She bucked against him as he thrust into her wide spread pussy. He felt her pussy throbbing around his throbbing cock. Felt his orgasm building inside him.

James exploded into her. Des screamed his name and pulled him down to kiss him hard, shoving her tongue into his mouth as though he might swallow her scream as she two came hard. They continued to thrust as one. Their pelvises grinding against one another until they collapsed in sheer exhaustion.

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