Jan, or Rather John Ch. 2


"Yeah, watching his face turn redder as his bulge grew. I told you that there was nothing for you too fret about dear." John said chuckling. "The look on his face was worth a million when you rubbed his little hard-on. What ever possessed you to do it you nasty little slut?" Shivering as usual when hearing John call me her slut, "I'm not sure why I did it, I was getting hot seeing his cock get harder and harder every time he peaked up my dress. So I figured he needed a reward for being such a lecher."

"Did you notice at the cash, there was a big wet spot on his trousers?" John laughed.

"No I didn't, but he deserved it." I said as a shiver ran through me, remembering how his cock felt against my toes.

"I almost came myself, I certainly wasn't expecting that to happen. I was thinking about it, but I didn't have a chance to suggest it. Do you think you could it again?" She asked nibbling down my neck.

"What are you talking about?" I replied in shook turning to look at her.

"Every time I think about you touching that guy's bulge I get hot. It makes me think about watching you with another man."

"You're crazy John," I retorted sitting up and feeling the stickiness between my cheeks.

"Crazy about you," She replied, "But I'm serious about sharing you with another guy sweetheart, you're touch much a slut for just one cock." I didn't want to admit it but as I stared into John's eyes and thought about it I began to wonder how a real penis would feel. John noticed the flush that started to betray me.

"Thinking about it turns you on too doesn't it Connie?"

"That doesn't matter," I said in a shaky voice, "It would be too dangerous, if the guy turned out to be homophobic we could both get hurt, if not killed."

"Well that would depend on how it would happen," John sat up, took my hands in his and stared into my eyes, "If were careful and asked the right questions I'm sure we wouldn't have any problems. Besides you don't have to get undressed or anything, you can tell him it's that time and offer to blow him. That would satisfy my desires for now." I looked into her eyes taking in what she suggested, the thought of sucking a real cock did excite me but it also scared the hell out me. I wasn't sure if I was shaking from nervousness or excitement.

"I don't think I could John." I said.

"Okay," she conceded, "I don't want you to do anything your not ready for yet Connie. Just keep an open mind while we're out tonight, okay babe?" She asked hugging me.

"I'll try." Was all I could say, and then suddenly I realized the implications of what I had just agreed too.

"I'm off to have a shower and get ready Connie," John kissed my cheek lightly and rose, "Then the bathroom will be all yours so you can take your time getting ready for dinner." Getting up was a chore, my legs still felt like rubber and every step seemed to release a little of what seemed a gallon of fake cock juice from my ass. I pulled up my panties and started to gather up my shopping bags. Thinking to myself, just like a man, blows his load and runs off leaving me to clean it up.

All through my shower and getting ready I couldn't help but think of John's proposal. By the time I finished my face I was in a high state of arousal and every nerve in my body felt so sensitive that the slightest touch set waves of tremors up and down my spine. Shifting from foot to foot made the hem of my dress brush against my hose covered legs and gave me shivers and the thong I was wearing rubbed against my tender anus reminding me how wonderful it felt to feel a cock pounding into me. I gave the mirror one last look and noticed that I may have been a little heavy with the make-up giving myself a slightly sluttish bearing and not wearing a bra in the haltered white dress made my large nipples stand straight out begging for attention. I thought at first that I should redo it but then figured why not leave it, it matched the way I felt.

John did a double take when she first saw me enter the living room were she had been patiently waiting.

"Ready dear?" He asked, "You've out done yourself tonight love, I've never seen you look so delicious."

"Thank you." I replied feeling myself blush, I'm sure she was just being polite not saying anything about my slutty look. I knew she would have noticed.

"I thought we might try that new place that opened just outside of town dear," John said opening the car door for me, "We've never been there before so I'm sure there won't be any problems."

"What ever you think is best honey." I replied.

The drive was quiet, neither of us saying much, I know I couldn't stop thinking of John's disclosure of earlier. I'm sure she was also, but she didn't say anymore about it. I found myself getting edgier by the moment, when we pulled into the parking lot I felt almost hysterical with fear. For a moment I almost asked John to take us home but when she opened the door and offered me her hand and smiled down at me I know that I couldn't disappoint her.

I felt more nervous than when we where at the mall until I saw the hostess look John up and down and her eyes lingered on the bulge in her pants. I thought what a bitch and suddenly the jealousy forced the nervousness aside. She turned away and led us to a table quickly when she noticed the look of anger in my eyes.

"I hope you didn't tip that bitch?" I whispered hotly at John.

"What's the matter dear?" she replied sounding innocent.

"I saw her checking you out."

"OH," she replied smiling, "It's okay for you to tease the shoe salesman, but look out if a woman looks my way." I looked at her feeling a slight blush as I realized what she said, "Well, you were the one who said I was too much for just one cock." John's eyes went big, I realized he might have taken my last retort as acceptance to his earlier request and then she smiled at me and I was sure of it.

"I wondered why you applied that look to yourself." John whispered with a snicker while I felt my blush deepen, "You look like a women out make a few conquests tonight, I hope I'm one." My nervousness increased as looked at John's smiling face knowing that she might feel that I'd agreed to have sex with another man. Worse than that though I had been considering it and not even sure if I would say no, if I could say no. Maybe, subconsciously I already had said yes.

John sat close to me and kept a hand on my thigh most of the time during our meal. Lightly tracing the exposed flesh at the top of my stocking. My state of nervousness slowly gave way to arousal. I could feel the sexual heat emitting from my body as she kneaded the naked flesh of my upper thigh. I couldn't help myself from reaching over and stroking her penis getting more daring and excited as our bottle of wine neared its bottom.

It was when I realized that I needed to go that my nervousness came crashing in me back in on me.

"John," I whispered, "we have to leave."

"Why," she asked, "I thought you're enjoying yourself?"

"Oh dear," I pleaded, "I am, but I have to go." He laughed at my discomfort and said, "It's easy babe, just watch." John got up and walked straight to the men's room and disappeared inside. A few minutes later she returned as if she just went for a walk in the park.

"See sweetheart," John smiled, "Nothing to it, your turn." She held my chair as I stood and handed me my purse before I walked across the restaurant feeling like I was totally naked in front of all those people. I sighed in relief when I found the bathroom empty. I rushed as fast as I could to get out before anyone else came in.

On the way back to the table a man stepped away from the bar and bumped me. He grabbed my arm to help steady me in my tipsy state and started to excuse himself when our eyes meet, he smiled at me and I felt an electric shock sear through my body. He was a few inches taller than I was and I found him attractive with his athletic stature. John, sitting less than ten feet away saw the telltale expression on my face of arousal and instantly decided to use it for her own desires. Unfortunately the gentleman made it quite easy for her.

"It seems you made an impression dear," John whispered into my ear as he held my chair, " he couldn't take his eyes off your ass and looked quite pleased with what he saw."

"Stop teasing." Was the best I could respond in my flustered state of arousal.

"Admit you slut," She said with a smile, "I saw the way you looked at him. If any one is doing any teasing I'd say it's you that's the flirt." I felt confused and embarrassed by her words. I never thought about men the way I just had and felt that we should leave before it was too late.

But suddenly the waiter approached our table with a fresh bottle of wine, "With the gentleman's compliments and apologies for his clumsiness." We both looked over and he toasted his glass to John and looked at me nodding with a smile.

"Thank you," John replied quickly and looking straight into my eyes said, "please ask the gentleman to join us if he can will you." The waiter turned and walked directly to him. I looked at John with fear in my eyes.

"Why did you do that?" I asked and I could hear the nervousness in my voice.

"I thought you wanted to make a few conquests tonight dear," she replied smiling at me and patted my hand, "I'm just trying to be helpful in fulfilling my love's fantasies." Before I let loose my retort I felt a presence just behind me. I turned to see him standing there. I wish I couldn't say this, but his crotch was level with my face and I lost the words I was about to throw at John when I noticed how big it appeared to be and a flash of arousal swept through me.

"Thanks for inviting me over." He said in a sensuous voice that made me quiver.

"Thanks for joining us." John replied standing to shake his offered hand.

I noticed a strange look pass over his face as they shook hands and he seemed to take a closer look at John. Sitting down he looked at me then smiled with what appeared to be recognition. I was scared to think of what he was thinking.

"It really is nice of you folks to invite me to your table," He said to John, "I'm in town on business for a week and it gets pretty boring talking to myself all the time."

"I can imagine," John replied squeezing my thigh, " I'm John by the way and this is Connie."

"Glad to meet you I'm David." The two of them talked earnestly while I sat and tried to listen as conflict thoughts of anger and arousal kept flashing through my mind. I found, unbelievably to myself, that I found him handsome and his sexy with its low tone.

Our second bottle was almost finished when John really shocked me by inviting David to our home for a few drinks and maybe a movie. I pinched his legs in frustration not knowing what to say to stop this. David accepted without hesitation. They rose from the table and John offered me her hand, I looked at her with pleading eyes but she just ignored it. David said he'd follow us in his own car, which I was grateful for the opportunity to say a few things to John on the way home.

By the time we got to the car I had realized that there wasn't anything I could say or do. The damage was done and in a few minutes we'd all be sitting in our rec room drinking. I thought that I could always run and lock myself in my room if things got out of hand. John tried consoling me on the way and as my anger faded my arousal grew again.

John opened the door and they followed me to the rec room. John went behind the bar and asked if scotch was okay with everyone.

"So," John asked, what would everyone like to watch?"

"Why don't we just talk?" David replied Instantly a feeling of dread overcame me and as I looked at David staring at me and saw the same look on his as when he first sat at our table.

"Sure," John agreed, "what do feel like talking about?"

"Well first off I'd like to toast such amazing couple." My throat grew so tight I couldn't swallow.

"I must say," he began, " At first I thought you two to be a young couple, but when I joined you I noticed that there was something very different about you two." He looked straight at me, "How long have you been playing this game."

"What do mean?" Asked John.

"Come now John," he emphasized the name, "I could tell by your hand shake and that fake moustache gives you away up close and your wife, she is beautiful and convincing, but none the less a man." Shaking in fear I asked meekly, "What do you want?" He looked at John then at me and slowly smiled, "I only want to play along with you for awhile." I looked down in shame and felt his fingers cup my chin to lift my face. My eyes followed his legs as I looked up and I saw his hard-on tenting his slacks and shivered.

"Well, said John looking at me and walking to my side, "that would be up to Connie."

"What do you say sweetheart?" she asked me kneading the back of my neck and taking my earlobe between her lips making me shiver.

I closed my eyes and moaned out loud as my head began to spin. Without even realizing it, I was standing with one on each side of me as two sets of hands roamed all over my body, two mouths grazing on my neck. Instantly I felt on fire as John took my hand and placed it on her fake cock whispering for me to reach out and grasp David's cock so she could watch.

As if her permission had released me, without a thought I reached over and ran my hand along the length of a real cock for the first time in my life. David moaned deeply and my knees shook. John whispered into my ear encouraging me on. Without any prompting I fell to my knees rubbing the length of their penises through their pants swiveling my head back and forth not knowing were to start.

John reached down to undo his own trousers leaving me free to attack David's. My hands shook wildly as I shivered with excitement knowing just a thin fabric separated me from my desires. I almost ripped them right off as I forced his pants down to his knees.

His cock sprang upward, almost eight inches long and thinner than John's it seemed to vibrate in front of my face. I wrapped a hand around the base and squeezed forcing a drop of thick fluid out of the end. I looked at it for moment before licking it off to savor, instantly wanting more his sweet tasting nectar. It felt so natural letting his hot penis slide between my lips taking the full length deep into me as spasms of pleasure shook my whole being.

Bobbing on my first real cock like I've done it forever I heard Jon's voice.

"What do you think of cock-sucking slut?"

"She's perfect." David replied.

"Then lets take her up stairs and both fuck her from either end at the same time. I know that's what the little slut wants." John laughed.

I felt myself lifted and almost carried, regretting the loss of that beautiful hard cock from my mouth. Our clothing seemed to melt away as the next thing I knew I was between David's legs while he laid in the center of the bed and I once again attacked his penis with deep hunger. I felt John licking my ass spreading her saliva around, inside and out. When she forced her big cock into me my body exploded in waves of orgasms. I felt like mush as I received their dicks and loved every moment wishing it would last forever.

I heard David growl as his cock throbbed against the roof of my mouth filling me with his seed. I sucked harder to draw out every drop. John screamed her orgasm and pumped a load deep inside me from behind. The last thing I remembered was an orgasm more intense then anything I've ever felt. I shot off into the bed and collapsing face down between David's legs feeling his cock soften between my lips. Hearing moaning, and hard breathing and my sigh of total that contentment exuding from the bottom of my soul, my mind went dark.

I woke up to the bright light of morning smiling to myself. I could feel a trace of dried cum at the corners of my mouth and dampness between my legs. The after glow of last night's ecstasy still lingering with me as the aroma of bacon wafted from the kitchen.

It was Sunday morning already. Listlessly pulling myself from the bed and donning the satin robe a gift of my lover's. I walked feeling light as air into the kitchen to be greeted with the site of my naked lover standing by the stove.

"Good morning dear," she smiled and came over to hug me as I sat, "I was so proud of you last night, you seemed to have enjoyed rather well."

"Yes," I replied, "But it seemed over too quickly." I sighed, contemplating all that could of happened.

"Mmmm," she agreed, "but not done." She handed me a piece of paper and it said, Thanks for the best time I've had in a long time. Call me if you'd like to get together again. I'll be back in town on business in another two weeks, Yours, David.

There was a phone number under his name.

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