tagLoving WivesJane Doe Shows Off

Jane Doe Shows Off


My name is 'Jane Doe'. I have been married long enough to have passed the seven year itch, but still no where near 'old'. In that time I've never cheated on my husband. I had been to several bachelorette parties over the years and most had male strippers. Many of the girls who attended I knew really well, some were longtime friends. It was funny how different we all were when we attended these parties; as opposed to the 'Suzie Homemakers' most of them were the rest of the time. When the dancers would take it off and we had consumed a lot of alcohol the parties got pretty crazy. The women would jack-off the dancers as they waved their cocks in our faces. Some of my friends would get so wild they would start sucking the dancers off. I came close on a couple drunken occasions but never did.

Once, a friend of mine was sitting in my chair with me and she sucked a guy off. She was trying to get me to take turns with her but I didn't. I told her that I wanted to watch. It turned me on being so close and hearing the sounds. That turned into the scariest thing concerning my husband I had ever been faced with. By the looks of it, my friend was quite good at what she was doing. I started saying in her ear to 'suck it, suck it.' The dancer lasted quite a while but soon she pulled it out of her mouth and began jacking him off. His abs and legs tightened and warm come began shooting out of him and into our faces. My friend began squealing with delight as she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She kept jacking him off until he stopped ejaculating and a string of come dripped from the tip of his cock and onto my knee. We ended up with come all over our faces, in our hair and on our clothes. The quantity of his load surprised me. It sobered me up pretty fast when I wondered how I was going to clean up without my husband seeing anything. I felt like come stains were pretty easy to recognize.

I had always gone home after these parties but I called my husband and told him I was too inebriated to even safely take a cab by myself. With his blessing I ended up staying with the host as did most of the other women who had come stains on their clothes and the salty taste of spunk in their mouths. My husband and I had an unspoken agreement about these events. 'Did you have fun?' 'Did you have a good time?' whatever, just nothing specific. He knew the men; I knew the women, we did not discuss it. I always figured that it would be him that would pry for information about the women's parties.

Apparently some pictures made it into the hands of one of the husbands where a couple of the women in it were squatting onto dildos in the middle of the room. This caused the men to begin talking and asking questions among themselves and a few directed questions to their wives. The husband who saw the pictures (supposedly) said that he saw the pictures but that he didn't recognize the women in them who were on the dildos but that he did recognize the women in the background (but wouldn't say who). He was no doubt lying to avoid the wrath of his wife. I remember at that particular party, after consuming vast amounts of alcohol we all decided to make it a panty party as well as having the adult toys and male strippers. The women in the pictures were squatting onto sizeable dildos as they sucked the dancer's cocks off. The rest of us were in our bra and panties more or less standing around the women and cheering them on. 'Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! We all cheered until the guys blew their load into the women's mouths and onto their faces.

When my husband finally came to me to get the 'inside' scoop I simply told him that he knew that we had adult toys at the parties, sometimes some of the girls took them for a test drive... and no, I wasn't one of them." He accepted that answer with a smile and a shrug and never spoke of it again.

I think it was that, that made me so curious. He was so smug, so aloof about the bachelor parties that it made me want to ask him. I never dared. I asked several of my closer friends whose husbands attended and they knew as much as I did. They were curious as well because none of the men ever spoke of it other than just another night out with the guys. We knew that was bullshit. It had to be. We've had super bowl parties and the men are almost out of hand crazy. The thought process of a woman says 'If guys get that crazy over football, how are they around strippers?' When I got news from Mary that another friend was getting married and had the details on the parties, I passively enquired. So Mary filled me in. "What if we could see the party?" She asked with a devious tone in her voice. "How could you do that without them knowing about it?" I softened. "just let them have their fun, who cares." I secretly wanted to know as badly as Mary did.

"I'm just curious." She said with a glint in her eye. "You can't tell me you wouldn't love to see into their world just once?" Mary had her point.

"What would you do if you didn't like what you found out? I mean geeze Mary, what if he saw you giving that hunk a blow job at the last party?"

Mary smiled deviously. "That's exactly my point. What pray tell are those men doing that we don't know about?"

"So set up a camera." I offered. "The party for the men is at your house this time. Just record the thing."

"I thought about that." Mary said as her face suddenly deflated from a smile to one of retrospective thought.. "I could set up a video camera but I'm not sure where they'll be in the house and besides, the tape only lasts a couple of hours at best. The strippers or whoever they have won't even be there by then."

(That gave me an idea that sent shivers down my spine and made my stomach tingle.) Mary continued. "I'd have to begin recording when I left the house."

"Let me do some checking around. I might have an idea." I said. The smile on my face told Mary that it was a doozy.

"What!" She demanded in a gleeful whisper. "Tell me!"

"I just shook my head and smiled. "Just wait."

Mary had no idea that anyone could possibly want to spy on the men as badly as she wanted to. If she only knew what was going through my head. I was going to try and go to their party as one of the dancers. I'm attractive, I'm in good physical condition... and I'm very recognizable. That last thing would be the undoing to my perfect plan.

I called Mary to get the particulars to the party. She had dug them up for me and was still begging to know what I was up to. "I'll let you know if it works Mary." I said as I hung up the phone. I contacted the business that was supplying the dancers and spoke with the manager. I figured that being one of the dancers would be my only chance of getting in. The manager only knew that the reason I wanted to do it was so that I could see it and that my husband would be there. He didn't like that part. He didn't like that part at all. "You might see things you shouldn't ya' know little lady?

It would be a big downer to have a furious wife pop up and start screaming at an unsuspecting hubby who has a dancer rubbing her nether regions in his lap."

"I assure you that I wouldn't react. She could give him a blowjob and I wouldn't only stay cool at the party, no one would ever know that I went... if there was some way to hide my identity.

"I'll tell you what lady, you seem nice; come by my club tomorrow morning at 8:00 and we'll see if there's a possibility of this takin' place." He then added. "It seems to go against confidentiality though." He let out a sigh that seemed more like a puff. "We can talk though."

I knew that translated at least in part to 'Let's see your tits and ass first.'

"Great!" I said gladly. "I'll see you tomorrow morning at 8:00 then."

I showed up at the club at 7:55. The parking lot was empty except for a few vehicles that I assumed belonged to employees preparing to open later or to those smart enough who took a cab the night before after a night of drinking. I pulled the front door and it opened. A man was standing just inside and asked what I was there for. The morning sunlight was in stark contrast to the dark interior of the club. The light flooded across a corner of the club brightly illuminating everything in its path. "I have an appointment with the manager." I said as if back in my high rise corner office.

"Take a seat at the bar." The man said with a passive wave of his arm.

As the door to the club closed, the sliver of light illuminating the room shrank in size and suddenly disappeared, seemingly throwing me into darkness. I had to slow my 'trying-ever-so-hard-to-be-casual' pace until my eyes adjusted to the dim light inside.

Just as my butt settled onto the bar stool a loud voice seemed to come out of nowhere.

"How do ma'am?" I turned to see a portly man approaching me with his hand jutted out to shake hands. I liked this guy immediately, cowboy hat and all. He spoke with a southern drawl that fit his looks to a tee.

"Hello there." I said returning a smile. "Are you Mr. McDaniel, the manager?"

"Why I certainly am sweetheart, and you must be the Jane that was on the other end of my phone line yesterday." Mr. McDaniel looked at me and shook his head as if I was some long lost cousin. I couldn't help but smile at his animation.

The way he looked at me, I had to ask. "What?"

"My goodness. I talk to many-a ladies on the phone and I can only guess at what's gonna walk through that front door. You just sounded so nice on the phone I had you pegged as a... uh..." Mr. McDaniel took a different tact. "If you don't mind me sayin', you look every bit as good as you sound. Lordy ma'am..." Mr. McDaniel leaned in and lowered his voice. "I'd put 'em all out of business and retire early if all the girls looked like you." He chuckled and slapped his hand on his knee. "Skip! Two mugs here!" He called out to the man behind the bar. Skip the bartender slid two little mugs of orange juice onto the bar. "Alright, down to business Jane. You want to join my girls at a certain party that by the way, Mr. Jane will be attending, a Mr. Jane...?" He said it looking for a last name.

"Jane Doe." I said with a cunning smile.

"I figured as much." He said lowering his chin and raising an eyebrow slightly. "Anyway...I'm thinkin' it sounds like a lot of horse nonsense that could get some folks in pretty hot water, but this is a first for me and so far you appear to have the talent and don't appear to be crazy, so out of curiosity I'm listenin'."

I explained to Mr. McDaniel very briefly about our (the women's) party history and laid it out as plainly as I could which ended with me telling him how badly I wanted to pull this off.

"If your just after wanting t'know what goes on at these parties I can tell you that and send you on your way." Mr. McDaniel had a serious look on his face. "For a thousand bucks a half dozen girls will show up at his party and strip for the men just like they do here, only it's at a private residence so they don't have to abide by the rules like they do here... more or less. The more the men tip, the more they get. Your acquaintance that is putting on this party is a successful businessman with money to blow, I sat right here and made the deal with him. He said there would be 30 or so guys at this shin dig and demanded only the best looking dancers attend. He pointed them out as he saw them milling around the club here. If your ol' man and the other fellas' are half as loaded as this guy, you can expect it all at his party."

"What do you mean by all?" I asked.

He looked me squarely in the eye and said. "Since your considerin' taking part in this, I'll tell you what to expect. These girls won't leave anything to the imagination. They're gonna bear it all and then some. Just like your man dancers floppin' their dillys in you girls' faces. Some might even put on a little show of their own with some toys to really get them boys worked up and then if your guys display enough self control and toss around enough cash, the girls will sell condoms. With a condom these boys can get a blow job or get some pussy, pardon my French, dependin' on how much they bought that condom for."

"Do all of the girls have to do that?" I said a little surprised.

"Hell no honey, none of them have to do it. My girl Savannah came up with the condom deal. I don't see any of the cash from these parties. I just broker the deals for the girls because they're the reason I have a successful business. They work their asses off for me up here an' I appreciate it. It's strictly up to the girl if she wants to get physical. They gotta show the goods to be a dancer but they don't have to get physical. Hell, I even supply the bouncers for the parties just so I know they're safe.

Mr. McDaniel was eyeing me in a way to size me up after telling me all of this. I didn't flinch. I finally spoke. "Can you hide my identity?"

"I can. What I can't do is hide your voice. Dancers talk to th' boys ya know, it keeps 'em hooked. Are you really serious about going through with this?"

"How many women, Mr. McDaniel have said that it was a fantasy of theirs to dance and strip in front of a crowd of men?"

"More than I can count." He smiled.

"These are men I see quite often and their glances at my ass or my breasts don't go unnoticed. If you can hide my identity I'll handle the rest."

"And Mr. Jane? How do I know that you're not in the middle of a divorce and looking for ammunition against your man or some other kind of foolishness? You are asking me to put my business on the line."

"That thought ever occurred to me. This is all just fun mischief to me. I understand your position Mr. McDaniel. Other than giving you my assurance that revealing my identity at such a party would be completely destructive to me personally and professionally, I will draw up a contract that will guarantee my actions." Mr. McDaniel was watching my face intently. "I really want to do this." I pleaded sweetly.

"I'll tell you what Ms. Doe. Do you agree that I'm taking certain risks here?"

"Yes." I said nodding.

"Here's the deal then. I want you to fill out an application for employment and we'll attach a Polaroid just like any other person who's hired on. You put all of that information into a big envelope and seal it up good. I won't even look at it. If it all goes well, I hand the envelope back to you unopened. If you do end up goin' fruity on me I can at least say that you worked for me and I knew nothin' about any foolishness."

"So you fill out a hire date and give me the stuff, I fill out the rest, we put a picture with it all and I get it all back."

"That's about it."

"What's to keep me from putting bogus information down?" I knew the answer.

"Sweetheart, you can count on it in this business. We have a picture of you and your handwriting on a company form. I don't expect you to put your real info darling." He said with a knowing smile.

"So you go to this shin dig and see your man, then what?"

I smiled and said as boldly as my racing heart allowed. "Just another guy watching me strip and getting a hard on."

Mr. McDaniel smiled gently and nodded his head. "Here's the deal. It appears you went to college so I assume you've never had to dance like this. Am I correct?" I shook my head. "No, I've never danced like this." McDaniel's head bounced knowingly and he grimaced. "The party is in three weeks. You come in here two days a week and learn, then practice your tight little ass off at home and the third week you do it on stage here for the crew. If you can dance by that third week, I'll let you in. For teaching you the ropes, the girls get your cut of the party money; you can keep your tips. They won't otherwise mind cuz there's so many men." He looked a little embarrassed. "I ran it by my lead girl last night, without all of the details of course and got her blessing."

I was nodding my head in agreement. "My identity?"

"Ahh yes. You'll make a great pussy."

I flinched. "What!"

McDaniel smiled. "It's a cat lady get up. A full body suit of black leather and rubber, long black boots and long black gloves to match. On top you have a mask that only lets them see your sweet red lips and nose. The mask zips on so it can't accidentally come off. It even has little ears and a place for you to let your hair out. The suit has several holes in it to keep things cool and allow the boys to slide the greenbacks in, but I ain't gonna lie to ya sweetheart, it's a hot get up, you'll be sweatin' like a pig in July. The top pulls away for you to show your boobs and the crotch has a panel so you can... show your assets down there.

You can't risk takin' the suit off. With a body like that he's sure to recognize ya. Mr. Doe that is."

In the end we came to an agreement. When I came in to practice, we would assemble the envelope. I had to learn to dance. That consisted of showing up at the club a couple of hours before they opened and practicing with the new girls (and leaving before they opened. My stage name would be Pussycat. Little did I know how physically conditioned a woman had to be in to do this. Thank god I was in good shape.

On my last practice session at the club I wore the whole get-up and ended up doing a routine where I stripped as much as the suit would let me. As much as I would at the party. It was fun. Everyone clapped when I finished. The manager jokingly called out over the sound system offering me a job. I was embarrassed. I never thought I would ever dance on a stage, give a lap dance or dance erotically with another woman, but I could now and would for a group of men very soon.

The big night came. I had waited until the last possible moment to tell Mary that I had made a deal with the 'company' that her husband hired to actually sneak me into the house. By all means my husband had to believe that I was at the women's party. Surprisingly Mary didn't press for details and thought it sounded good so far and would back me up 100% on her end, provided I filled her in on all of the dirty details.

The big night finally came. After driving to meet the other girls, we changed into our costumes and got into a limousine that was waiting for us. I asked who the three huge men were and Savannah (The lead girl) told me that they were the bouncers. If any guys do anything you don't want them to, these guys will physically remove them or physically impair them. That really made me feel better. We arrived at the party which was full under way. It was at Mary's house. It was a big beautiful home that I had been to on many occasions. As I approached the house with the others, the men saw us coming and announced it... loudly. Men began whooping and hollering. I heard cat-calls and numerous other words of excitement that define men under high doses of testosterone levels and alcohol.

Savannah led us as we went into the house and then stopped after we all made it in and the door was closed behind the last bouncer. "Hello Boy's!" She called out. "We're here!" I knew most of the men there; they were the other halves of the women who were by now getting worked up on buff men and their cocks at the bachelorette party. Savannah introduced us. "Gentlemen, there is entirely too much dick at this party, we're here to fix that little problem The men yelled their approvals. She continued. "I am Savannah, here is Cherry, this sweetheart is Cleopatra, this is the voluptuous Indy, this beauty is Morgan and over here is the pussy....cat of the night, Pussycat!" The men cheered their approval.

Savannah raised her hand to quiet the men and continued. "Gentlemen, we are here to have fun and give you a party you won't forget... but before we get started there are some rules. Number 1. No touching unless we invite you to. Number 2. No touching unless we invite you to. The same goes for rule number three..." Savannah raised her voice. "What is rule three boys?" The men shouted out. "No touching ......"

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