tagRomanceJane's Experiences

Jane's Experiences


Jane and Aiden had been dating for a long 5 years. Jane was determined to remain a virgin until marriage. She wasn't a Christian. She was hardly religious at all, but she knew that no man would ask for her hand in marriage only to get into her pants and then file for divorce. It also may have rained upon her that it would make her first time worth it. Though, poor Aiden was persistent. It wasn't only sex he wanted from his lovely partner, but a teenage boy, in fact any boy, enjoys and wants sex. So throughout their relationship, he would keep trying and trying, and she continued to deny him.

They started dating when Jane was thirteen and Aiden was fifteen. Now, to any adult, and older teenage boy with a younger teenage girl would instantly make you think all he wanted was sex. In fact, sex was one of his first intentions. Since age twelve, Jane had been very developed. At age thirteen, the year they had begun dating, she had a pussy covered in hair, and a size 36-C bra easily filled, with very enticing cleavage. She had a few freckles, mossy green eyes, and a very round head (and ass). Her wavy, chestnut hair highlighted with caramel, stretched nearly past her waist, and past her butt when pulled straight.

Knowing she had a good body, she enjoyed showing it off, though not giving it out. Aiden tried so hard, but she wasn't that easy. Finally, Aiden had grown to love her, and to accept only light touching and long kisses. He'd even come to enjoy being with a hard-to-get kind of girl. They simply worked together.

Two years into the relationship, she also had started developing stronger hormones. Aiden had hit a growth spurt. His dark brown, shaggy hair was complimented by his bronze tan, and crisp blue eyes. He was now about 5'11", and had developed quite a body, which to Jane, had only increased his sexual appeal. She started letting loose a bit, and let Aiden go further and further.

It was a rainy day, Jane had been so bored, she was forced to simply lay around and read all day. At about 4:30 she'd received a text from Aiden saying that he was going to pick her up at 6:00 for dinner. To her, it was hardly enough time to get ready. She rushed into the bathroom and took the quickest shower she could. After drying her hair, she applied a light coat of makeup and rushed into her room to get some clothes. She glanced at the clock by her bed and realized it was already 5:27. Knowing Aiden, he'd be here about ten minutes early. She only had about 20 minutes to get dressed. She hurried to her dresser and rummaged through.

Aiden sat in his cat at 5:43. He simply wore a freshly ironed, blue plaid shirt with a nice pair of jeans. The kind of thing Jane simply adored. He'd taken a shower only a half hour earlier, and have letting it air dry, it was tousled in a very sexy way. After turning the key in his ignition, he stepped on the pedal and took off to Jane's.

When Aiden arrived at Jane's house, she could see him staring at her as she walked to his car. It was 5:49, the raining had eased, and the sun seemed to peak out of the clouds just for them. She'd been wearing a tight, red, cleavage bearing shirt, and dark jeans. The only plan for tonight was very simple. They went to dinner, and watched a movie, then he started up the car and made his way to her house. Seeing her parents home was a disappointment to both, until, surprisingly, Jane suggested to go to his house. Aiden had been legally emancipated just this year, but hardly ever would they go back to his place, and it had never been Jane's idea.

When they got in the door, first thing Jane did was jump on Aiden and wrap her legs tightly around his waist, as she kissed him deeply. Aiden held her up by her ass, and pushed the door closed with his foot. Slowly, he made his way to the couch. In the dark, they kissed for 7 minutes. Jane had to pee, and tip toed away to the bathroom, while in there, she took off her jeans and shirt and tossed them to the side. She pushed her boobs up, and her ass out, and quietly approached him again. She sat on his lap, with her knees on the couch, kissing and biting his neck intensely.

To her, it was obvious he had an erection. She could feel it, slightly pressing up against her ass, growing as she bobbed up and down. To him, it was obvious she was wet. Through her panties, her juices were soaking through his pants. She wanted more. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees. He was so hard by this point the his penis was well out of the hole in his boxers, and was pressed up against her thigh. She was so horny, as was he. They we're both ready to give in and go for it, but Jane was hesitant. Though she slipped off her panties, and teased his head with the lips of her pussy, she didn't quite slip it in. Instead she got between his knees on the floor, and slowly began to suck him off. This was a first between the two of them, and from his moans, Jane could tell he was enjoying it.

Filled with lust, Aiden had reversed positions. He'd put Jane on the couch and gotten between her legs. Jane was only a little nervous. She masturbated many times before, but she knew that this would be plenty more enjoyable, and a very different kind of experience, but she willingly let him slide his tongue across her pussy lips. By now, her bra was long gone. She started to massage her breasts, though her hand was replaced by Aiden's. He had a firm, but loving grip. He knew just how to touch her, and though his massaging felt good, she soon couldn't think of it anymore.

Aiden slipped his tongue between her pussy lips. He enjoyed the taste of her virgin cunt, and planned on eating her clean. He'd started out very soft and slow, gliding his tongue across her clit. Then he progressively dug his tongue deeper, into her vagina, and then really began to eat her out. It was clear he was doing a good job from her cries and moans of pleasure coming from above. She had all but torn holes in his couch from digging her nails into it, in need of some support. He'd eaten her nice and hard until she came. He drank down all of her delicious juices, and had nearly worn her down. But he was still very horny, and she'd been the one to take his place now, and softly place her lips around the top of his head.

Aiden had been sucked off before, but this experience for him had been different. Maybe it was because, this time, he was in love. Regardless of what it was, he was enjoying it. She desperately wanted to please him, starting by slowly taking in only a few inches of what she assumed to be a penis of 8 or 9 inches. It was large, at least for her, and she enjoyed accepting the challenge and swallowing it all, sperm included. She was getting quicker, taking in well over 6 inches of his cock. His groans could be heard from above, and he'd grabbed a hold of her hair and began to push her deeper onto his penis. It was at that moment that Jane finally got all 9 inches of his penis in her mouth, and began deepthroating him.

Aiden could feel the tip of his penis hitting the back of her throat. He loved the way her throat tightened up around his penis, and how her saliva would never stop overflowing. He was positive tonight would be the night he would take her virginity. Just as that though passed his mind, he exclaimed he was about to cum. With an odd look on her face, she came up and sat over him on the couch, listening to his groans as she stuck his head between her pussy lips. Through his groans, he managed to tell her one thing, " You know I love you, so I could never lie to you. This will hurt, and you can't take it back. I want you to know that once I start, I won't be able stop," and with that, Jane stopped. She thought for only a moment before sliding off him and getting back on her knees. She sucked him off for only a moment before he came in her mouth. She swallowed it all, and though she didn't give her virginity to him, he was still very satisfied, though Jane had much to think about. Jane text her mom and told her she was at her friends and would be back in the morning. Aiden carried her to bed, and they fell asleep that night, spooning, naked with Jane in Aiden's arms.

For the next three years, they continued to have several sexual experiences just like their first. At 18 and 20, Jane and Aiden hadn't gone much further. They'd never fought much, but on their fifth year, something had come up. When in a fight with her ex-best-friend, Alicia, Jane had come to find out that in the first year of their relationship, Aiden had had sex with Alicia. Jane was somewhat hurt, but thought little of it, thinking Aiden was faithful, and that her friend had only said that in a jealous rage. She decided to approach Aiden about it after all, thinking she could simply tell him she only wanted to confirm his faithfulness. But when Jane asked Aiden about it, he shamefully confessed, telling her he was a silly boy with raging hormones, and it had meant nothing. He said he wished he had told her. But Jane told him it was too late. She started crying and began to pack her things. She told him that she was leaving. This began a very loud and intense fight. Jane screamed until her voice was hoarse. The last words she could get out before losing her voice were, "But I loved you!"

Aiden was desperate not to lose his love. He did the only thing left to do. He kissed her, and didn't let her go. She fought and fought, but as he led her to the bed, she suddenly let loose. He pinned her to the bed and kissed her deeply. He bit into her neck, sucking lightly in several spots down to her chest. They quickly shed their clothes, and immediately, Aiden began to suck on her nipple, tweaking the other with his fingers. She wriggled with pleasure, a whispery moan barely being heard. He then kissed a trail down her stomach, and to her pussy

She'd nodded the okay to him, and he softly stuck his tongue inside of her. He didn't bother being light, he immediately was roughly eating her out. Her pussy was dripping wet, and she reached down to rub her clit as he ate her out. Then, Aiden stuck two fingers inside of her and began to finger her deeply, and moved up to kiss her. He sucked on her breasts for a few minutes until she finally moaned louder, "I'm gonna cum!"

After she came, he leaned down and licked her clean. He flicked his tongue across her clit a few times, and she wriggled enjoyably. Now, he rubbed his penis against her pussy. She nodded immediately, with no hesitance.

With that, he plunged into her pussy. Her eyes watered as she cried out. It almost brought Aiden to tears knowing he was causing her pain, but she toughed it out as she slowly pumped in and out of her, and quickly began to moan, and enjoy his thrusts. He deeply thrust in and out of her within minutes, getting all 9 inches of his penis inside her. Then she began to ride him. He admired her beauty as her beautiful C-Cup-Breasts bounced up and down every time she thrust onto him. She had several orgasms as they made love, and finally he came inside of her. She collapsed onto him and they fell asleep that way. He was definitely forgiven. So much for being pure..

Three weeks later, Jae and Aiden were having sex regularly. But it had to stop when she started getting sick. She was getting thin but managed to keep a gut, she ate more, and simply looked ill, even lost her color. Finally she figured out she was pregnant. The same night she found out, they both had news for each other. They met in the living room that night after dinner. As soon as she sat down, Aiden kneeled in front of her and proposed. Jane freaked out. She cried, and said nothing, but nodded. Moments later, she told him she was pregnant. Now he freaked out, and cried, and said nothing but, "I love you two.."

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