If you're not used to the trade show floors at tech conferences, you probably picture things like CES, with thousands of booths crowded with people. That's a huge show, and the trade floor is the focus. But smaller conferences usually have two or three dozen booths, and we're really all there for the panels. The trade show is where we go to kill time between panels, and by the end of day one, we've seen it all. By the end of the second day, it's a graveyard, and attendees are only there to grab coffee and duck back out.

It was the end of the second day, and I knew I'd seen everything, but was walking down the last aisle, checking my phone and killing time. The final booth had been deserted the entire time -- another secret of trade shows is that some small vendors don't show. But now there was someone sitting behind the curtained table at the front, an attractive redhead in her late 30s or so. I assumed at first that she was an attendee who just decided to take advantage of the chairs and table to get some work done; I'd had the same thought, myself.

But as I got near, she looked up at me and smiled.

"Hi, I'm Janine!"

"Hi, Janine," I replied.

"Are you interested in a free hypno stress reduction?"

"I'm sorry, a what?" That sounded like new-age gobbledygook, and while that wasn't totally unusual in tech -- see magnetic implants or any other stupid trend -- it still took me off guard.

"Hypno stress reduction. We use hypnosis to reduce stress. You know how a good massage helps reduce your physical stress? We use technology-enhanced hypnosis to deal with emotional and mental stress."

I asked, "So you mean the stuff like stage magicians getting people to act like chickens?"

She smiled again, this time the patient smile of someone who'd heard similar cracks a thousand times, and I felt bad. Also, she had a really attractive smile.

"Sort of, but not quite. See, there are two kinds of hypnosis. There's the short-term kind you're talking about. It's powerful, but usually doesn't last very long. You can get someone to do almost anything with it right in the aftermath, but you can't really change someone's personality."

"The other kind," Janine continued, "is the deeper kind, involving using the senses of sight, sound, and even smell to create suggestions and change behavior. That's the stuff people use to do things like quit smoking."

"So how does your product work," I asked, half out of curiosity and half because I just wanted to keep hearing her talk.

"It uses a combination of both styles, aided by some proprietary technology we're developing. Are you interested in trying it out?"

"I'm not so sure," I said.

Janine stood up and came around the edge of her booth. She was tall -- maybe 5'10", wearing an attractive blouse that was modest (but couldn't hide how nice her breasts were), and a brown leather skirt that was business length, but which I didn't doubt would make her backside look amazing. This was topped with some calf-high boots.

"It'll only take a few minutes to get you started," she said. And if I'd focused more on those final words, instead of the "a few minutes" part, I might have walked away. But I was both curious and fully distracted by her charms, and allowed her to take me behind the table.

She sat me in the chair she'd been in, then pulled out what looked like a VR headset from underneath the table. The cable attached to it implied that it was hooked up to a computer beneath the table.

"I'll just need you to wear this for two minutes," Janine said, her fingers brushing my head as she gently placed the goggles on me. I got a whiff of her subtle perfume as she leaned in close.

She pulled back, and I heard a click as she did something to the computer, and a series of abstract images started flowing around me.

"Try to focus on the red dot," I heard Janine say, and I did my best to keep up as a red dot moved amongst various swirls. It was disorienting, and I got a little dizzy even though I was sitting perfectly still. I didn't doubt that to anyone walking by -- not that anyone was likely to be this far down -- I looked like every other goofball trying VR in a public space.

After a minute or two, the program turned off, and Janine removed the goggles.

"Do you feel any different?"

"Honestly," I replied, "no."

"Well, let's see." She lifted up the table curtain. "Do me a favor and crawl under the table and sit with your back against the box there."

"I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand," I started to say, but even as the words were coming out of my mouth, my body was following her instructions, sitting with my back against the heavy box underneath the table.

"Now open your mouth," and again, I did so without thinking, and quickly found a ballgag shoved in there.

"And put your hands through these cuffs." My body obediently reached my hands out and let her cuff me. She ran two chains from the cuffs to my ankles, then wrapped a collar around my neck. This last one was attached to the box somehow, immobilizing me.

"So that was the first type of hypnosis," Janine knelt down and started talking to me as if this was totally normal. It's basically a brute force method that takes control of your body but wears off quickly. In fact, it's probably worn off by now." Which did me no good at this point, of course.

"Now, let's get started on part two," Janine continued. She put the goggles back on me, this time adding earbuds. I felt her wrap something around my head, under my nose, and started to detect a faint mix of scents, including her perfume mixed with other things. For some reason, I found it very arousing.

The goggles started playing a much more complex series of images, and instead of a red dot, I saw Janine's face mixed in with all the swirls and patterns. It was the only thing really solid for me to focus on. The earbuds soon started to play quiet music mixed with barely audible clips of Janine talking. I could pick out only a few phrases here and there. Sentences like, "I want to please Janine" and "my will belongs to Janine."

I wanted to struggle against my bonds, but something in the sights, smells, and sounds caused me to drowse. I don't think I actually fell asleep, but I did lose track of time.

When Janine finally started undoing the VR, I caught a glance at her watch and saw that I'd been under the table for a full hour! I was appalled! Once she removed the cuffs, gag, and collar, I stood up, and fully expected to either confront her or walk out. But my body just stood there, and I realized that while I remembered that I was upset, I no longer really cared that much.

But I still tried. "Janine, this is a lot more. . . "

She cut me off.

"You are only to talk to me when I've asked you a question."

Janine said it casually, not sternly, but I immediately shut up.

"Please follow me, walking two steps behind me at all times," Janine said. She walked out of the trade show and I followed, docile and confused.

She walked me to the elevator to the hotel, and once we were inside and alone, she started talking.

"You just experienced the more advanced subliminal effects. It normally takes multiple sessions to be really effective, but the goggles allow us to cram a lot more images and commands into a shorter time period. You've basically experienced the equivalent of six months of hypnosis and subliminal messages."

We got off the elevator and she had me follow her to her room.

"Now, let's see how effective the training was. First, take off all your clothes."

I did so, again without even thinking about it.

"Slave, have you ever eaten a woman's asshole before?"

"No, Mistress Janine," I replied. I had no idea why I'd known to call her that, but it felt right.

"And are you turned on by the idea of eating assholes, slave?"

"No, Mistress Janine, I'm not," I replied, truthfully, although I'd have usually been too embarrassed to even have this kind of conversation before.

"Slave, I'm telling you now that you eating my asshole would make me incredibly happy," Janine said.

I instantly became hard, and my brain was filled with the thought of eating her asshole.

"Good," Janine said.

She removed her skirt and panties, bent over the bed, and said, "slave eat my asshole."

I immediate knelt down behind her and got to work. I had no idea how long I was at it, and I didn't care. I kept tonguing her, bringing her to pleasure and in turn feeling pleasure at those sounds, until she told me to stop.

Janine turned around and sat facing me, still naked.

"So, slave, here's what's going to happen. For the rest of the conference, you're going to stay here with me, and be my sex slave, and I'm going to use you and do all sorts of dirty things to you. Do you like that, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress Janine." My rock hard cock agreed.

"I'll continue to run you through my program periodically. And at the end of the conference, I'm going to let you go. But I'm going to leave your conditioning in place. No matter what you're doing, if I call you or see you at a conference, you'll want only to pleasure me. You're now my permanent dirty slut. How do you feel about that, slave?"

I could only smile as my hard-on got even stronger. "I love it, Mistress Janine."

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Good Premise

Nice start. But too short.

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I love it when I read a story about a lovely woman who captivates a man against his will and she turns him into her sex slave.

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