tagErotic CouplingsJanny Ch. 04-07

Janny Ch. 04-07




"Elaine, I'm so pleased you could make it this evening. The girls have always been close, but lately it seems that I need to refer to photos to remember what Mary Ellen looks like. I'm sure you feel the same way."

"I know I had a daughter, I still remember the labor pains. Otherwise I wouldn't be sure."

Janny interrupted. "It's called growing up, Mom! Near as I can remember you cancelled the diaper service a really long time ago and I seem to remember your buying me a few boxes of tampons on several occasions." She kissed the top of her mother's head. You don't see me quite as often but I still love you. Think on the bright side, at least I'm not dating some pierced guy with a library of tattoos."

"As far as I'm concerned you're still too young to be dating at all, but I've already lost that argument. Barbara, do you let Parks date?"

Mrs. Parker finished putting the food on the table, "You'd better not try to enlist me in your cause, dear. Mary Ellen and I had a long talk about this over a year ago and I agreed to trust her judgment as far as boys are concerned. Actually, you may not want to hear it, but I think Janny's a pretty responsible young lady herself."

Mrs. North sighed, "I'm being ganged up on! Next thing we'll be talking about birth control."

Janny suppressed a laugh. "Too late." Mrs. North's grew to the size of saucers. "Would you rather I had unprotected..."

Mrs. Parker interrupted Janny. "Enough! You girls are terrible and Janny dear; I think you're hitting your mother with entirely too much information in far too public a setting. Now if everyone still has an appetite, let's sit over."

Later that evening, after both girls had decided to spend the night at Janny's house, they were speaking in low tones on Janny's bed. Parks giggled, "All things considered, that actually went well. Your mother knows you've had sex, suspects there might be some untattooed boy lurking in the wings and we offset it all by giving her the comfort of having you under her roof tonight.

At least if you get knocked up she'll blame it on your lack of experience and not on the fact that you've had sex with 30 or 40 guys so far this month and before the month is over will probably wind up fucking another 40 or 50."

"Probably, but I doubt if any of them will have tats."

"So true. Well anyway, I've got to call a cab and get this delightful ass over to Landon for the guy who's rented it for the evening. He's spending the night for two grand."

"You little whore, when were you going to tell me and what should I say to my mother when she finds you gone?"

"I just did tell you and just tell her I left early in the morning."

"This is your third client of the day, right?"

"Fourth. My late afternoon turned out to be a twofer. You were right about the workout characteristics of a lot of sex. I'm tired, but in kind of a good way.

Oh, do you think... what's the real estate guy's name? "

"Peterson, David Peterson."

"Right, do you think he'll take cash for the rent and security deposit tomorrow?"

"That's what I'm going to try to give him. I don't feel like going from bank to bank getting cashier's checks."

Parks put an envelope on the bed. "Here's my half, eight thousand dollars. God, I used to think of that as being a lot of money. Now it's just a few pelvic thrusts."

"Don't kid yourself; it's still a lot of money. You're just a talented thruster.

You know, I was thinking, it may not be such a great idea to sleep with a client."

Parks tilted her head and then smiled. "Oh, you mean after I sleep with someone I shouldn't sleep with them."

"Yeah, your job is just fucking him. Sleeping with him is pretty intimate. Think about it."

"I will. I'm sure you're might be right, but I have to balance that intimacy against the extra cash. We'll see."

After Parks had left Janny added $8,000 of her own to the envelope and went to bed. She fell asleep quickly.

Since Janny spent virtually no time socializing at school, that time was spent studying. Consequently her grades started steadily rising so that by the onset of the Holiday season the social respect which she had lost was starting to be replaced by academic respect. No longer were all her lunch hours spent alone or with Parks. In fact, she was being increasingly sought out as a potential study partner. From what Parks had heard the 'automotive whore' stories had lapsed into a state of, if not antiquity, at least non-currency. Janny was sure that some of those who sought her out academically were, at least in part, interested in getting to know the girl with the notorious past, but she didn't mind that. As far as Janny was concerned that whole episode was more something for Kenny to be ashamed of that her. She was just a stupid, naïve virgin who fell for the wrong guy. She'd decided that the best way to play it would be to admit, if asked, the Tire Barn episode and the photo shoot but deny the tricking, claiming instead that Kenny wanted her to, but that she refused. She decided there was wisdom in Parks' philosophy of "deny, deny, deny".

Janny was jerked out of her reverie by a comment made by Laura Sage, the girl she had been studying Spanish with. "I just don't get the whole thing about sex in planes. Is there some general rule which might explain it all?"

"Laura, what are you talking about? I've never had sex on a plane!"

Laura blushed and began to stammer, "No, no, I didn't mean it that way. I meant gender. Why are larger multi-engine planes 'avion' and smaller single-engine ones 'avionetta', one masculine gender, the other feminine?"

She leaned forward and dropped her voice. "I would never have asked you about the other, I've never had sex at all!"

"No, it's my fault. I should have realized what you meant. I was just having a 'duh!' moment."

Since the door had been opened, however, Laura tentatively inched in. "I almost did it with Billy Carnes last Friday but I stopped just short." Her voice dropped to almost a whisper. "My biggest fear is that I won't be any good. I'd by completely mortified if I was bad doing it."

Janny could remember those fears. She reached out put her hands over Laura's. "Think about it, honey. If the boy cares for you then your lack of experience won't matter at all. If anything he should be proud that you chose him for the honor of being first. If he treats you disrespectfully after such an honor, he's not worth your affection. That was my problem. I loved Kenny so much I was willing to do anything to please him. I gave myself to him and he wound up passing me around to his friends. At the time I felt that it was my fault. I still do, but my error was sacrificing my self-respect to a guy who didn't deserve it. He treated me like a whore and I allowed him to so. If I was a meek 19th century female it would be totally Kenny's fault. I prefer to think of myself as a 21st century woman who's completely responsible for her own body. The kids are right. It was my fault."

"Maybe, but it's the kind of mistake a lot of girls might make. I don't know if I have the courage to have sex with a stranger just to please my boyfriend."

"Trust me, that's not courage, it's stupidity. There were rumors floating around that I was a hooker. If they had been true at least I'd be getting some financial benefit out of the whole thing. My situation with Kenny was all about his power trip. I got nothing out of it.

Anyway, I need to get to class and I'm not aware of any rhyme or reason as to why some Spanish inanimate objects rate feminine gender and others of the same type are demoted to being masculine."

Laura laughed.


Life in Unit 300

Parks was a little nervous. Her date arrived very drunk. "How do you do, Barbie? Mr. Conners told me you presented as being very young, but I must admit your looks take my breath away."

"I'm very pleased to meet you, Mr. Duncan. I'll try to be everything I can be to provide you with an enjoyable evening."

"I'm sure you will." He reached into his breast pocket and withdrew an envelope. "First of all, this is for you and I have a special request if I may."

"Thanks. What would you like? I realize this is a little last minute and I should have mentioned it on the phone, but anything you can do to dress down would be appreciated. For me, less is more. Less makeup, less sophistication and if possible, less age. Young and fresh is the name of the game."

"I think I get it, instead of a baby-doll teddy I should aim for Dr. Denton's and pigtails."

"If possible, would that be all right?"

"Of course, actually it sounds kind of fun but you're right. It is kind of last minute, though. Why don't I fix you a drink, have a seat and get comfortable and I'll get changed? What can I get you?"

"I've been drinking scotch rocks if you have it."

"Coming up."

Parks went into her room, counted the money and put it away. Knowing she had next to no clothes which would be right for the situation, she went into Janny's room. Rummaging around in her drawers she came up with a pair of Janny's P.J.s. Not exactly Dr. Denton's, but they were about as little girl as this apartment probably had. She scrubbed her makeup off, put her hair into twin pony-tails, and donned the P.J.s. and fuzzy Bullwinkle slippers. When she went back into the living room the look on his face was exactly what Parks had hoped for. She thought to herself, 'Wow! If given his way, the age of consent should be set at puberty; maybe younger!'

Well, if that's what he wants, she skipped up to the sofa. "I'm ready for bed, now. Can I have a kiss goodnight?" She sat on his lap and pecked him on his cheek. He responded by kissing her full on the lips and in no time at all his hand slipped under her PJ top and was caressing her breast. He said, "All right, sweetie, I'll come along to tuck you in."

They got up and as they started walking back toward Parks room Duncan's hand slipped down the back of her bottoms. She giggled, wiggled her bottom and turned to face him. She jumped up and wrapped her arms around him as she kissed him. His hand was still supporting her bottom and she felt his finger find its way into her. She moaned, "Oh Daddy that feels nice."

"Let's get you to bed, Betsy."

Parks thought 'Betsy? I've got to Google this guy and find out if he has a daughter named Betsy...Gross!'

Duncan pulled the bed covers down and pushed Parks on her back. He immediately pulled her bottoms off and began to go down on her. While he was eating her pussy she unbuttoned her top and started playing with her breasts, moaning at all the appropriate times. After he got undressed and climbed into bed she almost started to straddle him and ride him for a while but thought better of it. A child-like virgin would lie on her back and submit to things happening to her, not be the aggressor. She felt his hand pushing her legs apart and she looked up at his face with a quizzical look in her eyes. Duncan said, "We'll be playing a game I think you'll like, honey. Daddy wants to show his Betsy how much he loves her." Parks didn't want to break the mood, but wasn't going to allow this pervert into her without protection, so she slipped a condom into his hand without saying anything. He got the hint and put it on. Seconds later his cock worked its way into her and he started humping.

"Oh Mr. Duncan, it feels so big. It feels good but it fills me up." She started to allow her hips to grind as she locked her ankles behind his back. She had expected him to cum fairly quickly but she could see he was controlled and would take his time. Parks decided that even though she didn't particularly care for the client, she might as well enjoy the sex. She continued to grind her hips and subtly direct his efforts.

The next morning she awakened to the feeling of something brushing her lips. Without opening her eyes she realized Duncan was rubbing his erect penis across her lips. Parks pretended to be still asleep but opened her mouth and started sucking like a baby. As her ministrations became more active she started taking all of the cock so that the tip entered her throat. As he started to cum the first squirt went into her mouth, the second into her eye and then she began to aggressively milk his organ, getting every last drop of cum into her mouth. "Did I do it alright, Daddy?"

"I'd had a bit to drink last night, Barbie. This morning we can dispense with the 'Daddy'.

But that notwithstanding, yes, I had a wonderful evening. How old are you?"

Parks grinned coquettishly. "I'm whatever age you want me to be."

Duncan smiled. "It wasn't an idle or prurient question. Since I want to see you again I have a proposition for you.

Several things happened last night. On the plus side of the ledger are the fact that I had a wonderful sexual experience and the fact that you became $2,000 wealthier. In the negative column are the fact that you're stuck with a pile of undeclared cash in a country which post 9/11 looks very closely at all potentially laundered funds and the fact that I'm $2,000 poorer.

The two positives are maintained and the negatives are eliminated if I put you on my company's payroll. I'd hire you as a research assistant, a job which wouldn't interfere with your school time and which would make you a tax deductible employee of mine. I'd spend the night with you once a month and you..." He pushed his finger into her nipple. "Get to have a W-2. You'd be on the grid, contributing to Social Security, having justification for your new found wealth, and having a reason to tell your mother for your sudden unexplained appointments."

"What kind of company? What do you do?"

"Electronic circuitry, mostly. We produce quite a few automotive, aircraft and heavy equipment controls."

Parks laughed, "Think on the bright side, Brad, you're about to finalize an arrangement which will guarantee you get to fuck an eighteen-year-old on a regular basis and believe me, I can dress down and look younger.

Oh, and one other thing that might add spice to your decision; my roommate is also my age so if you wanted to book it, you could host a teeny-bopper sleepover with the two of us."

Duncan smiled. "How about tonight?"

"I don't know if we can work out the all-night logistics, but I can probably arrange a little party. Hold on."

Parks got out her blackberry and called Janny. "Hey girlfriend, wanna have a party tonight?...Oh, I forgot. Is that strictly business or does he want to play?...Cool, I'll see you later."

She said to Duncan, "I think we can work it out but there's a business appointment for this afternoon." She kissed him. "I'll call you later."

Parks found Janny in the lunchroom and put her tray next to hers. "So did you talk to the real estate guy?"

"Yeah, he just wants to do business and get home to his family. So who are we partying with?"

"Some pervo businessman who's into little girls. We'll both have to try to look twelve if we can. I was going to stop at the mall after school and get some Dr. Dentons and little girl P.J.s., stuff like that for both of us. He's also wants to put me on his company's payroll."

"I want the publication rights. I can see it now, Mary Ellen Parker, company whore. See her suck and fuck her way to the boardroom.

On a hunch, see if you can find me a cute see-through teddy with matching lace ankle socks. I already told my mother that you and I were going to a sleep-over at Beth's house, so we're out all night."

"Who the Hell is Beth?"

"Haven't a clue!"

"Oh, when you meet with the real estate man, make sure he's willing to take cash. We can come up with the checks if we have to, but it'd be a pain in our asses. I'll set up the appointment with Brad for around six?"

"Why don't we get a dinner out of him? Think he'll spring for Tiberio's?"

"Great idea! That's supposed to be the best restaurant in the state! I think last minute reservations are almost impossible, though."

"So we find out if this Brad of yours has any juice. Ask him if he wants us to dress hot or kiddie."


Laura came up to the table and asked, "Okay if I join you?"

Janny said, "Sure Laura. You know Parks don't you?"

Both girls said, "Sure!" and Laura sat down. They talked small talk for a few minutes but Janny could see Laura was bursting to say something else and Janny had a pretty good guess as to what.

"Laura, you look like you're about to burst. If you want to talk about what we were talking about yesterday, it's your decision but Parks is as silent as the bloody grave if you're okay with talking in front of her."

Parks said, "If you want me to leave..."

"No, no, please don't. It's fine for you to stay. I just wanted to let Janny know she was right. We had been talking about my fears about performing badly the first time. I didn't need to ask, I knew I did it right." She looked down and continued sheepishly, "Billy thought so too. We wound up doing it three times. It was absolutely great. I think I would have done it a few more times if Billy could have managed it. We're going out again tonight and I told him to get plenty of rest beforehand."

Both Janny and Parks held up their hands to be slapped. Janny said, "Give me five, girlfriend." Laura was overjoyed to share her evening with the two of them. Janny and Parks shared a knowing look with each other. Parks spoke first. "Laura I'm so glad everything went so well, but did you use protection?"

Laura smiled and nodded, "Two kinds. This is my second month on the pill and I made Billy wear a condom."

Janny took Laura's hand. "Then have a fucking good time with him, pun intended.

Now, I've got to get to Mr. Cerno's class so he can ogle my chest." She unbuttoned one additional button on her shirt.

Laura asked. "Why encourage him?"

"Don't call it encouragement, call it teasing. I get the biggest kick out of moving or sitting in some manner to give him an erection. I expect to get an 'A' out of that course, too! See you all!"

After her last class was over Janny avoided the main crush of students queuing up for the buses, slipping out the side door to head down to the corner drug store to meet the cab she'd already called. As she got to the drug store she almost ran into Laura who was just coming out. "Janny! Looks like I'm not the only one who needed to pick up a few things before getting back to the bus. Go on in, I'll wait for you."

Janny tried to come up with some clever excuse but couldn't. "No, don't wait for me. I'm not shopping; I'm meeting a cab to take me downtown. The school tends to get bent out of shape if you arrange alternative transportation without having signed permission slips. This way's easier."

"I'm in no great hurry to get home. Want some company?"

Janny's mind had been racing, anticipating this very question. "Oh Laura, please, please believe me when I say I'm not trying to blow you off, but I'm going to be busy most of the evening. Can you keep a secret?"

"Of course! Cross my heart!"

"I didn't want it to get around school, but I've been dating a college boy." At that point the cab pulled up. "Come on, ride with me and I'll tell you all about it."

They got into the cab. Janny told the driver, "Landon Towers, please." She turned to Laura. "We've been going out for about two weeks but I thought that if the kids at school got wind of it all the jokes would start up again. I don't think I could bear that."

"He lives at the Landon?"

"Yeah, his dad's kinda rich. Look, I doubt that you know him but I'd rather not mention his name, okay?"

"Fine, and you're probably right. I don't think I know anybody who lives at the Landon." Janny paid the cabby and they went up to the third floor. Laura was suitably impressed when she received the tour of the apartment. When she got to the grotto she said, "Wow! Sucks to be him!"

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